Sarah – My Perverted Sister Ch. 07

tagIncest/TabooSarah – My Perverted Sister Ch. 07

An Unexpected Visitor
Sarah's head was nestled under my left arm, and I stroked her hair as she purred into me, sending subtle vibrations into my skin. Our legs outstretched, we gently rubbed our feet on one another as we lay together in bliss, keeping my cock at half-mast. We relaxed into our reverie.
A while later, I noticed a smell in the air. It was faint and it smelled kind of like feet, but not Sarah's feet, or mine. Just as I was about to say something, Sarah beat me to it: "Do you smell that?"
"I was about to ask you the same thing. What is that?"
"It kind of smells like feet."
"I had the same thought!"
"Is it mine? It doesn't smell like yours…"
Sarah brought one of her feet to her face, nestled her nose under her toes, and took a whiff. "Whew! Mine are still pretty stinky, but that's definitely not what I'm smelling."
She twisted her body to the left and brought her foot closer to my face. "Right, bro?"
I bent forward and sniffed. "Yeah, it's definitely not you."
We repeated the same effort with my feet, and came to the same conclusion.
Sarah gave me a wry smile. "Are we going crazy from all this foot magic?" she asked.
I smiled and brought my head up, looking off into the trees for a moment. Before I could think of a reply, I noticed a faint glimmer in the air. Then another, and another. My first thought was fireflies, but it was broad daylight, and they weren't "blinking" like fireflies—actually, they twinkled like stars. The twinkling seemed to be coming from far off in the woods, and getting closer. "Sarah, look!" I said excitedly.
She looked up at me and followed my eyes to the forest in front of us. "Whoa! What… what is this? The smell!"
Sarah's comment brought me back to my sense of smell, and I noticed that the mysterious foot smell was getting stronger, too. It was both stinky and sweet, like feet and flowers all wrapped up into one scent. It was like nothing I had ever smelled before.
As she spoke, the twinkling lights multiplied more and more, coalescing into a sparkling stream of light right in front of the tree we were sitting in.
As my sister and I stared in awe, our mouths wide open, the stream of light flowed into the woody plateau of our tree, coalescing right in front of us, 5 or 6 feet away, into a swirling mass of sparkling light. As the swirling mass of light grew, we began to hear mirthful laughter echoing through the forest, seeming to come from every direction at once. More streams of light appeared, flowing to various parts of the tree all around us and above us, where each stream began to coalesce just like the first one.
Our heads darted from light to light, as each streamed into the tree. Sarah held me tightly. "What's going on, big brother?" she asked. There was fear in her voice, and I was more than a little scared myself. I couldn't find the words to answer.
As my eyes returned to the mass of sparkling, white light in front of us, I noticed it had begun to form a human shape. The light sparkled as brightly as ever and then began to fade out, as a human body began to fade in. As the entity crystallized I realized it was the source of the laughter, and the laughter that seemed all around us began to fade. It was like a cool autumn breeze, or the crystal clear water of a mountain spring. It was music. Finally, the laughter faded and the sparkling light with it, and something, or someone, was in its place.
It appeared to be a human female of average height and build, with fair skin and freckles across her cheeks and nose. She was on her back against the tree, her upper body propped up on her elbows beneath her, her legs extended before her, one knee bent. Her frame was slender but womanly, with full hips and thighs and perky, medium-sized breasts. Her pelvis was covered by a short skirt that appeared to be made out of some type of grass, but her breasts were bare and she was otherwise naked.
She had a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones, a button nose, and a small mouth with full lips. Her hair was reddish-brown and wild, hanging down to partially cover her breasts, with shorter, uneven hair like bangs in the front, partially hanging in front of her eyes. Pointy ears poked out on either side of her mane. Her eyes were radiant, almost golden in color, and seemed to emit their own light.
My heart stopped. I had never seen a creature so beautiful. Sarah, still holding onto me tightly, seemed frozen in awe as well.
Breaking the silence, the creature smiled at us and said, "Don't be shy. What's on your mind?"
Making eye contact, I took a deep breath and gathered the courage to speak. "Who… what are you?"
"You don't know? I'm a forest nymph, of course!" she replied.
A chorus of giggles followed, and I looked up to realize there were many more creatures like her perched throughout the tree, only some were smaller. I thought about all the other streams of light that I had stopped paying attention to when this one appeared in front of me.
"Oh, they're forest nymphs too!" the nymph added, noticing my gaze. "They're just here to watch, though. I'm the one who noticed you so I get to have fun this time!"
"Noticed… us? Have… fun?" I stuttered.
Another chorus of giggly laughter followed my awkward reply. "Don't you know anything?" she asked. "You did summon us, after all."
Sarah tapped my chest with her hand, sitting up to look me in the eye. "Dustin… I think we summoned these forest nymphs with our foot magic."
Realization slowly spread across my face as I connected the dots.
"So you've never done this before, eh?" the nymph asked.
"No, we were just trying out an idea I had! We had no idea!" Sarah exclaimed.
"Oh, how wonderful!" the forest nymph exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly.
Murmurs of excitement spread through the other nymphs. "I'm so happy to meet you both. My name is Eloim. What are your names, sweet children?"
My sister responded. "I'm Sarah, and this is my brother Dustin."
"You share each other's blood? Oh, how beautiful! How erotic!"
Sarah grinned wickedly. "We're very close," she added, pulling my face towards hers to kiss me with tongue.
"Sarah, will you share yourself with me?" Eloim asked.
Sarah looked at me, as if to ask for my approval, and I panicked slightly. What were we getting ourselves into? None of this made any fucking sense and everything was happening so quickly. What if she's an evil forest nymph, trying to like, steal our souls or something?! I needed more time to think.
Sarah could sense my hesitancy, I think, and so she brought her face right up to mine and whispered in my ear. "Hey, you ok?"
I twisted towards Sarah until my mouth was no longer in Eloim's view before replying. "I don't know about this, sis. We don't know what's going to happen. What if it's bad?"
"Yeah, this is pretty crazy," she admitted. "But… My intuition says we have nothing to worry about. I can't explain it, but I feel safe here."
I paused for a moment. "Are you sure?"
"Yes. I feel certain that we're going to be ok. Do you trust me?"
I smiled at her. My sister always did have good intuition, and despite my worries, a big part of me was excited to see what would happen. "I trust you. Ok, let's do this."
We both swung back around to face Eloim and Sarah made eye contact with the fae creature. "I will share myself with you, Eloim," Sarah stated.
Eloim smiled in response, and gracefully lifted herself up to walk to where Sarah and I were sitting. Sarah was sitting down with her back to the tree branch and her legs splayed out in front of her. I scooted over to make room as Eloim got closer and closer to Sarah, until she was standing over her, her legs to either side of Sarah's and her crotch hovering inches from Sarah's face. In this position, Eloim paused for a moment, and I noticed the other nymphs had gotten quiet too. They were watching the show.
Sarah was looking up at Eloim, and I felt as though I could hear her heart pounding with a mixture of arousal and intimidation. After what seemed an eternity Eloim finally moved, lowering herself down on top of Sarah's lap and folding her knees to either side. Once she was all the way down, she reached forward to hook her thumbs under Sarah's shirt and gracefully pulled it off over her head. That's when they kissed.
Their lips locked together as their bodies began to undulate rhythmically, at first quite subtly but increasing in intensity until they were rocking back and forth together, while keeping their lips locked in place. I noticed Sarah's eyes rolling back into her head, and subtle tremors moving down her body as she danced with Eloim. Every few moments a moan would escape her lips, her face going slack, before quickly moving them back in place against Eloim's.
I was more than happy to watch this erotic scene play out, my little sister's cute, hot body writhing and flexing with this otherworldly goddess of sex and nature. Finally, after several minutes of this Eloim pulled away, separating her lips from Sarah's and slowly dismounting. Sarah looked into Eloim's eyes and joyful tears began streaming down her face as she smiled in that classic expression of mischief I know and love so much. What was she up to?
"I understand," she said to Eloim as they both stood up, laughing aloud. The other nymphs joined her, crying out with joy into the forest, which only added to my confusion. That kiss was definitely more than just a kiss. Somehow, Eloim had communicated something profound to Sarah during their exchange, something I wasn't privy to.
I was starting to feel left out but before I could let my pride get the better of me Sarah turned to face me with a smile full of childlike wonder and mischief. "Dustinnnnnn," she exclaimed, half a moan, leaping towards me with her arms outstretched. I had started standing up at this point but hadn't got my footing yet when Sarah's youthful body crashed into me, sending us both crashing back down to
the tree floor with her on top of me.
"Sarah, I—".
Before I could more than 2 words out she pressed her lips into mine. Her lips were moist, and her breath was warm against my face and in my mouth. It smelled wonderful, better than usual. She let a little spit fall out as she finished her kiss and grinned at me. "Oh, Dustin. We're going to have so much fun.."

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