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She was beautiful, black hair, tanned skin, tall with long tan legs. My sites on her and knew either voluntarily or otherwise I was going to fuck her.

Deena was about 5ft. 8 in tall, with a nice thin but not skinny body. I am always a sucker for beautiful legs and ass. She had small tits, but they just fit on her body. She wore her black hair long, past her shoulders, her perfect lips just so inviting. I stayed focused on her during the evening. It was a college party end of year. She is 20 and third year, I’m 18. I’ve written on her about the rapes I’ve done before, 8 of them, from 14 year old virgin, a 50s drunk, a cheating wife in the park, a 15 year old boy (I blackmail him to sucking and letting me fuck him whenever I want now too) even a pregnant woman and the mom of the guy who was my bestie growing up. I knew if I couldn’t score with her, I was prepared to rape her, I didn’t care, I wanted to fuck her and nothing was going to stop me.

As the night wore on, a lot of the girls put in bikinis and went into the pool, Deena was one of them, from her bikini moving around it looked like she had an all over tan too. Eventually most of the girls took off their tops, a few of the sluttier ones took off their bottoms too. Most girls were just in their bottoms. I got the opportunity to give Deena a beer and sit and talk with her. I asked why she didn’t take off her bikini and she was very forthcoming. She had small tits and was kind of embarrassed by them, all the other girls had B to E cups, and she was always the tiny tit girl that no one paid attention to. We talked a lot, through several drinks, and started kissing. She stopped my hand going up her thigh, but let me put it on her ass. I even got to pull her top out a bit and peek at her tiny tits. They were incredible, on her they just fit for some reason. I asked about her going nude in the tanning booth, she said that she went to the nudist beach mostly. For some reason out in public her tiny ones didn’t bother her. I kept kissing, trying to feel her up to get my hand on her pussy. Alas, she wasn’t going to be putting out any that night. She was upfront about it. So I knew I had to resort to plan B.

I stopped being so assertive and we just kissed every once in a while, we went inside when she dried enough and sat on a love seat together. Getting her drinks, I put some meds in one of her drinks. Soon she was getting a little sloppy in her language, her legs were spreading out, she was really relaxing. She wasn’t stopping me kissing her, even pulling her top out to lick on her nipples, I even pulled to bottom out and saw her nicely trimmed black pussy hair. She had pouty pussy lips, sticking out probably in inch or so. I rubbed her clit, and she moaned but managed to slur out “shhstop itch”. A little more meds and I took her up to one of the bedrooms. Four were taken by other couples, I got the last one. Locking the door I pulled down the covers and got her on the bed. I took off her bikini and then undressed myself. I was already rock hard and knew what I wanted. I got between her legs and licked the tastiest pussy I’d ever had, and it was by far the prettiest little pussy ever. She got wet enough and I slid my cock into her. She was tight, this was no college slut, I knew she didn’t have a boyfriend but it felt like she’d not been fucked in a while. There was no hymen when I was licking on her so I knew she wasn’t a virgin. I proceeded fucking her and came the first time in about 10 minutes. I got a 2 week load up into her pussy bareback. In my rapes I’m always careful not to leave any evidence behind but this I knew was OK. It was a college party everyone getting drunk and high and fucking. I kissed her, sucked on her tiny tits, her nipples getting nice and long, rubbed her more, then when I was ready, I rolled her over on her stomach. I used some of the mix of our juices from her pussy to lube myself and her asshole. Then I got on and when I had about 4 inches up inside her ass she moved, and I could see her face krinkle up. I stopped, then could feel her ass muscles relaxing and I pushed my last three or so inches in. Fully in her ass, her face krinkled a bit, I whispered in her ear, “Just relax babe, it’s no biggie just relax” and I could feel her again relax. I reached my hand under her belly to her clit and started rubbing it as I fucked. She moaned a few times I guess my clit work was doing it’s biz. I shot off inside her ass for my second time in her. With that I turned her back over and took up some of the sperm that leaked onto the sheet and put it in her mouth. I wanted to know and wanted her to know she’d taken my cum in all three holes.

I fucked her pussy and ass one more time each that night, I moved a lot more sperm up to her mouth, on her face, inside her mouth. Then went to sleep next to her. About 10am she woke up, I was next to her, and pretended it was all normal. “Hi there, good morning” I said smiling at her. “What? What happened, why am I here?” she asked. “Well neither of us was in shape to drive last night, you wanted to go to my place, but we just stayed here” . With that she lifted the sheet and realized she was naked, she recognized the taste in her mouth, the dried stuff on her face, she spread her legs using her fingers on her pussy. “Did we do it?” she asked. “Yes, a few times, you don’t remember it? You said it was great, even to the point of, uh, shall we say – Rolling over?” I said looking her straight in her face. “No, no, I didn’t” she said. “Oh yes WE did” I answered. With that she reached around and felt her butt and realized she’d been fucked there too. “No, no I’ve never done that before” she said. I answered that she mentioned it and rolled on her side and kept backing up to me, then took my cock and put it at her and told me to push. She was in disbelief. The “R” word never even coming up. She got up and tried to take the sheet, but I held onto it. Naked she went to the toilet. She came out asking about her clothes, I showed her the bikini and told her that her clothes were downstairs. I offered to go get them for her while she showered. She actually thanked me.

I dressed and went downstairs, got her clothes, other couples were sleeping on the floor, couches, in various states of undress. I got her clothes and took them up to her. She was out of the shower and I put her clothes on the bed, just so I could see that beautiful body that I’d fucked again. She came out and slowly got dressed. I told her I had a car and would drive her home. She thanked me again. I offered to stop at get breakfast and she took me up on it and while there I reminded her of my name, she said she knew but ??? Dropping her at her door, I walked her up, she took out a pen from her purse and said “You’re really nice, and thanks for not pushing to do it again this morning, I was in no mood” With that she wrote her number on my hand and told me to call her.

I waited 3 days, then called. I took her to the nude beach, she was right, out in public with others who had small one she was uninhibited. Two more dates and I was fucking her again, though it took probably 12 times before I convinced her to give up her asshole again.

So my 9th rape victim is now my girlfriend. Not saying I may not feel the need to rape again, I really do like her friend Mila. Mila is full of herself, a hottie but with an attitude, I think she needs to be hit and raped to ease that attitude.

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