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Hi, ISS Readers, This is Sofia C again. Find below is my new story. Your comments & replies are welcomed at [email protected]

Sheetal has been doing my hair for about eight months now at a little salon near my house. I usually go in about every six week to have a trim and style. She is a young gujarathi, single, I would guess in her early twenty’s with a nice figure, great smile and a good personality. I have always got along well with her and we have had good conversations on a variety of topics.

The second last time I was in there Sheetal brought up the subject of sex. While I felt a little uncomfortable on the subject I answered her questions about my first time, about how many lovers I have had, favorite positions and so on. Then she asked if I had ever had sex with another woman. I told her about the time I was traveling to a convention and ended up having sex with a girlfriend that was riding with me. She said that it sounded wonderful experience. The subject then moved on to something else.

I went in again last week for my regular up keeping. I was booked in near the end of the day and when I arrived Sheetal greeted me and had me take a seat. I looked over at her and saw that she was all dolled up. A tight fitting dress, make up, she looked very hot. I asked why she was so dressed up. She smiled and she said she was going out after work to a party with some friends. She then went over and locked the door saying since I was her last customer of the day she was going to lock up to keep the salesmen out.

She washed my hair and started to cut on it. We talked about the movie she had seen last weekend, my last trip and a few other subjects. As she cut and styled my hair she seemed really touchy feely and a number of times as she moved around me I could feel her breasts brushing against me. I was hoping she did not notice but her breasts pushing on the back of my neck made my nipples hard.

Forty-five minutes later we were finishing up and Sheetal said to me in a nervous voice, “Sofia”, I really don’t know what to say but here it goes. I have been attracted to you since you started coming to me. Your story last time with you and your girlfriend turned me on so much I have been thinking of it ever since your last visit. While I have never been with a woman before I have this overwhelming desire to be with you. So here it goes. You can tell me to stop if you want.

With that she reached down from behind me and ran her hands across my breasts. She leaned down and started to kiss my neck. A chill ran through me and my nipples stretched to meet her hands. After a minute of basking in the sensation I turn my head up and met her in a kiss. As we kissed her hands undid the buttons on my blouse. She then went back to caressing by bra enclosed breasts. I need to feel her on my bare breasts and I sat forward undoing my bra and slipping it and my blouse off. I leaned back and she continued to caress me and pull at my nipples while her mouth traveled over my neck, shoulders and face kissing gently.

She leaned my chair back and moved beside me. She engulfed my right nipple in her mouth, sucking and pulling at it. If only she knew how much I love to have my nipples sucked. After I while she moved around and sucked the other one. I just laid there enjoying the sensation and feeling my panties getting wetter.

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After a time she left my breasts, moving down to kneel at my feet. She reached up under my skirt and removed my panties. She took my left leg and moved it up over the arm of the chair. She paused for a few moments just looking, and then she gently reached up and rubbed my lips. She dipped her finger inside getting it wet with the juices that were flowing from me and moved it up to wetter and rub my clit. She did it again, wetting her finger and rubbing over my clit. It felt so good. I felt her finger move but it was quickly replaced by the soft wetness of her tongue. I leaned back lost in the feeling of an impending orgasm. It did not take long before I came crashing over the edge. She continued to lick and suck at my pussy, finding all the little crevices inside and out. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed as she seemed lost in the depths of woman to woman love. I watched her for a minute until her eyes opened and we looked straight into each others eyes as she tongued hard on my clit sending me to orgasm once again.

Sheetal then stopped for a moment and said, “I was thinking about doing this all week, since you booked your appointment. As a matter of fact last night after closing I sat in that very chair and masturbated thinking about you.”

Well ever since I had watched my girlfriend masturbate for me, watching others has been a great turn on to me. I said to her, “Show me what you did”.

She got up and went to a drawer and brought out a vibrator. She undid the top of her dress releasing her lovely breasts. She pulled up the bottom of her dress revealing no panties. She sat in the chair next to me and while staring at me turned the bottom on the rocket shaped toy bringing it to life. She ran it across her nipples, making them even harder than before, then brought it up to mouth getting it all wet before moving down to slid it inside her.

Memories of my, came flashing back as I watched her fuck herself. Sliding it in and out, in and out, then up over her clit. It did not take long before I had my wish and watched her bring herself to orgasm. She continued and soon was on the brink again. I moved over besides her sucking her left nipple into my mouth while caressing her right breast, which sent her over the edge.

She grabbed my face and brought it up to her lips and passionately kissed me while fucking herself. My desires took over and I moved down, moving her hand out of the way I replaced the vibrator with my tongue. I gently bathed her clit with my tongue, and then moved down; inserting my tongue as far as it would go, tasting her juices. I licked and sucked tasting her till until I was reward with her cumming all over my face, grinding herself against me.

We continued for a while longer, both tasting each other again, caressing each other, kissing. It was a wonderful experience. I have already booked my next appointment. I can hardly wait.

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