Samantha's Release

It was a cool November night, and the life of a quiet town was at its slowest when the clock struck midnight. The atmosphere was damp and cozy. The street lights dazzled and danced on the wet black-top. The stillness interrupted occasionally by the clawing of dead leaves. It was on this evening that the lust for late night comforts took Samantha.
Samantha was 22 year old hard working lass with a focus that drove fourth her ascension in the professional realm. She had wonderful brown almond shaped eyes that burned dimly with a friendly ember that could melt anyone. She was a brunette, and had hair that grew down to the small of her back. Her dark bangs framed her lovely round face as if it were a window to her cheeky smile. She was what most considered a fat girl, but despite the common stigma associated with the description, Samantha was confident and comfortable with her body. She was the cutest doll with a round 5’4’’ plump figure, and a fashion sense that could knock anyone on their feet.
After going to class and working the grave shift at her mundane job, a late night cup of coffee was all a girl could ask for. So she drove down to the local café to get herself the largest luscious latte she could get. Although eager for her time of relaxation, she took her time getting there, taking in the intense quiet of solitude.
As she pulled up to the establishment, Samantha’s eyes grew wide at the colorful sign. She exited her car entering the brisk fall air. She was wearing taught leggings with a lengthy shirt that complimented her supple figure. Her thickness bounced gracefully under her clothing,
She popped up gleefully from her seat and extended a full figured leg out as she opened the car door to find footing. Her thick ankles peaked out from her leggings as her flats plopped down on the pavement. As she rose from the car gravity embraced her swollen figure giving all her succulent curves a bounce.
As she took the short stroll through the lot, she became thoroughly aware that her whole body ached with tension. She took pause every few steps to stretch and crack her bones as she walked deep in thought. She desperately needed to unwind after this long hard day.
When she first entered the establishment she was blinded by the intensity of the neon lights. She squinted to look around, and was taken back by the vacancy of the place. It shouldn’t have surprise her that no one was out at this hour, but the desertedness of the place grew her awareness of just how late it was.
The man behind the counter seemed to come out of nowhere when he greeted her with a grin, and asked how he could be of service. She placed her order getting the same complicated dessert drink she always treated herself to. The clerk got right to work on it spinning around and mixing all the necessary items together.
She couldn’t help but take notice that he was quite handsome and tried her best not to stare as he swiftly fixed her drink. She bit her lip unconsciously and blushed as she observed his strong hands working the coffee bar. Samantha was quite the pervert in her own head and anything could make her fog up like a hot kettle.
The quick moment ended when he swung around, and asked in a shotgun of sound, “anything else?” She came to, almost embarrassed by how she thought she was conducting herself. She thought quickly, and blurted out “Just one of those please”. She panicked and answered in an identical tone. she pointed to the large cookies behind the counter.
“didn’t even want a cookie” she thought to herself, as she turned in again. “but at least I can stare for another moment”. She giggled like a goof, as she was entranced by her own fantastical train of thought. It felt like he had given her another eternity to dwell on his strong arms.
The hotty swung around, and for the second time, she was taken by surprise. This time she let out a tiny chirp when she snapped out of it. She thought to herself as she blushed again in self shame “I must be tired.”.
While Samantha did have a mind of filth, it was a rarity for her to be so cavalier with where she lost herself in reverie. What’s more, as she stepped forward she was taken back by the sudden change of climate in her leggings. She approached the counter, and noticed the cool breeze as it hit the now apparent dampness between her legs. Samantha was always consciously straight forward and reserved, but her young fertile body often fought back in rebellion. It knew what it needed even if she didn’t.
She paid the man and said goodbye as she involuntarily fluttered her eyelashes and giggled delightfully. She felt like an immature little girl as she left, and tried her best to shake off the abashment. Her initial thoughts ranged from the accusatory “what the hell is wrong with me” and eventually mellowed out to admitting that she was so busy lately that she was totally neglecting herself.
She got back to the car and sighed as she recalled that it had been about 3 weeks since she really dipped in to please her honey-pot (quickie sessions in the bathroom stall at work don’t count). She dived into her seat, nestling her fat bottom. The car rocked, as she adjusted herself. Finally she could relax!
So she drove off to an empty corner of the lot, where she could read and review some papers for school. It was always so peaceful here at night, and Samantha couldn’t feel safer. She scattered her work, on the passenger seat and slumped back.
She breathed through her body’s tension, and meditated with hot drink in hand. She closed her eyes, and loosened her muscles with deep relaxing thoughts. Her thick legs fell to the sides, and again made her aware of her shameful public lust. The black legging clung to her skin emphasizing every ripple on her thick calves. Every hill of her stout thighs rounded out beautifully. All led up to a perfect juicy cushion of flesh between her legs.
She delved into fantasy again. As strange as it may seem, this time it was about herself. She gazed fourth at the black mound between her legs. The silhouette subtly outlined the semblance of two perfect meaty lips. The edges of her mouthwatering fruit swelled at the walls of her inner thighs. “My sweet sweet pussy” She whispered out loud, as she pulled in and out of naughty day-dreams.
It wasn’t before long that she came back to earth, but before she could declare that she would finally get some work done, she was stopped. Her crotch throbbed in carnality, and the uniform curve between her legs was now disturbed by the swelling of her uncanny clit. “I’m fucking soaked.” She said half-heartedly as her snatch was cooled again by the air on the moist fabric.
She shifted in her seat and hugged her large java to her chest, contemplating her dilemma. Again the blood pumped between her legs causing her to shutter in filthy delight. Succumbing partially to her body’s call she ran a hand down and pressed on the tight pillowy mound.
She gave out a goofy giggle. There was a bit of thrill in touching herself in a parking lot. What if she got caught? She went down the list of possible mishaps as she heavily petted herself through her leggings. Stroking hard over the engorged little bump, opening the flood gates to her desire.
Her crotch now oozed through the fabric with slick nectar. The more she played, the nicer her fingers felt, gliding over the lubricated fabric. Sweet pussy filled the air, along with the strong heavenly scent of a woman after a long day on the job. It wasn’t long before this pervert was practically clawing at the gap in her legs.
She gasped and attempted to pull herself together. “I should stop.” she thought, but her pussy practically wept with need. “Should I just take care of this now?” Samantha debated, with one hand pressing firmly on her snatch. She looked around to make sure there was absolutely no one around. The café lights revealed an empty lot with only one vehicle parked up against the building. It must have been the workers car. This disarmed most of her worry of being discovered.
Her clit throbbed hard under her fingers as she was defeated by another wet thought of the baristas strong hands on her body. Samantha whimpered as her pussy’s intense pulse pounded at her fingertips. “Screw it” she stated, comforted by the empty lot, and finally submitted to a nice wank.
She started by slowly sliding a hand down the front of her taught pants, still looking around for any unwanted spectators. Her fingers infiltrated her panties and slid down from there as if she was dipping into hot butter. She shuttered in pleasure as her fingers glided over her sleek wet clit. A deep primal moan escaped her lips as she was finally defeated by her desires.
She gently caressed her very sensitive bean, and tried her very best to maintain some sort of composure. Her fingers stroked between the deepness of her lips, and she tried to stir up every fold of slippery flesh she could feel for. She panted and held still as her fingers worked below. After all, she didn’t want to make what she was doing completely obvious to any outsiders. Samantha was often put to her knees by desire so she was wary not to lose control.
She breathed in deeply the inescapable aura of her downright sloppy pussy and swallowed hard as her mouth watered at her own heavy scent. “Oh!” She cried out in frustration. Her hips jerked forward enraged with deprivation. Samantha could only rub herself so hard, but it wasn’t enough. Breathing deeply, she looked around halfheartedly to appease her lingering paranoia, and turned it up a notch. She plunged three fingers inside herself eagerly sending a shockwave of pleasure and surprise to her un-expecting senses.
One thing Samantha never shied away from, even at the start of her sexual exploration, was making sure her pussy was nice and stuffed. The majority of her early years consisted of her locked away in her second floor room, on her laptop, with a nice thick water bottle jammed inside her. The youthful fatty wasn’t happy unless her young tight pussy could be tended to. Three fingers were enough to start with, but she knew that her pussy could handle much more.
Her back arched forward, and she threw her head back violently like she was being struck by lightning. Her mouth hung open, as she whined in pleasure. “Yes. Fuck yes. I needed this so bad.” she said outward, as she slowly forced her fingers in and out of her own slimy twat. She could now hear the gurgle and slosh of the motion in between her perfect fat thighs.
Still, it wasn’t enough. Her hand was wedged tightly between her legs, enclosed by two layers of confining fabric. Her legs struggled to part, but were limited to the small space of the driver seat. She let out a violent growl in a huff of vexation before completely withdrawing her working hand. Samantha was close to losing herself like she promised not to, and in a moment of reflection on her behavior her fingers made their way to her sweet curled lips. The taste of her own womanhood made Samantha practically faint into passion. Her eyes rolled back dramatically, as she took a moment to really savor the buttery flavor of her simmering pussy.
When she came to from the ether of her potent juices, she could see that the windows had fogged during her struggle to achieve orgasm. Her heavy breaths and the vigorous activity really steamed up the place. “I can’t see a thing out there” she thought squinting through the windshield. She was teetering on edge about not cumming and squirmed in dissatisfaction. “That means no one could see a thing in here either” She justified in a mischievous tone. “Screw it!” She rolled her chair back and reclined. She was determined to wank herself to the end now.
Samantha kicked off her flats, and scooted her big rump to the edge of the seat. She rolled her hips back bringing her knees to her chest. She was spread very nicely now. “I’ve already taken it this far.” At this point her every movement was distorted by trembling anticipation for the violent contractions of her over stimulated love canal. With that final break in reservation, she made the final decision to do herself the right way, to be knuckles deep in pussy without the imprisoning textile of her leggings.
She rolled her leggings down slowly, taking notice of how her juicy body practically popped out of them. As the waist band descended, her large but tight ass tumbled out and continued to squeeze through, as the elastic scanned the flawless sun-kissed skin of her thighs. She stopped at her thick knees, and again brought them to her chest. She was now laying back fully spread with her feet on the dash. Her smooth shaven pussy pointed out towards the high heavens and glistened in the low light of the foggy cockpit. Samantha was now comfortable and ready to immerse herself in the deepest finger fucking she’s had in a while.
She started by slowly parting her thick lips with one hand and caressing her meatiness with the other. Her eyes shut tightly as she fully committed herself to the worship of her most favored body part. She slid her fingers right inside the saturated cavern and got right to work. She couldn’t help herself anymore. She was completely lost and made no attempt to quiet the spontaneous whimpers and cries surfacing from the depths of her pussy.
She curled her fingers, and kneaded hard on the swelling roof of her insides. That was her favorite. It made her toes curl in a rhythmic fashion as she pushed hard and slow on the buttons inside. She grabbed her wrist with her other hand to make sure she was in as tight as she possibly could be.
From the outside the car was cloaked in crawling condensation. On occasion the cars suspension would rock giving the only proof of life within. On the inside however a full on sexual echo system was breeding full force. Samantha’s cries were now a perpetuating loud guttural moan. A rollercoaster of high notes and low notes begging for more and shouting for mercy. Tears of passionate pleasure welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks to the back of her neck, where they soaked into her collar.
Her fingers now pumped in and out of her gash with intensity, banging hard on her deepest parts. Samantha looked down in glee at the froth now manifesting at her vigorous stirring. She wasn’t just wet anymore. Samantha now splashed every time her digits dived into the pool between her legs. She knew this was merely the beginning though.
Samantha could only describe the mind numbing pleasure she was giving herself tonight as “divine”. She had only felt this exact way once before and it ended with a short circuited laptop soaked in expelled pussy juice. Imagine trying to explain to the repair man why your computer fizzled out. More importantly, why it smelled like a basket of her dirty panties.
She shut her eyes again, taking a moment of silence to listen to the soundtrack of moist noises, and pushed forward to the end. It was her car and she’d fucking cum in it if she damn well pleased. Her discipline broke as she let the uncontrollable animal noises begin again.
She continued to prod deeply as she began to shake, grabbing the back of her knees to shift her weight. Her bare feet now hung in the air, bobbing with the motions of her savory fucking. Her brains scrambled and fried like an egg as she approached the moment, and her eyes rolled back and crossed in bliss. Emotions exploded as she began to cry hysterically in the euphoria of her nearing climax.
She hugged her leg tightly to her chest, and pushed her pussy upward as she tried to steady her buckling. She was in overdrive now, and her hips seemed to want to escape as she assaulted her own pussy, until finally it all peaked. Her cramping knuckles were now slamming into her pussy in desperation. Pearls of milky goodness splashed out in little droplets dripping down her thighs.
“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna CUM!! I’M GONNA FUCKING…” Her loud announcement was silenced as her breath was taken away by pleasure. Her whole body grew ridged, and convulsed in an almost violent manner. Her eyes opened widely as she struggled to breathe through the epic event. All the while her stubborn fingers continued to fuck her now overloading pussy. When she was finally able to take her first breath, she groaned and growled loudly as she exhaled. The full body orgasm was a rarity, and it almost made her question if she would live through it. It still wasn’t over though.
Her air supply was cut again as her core muscles spasmed, slamming her down into the seat. She gave a meek yelp as her orgasm reached its final destination. Her fingers withdrew quickly and she grabbed on to her ankles parting her own legs infinitely. Her hips took on a life of their own while her pussy contracted like she had never felt in her life.
She practically spoke in tongues at the unprecedented sensations shooting through her entire body from her anus to the tips of her toes. As she gained a moment of sense during what seemed like an eternity of orgasm she opened her eyes wide again to bask in the final moments around her. Her pussy convulsed a second time. This time harder than the last causing her hips to jerk forward.
Samantha knew this very feeling and she was ready to bask in all its glory. A thick stream of what seemed like the richest sex juice arced out from her depths, in what seemed like slow motion. A long bass-y moan accompanied the forceful surge which shot forward, and hit the windshield. Again her hips jumped, as her pussy squeezed several more times, squirting two more streams. Each less forceful than the last hitting her dashboard, and then her steering wheel.
Samantha’s soft body still trembled after her orgasm subsided. She continued to lay there bottomless covering her face in full satiation. She was almost afraid to look at the interior of her car. The windshield was now cleared and the dashboard ran down with a river of cloudy squirt juice. She was almost proud of herself.
She lowered her legs and sat upright in her seat. Her face was wet with sweat and tears and she was still a little lightheaded. The tickling sensation of lady cum dripped down her curvaceous calves down to her bare feet. She was soaked with body fluids and emotionally drained, but for the first time in weeks her head was clear. All of the stress and negativity was flushed out of her. Her grin ran from ear to ear and her cheeks swelled with an over sense of joy that made her start crying all over again. “This is all I really needed wasn’t it!?” she conversed with herself. She was now Zen and ready to take on the world another day. Samantha rolled up her leggings making no attempt to clean up. Everything on her skin soaked up nicely as she rolled the thin fabric up. “I think I’m just gonna go home and take care of this stuff tomorrow” She directed at her school work. “I’ll need to do laundry though and I’ll definitely need a roll of paper towels” She was so complete now nothing could bring her down. She turned the key in the ignition and headed home for the night.
Tonight went down in the history books for Samantha. Never before was she so taken over by the sex demon inside. Maybe she wouldn’t put up such a fight next time her pussy beckoned. Maybe she was starting to like the lack of control when faced with lust. Not only did she get off in a very taboo place, but now she could say she was a “squirter”. The drive home went by in a flash as she meandered through a mind of full sexy thoughts.
Samantha decided to relax the rest of the night and spend the remainder in bed watching junk TV. Of course it wasn’t relaxing for her if she didn’t have her 3 inch thick dildo squeezed into her tight baby maker. She struggled that night trying not to lose control again, or she wouldn’t get any sleep. That’s a story for another time though…