Satisfying my widow aunty

Satisfying my widow aunty
.I used to visit my aunt’s house during holidays since the
c***dhood. And she loves me very much and she will take care of me .
As it was a village there is no separate
bathroom so we used to take bath inside the house itself . She used
to make bath
and most of the time completely nude and she also take bath with me
as a young boy
I don’t have ill feelings. I always sl**p in aunt’s arms and she used
to hug me closer to her while sl**ping. I used to sl**p with her
smell and heat. My aunt’s body always gives a smell, which we will
feel coming from some kind of flowers.
Time went away and I was 14 years old and was on 9th standard in
high school. One day one boy in our school bought a small book, which
was having some sex stories and some naked photos of women. We at the
leisure period went outside of the school and sitting under a tree we
read one story and saw all the photos. The story was telling about
one boy having sex with his aunt.
The book completely changed my attitude and thought towards woman.
But unfortunately I was not able to go to village bcoz I had special
classes for preparing 10th std .After finishing my 10 th std I went
to my aunt’s house when I was on 16 .
When I went to her house she received me with joy and gave me a
sweet kiss on my forehead .after having dinner we both sl**ped in
the same bed .In the next day morning she enquired about my studies
and while chatting she prepared hot water to take bath and place it
in the corner where we usually bath in my young age and then she
removed her saree and blouse in front of me while chatting I was
stunned to see her big breast which was covered by bra I can’t
control my eyes bcoz this is the first time I am seeing a woman like
this . Then she moved back and removed her bra and tied her inner
garment upto her breast , while doing so I got a good glance of her
bare back . Then she called me to help her in applying soap which I
usually do in my young age so I took my hand she turned back
applied soap gently . She asked me to take bath along with her
saying that she removed my tshirt and unzip my pant and finally she
was about to remove my underwear due to shyness I took her hands but
she removed it saying I saw you naked from your young age then why
are you she getting shy now I was completely naked in front of her
and then she poured water and applied soap on my chest , hands ,
feet , thighs and then finally she applied soap in my penis that time
I feel some current passing through me and I had a huge erection in
front of her I tried to control it but I can’t control it . I feeled
embarrassing but my aunt laughed at me saying I have grown up and
these things are normal at this age
Now let me tell u abt my beautiful sexy aunty. She is goddess of sex.
She is abt 35 of age. No words would be enough to describe her. But I
will try to describe her level best. Simply saying, she will be any
mans dream girl even in this age. She is white and very beautiful.
With a height of 5.6″ she is well structured with the shapes of 36-26-
36 and with a deep navel which is simply superb.
As usual in night I was while sl**ping with my aunt, I just
remembered about the story and the photos. Some day’s aunt used to
hug me very tightly and used to kiss me wild and used to rub my tool
and she used to put her fingers inside her panty and moaned I never
knew why she does this but now I undertand her she was hungry for
sex . That night she was holding me tightly and our bodies was
pressing each other. Then I started to imagine my aunt naked as seen
on the photos. This gave a pleasant feeling to my body and my penis
started growing. As we were holding each other my bulging felt on her
thighs. I could not control myself and the cock was bulging again as
I was thinking about the story . After a little while aunt adjusted
slightly and now the cock bulging was hitting at the proper place…
As the time passed she got hot as she was not having sex for a long
time. She lost control and she started kissing me wildly on all over
my face. She put one hand on my butts and pressed me hard against
My cock got hard again and my hardness was hitting on her pussy. My
dress was a shorts, I started massaging at her back side and she got
wild and mad. She put her hands on my cock and started pressing on it
hard with the cloths. Then she removed my shorts and it slide down.
She made me naked and started running her hand all over my body. I
was so hot and I could not resist and started pressing her boobs.
First she kissed me in my forehead and then in my lip gently then she
applied her tongue inside my tongue for few minutes we were kissing
and then she kissed my lips tightly and then my chest his hands
moved in every part of my body and making me pleasure and then she
asked me “did you ever seen naked women”. I said no and I told about
the photos and story in the book . Then she asked me, do you want to
fuck me like the boy . I said I want to but I don’t know how to do
that. She kissed me hardly and told me that she will teach me all
things about sex. First she told me how to fuck a woman and asked to
fuck her. She lied down and asked me to be on top of her.
She unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a bra and blouse on top of
it. . She sat on the bed and removed the blouse and the bra. I sat
beside of her and started pressing on her tits. While I was playing
with her tits she was playing with my dick. My body was having a
special kind of feeling which can not be described. She still was
wearing the petticoat . She removed that also and was naked as me.
She kept her legs wide open and asked me to raise my buttocks. Then
she took the cock and placed on the correct position on her wet
pussy. Then she asked me to press slowly until all my cock goes
inside of her pussy. All my 7 inch cock was inside her pussy and it
was filled in her pussy fully. Then she told me to slide up and down.
When I took first time all my cock came out of her pussy and she told
me that to keep the head inside and don’t take all cock out. Then
slide inside full. Then I started doing it as she told me and really
I was fucking her, my first fuck. She put her hands around me and
pressed me hard against her and was kissing me deeply.
After a while she asked to increase my speed little by little. She
was so wet and each time my cock goes inside it was making a noise…
bloomm………bloom…..bloom… . She was whispering on my ears many sexy
words ……like…oh my sweetie fuck me harder my pussy never had a cock
for a long time….now your cock is inside my pussy….now thrust harder
and harder and make my pussy soft…..make my pussy cum…..I need all
your milk from your cock to my pussy. Fill my pussy with your cock
milk my dear boy…I am waiting for this from you from your c***dhood …
she asked me to tell her sexy words like this and I whispered in her
ear the same thing…she started making funny noises.
After few minutes, I started having a sort of feeling on my body. It
was like a small current passing thru….I told her about it and she
told me that I nearing to the climax and she also was going to have
the same……it was a kind of feeling and I felt that I was flying on
the sky. This time she was having her climax and she pressed me hard
and was making funny noises….my body started shivering and all of a
sudden my cock pumped milk to aunt’s pussy… was my first and
great experience and we were lying as it is for a while, keeping my
cock inside her pussy…then slipped down from her body…… after a while
we fucked again and slept.
Then after some days we lived like husband and wife and one day I
decorated the room with with flowers like doing in first night and
aunt came up with with milk and she was wearing a silk saree with her
jewels .
I stood up and looked at her eyes for a
while . Next, with in no time kissed her gently I pulled her to me
and kissed her lips eagerly. She also kissed my lips while hugging
hardly each other. Both of us are kissing and biting each others lips
eagerly and passionately. Also I kissed her cheeks, neck and every
part of face while pressing her one boob with my right hand and
pressing her beautiful ass with my left hand.
Nearly 10mins, we kissed each other.Then I laid her in the bed and
kissed her belly and navel then I played with her navel with my
fingers . My aunt’s pallu was slipped down.. I attacked her by
kissing her neck, while my one hand is rubbing her breast and keeping
my other hand on her navel. With that touch she moaned with extreme
pleasure. She also took my lips in the same position.
I turned her towards me and gave kisses on her face. She kept her
hands around me and moaning slowly. I took her breasts into my mouth
and squeezing without taking off her blouse. After that I eagerly
removed her saree off. She is fantastic and very sexy without her
saree, showing her beautiful deep navel, large breasts trying to come
out of her blouse and big ass. I knelt down on my knees and licked
her stomach and kissed her navel while grabbing her large ass. I
touch her pussy on her dress only. She moaned like aaaaaaa…..
Ummmmm… Like that with that touch.
Then I stood in front of her and looked at her eyes. She also looked
at my eyes and asked “what r u looking” wile smiling. “U r very sexy
my dear aunty. Ur breasts are so beautiful” . Then I took honey which
I already brought and pour around his navel and belly . Then with my
tongue I sucked his navel and belly she was really shouted to fucke
her immediately then i removed her blouse and bra. Oh her breasts r
simply superb. I immediately squeezed her breasts and licked her
nipples .I took her breast fully in my mouth and sucked it and bite
it . This continues for another few minutes . As she was extremely
fair I can see her nipples turned due to sucking , she is moaning and
squeezing “Ram, please do it for me. Don’t leave me. I am urs….”
like that. But no word from her is not being cared.. She was moaning
keeping her fingers on my head. Then slowly I removed her petty coat.
Then she was completely nude. Then I took her in to my hug and kissed
her entire body. Her pussy is simply superb with beautiful convex
I laid her down on the bed and separated her legs. Her beautiful
pussy is in pink color and I licked her pussy with my tongue. With
that touch she moaned like aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. ..
Shhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmm. …. I even bit her pussy with my teeth.
She was moaning with extreme pleasure. About 10mins I licked her
pussy and cleaned with my tongue. After that she said Ram, Please do
it faster, I can’t wait further, please fuck me”. Then I immediately
made my self nude.
Then I laid down on the bed with her ass on the edge of the bed. I
separated her legs.
“Aunty ur pussy lips r simply superb”, I told her while inserting my
middle finger in her pussy.
Then I touched her pussy lips with my top of dick and rubbed there.
She moaned with that. Slowly I pushed my 7″ dick into her pussy.
Hardly had it gone into her pussy up to 5″.. Then I completely
removed my cock from her pussy. While holding her belly with my hands
I hardly jerked my big tool into her pussy. That’s it. My entire 7″
thick dick intruded into her convex shaped pussy tearing her pussy.
My beautiful aunty screamed like any way and cried like “ammoooooo,
aaaaaaaaaaa, mmmmmmmmmm my pussyyy, aaaa hhhhhhh” while holding
tightly my hands which were at her belly. Her thighs are around my
belly. With that great shot, she made a loud sound.
After that shot I leaned on her for a while and licked her lips and
her breasts. She moaned with sweet pleasure and moving up and
down. “Hey Ram Please do it” she told me smilingly. Then I again
stood on my foot while holding her belly and slowly removed my dick
and gave another jerk. Slowly I increased my speed. With those jerks
my aunty is also crying like…. Ahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm
ammmmmmmmmoooooo, shhhhhhh.
Nearly after 20 mins, I was about to cum. So, I increased my speed. I
really fucked very wildly. Her breasts were moving to and fro with my
jerks. At last I inserted my cock into her pusssy with a great jerk
and leaned on her breathing very fast. I cum into her pussy. She held
me with his hands on my back and her thighs on my hips and was
screaming nearly 5mins I was on her in the same position. Next I laid
on the bed besides her breathing very fast. She smiled sexily on
looking at me. She gave a sweet kiss to my lips saying you are a good
learner you know how to satisfy a woman .
After that we have 2 more rounds. I fucked her very wildly that night
till abut 4am. After that night I have been fucking her regularly.
She is also enjoying very much.

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