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Although not completely necessary, I would recommend you read Sarah visits Gramps: An Awakening first as it explains how Sarah was first introduced to Gramps and his sex life! Several other Sarah visits Gramps chapters are available as well. Read and enjoy!
I was on the deck looking at the ocean waves. I was sucking on a popsicle and having impure thoughts. I had started out licking the popsicle and now I was thrusting it in and out of my mouth as if I was blowing my boyfriend's cock, or maybe not even my boyfriend. My other hand snuck down to my bikini bottoms and pulled the cloth to the side so that my pussy was easily accessible. With my index finger I made circular motions around my clit. As I started to pick up the pace, my clit swelled and started to protrude, like a tiny little prick. Now I started to play with the head of my clit. I had momentarily forgotten about the popsicle and a big drop of melted popsicle dropped just above my clit and I ran my finger in it and over my clit.
Quickly I sucked down the last of the popsicle as I continued to caress my clit. With my other hand now free, I placed that hand at the entrance to my pussy and inserted my middle finger. Slowly I stroked it in and out, finger fucking myself. Slowly at first and then picking up the tempo, I continued to caress my clit. Slowly my orgasm was building. I finger fucked myself more quickly as my orgasm was building toward the point of ecstasy!
I pinched my clit between my fingers as my other hand was finger fucking my pussy as fast as I could, and then I came. Slowly my fingers released my clit and my other hand pressed hard into my pussy and finally withdrew. I spent a minute regaining my breath.
My deck chair was a mess from my pussy juice. But not the first time this had happened. I threw the cushion over the side of the deck next to the hose. I'd clean it off in a moment.
This coming weekend I had invited Justin to a night of dancing and sex. I had met Justin as he worked as a bar tender at a sex party on a yacht in the marina. After a night of cock, ass. tits and pussy I saw Justin at the end of the night and asked for his phone number. After a couple days I called Justin and set up the date.
Justin had seen me on the yacht, in my full party outfit. I had on a full body strap harness that outlined my full, size D tits with large, dark areola. My nipples extend nicely when excited. The straps met above my pussy and separated to keep my clit and shaved pussy accessible.
I had told Justin that we needed to have a Zoom call. We set it up for Wednesday, two days before our date on Friday. Tonight was the night and we had just connected.
"Hi Justin. I hope that this isn't inconvenient for you."
"Not at all. I've looked forward to it all day and am anxious for our night out."
"Great Justin. I have a few things I'd like to do on this conference."
"Whatever you want, Sarah. I'm game."
"Good to hear. Pull your cock out of your pants."
Justin was surprised, but not shocked, remembering her from the sex party. He was hoping that Sarah was going to be up for some kinky sex on date night. Justin unzipped and pulled his cock out.
Sarah next ordered, "Adjust the camera so I can see it."
Justin did so and his cock was now center screen for Sarah.
"Start to stroke your cock. Not too fast, but I want to see what you have!"
Justin's right hand circled his shaft as he started to slowly slide it up and down. He leaned over so his mouth was above his cock and spit. His hand caught the spit and he used the saliva to lubricate his cock.
"Use your left hand and grab your balls. Circle your fingers at the base and let me see those balls pop out. Yes… that's it. That's a nice sack of balls. Spit on your left hand and slide your middle finger down your taint, toward your asshole. Keep stroking your shaft!"
Justin was starting to enjoy being an exhibitionist. His cock was rock hard. Stroking it for Sarah was a turn on. It was going to take some self control not to spurt soon.
I was getting turned on. I let my right hand slide inside my panties. My middle finger ran along my pussy lips until it found the entrance to my love tunnel. I dipped it in, just a bit. I was already wet from watching Justin. I slid my finger back up my pussy lips, this time they parted easily. I found my throbbing clit and slid my finger back down. After inserting it I slid it back up my pussy lips to my clit. I wanted release! I slowly circled my clit with my finger, then switched direction and circled it some more. My juices were starting to boil. My finger found the head of my clit and started to massage the center of my universe. A few more circles on the head of my clit and I started to come. I bit my tongue so I didn't make any noise. I didn't want Justin to know that he helped me come.
All this time I was watching Justin stroking his cock. "I don't want you to come today! Or tomorrow! Save a big load for me on Friday night!"
I ended the video call and leaned back to savor my orgasm. My cunt was wet. I refrained from playing with myself a second time. I wanted to be hot to trot on Friday!
I was looking forward to my date with Justin all day. My juices were flowing and my panties needed to be changed at lunchtime. Of course I would wear everything fresh for dinner and dancing. I had decided to meet Justin at the marina's restaurant/tavern. It was a bit upscale, but there was always an erotic atmosphere there; money and sun and skin always had that effect.
I decided to wear my skort… a navy blue golf skirt that showed a lot of leg, but was sporty and pretty tight around my hips. It would show off my slim and toned ass. I decided to insert a small diamond shaped stainless steel butt plug in my ass. The base was red cut glass in the shape of a heart. My anus gripped around the steel diamond as it entered my ass. I would also wear a thong, really just two thin strips of cloth that barely covered my pussy lips and only part of the butt plug's base. I finished off the outfit with a bright white criss cross halter top that supported my sizable tits. The straps crossed across my chest and tied behind my neck. A slight pull on that knot and my size D tits would be unleashed. When my dark nipples got excited they would poke out the halter top leaving nothing to the imagination. I finished it off with studded flat sandals that wrapped around my feet to ankle height. I was looking hot!
It was about a ten minute walk for me to the marina's restaurant. The night was warm and I took advantage of the beautiful evening to meet Justin after a short stroll. I arrived about five minutes late for drinks, as planned. As I strolled into the bar, I saw Justin at the far end. He waved and I took a slow walk to him, getting most everyone at the bar to take notice.
"Holy shit! You are smoking. Everyone was checking you out on the way in," Justin whispered in my ear.
I just smiled. "And it's only going to get better."
Justin had saved a seat at the bar for me, and as I sat, my butt plug pushed into my ass a bit extra. I rearranged my ass on the seat so that the pressure pushed it in deeper yet. Justin ordered me a glass of chablis. I didn't want anything too potent, not tonight. We ordered an hors d'oeuvre, a shrimp cocktail. The cocktail sauce was extra spicy, just as I hoped the night would be!
I was sitting near the AC vent and the cool air was making my nipples hard. As I had hoped, my nipples were poking through my halter top and they certainly had Justin's attention. His eyes were focused on my nipples, and they didn't move off them as we talked. As he took a drink they moved and then they returned immediately. I leaned closer and softly asked him if he liked the view.
"Holy shit! Your nipples are poking out, you can see the entire dark nipple!"
"That's actually the areola you see around the nipple, but nipple is close enough. Later you get to lick, suck, nip and bite them"
I glanced at his pants and his hard on was obvious to anyone who looked. He placed his hand by his crotch, trying to hide his erect cock.
"Take your hand away, let everyone see that erect cock in your pants. Another time and place and we'll take it out and let everyone see."
Justin replied, "That will be the night when we let your tits loose for everyone to see!"
"Now you're getting in the spirit. Tonight it is just you and me. Another night it will be a group of sex crazy people."
They called us to dinner. We were seated at a booth and we both sat on the same side, like young lovers should. We ordered; both ate light, wanting to be at our best for the rest of the evening. We decided to split a slice of Bailey's Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert. I took Justin's hand and slid it up my skort. His finger found my shaved pussy. My g string panties were no obstacle to his finding my clit and stroking it. As the middle aged waitress brought the cheesecake to our booth I let out a soft groan.
"Honey, I'm glad he finally got to it. I almost told him during dinner to give you a bit of fun. If I weren't working, and a bit younger, I'd be stroking your slit as well."
I replied, "Leave your number, another night we'll get together and explore how to have fun!"
When the bill came, a separate slip of paper had her name and phone number on it. I slipped it in my pocket for another night.
Justin and I walked back to my beach bungalow and were undressing as we got to the door. Once inside we finished stripping off the rest of our clothes. I had my back to Justin as I bent over to show him the red head of the butt plug that was firmly seated in my asshole.
"All night? You've had that in your ass all night?"
"Yes Justin, I am an anal bitch. Grab the head and slowly pull it out."
Justin had to work a bit to get a grip and the red jeweled base, but finally, slowly pulled it out. As it popped by the sphincter, it slid out the rest of the way.
"Shove your tongue in my ass. From behind. Lick it all around and poke your tongue in, as deep as you can. Harder, harder!"
I had my right hand between my legs, my middle finger moving from my clit up to my pussy and back.
"Fuck my ass hard. I want you to blow your first load tonight on my back."
We stumbled over to the kitchen and I leaned over the table, presenting my ass. Justin found the cherry flavored lube and squeezed some on my newly puckered starfish. Then plunged a finger in and then finally slid his cock in me. My asshole gripped him tight, but I was ready for him and he quickly was fully deep in my ass. He was thrusting back and forth as I now had two fingers up my pussy. My fingers could feel his cock thrusting in my ass. What a delicious feeling!
Justin was pounding my ass, and finally pulled out and came on my back. I could feel cum up toward my shoulder blades, so his spurt must have been impressive.
"Justin, here comes the point of no return. If you want to have more fun, you have to do one thing for me. Otherwise we're done for the night."
"Whatever you say Sarah. I want to fuck all night!"
"Lick your cum off my back. Then kiss me with that mouthful of cum."
"I'm not sure I want to lick my cum up."
"My pussy awaits! Or not!"
I felt Justin's tongue licking my back.
"Make sure that you get it all. I want to be clean for round 2 after this!"
Justin spent some time licking all the cum off my back, then I turned over and gave him a big French kiss. "Give me some of that cum. I want to taste your nectar. Then swallow what's left."
Justin took a big swallow and he sat down and told me, "I really don't know that I want to do that again, unless I have to!"
I went to my knees in front of Justin and sank my mouth over Justin's flagging hard on. Justin responded immediately as his cock came to attention. I was up and down on his cock, finally at the point where I started to open my throat to take the entire shaft down my throat. While I was doing this I was pinching his nipples, and then cradling his balls. From there I slipped my right middle finger to the base of Justin's asshole. After massaging the base of his butthole, I plunged my middle finger up his ass. I bent it forward to find his prostate, found that I had to jam it farther in, and finally got to massage it with my middle finger. Justin came again! In my mouth.
I swallowed some, and then went to kiss Justin, a big sloppy wet kiss. Justin didn't complain about eating his cum this time.
I went to the refrigerator as Justin collapsed in a chair at the table. I grabbed a couple of beers, opened them and then offered Justin his. We both leaned back as the cold beer slid down our throats before we stopped and relaxed.
'Wow," Justin said. "I've been here less than an hour and I've cum twice, eaten my own cum and had my ass fingered!"
I remarked, "And the night is still young. I hope your cock, as well as my pussy, are sore at the end of the night. Both our assholes as well!"
Justin finished his long neck beer and had an idea. "Sarah, come and sit on the table in front of me. Then lean back, I think your pussy needs some attention."
I sat on the table in front of Justin, as he used his hands to spread my legs farther apart. My slit was still moist and he slid his tongue up and down, from my clit to my pussy, and then sometimes to my butt hole. Then back again until my clit started to pay attention. My clit became pronounced, sticking out; resembling a tiny cock head. Justin had his thumb rubbing around my clit and then right on top. As his thumb swirled around Sarah's clit, his tongue went from my pussy and back to my asshole. He curled his tongue and pressed it as hard as he could in my asshole.
"I'm going to cum if you keep that up," I moaned.
"That's the idea."
Justin took his free hand and inserted his middle finger in my pussy. Then he added a second finger; and then he took them out and slid the long neck bottle up my pussy. He thrust it in and out with one hand and then stuck a finger back in my ass. I could feel the bottle and his finger rubbing against the muscular wall separating the two.
Then he leaned down and took my clit between his teeth and gave it a mild nip.
I lost it. My body convulsed as I experienced one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. My legs squeezed around Justin's head as I moaned "Fuck me, fuck me."
I collapsed back on the table, my legs still tight around Justin's head. Then I used my hands to push Justin's head from my cunt. "Kiss me," I commanded. "Let me taste my juice."
Justin obeyed, pushing his tongue into my mouth as his finger came out of my asshole. He brought it up to my mouth as he finished his kiss and slipped them into my mouth. "Suck it clean!" Justin commanded. And I obeyed.
"Let's get another beer and go relax in the other room. Perhaps watch some porn while we recuperate. It looks like your cock needs a slight rest."
"I brought a couple of blue pills, just in case I needed them. I'll take them now… in 30 minutes I'll be rock hard for the rest of the night."
Even when limp, Justin's cock was a full 7 inches and thick. It hung down as he walked to the other room and collapsed on the couch. I took a moment to join him, and when I sat next to him, I gave him a beer to chase down the pills. After that I produced some nipple clamps and asked Justin to fasten them to his nipples. Justin was a bit surprised, but opened them up and then closed them around his nipples. They were a bit tight and pinched pretty hard, but after the initial shock, he got used to them. A silver chain connected the two clamps and hung down his chest. Next I produced a big black vibrating dildo. I slid it up my pussy and adjusting the vibration so that it seemed to gain speed and rhythm, and then cycled down. I placed my feet up on the arm of the sofa and started to thrust it in and out of my pussy. Justin watched as I slowly rubbed my index finger from pussy to clit, taking time to massage my clit each time. Each time I brought my finger to my clit, it pulled my pussy lips apart and my engorged clit pushed out, like a small cock head. After a bit I stopped and took the vibrator out and turned it off.
"Slide your ass to the edge of the sofa. I need full access to your junk." As he slid his ass down to the edge, I grabbed his cock and pulled him down a bit farther. I turned the vibrating dildo on and ran it up his shaft and down around his balls. His cock was starting to respond. Then I took the dildo and lubed it up again and started to move the vibrator around his balls and then toward his asshole. The vibrations made his ass squirm a bit. Then I pushed it into his asshole. He jerked back a bit and I slid it almost all the way out. "Take it like a man" as I pushed it farther in this time. Then out and in until I buried all 8 inches up his ass.
Justin had this surprised look on his face and the erection he had started to get back had faded. Now his limp cock hung down by the end of the dildo that was buried in his ass.
"I want you to slowly stroke your cock until you feel the little blue pills kick in. We'll leave that dildo in your ass."
I found my phone, activated the camera and took a pic of Justin with nipple clamps and chain with the dildo in his ass. Then went to the video and started that. Justin started to protest, but I shook my finger at him and told him to settle down. "Your ass is mine! Now pull your knees toward your head so we can see that dildo buried in your ass."
I stopped the video and sent it to my good friend Ginny. I met her through my grandfather, who is dating her. She's quite a bit younger than he is, around 50. She is a tall black haired beauty. Long and lean, she is blessed with big, soft tits. Her breasts, if unsupported, sagged down her chest, half way to her navel. Big and full, they are a sight to behold. The areola are large and dark. Her nipples only come out when excited. But when they do they are long and hard. Ginny almost always has a fully shaved pussy. Her pussy lips are small, but her clit is large and sensitive.
Ginny texted me back "I'll be right over." She obviously thought it was an invitation.
"We're going to have company. You may remember her from the yacht party. Ginny will be over soon. Keep stroking that cock while we wait for her. We don't want to disappoint her, do we?"
Ginny was only a few minutes and we heard a knock on the door and then it opened. Ginny came in. She had a casual long sundress on that accentuated her curves. She slipped the straps off her shoulders and the dress fell at her feet, revealing a naked body. Her big soft tits were hanging halfway down her chest and her nipples were fully erect. She stepped out of the dress and went to her knees in front of Justin. "Don't be shy. Just think of me as your mother sucking your cock!" Ginny took Justin's now soft cock in her mouth. With one hand she had the vibrator thrusting in and out of his ass. The other was stroking his cock. That and her sucking brought his cock back to attention. The blue pills must have taken effect as he was now thrusting his rock hard cock down Ginny's throat.
I quietly went to my bedroom and got my strap on. I stepped into it and snugged it tight. I walked back to the main room. Justin saw me and smiled.
'Ginny, don't suck him dry, at least not yet." I stood next to Justin and Ginny grabbed my "cock" and started to stroke it. Justin pulled out of Ginny's mouth and she grabbed his cock. Ginny was now stroking us both, and then placed my cock in her mouth and sucked on it. Then she did the same to Justin. Back and forth she sucked our cocks before she brought us both to her mouth. She managed to get the tips of both in her mouth.
Ginny then got on all fours and told Justin, "Fuck me doggy style. And fuck my pussy hard, I want your cock to bottom out in my cunt!"

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