Saving my Family Line. | straight story from Man of 5 wives

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I was an only child and so were my parents and losing relatives over the last century from war, accidents and old age. I found myself the only one left of the family, so just in case I had a DNA test done to see if I had any unknown relatives out there. The three companies I used all came up with no matches. With only my mother and me still living and I needed to do something. That was late 2017 and I was 30 and mother was 60, I’m not a people person and think it’s because I was home schooled and got used to being by myself. I started to look into what I could do to solve what I then saw as a problem. But wasn’t in any real hurry, by 2020 I hadn’t actually done anything. My mother caught Covid and died August 2020, that was the wakeup call for me and I started working on solving my problem. I wasn’t worried about the cost, as the last in a line of a wealthy family, I was very well off. But I wanted children more than just a wife, surrogates were dismissed mainly because I’ve heard stories of wrong sperm being used due to some mix’s up or another. In January 2021 I saw a story about refugees and the reporter mentioned more women were without fathers, brothers and husbands. So, I had a look at the possibility of helping the women in a way that helped me. It too, had problems and I was about to scrap that idea as well. But came across a family of 5 all women, a mother and her 2 daughters and her sister and her daughter. All the males in the family had died in some way or another, the women had no skills that would help them start a new better life and would be lucky to find a husband as they had no dowries which was their custom. Ranging in ages from 18 to 38 all were possible mothers for my children, they also come from a culture of multiple wives. But that wasn’t allowed in my country, but if I didn’t marry any of them, I wouldn’t be breaking any laws. Or I could marry one and have the others as my concubines. So, I had nothing to lose and approached them, I could say they were shocked. But they weren’t, I talked with the 2 mothers who spoke for the group. They listen to my offer so to speak and were interested; their major request was that I marry one of them. Which I didn’t choose, they put 3 names in in a bowl and the older mother picked out the name of the would-be bride. The matter of dowry was solved by the others being the dowry. It wasn’t how it supposed to work, but it served as a replacement. In August 2021 I married the oldest of the daughters. The mothers didn’t put their names in the bowl only their daughters. My wife was 22 and her younger sister 18 and their cousin 21, they had older and younger brothers, but civil war had killed them. I couldn’t just come back home straight away. I’d too make arrangements for visas and such things and in October of last year I returned home with my family. The mother, sister, aunt and cousin had changed their surnames to mine before applying for visas doing the other paperwork. Also, I had sold my house and bought a new larger one on 20 acres. Also, my family having already enlarged by the birth of a son and daughter, the son from my wife and the daughter from her cousin and my wife’s sister was pregnant and would provide me with a daughter in December. The mother hadn’t gotten pregnant until April and May of 2021 and have since added 2 sons to my expanding family. We keep a low profile and get on very well, as their custom is the man always is in charge. But the mothers rule the house followed by my wife, they tell me they are happy, and I believe them. If not, there would be tension and I haven’t seen any. We all have made changes to our lifestyles, but as of now everything is going as I hoped it would. My wives as I refer to them transformed the property into a large food growing garden and we also have goats, poultry and horses. We grow just about everything we need, and they make their own clothes. The cost of 5 wives is lower than I thought it would be. None of us are anything special in looks, but we’re happy as we are.

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