Sarah’s Adventures: Babysitting

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This is a companion tale for The Bets series. It is a stand-alone that can be read without having read the series. If you have read the series, and are looking for more of Sarah's exploits then look no further. These one-shots will have many familiar names and occasionally situations that are mentioned in the series as the Nunen family learns more about their darling daughter and sister.
Sarah Nunen was a senior when she started babysitting for the Gunther family. It was an easy way to make some cash and wasn't too often that she had no life. The simplest job ever, too. The sassy eight-year-old, Jessica, warmed up to her quicker than her mother thought she would. The ever shy five-year-old, Timmy, had finally curled up on her lap after much coaxing and the bribing of a good picture book.
Nancy and Dale were always pleasantly surprised to find the house returned to natural order and the kids fast asleep when they returned home. On more than one occasion, Sarah had been woken up after falling asleep on the couch. It was on one of these occasions that Dale noticed how the little girl he had once met many years ago was no longer the child he had met. She was a breathtaking young woman.
Her curly hair splayed across the decorative pillow. The tiniest part in those lusciously full lips. He stepped farther into the living room as his wife went upstairs to check on the children. His brow furrowed as he neared her. The skirt she had been wearing was pulled a little higher than it should have been since her legs were tucked close to her chest. The thin flash of bright red between her legs caught his eyes.
In the back of his head, he knew better than to stare so openly at her most private area. He couldn't look away. Thoughts of those long, shapely legs opening in another way fluttered through his brain. He changed the image to her on her knees with her ass on display. The crimson material straining from the way she showing herself off to him. As if her mind was reading his, the lacy material grew darker.
The sound of a door closing upstairs made Dale jump free from the unthinkable. With a gentle shake of her shoulder, he softly called to her. The flutter of her eye lashes revealed the deep emeralds that always left him fumbling for words. She apologized as she sat up and ran a hand through her hair. He offered to walk her home, reminding her of the recent burglaries that had happened in the neighborhood.
Sarah had filled him in on the night's events. The chatter about spaghetti night didn't seem to stop the lustful wheel from spinning in his mind. Her in a white top that slowly became see-through as she leaned over a steaming pot. The way her firm as would be hugged in that skirt as she was bent over to place a pan in the oven.
When she began talking about the kids cuddling up for a bed time story, he instantly pictured her in the bed he shared with his wife. His lips nibbling on ear lobe as she read aloud. Her words sliding into moans as he worked his way lower to her chest to play with her tits.
Memories of feasting from his wife while she was lactating became Sarah. Milk dribbling down his throat as she moaned in delight. It was one of the few fetishes his wife was accepting of. He loved she was pregnant. Her tits swollen, belly perfectly round and the hormone driven need to be touched. Just as Sarah appeared before him with a large belly of her own, the arrived at her porch.
"Thank you for walking me home, Mr. Gunther." The sweet chime of her voice made him clear his throat. His erection had been growing since her woke her up and it was currently straining against his jeans.
"Of course, Sarah." The smile she has worn the entire walk home was slowly slipping away and he stopped her from entering the house. "Is everything okay?"
"Just silly high school drama," she mumbled while trying to replace the smile.
"Do you want to talk about it? My wife says I'm a good listener. Between you and me though, I hardly listen. Makes me an excellent person. Like a wall. I will nod and speak when need to but more than likely will forget it." The nibbling of her lip made his dick twitch, reminding him that he needed some kind of release soon. When Sarah nodded, he gestured to the step leading up to her porch. He watched as she squirmed from the cold concrete undoubtedly making contact with her ass. He sat beside her and waved his hand for her to start.
"It really is silly," she sighed. "There's this boy who I really like. He says he really likes me, but he only says then when we're alone. I can't even get him to look at me when we are at school. Then his best friend says he likes me, like, all the time. I swear he would shout it from the top of a building if he could. I pretty sure it's only because I slept with him so he thinks he likes me."
The blunt confess had Dale gawking at the girl as she went on to share that she had slept with the first boy, too. The way she dressed should have been the flashing neon stating that she wasn't as innocent as she acted. The good-girl act was far too perfected that a blind and deaf monk could have seen it. Yet, it took Sarah openly admitting it for Dale to notice.
"Well," Dale cleared his throat again as his dick twitched again. "Which one makes you happiest in all aspects? That's the one I would choose."
"I don't like commitments though. They tie up all the freedoms I have right now. Who wants to give up the screw 'em and lose 'em lifestyle?"
"That is a difficult decision."
"How did you know Mrs. Gunther was the one you were willing to give up your freedoms for," she asked, the long legs stretching out in front of her. She leaned back on the palms of her hands. The modest curve of her breasts thrusting into view.
"Well," Dale mumbled rubbing the back of his neck. He asked for full secrecy and she nodded her head enthusiastically. "Nancy and I met at a party my second year of college. Her best friend was dating one of my brothers. They had come home with him for spring break. Nancy, her friend, two of my brothers and I went out to a party. The friend and my brother had snuck off to fool around god only knows where, which left the three of us to our own devices.
Dale recounted the night of trying woo the blonde bombshell. Bringing her endless drinks, dancing to horrible music and eventually she had confessed she wanted to check something of her college bucket list. Sarah's eyes widened and sparkled all at once as her mind played through what the item could have been that she wanted to mark. When the word threesome tumbled from his lips, Sarah had to muffle her squeal.
"Guy or girl?"
"Guy." He nodded slowly as his eyes fell to the hand she had dropped to his thigh. Panic washed over him with the half inch between his aching cock and her delicate fingers. He choked out, "My brother being the other one she wanted."
"Mrs. Gunther is a little kinky," Sarah cooed at the thought. The perfectly presentable beauty queen had a wild side.
"Still is," Dale confirmed without a second thought.
"Clearly, she chose the brother would made her the happiest in all aspects." Her hand slowly trailed up his thigh to cup the bulge. A soft moan escaped him as she gently rubbed him through his jeans.
"Was the threesome an only-in-college experience," she asked on a breath. Her other hand had slowly dipped below her skirt. The movements Dale could make out from the corner of his eyes were evident. She was playing with herself. Out in the open. On the front porch of her parents' house. He let out a groan as he fought to replace her fingers with his own.
"No," he groaned through clenched teeth.
"Is it always with another man, or do you get some extra eye candy?" Her hands were working in tandem. When she bit her lip again, he snaked his hand between her legs. First, he pushed away her fingers then slid them between the soaked panties and her hot lips. She was dripping wet. Leaning back on one hand, she opened herself a little more to him.
"I get extra eye candy," he growled lowly. His thumb toyed with her swollen clit. She bit back a moan and began rubbing a little harder.
"What would you say if I offer to be your next piece of candy?" He groaned and Sarah's hand stopped when his did. The wet spot forming on his jeans had Sarah's lips parting into a wild grin. Leaning close to his ear, she whispered on a husky tone, "Talk it over with your lovely wife."
She pecked his cheek, pulled his hand from her panties and walked into the house. Dale just sat there for a few minutes trying to regain a normal feeling in his body. His babysitter had basically asked to join him and his wife in the bedroom. With a muffled groan, Dale pulled himself back to his feet and stumbled home.
Nancy was standing naked in the bathroom attached to the master bedroom when he returned. Her eyes darted to his jeans and she tilted her head in question. When her eyes finally met his, he shook his head still dazed. Nancy went over to him. The sway of her bare hips bringing him back to the present.
"Dale," she asked softly.
"Sarah asked if we wanted to have a threesome with her." His eyes stared at his wife's face trying to see the utter disgust or shock. Her face was as vacant as he felt. When she crossed her arms across her chest, it squeezed her breasts. Slowly confusion and impending questions became apparent. Dale pulled her over to their bed and told her everything that had happened. The thoughts about the babysitter — with the exception of her being pregnant — and the confession they shared. Everything down the last bit of cum drying in his pants.
Nancy had asked for a night to think about it and he granted it. There was no point in having a fight about something he viewed as a simple matter. After what gone on between the pair, Dale had a strong feeling that Sarah wasn't one to kiss and tell. Then again, she had been playing with herself without any concerns of a passer-byer spotting them.
It had been two weeks since the last time Sarah had babysat for the Gunther's. She knew she had presented an unthinkable scenario and thought she had cost herself the easy gig. When her phone chirped with a message from Nancy, she was relieved to see that nothing had been ruined. Letting her parents know she was off to the Gunther's she grabbed her purse and made her way to the house next door.
She called out as she entered the house. There were no tiny, thunderous footsteps to greet her. In fact, the house was unusually quiet for having two rugrats with enough energy to power the town. When she called out again, she finally got a response. Following the voice to the living room, she found Nancy and Dale sitting on either side of the couch.
"Come sit. There are a few things that I think need to be discussed," Nancy said in her polished, mannered tone. Sarah dropped her purse on the kitchen table as she passed it. When she went to take a seat on the other couch. Nancy wagged a finger before pointing it at the spot between them. Her brow rose as she looked to Dale for answers.
"Since my husband so graciously shared intimate details with you," she scolded her husband before looking back to Sarah. "I want you to know that we can easily forget it was mentioned. Forget that you made an offer I don't think you understand quit yet. Leave it all in the past and continue as life is."
"I think I understand more than you give me credit for, Mrs. Gunther." Even though she was facing the older woman, she could still see the woman's husband hide his smile with his hand. "If it's because you believe I'm inexperienced; I'm not."
"Are you?"
"I've been with plenty of guys. Boys mostly," she turned to throw a wink at Dale. Returning her gaze to Nancy, she gave her a lusty look. "I've also been with a few girls."
Nancy's eyes darted past Sarah to Dale who threw a hand in the air. He had warned her the pleasant girl was very forward. Witnessing it first hand had left Nancy at a loss for words. Each time she thought she had something to respond with her mouth would slam shut.
"Here's how I see it," Sarah brought the focus back to herself. "We can put everything back the way it was. I'll take your kinky secret to the grave and move along. Or you can allow me one night and see what happens. If I'm that awful, or it's to awkward then that's it. I'm not betting my college tuition on this become something more. I just want fun. Having some mature guidance would be an experience for me."
Dale shrugged at his wife, telling her silently that it was completely up to her. She eyed the girl, admiring every inch of her young body wrapped in a tight top and jeans. Her nipples were visible through the cotton calling for some attention. With more confidence then she thought she could muster in the moment Nancy took Sarah's hand in hers and pulled her to her feet.
Dale watched the pair walking hand in hand from the living room, up the stairs and to the master bedroom. He trailed after them, his eyes taking in their asses. Sarah's had a natural young firmness to it, where as his wife's was hard earned at the gym. Both were perfect even through their clothes. Sarah was nodding as Nancy talked to her in a hushed tone. It was something she did every time they welcomed someone new into their life.
The pair stopped in the center of the room and Dale didn't hide the wild grin as he passed by to sit on the chair in the corner of the room. The women started with hesitant kisses that grew deeper as their hands began to wander. Sarah was careful as she undid the buttons on Nancy's blouse. Nancy worked to free Sarah from the tight jeans that were hiding the curves. Dale slowly stripped out of his own clothes while his eyes watched the woman strip each other.
Once both were free, Nancy began walking Sarah backwards to the bed. Their tongues were dueling for dominance as Sarah began fondling one of Nancy's tits. Nancy's hand was cupped against the younger woman's mound. Her fingers teasing her slit to earn herself a moan. Nancy broke the kiss and nipped the girl's neck. Sarah let out a yelp from surprise.
"This isn't going to be like your little high school hook ups," Nancy informed Sarah. Dale was beaming as his hand wrapped around his cock to stroke. His lioness of a wife liked to take charge over the third wheel. Reminding her of her place in the situation. She also had a tendency to take things a little rougher. With a push, Sarah fell to the mattress with her eyes transfixed on his wife's chest. "We don't do pettings, or teasing. We take what we want in this room. Do you understand?"
"Yes," Sarah breathed out as Nancy lifted her face to meet her eyes.
"Good," she dropped her hold. "Now lay back and let's see what you learned from those other girls you were so proud of being with."
As Sarah laid back, Nancy climbed onto the bed to straddle the other girl's body. She crawled up the girl, her dripping pussy leaving a trail up Sarah's torso until she was settled over her face. Sarah took a second to admire the woman's bald pussy. The scent hitting her nose turned her on even more. She began licking the woman's lips. Tasting the juices that were gather at her entrance. A smack to her tit made Sarah jump.
"No teasing," Nancy reminded. Sarah skipped the pleasantries and drove her tongue between the woman's folds. Nancy rolled her hips and moaned in delight as she felt a finger join the tongue. "Much better."
Sarah's mouth sought out the sensitive bundle of nerves. Sucking it between her lips made Nancy's body jolt and a long moan joined the slurping noises coming from between her legs. Watching his wife riding Sarah's face made him want to join the fun. Sarah's feet had risen to the edge of the bed as she added another finger to the woman's hole. Her fingers were thrusting deep and curling to find the hidden button that made Nancy squirm.
Dale pushed Sarah's knees apart to nestle between them. Her pussy was already pooling juices on the blanket beneath her. He was torn between tasting the young flesh and diving in dick first. Listening to his wife's encouraging words being strangled by moans, he chose the latter. Settling to his knees, he wove his arms between her legs and squeezed the firm as he had imagined on more than one occasion since that fateful night.
His tongue swept over the glistening lips and savored the sweet nectar before making another sweep. A muffled moan made him grin. Using two fingers, he pulled the lips apart and allowed his tongue to taste deeper. He nipped at her clit and watched as her body shivered. Nipping a bit harder made her back arch off the bed.
"Keep going," Nancy groaned. Dale wasn't sure it was meant for him or Sarah. Looking up from his feast between her legs, Dale could see three of Sarah's fingers diving deeper in and out of his wife's glorious cunt. Another throaty groan from his wife and he knew she was close.
Without working his way up to it, Dale thrust three fingers into Sarah's aching pussy. The muffled shriek was cut off was Nancy let lose onto the girl's face. The discomfort from the sudden force was instantly replaced when Dale began rubbing her clit. Her body arched again as she grinded her hips against his face and hand. Nancy had eased herself to sit beside Sarah who was now pleading with her body for release.
Nancy swiped her finger across the girl's cheek to gather her juices and brought it Sarah's lips. Her tongue wrapped around the finger as she sucked it clean. Nancy cooed that she was a good cum slut. She praised about how well she ate pussy. All the while she fed the proof of her release to the young woman who was close to the brink herself.
The walls of her pussy tightening with each powerful thrust of Dale's fingers. Nancy reached over and rested her hand on her husband's hand. He looked up to see the menacing glint in her eye. Gradually slowing his movements drove Sarah mad. She was whimpering from the release being taken away from her. When Dale finally pulled away all together, Nancy kissed Sarah on the cheek.
"What do you want," Nancy whispered loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. Dale got to his feet and marveled at the sweat covered girl withering on his bed. His wife was kissing her way down to Sarah's chest. She repeated the question several more times before taking the erect nipple into her mouth.
"I want to cum," Sarah panted out. Nancy's fingers reached down to explore the aching slit.
"Who do you want to make you cum?"
"Your husband," she sighed as Nancy's fingers toyed with her clit. The edge of oblivion in sight again. "Please. Please. Make me cum."
"You heard her, Dale. Make the girl cum."
"Roll over," Dale order. Nancy scooted away as Sarah turned over and raised her ass. She wiggled into position and pleaded from over her shoulder.
Grabbing her hips, Dale lined himself up and forced himself deep between her waiting pussy. Sarah's head fell forward from the powerful entry. He pulled back and with a second thrust entered her completely, all eight inches making itself at home. Nancy peered around the girl's ass and moaned at the sight.
"Such a good girl taking all of my husband's hard dick. Not many have been able to do that without needing a minute. Maybe I didn't underestimate your experiences," Nancy cooed. At an awkward angle, Nancy shimmied beneath the girl to watch her husband piston in and out of the young cunt. Craning her head, she stuck out her tongue to taste her husband's cock hard at work coating himself with someone else's juices. She purred as she brought a finger up to rub as the bundles of nerves practically screaming to be touched.
Sarah let out a deep moan at the sensation of the smooth fingers playing with her while another pair gripped tightly to her hips to pull her back to meet his powerful thrusts. Such contradicting feelings were melding together to form a perfect union on her skin. Her body spasmed as her orgasm finally ravaged her body. Nancy had wiggled free before Dale allowed Sarah to fall free to the mattress. Her body trembled as she came down from her climax. Nancy used her husband cock to guide him to sit on the bed between them.

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