Sarah’s Early Training pt. 2

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Things had been going great with Sarah and she had been learning very well, albeit a little slowly, but we were getting her where she needed to be. Little did I know that later that day she would take a huge step in her training that she wasn’t even aware she was going through. This next part takes place at the lake where her and I were visiting my family for the weekend.

We hadn’t had a chance to fool around the first night we were there as the house was too busy and that took a toll on both of us. We were the youngest people there and thus we gave up our right to a bedroom for some of the other people there visiting out of respect and did not want anyone to walk in on that.


Sarah swam towards me in the water, her red hair all wet and pulled back by the water as her green eyes stared at me with that look of passion. I could tell she was needing it as much as I was and the fact we couldn’t yet made it much worse.

“You know what I need?” she asked as her foot glided through the water searching for me.

“What?” I replied, encouraging her to show me as her foot had now found my leg. She slid it up slowly until it reached my crotch, rubbing slowly against my dick. This was an instant set off for me and my hormones were now raging out of control.

I swam a little closer to her and whispered in her ear, “be patient you will get it soon enough,” though my body was going crazy right now.

I started to rub my hands over her ass cheeks, caressing them slowly and softly. The lake water was very dark so no one on the dock could see what my hands were doing. They might have been able to read her face though as my hand now slid to the front of her legs and into her thighs. I slowly slid them up and down brushing gently over the front of her pussy through her small two piece bottom.

“mmmmmmmm yeah,” escaped her mouth as I began to rub her harder through her suit. I then pulled them to the side slightly and placed a finger near her opening.

“Put it in me please,” she asked.

“Only since you said please.” and with that I shoved my finger into her pussy hard and fast. I began to move it in and out and watched her squirm while I glanced out at the house. No one was looking at us so I kept pumping my finger into her.

“Yeah baby.” she moaned as I could feel her tense up quickly and on that note I removed my finger.

“Why are you stopping?” she asked.

“When you take care of what you need to on me I will let you cum, understand?” She was so hot and needing it that she agreed. I told her to follow me inside.


After we dried off and got dressed I told everyone we were gonna head into town for a bit and check out the shops. I had other plans but I kept them to myself and didn’t even let Sarah know of them just yet. We got into the car and she asked me what we were going shopping for but I did not answer her, I just drove a bit longer to one of the neighbors far down lake houses that I knew no one was home at and parked the car.

I reached over and slid my hand up her leg and up her little jean skirt she had put on. With my other hand I rubbed my hand down her shirt and put it inside her bra and began to toy with her nipples, rolling them over

my fingers just lightly. As she shut her eyes and began to get wet again I was ready to start my plan.

“Masturbate now if you want to cum,” Sarah paused for a second and then pulled her skirt up so I could see her panties. She pushed them to the side and I saw her shaven cunt. As she inserted a finger into herself she used her other hand to find her clit and began to rub circles over it. I was getting hard as a rock and her moans were getting louder. I could see her push her legs out and stiffen up as she drilled her finger hard and fast into her cunt and I knew she was near orgasm. On that note I pulled her hands away from her and held her for a second.

“Please, I need to cum,” she said desperately.

“You will when I decide you are ready,.” I leaned over on that note and flicked my tongue over her clit, I sucked, nibbled and rolled my tongue over it and then across her pussy lips. Lapping up her sweet juices into my mouth I could feel her near ready again as she had been building it up for a while now.

I leaned back and ordered, “Suck my cock now and I’ll let you cum.” Sarah wasted no time and leaned over to unzip my pants. I ran my hands over her soft, red hair as she pulled my cock out. She was so hot and horny that she slammed all the way down on it and put it into the back of her throat. I was not going to last but a brief moment after the hours of tension and build up. Her tongue moved in circles over my cock as she stayed buried deep on it, but all at once she came up.

“I’m sorry I can’t do it, it tastes horrible from the lake water.”

She laid her head on my chest and began jacking me off, staring at my cock. This was not nearly good enough for me and I told her, “Suck my cock like I said.”

“Make me,” was this slut’s reply, and in that moment I knew she was loving the control and that she was submitting and knew she was mine. I gently slapped the side of her face and shoved her head down on my cock. This time I did not gently stroke her hair, but I grabbed a fist full of it and moved her head up and down on my cock myself. I gripped as hard as I could. Her warm, soft lips had a death grip on my shaft. I then held her head still and begin to move up and down in my seat fucking her throat hard.

“You like it when I make you do things? You like being mine? Your mouth and body are mine whenever I want,” I exclaimed while feeling her gag a bit on my cock buried in her mouth. I ripped her head off and shoved it down to my balls. My dirty girl immediately sucked them into her mouth. Her tongue rolling over them.

“I am gonna cum” I said and with that I grabbed her head and held it to my chest. I could feel her trying to move her head down to my cock but I held it steady with a tight grip on her hair. I took my other free hand and reached into her shirt for her nipples again. Only this time I wasn’t gentle. I pinched them hard, making her wince.

“I want it, please, please I want to suck it all.” she begged me in such a sexy voice as her hand moved furiously up and down my shaft. I pinched her nipple again and got ready to cum.

“You don’t deserve my cum, you don’t ever tell me no. Now it is going to go to waste because you were a bad girl.” I let her know.

I stiffened my whole body up as I felt the waves of pleasure shooting through me. I pulled her hair hard and even higher up just below my head and watched her twitch and try to reach it. The first spurt of cum shot out onto my stomach and she moaned loudly. Her hand continued to work my cock as more and more cum shot out all over my stomach in the hotness of the moment. She milked my cock down to the last drop and it was all I could do to hold her head up.

“Please give it to me, pleaaassseeee” she groaned. I held her head there a while longer, still coming down from the waves of pleasure.

“Just this once I will allow it, but in the future if you tell me no you get nothing. Now lick my cum up like a good slut.” and with that I let her hair go. She dove down so fast like it was the best thing she’d ever had. She licked and sucked the cum off my stomach and then she put my cock back in her mouth and sucked it searching for some more, making sure she got every last drop.

“I’m sorry.” she said.

“It’s ok this time, like I said, now you may finish yourself to orgasm and later tonight I will be taking some of your other holes”

More to come on what happens that night!

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