Sandra and Lana Round Two

I laid down in my basement floor bedroom . Katy had taken the attic room, Logan had the main floor single, Sandra and Lana had the main floor double. Everyone was exhausted and going to bed early. We had plans to get up at 7am to hit the mountain.

Since I had the basement to myself I slept in just my boxers. With the heat blasting I was on top of the covers. My eyes shut and I began to drift off into dreamland. Just when I was beginning to dream I felt someone kissing on my neck. This was followed by a clicking of handcuffs on my wrist. I opened my eyes to Sandra and Lana in my bed. Lana was wearing a dark purple lace bra , with matching G string, covered with a purple garter belt and black thigh highs. Sandra had a light green teddy with a plunging neckline. Her perky B cups looked great staring out of it.

The girls had handcuffed my left hand to the bed post. They both kissed down each side of me down to my crotch. They both kissed along my belt line and met in the middle with a kiss. They both embraced each other kissing passionately. Sandra unhooked and removed Lanas bra and began to fondle her melons. Lana responded by lowering Sandras teddy unleashing her perky tits. Sandras nipple were like swollen seeds. They were pointing toward the sky. The both rubbed each other while entertaining each other’s tongues. This had me rock hard.

After watching these sexy little beasts getting each other worked up I was beyond horny. Sandra moved away and sat right down on my face. She I clicked the cuffs to allow me to slide her teddy off revealing her moist cunt. I ran my tongue all up inside her vagina. Lana stripped down and slid off my boxers. She climbed on and began teasing my dick with her lips. She slid back and forth on my piece without letting me in. I couldn’t take it anymore and slid my manmeat inside her, thrusting deep into her cave. She bucked like an 8 second ride on a champion bull.

After drowning in pussy while getting rode raw, we broke into a new position. We struck a triangle. I ate Lana, Lana ate Sandra and Sandra sucked me off. The passion had our pace increasing rapidly. This was the hottest thing I’d been apart of. The girls were both moaning loudly. I was worried about them waking up Katy. This is a must do for everyone.

After while of the triangle, Sandra then moved on top of me and Lana climbed on top of my face. Dreams were coming true this night. Sandra could fuck like a wild woman. Bouncing her ass up and down on my cock. Lana proceeded to grind her meat curtains down on my mouth. The began kissing and fondling each other while thrashing my body with their pussy’s. Lana drenched my face in the most powerful orgasm I’d experienced. She didn’t miss a beat as she continued to ride my mouth. Sandra followed shortly after with a monster orgasm of her own. She as well kept pace and kept fucking me like a pro. These two teens fucked better than anyone I’ve ever had. I don’t know where they learned, but I would say they were two of the best fucks around. Again, Sandra and Lana were moaning so loud I crossed my fingers nobody would be awoken.

After what seemed like 10 minutes the girls climbed off and got on their hands and knees. I knew they wanted it doggystyle. I climbed up and stood behind Lanas perfectly round, tone ass, my cock was so drenched I figured why not. I slowly slid my tool into her ass. The natural lubrications were allowing my cock to slide in. She tightened up making my rod have to work for every inch. I reached down and grabbed her long locks and began to pull on her dirty blonde hair. Rotating between pulling hair and thrusting into her ass, I was putting her in a sexual frenzy. Lana lowered her head to the bed and positioned her ass straight up. This allowed me to thrust deep into her second hole.

Sandra had slid down and began to suck on Lanas nipples. It was all proving too much as Lana came with the force of three nuclear bombs. She followed up by collapsing to the bed.

Now it was Sandras turn. I rotated her to the same position. However, I really wanted to fuck her clam. I grabbed around her thighs and pulled her back to my love hammer. Thrusting hard and fast I pounded her vagina with all I had. Our bodies slapping each other with every stroke. I wanted her to feel my cum in her lungs. I continued to pull her back with one arm and took my second hand toward her clit. I was jackhammering her pussy pounding my dick into her soul. Lana had laid in front of Sandra and was now enjoying herself as she got her swollen hole licked by Sandras tongue. Sandra eagerly dove right in and ate like a starving child.

In the midst of everything, Lana reaches over and grabbed my balls. Between Lana’s hand and Sandras pussy I was nearing my own finish. I announced it was near as I splattered my juices in Sandras waiting little pussy. I pulled out in time to shove the last little bit deep into Lanas awaiting pussy. My cock had a few more thrusts for Lana before it was done. I laid back down, as Lana and Sandra began to sixty- nine. They shared cum back and forth, cleaning up all the evidence. I looked over at the clock which now read 1:15 am.

I woke up a short time later with Sandra snuggled up on my left and Lana on my right. They both laid naked, with their beautiful bodies ready to be taken for another turn. This was the best mountain trip I’d ever been on.

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