Savitri Comes to Stay with Ravi Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooSavitri Comes to Stay with Ravi Ch. 02

Note: in the previous chapter we read how by a twist of fate the mother in law and the son in law are thrown together for a couple of days and Savitri gets a chance to express her feeling towards her son in law. She couldn't believe it was all happening until she was actually traveling with Ravi in his car to her daughter's house in the city.
Till now she had thought that she will never get a chance to be with her son in law alone even for a few minutes just to tell him how hard she had fallen for him. And now they will be alone for two full days if not more. She was all wound up. At one hand she wanted to tell him everything right away lest something comes up and she loses her chance. But on the other she wanted to go slow, wait and see how he reacts to her advances. What will he think of me after hearing what I have to say to him? She doesn't want to know the answer to that.
But when Ravi starts responding to her little overtures positively she is emboldened and as a result lands in her daughter's bed with her son in law on top of her. They spend a night emotionally taut and full of deep passion and wild lust. (read – Savitri comes to stay with Ravi)
Next day Ravi goes to his hospital leaving behind a mom in law hot and horny, burning with desire. But there is another small twist of fate waiting for them …
I reached the hospital a few minutes late. I rushed straight to the OPD (outpatient department) afraid to find a lot of commotion there but to my utmost surprise everything seemed to be running smoothly. I crossed the threshold and saw Dr. Abhishek behind the screen examining an old man.
"Hello! You are supposed to be on leave and in bed." I exclaimed.
"Hello Sir! Good morning. I am well now. I just couldn't stay in bed any more so I came back. And Dr. Suresh is also back.
"Yeah! Then what shall I do now?" I asked myself loudly.
"We are so sorry to disrupt your holidays in such a way. But yesterday morning I was running a high fever and was simply unable to get out of the bed."
"It's alright. I think I will go back and start enjoying my holidays anew." I said thinking loudly.
"Take a day or two extra to compensate." Dr.Abhi said laughing gladly.
I went to my office signed a few papers, went through my mail and sat down to ponder over the situation. Better say 'plan my next step'. I think there is no need to elaborate that all my thoughts were revolving around my newly found 'girl friend' – my mom in law. The images of her walking towards me with tresses of her recently shampooed hair falling on her naked breasts and her well shaped thighs with freshly shaven and glistening crotch and vulva floated in front of my eyes. I remembered the expression on her face when she had come to the front gate to see me off. It was clear that she didn't want me to leave her alone. I had told her not to masturbate in my absence and I knew she will obey.
She was a beautiful MILF. At her own house, she looked quite overbearing and in full controls of the family specially her daughter in laws and the maids. But she had submitted to me from the very start. And I wanted the submission to be complete but not by force or maneuvers but by loving gentle persuasion. Make her wanting to fulfill every my wish and whim. Fucking all her holes was the first step. She must be feeling very harassed and frustrated. I thought, Time to relieve her anxiety. I smiled inwardly.
I texted my colleagues that I will be going back home to continue with my holidaying as before and came out of the hospital. I had to tell my wife about the new situation but I was not going to tell her before noon; lest she decides to come back earlier. I had chalked out a plan in my mind for the evening but now I had to prepone everything and add a few things to the previous itinerary. I walked out of the hospital to put my plan in action. The first stop will be the Mall.
I kept on standing at the gate watching his car until he turned the corner and was out of sight. Then only I closed the gate and came in. I flopped on the sofa and went through the events of the last twenty four hours. The whole scenario played before my eyes vividly. I still couldn't believe that it had turned out the way it had. I couldn't fathom from where I had gained the courage to speak out my mind. But he had responded so positively. I was forced to believe that he too had some feelings for me. The way he had made love to me last night with wild passion and raw lust but still considerate of my age and our relation was proof enough. I can't remember any part of my body which had not been kissed and licked. He had not spared even my knees and toes. How my body had tingled with pleasure when he had caressed my toes with his dark pink lips. I haven't been kissed so much in whole my life. And three orgasms in a row! One after the other, I didn't know I was capable of such heroics at this age. It's true that I overslept but I was not feeling tired at all if anything I was full of energy.
I was happy for Charu. Now I knew why she is always so perky and bubbling with energy. We never thought that she will come out of her depression ever.
I remembered my honeymoon. We had gone to Missouri, a hill station. It was just the start of winter. They had their first snow fall of the season the day we landed there. I didn't get a chance to play in the snow. But I didn't have any regrets. We stayed there for four days and never once came out of our room. My husband didn't let go of me for a minute. And the result was there for everybody to see; our eldest son was born even before our first marriage anniversary.
The elder daughter came into this world a year later and then after a gap of two years the second son was born. Charu was the last; the youngest and the most loved one, apple of everybody's eyes. She came three years after the younger son. The interval between the children very aptly plotted the graph of our sexual activity and attraction.
There had been a lot of ups and downs in our lives but I and my husband had always found time for each other. But my husband's idea of love making was totally different from what Ravi did to me last night. And more over the way I felt about Ravi was also very different. I had never felt so strongly and passionately for my hubby. May be because ours was an arranged marriage and we had never seen each other before marriage. But the simple truth is that I was really in love for the first time in my life.
As the children grew up the expenses rose and so did the prices of everything. We were working harder and there was no time for each other. I don't even remember when I and my husband had last slept together. And when Charu came back after being beaten and thrown out of her house it was end of everything. The atmosphere in the house was always tense. The whole house was under a bad spell. The younger daughter in law wanted to shift to city and find some jobs for both of them. The situation was growing from bad to worse and it was still going downhill until Ravi entered our lives.
I remember the first day he came to see Charu after reading the advertisement we had placed in the newspaper. At first we were very nervous to see him coming all alone without any elder person or a relative to accompany him, as is the usual practice. But after half an hour we were talking like we had known him for ages. He didn't refuse the glass of our domestic hooch which my elder son offered him. He gulped it down in a go. We had another surprise when we came out to see him off. He hugged Charu's father and me and then went on and took Charu in his embrace. I remember the bewildered look on her face, she had turned the color of a kashmiri apple. I think I fell for him from the very first day but I realized it only later.
I came out of my reminiscences and thought again about the previous night. His kisses were still burning me with desire. And the soft amorous clit rub in the morning? I was horny and wet. I knew he had intentionally left me in such a state. He not only wanted me to be ready from him when he returned in the evening. He wanted me begging for it. I was only too willing to comply.
But what shall I do with myself till he comes back? It was frustrating to walk around feeling the wetness between the thighs. Maybe I should go and take a shower again. I wanted some distraction from this fixation in my mind. But my one-half wanted me to stay like that, enjoying the longing and the anticipation and be ready for him when he comes home.
Only and only if he could stay at home, just for today. We could make love the whole day. God only knows if we will ever get a chance again in whole our future life. If you keep sitting here day dreaming you won't get anything done, Savitri. I reprimanded myself.
I hadn't yet decided where I shall start when there was a knock at the door. It must be the maid. I told myself. As I opened the door she entered and greeted me cheerfully. She was one hell of a woman. I didn't know what her real name was but I knew Charu called her "Chinki".
I found myself checking out her assets. She was dressed in a tight dress which showed her curves and figure very prominently. I couldn't fathom how she managed to work in that tight fitting outfit. A had a keen desire to feel her heavy breasts and her round big ass. I never had had been with a woman and had never had wanted to be with one. I couldn't fathom from where and how that desire crept into my mind. But I was not going to start something. I had already betrayed my husband and now I were not going to cheat on my new lover, my son in law.
"Can I have a glass of water? It is very hot." Chinki cooed in my ears. "Outside" she added after a small pause.
This was the first time I had heard her voice. And it stirred everything inside me.
"Yes, of course. Will you like a cup of tea also?" The words tumbled out of my mouth surprising even myself. "I am going to make one for myself I added hurriedly.
She didn't refuse. "Let me finished the chores first." She replied instead.
I kept on hovering around her as she got busy with her daily routine. Her full lips looked the right thing to chew on. Her gilded skin had a healthy glow. Her cheeks were soft and rosy. Her big black eyes looked very kind and innocent. Her hands were firm, hard but looked well manicured. Her feet also looked clean and her toes nails were neatly painted with a light colored nail polish.
As she got ready to do some dusting in the drawing room she untucked her blouse, opened its top two buttons and threw a glance towards me with a very welcoming smile as if asking for a word of approval. It made my pulse race. When she came to the kitchen to wash the dishes the upper buttons were still open. I put on the kettle to boil and started chopping onions for the vegetable curry. She threw me another lascivious glance and busied herself with the dishware. When the water started boiling I prepared two cups of tea and asked Chinki to stop whatever she was doing and have tea first before it gets cold. She obediently came and stood next to me. Too close for comfort. I gave her her cup and opened a box of cookies. I offered her one but she refused. I took one out and brought it close to her lips.
"Take at least one. One shouldn't take tea on an empty stomach." I advised her. She held my hand and took a small bite. Then she took the remaining cookie from me and started eating it dunking it in the tea.
"Coconut cookies, I like them very much." She said at last.
"Then why did you refuse in the first place?"
"Don't know maybe I was trying to be formal. You are Charu didi's(elder sister) mother, aren't you?" She kept on before I could say anything. "She resembles you so much; the lips, nose and even the general build of the body." She placed a hand on my shoulder and I involuntarily put an arm around her she came even closer.
I planted an affectionate kiss on her forehead and smiled. "You call Charu 'didi'? I asked a little surprised.
She nodded vigorously. "Charu didi also keeps on showering me with kisses. She loves me very much. And I also never refuse her anything. She never lets me go without tea and snacks or pranthas."
'Loves me!' The words made my brain go into overdrive. Was Charu…I knew she is capable of that. I decided to get to the bottom of it all.
"Then why didn't you ask me yesterday?"
"I wanted to but you were busy? She replied. "I don't take breakfast in the morning." She said in a meek voice. "Charu didi knows that."
"Why? I asked her and pulled her towards me. "Poor girl! I feeling of pity arose in my heart. She easily came into my arms. Her eyes closed and lips parted slightly. I felt her hot breath. That was simply irresistible. I bent my head to put my lips on hers. She immediately took me into a tight embrace. And my lips trapped her upper lip. I felt it with my tongue. Yummy Rose petal. I ran my fingers through her hair.
We got deeply engrossed in that kiss. She was young and more energetic than me and easily took the leading role. As we nibbled each other's lips my hand found her firm breast. She undid a couple of more buttons of her shirt. And my hand crept into her bra. Her hand reached inside my night gown and curled around my breast. I didn't feel anything awkward in it. Now I had no doubt that there was something going between her and my daughter. Her next words put a stamp on it.
"Yours breasts also resemble didi's heavy but firm and perky." She said giving a tight squeeze to my breast and laughed lightly.
I reciprocated doing the same to her breast.
"You like them?" I asked and opened the top half of my robe.
She moved away from me to watch. Her eyes widened. "Ah!" She gave a loud sigh of approval looking at my naked boobs and bent down to kiss my dark areola and lick the hard nipple. I lifted her back and we kissed again. We broke away panting heavily.
"You always call her 'didi'? I asked her.
"Even when you are in bed with her?" I put a direct question to her.
"We don't go into the bedroom. It's always the kitchen or the dining room. But I get what you mean. Yes, even when we are making love I call her the same. She likes it and I like it too. She is my best friend or you can say my 'only friend' in this world. She helps me a lot. Don't know how I would have coped with everything without her."
I ran a finger on her eyebrow. "Now you have one more friend." I said. Tell me about you and Charu. But she was not in a mood to discuss her relationship with my daughter. She too ran a finger over my brows.
"Are they naturally like that?" She asked skirting around the topic.
"Yes. I don't have to go to a parlor to get them trimmed."
I took her arm and led her to the drawing room and flopped on the sofa. I pulled her into my lap and opened all the buttons of her shirt. Now my hand could freely move around feeling her whole body. Her bra was tight and one or two sizes too small for her. Her breasts were bulging out of it. I kissed the naked bulges. Licked the cleavage and pinched her one nipple. She caught my hand.
"I have to go." She said in a husky voice.
"What's the hurry? Stay for some time."
"I want to but I have to do three more houses." She explained. "How long are you going to stay?"
"Can't say yet .Two more days I think." I replied with a touch of melancholy .
"I will come in the evening if you want." She said caressing my cheek. lovingly as if I was a small kid.
"When?" I asked her.
"Around six. It will be too hot before that."
"Six will be too late. Ravi will be back by then."
" Till tomorrow then. I will come earlier than today."She said in an appeasing manner.
"Okay. I agreed and kissed her on the lips. She let me suck on them for some time. I was already very horny and this flirting was making me lose control. My cunt was soaking wet and there was an itch I couldn't ignore but i felt ashamed to scratch myself in front of her. The kiss lasted a long time. Our hands were moving continuously getting the feel of each other's body. At last she broke away and got up. "I am getting late." She said.
"Alright, see you tomorrow." I said laughing and walked with here to the door. She buttoned up her top.
"What are you cooking?" She asked me. "Its aroma is so appetizing."
"Shorba and chicken- do – pyazaa for the evening."
"Will you keep some for me? Didi told me you are a good cook." Chinki said.
"She talks about me with you?" I asked her a little amused.
"All the time."
I was pleased to listen to that.
"What else do you two talk about?" I asked her.
"Everything. But mostly we talk about kids, doctor sahib and family."
She let herself out of the front door and waved at me. "Don't come out."
I waved at her and closed the door.
The whole scenario is getting out of hand. What I am? Some sex starved floozy? I thought. I started where I had left, chopped the veggies and then prepared marinate and dipped the defrosted boneless mutton in it. I wanted to hurry and get everything ready so that I could attend to his other needs before serving him his favorite dishes. The time was of the essence.
I had not yet decided what to wear. I had not found anything suitable in Charu's wardrobe. I had brought my saris and other things but I wanted to look different; attractive and sexy. I thought of taking bath again after marinating the mutton and placing it in the refrigerator. My panties were wet so was my twat and thighs. I remembered how it felt to squeeze that firm young breast and felt the taste of her lips lingering in my mouth. The feeling was out of the world.
I put the veggies in the pressure cooker and put the marinated mutton in the fridge and went to take bath. When I came back I still hadn't decide what to wear. The cooker was whistling like mad. I put the gas stove off. The initial preparations were over. The dough had been kneaded and the soda and ice were ready. I had found a six pack of beer in the store and had put the cans in the chiller. The only thing which was not ready yet was me.
What if I don't wear anything at all? His eyes had shown in the morning looking at nude me. Is he also feeling horny and excited sitting in his OPD? But with all the patients and other responsibilities he would hardly have the time to think about me or anything else. I was thinking these thoughts when I sensed someone outside.
Is Chinki back? Or has Charu returned back. My heart dropped to my feet. I pricked my ears somebody was definitely outside. Please God! Let it not be Charu. I opened the outer door nobody was there. But I noticed a car in front of the next house where that woman with Chinese features roamed whole day in her skimpy gown. It looked like Ravi's.
"Your heightened imagination, Savitri." I told myself and came back in.
I came back and locked the door from inside. I went to the kitchen my usual refuge. When I feel bad or anxious I go to the kitchen and find something to do. Now I felt I heard somebody in Ravi's bedroom. I took the rolling pin and tip toed to the bedroom. Nobody was there but a beautiful designer long dress was spread on the bed. A pair of panties and a similar silky bra was lying next to it. Only Bollywood actresses wear such dresses.
Now I knew who was in the house, though how he had entered the house was still a mystery. As I moved closer to bed to have a closer look at that exotic dress he quickly moved behind me and took me in his arms, his lips rubbing on the side of my neck. I lifted my arm and ran my fingers through his jet black hair. He lifted my nightie and took it off in one go. I turned around
"Why are you back so soon?" I rebuked him. I was angry, angry at him for leaving me alone.
"You don't like it? I can go back." He countered. "I myself don't know. There was some magnetic force pulling me back."

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