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It was a normal Saturday, I was home alone when suddenly I received a message. It was the aunt, she asked if I wanted to stop by her at 9 am.
Just before 9 am I arrived. I went in and heard that my aunt had just entered the shower.
I went upstairs and into her room. I looked out the bathroom door and saw her under the water all naked and freshly shaved.
She had left her panties on the floor. I took them and sniffed them. I took off my clothes remaining naked, put my underwear on my cock and jerked off.
I went into the bathroom with her panties on my cock, aunty was soaping herself and she had soap on her face, she didn’t see me. I threw my panties on the sink and slipped into the huge shower.
I leaned my cock on her side and she got scared.
A: “Oh God it’s you. What a fright”
M”Hello aunt”
She rinsed off the soap and we hugged.
She got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. She licked the whole head while she fingered herself with one hand. She went on to lick my balls while she wanked me furiously with one hand.
She took the whole cock into her mouth as she stared at me with her big eyes.
With one hand of hers I touched her boobs and after her I moved on to touch her long hair. M”Oh my auntie. I cum”
She jerked me off quickly, making me moan a lot, I cum on her face covering her eyes with my cum. She hugged me and after a quick wash we went out to dry. She stayed in the bathroom for a while while I lay down on the bed.
A: “I didn’t remember throwing my used panties on the sink” she said from the bathroom, M:” I found them when I arrived, I sawed a bit and smelled them” I replied, I heard my aunt laugh pleased.
After a few minutes, my aunt showed up at the bathroom door. All naked in red thigh high stockings. She came towards me walking on tiptoe and in a very sexual way. She sat between my legs, her toes were wide apart and her feet were level with my chest.
I approached a foot to lick it, I use the free one to start a massage on my cock which was already hard and high. I licked all over her right foot and then asked her to swap with her left. After a while she took her foot out of my mouth and started a real footjob with red stockings.
A: “You’re obsessed with my feet!” she muttered, M “Aunt I know but I can’t help it, they are beautiful”
I got up and sat down while my aunt put my cock between her boobs. I was almost at my limit. I stood up and brought my aunt’s feet and legs together. I covered all her stockings in cum.
I started right away and took off her stockings, I went back to licking her feet, this time naked.
A: “Come on let’s go down” she proposed.
We went down to the living room.
She placed herself on the table in the hall, I thrust my cock into her pussy dryly. I started moving slowly increasing the pace more and more. The more I pumped, the more he screamed. As always I took her feet, kissed and licked them. A” I’m cuming I’m cuming”.
I pulled my cock out and my aunt squirted all over the living room floor. She went “ahhhh yyesssss” she gasped, and I thrust my cock back into her.
I went out and in as if nothing had happened. She was very wet. M” aunt, I’m here now “
A: “No inside today, I wasn’t very right” she warned me, I promptly pulled my cock out, I started to cum. A squirt also landed just below the aunt’s chin.
I had to sit down because my legs were shaking.
After a few moments of recovery, I took my aunt’s feet back to lick them.
A”But do you still have some?”
M”Well, if you are like that, yes”
She took my cock back between her feet and started a barefoot handjob that makes me go to heaven for the umpteenth time. I didn’t even turn her around and put my cock in her ass. A”ahhh. Auiiii”
I put one foot in my mouth while my aunt put the other in contact with my balls. We went on for a while.
I told her I was going to cum in a few minutes. She knelt down and took it into her mouth. Cum there, aunt swallowed, got up and we kissed.
Great Saturday at my aunty’s feet.

Thank you