Saved by Isolation Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooSaved by Isolation Pt. 01

It didn't take very long. Audrey had her son's cum her mouth again, not sure to spit or swallow. She really thought her son Jacob would be somewhere besides home after college. Instead they are both living in her apartment. Neither had been on a date for months. They lived off of the insurance settlement from her husband Mark's car wreck, so neither of them worked.
She wondered if sucking his dick was really the right thing. But Audrey was desperate to make her son happy, to get approval from him or any man and right now he's the only one.
She grabbed a pair of his old underwear from the floor and spit his cum on it.
"Alright, thanks Mom. I'm good. Can I get back to my game? I'd love a soda too."
She adjusted her bra and slipped her nipples back inside before standing and sliding down her Savanna Community College sweatshirt. She rummaged through all the clothes on the floor until she found her orange thong and sheepishly slipped it back on. That was how it always started, she'd come in to "clean" wearing a hoodie or t-shirt and her thong. She was maybe a bit too chubby for it, her big ass swallowed it completely. He'd inevitably ask her to "Get the fuck out of my way." and she'd lay down behind him on the bed, her thighs already wet.
He was typically in his boxers and maybe a t-shirt. She would crawl in and press her big, soft tits and soft belly-pooch against him and put an arm around her son. Feeling his almost-abs and firm chest, peeking over his shoulder to see if he was hard. When he was, she'd reach down and start rubbing his bulge over his underwear. 'He could have a girlfriend, but he's so comfortable with this' she though. As she rubbed the top of his cut cock slipped outside the waistband. He rubbed the top and felt the precum.
She did the same today. This morning he had his tighty-whities, she hadn't done laundry this week despite collecting clothes twice a day. He paused his game and rolled over once he was hard. They had been doing this since Monday and he was getting used to the routine, sliding his waistband below his balls.
He didn't keep up well down there, she was going to have to eventually try to do something about that. She put her hand around it, it wasn't long, but it was thick. Nothing like her late husband's, probably from her side of the family – short and thick was a theme. Audrey was only 5' 3" and 175 pounds. She had curves, most of her weight sat in the middle on on her tits, ass, and thighs. Her arms weren't flappy, and she didn't have cankles, she was grateful for that.
She felt his cock start to soften as she stroked it. "Am I doing it wrong?" She rarely spoke when they did this. He took his cock and stroked it some. "Yeah, pull out your tits." Jacob began slowly rubbing over her sweatshirt. She had big, soft tits. They were her real saving grace, her Mom always told her "As long as your tits stick out farther than your belly, you're good." She pulled up her sweater and rolled down her bra, the pressure from top and bottom making them look as full and perky as was possible.
The first time she came when he squeezed her nipples. He never really touched her besides her tits. Today he leaned in to suck them for a short time. Afraid she would leave a wet spot on his bed, Audrey pulled her nipple out of his mouth and slid off the bed, got on her knees and slid his cock in her mouth. It didn't take much slow, wet sucking for him to finish.
She gathered up a few clothes and kissed Jacob on the forehead and said softly to him, "Hey Jay, can you clean up down there when you take a show tonight. PLEASE take a shower."
Jacob replied, "I would if I had any clean clothes to wear." Audrey felt it in her gut when he pointed out that she wasn't getting things done.
"You're right, honey. I'll do my job around here. Mountain Dew or cola?"
Jacob looked annoyed, trying to see the screen past her. "Can you fucking go now? I keep getting fucking killed."
"Alright babe." Audrey managed to grab a couple of dishes as she left for the kitchen she would just get him a can of each soda and a glass of ice.

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