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By Bonobo I get to fuck my daughter in law behind my wife’s back.

I was 66 when I got married to Harriet. She has a couple of years older than me, with 4 kids with her first husband. She was a sweet lady, our marriage one of convenience and friendship. So little to no fucking, apart from a rare handjob. So I was forced to use whores on the rare times I’d go to the city by myself, but it was a pain in the ass and couldn’t be bothered after a while. Cycling and fishing were the only two things keeping my morale alive, plus maintaining me quite fit for an old man.

Then I set my sights on Harriet’s daughter in law, Angie. 45, brunette, b cups and a thick arse begging for mounting. She was a nurse, always smiling and on great terms with Harriet, even though she had divorced her son years ago. Angie lived with her daughter, with no man in her life, so I took over as the father figure for both of the girls. You know, going over for some diy, having them over for Sunday lunch, the usual.

With Angie being such a bubbly extrovert, she told no offense or thought ill of me flirting with her. She’d call me a lecherous old man and I’d playfully call her a naughty tease. She thought of me as harmless and got used to me touching her, from hugs and holding her by the waist, to the occasional slap on her yummy arse. Obviously I was careful not to overdo it in front of Harriet, keeping her happy in her bliss.

We had Angie over one evening, just the three adults, the grandkid being with her dad. It was a hot summer day and we were following our dinner with wine at our well kept garden. I made sure the women were getting topped up. Angie planned on staying over in our spare room, so didn’t hold back on the booze. As I hoped, Harriet’s meds and the fortified wine forced her to an early retreat, leaving me alone with my prey. Once I tucked her in a bed, I took a couple of my hidden erection pills and made a beeline for the garden and Angie.

She was lazing on a three seater, her shorts leaving her legs bare. I topped her wine and surprised her by lifting her legs, sitting next to her and dropping them back on my lap

“It’s bad manners putting your shoes on me.”

“I’m so sorry Charlie, drinking makes me a bad girl!” she mocked me “Could you help get them off?”

I kept my cool and took her sandals off, leaving her feet and well manicured toes resting on my cock, hands casually feeling up her toned calves. It was a test on how comfortable she was and I was pleased to see her unphased.

We chatted about this and that, my hands working her, inching upwards.

“Why is a stunner like you without a man? I bet there are thousands who’d kill to have you.”

“So busy raising Catherine on my own, and the hospital is hard work. I’m lucky to have you helping out, Charlie.”

“I don’t mean that, I’m talking about a shag, don’t tell me you have up on that! It would be a crime!” Same time my hands had moved on to her milky thighs, loosening her up with my massage and the alcohol.

“Between the two of us, I’ve been in a dark cave for years now. Adjust forgot what a shag is!”

It was a bit surprising that she was this comfortable, but I knew this was as best as an opportunity as I’d ever get.

“Let me help you out of that cave, lovey, Harriet is no longer interested, it would be a shame for you to be like this, so young and fit. Come on, let’s help each other, just friends looking after each other, yes?”

Angie looked at me with a smile, gauging if I was serious. I showed her my intentions by parting her thighs and sliding a hand up her shorts, thumbing her hot and moist pussy over her thin panties.

“This is not right, you’ve been naughty Charly!” she said. There was some concern but also a teasing quality in her voice.

Moments later and she had done nothing to push me off, just laying there and letting me toy with her pussy. Now her feet were on my raging erection, legs open like a butterfly. She gave me a drunken smile as her feet worked my cock. We kept at it for a little more, each enjoying ourselves and getting comfortable with each other.

My plan was working and it was time I got what I needed. I stood up and dropped my shorts, my sizeable cock springing up like a crowbar. Angie gasped, but let me pull off her bottoms, opening her wet muff to the world. It was trimmed, but I’d love for her to tidy it a bit more. Maybe for next time, I thought and buried my face in it. The smell and taste told me the bitch was in heat. My feasting went on for a bit, making a right mess down there.

Then I gripped her by the ankles, spread and pushed back her legs and shoved my hard cock all the way inside, my balls smacking against her. Angie cried out and tried to push me away, control me, but I didn’t care, I needed this. Then I started thrusting, slow but with my weight behind each push. I pummeled Angie while she was crammed on my bench, crying out from the strain, pain and pleasure. Even in the little light we had out there I could see my cock covered by her cream. It was a dream, fucking the warm wet pussy of a real woman again, not just a cold blooded whore for cash. Until the inevitable happened and I shot my grandad spunk inside her.

“Take my spunk Angie, squeeze me ya dirty minx.”

And she did just that, squirming under me and milking my cock until it was forced out, half limp. I knew it would only take minutes for the pills to have me back at top shape, so I didn’t want Angie getting cold feet and regret opening her legs for me. Grinding my semi against her muff, I kissed her in the mouth and guided her in wrapping her legs around me. I was kissing her for ages, dragging her back in whenever she would break off. She’d hold me close, her hips pushing against me, trying to get herself off probably.

There was a look of utter surprise on her face, when she felt me stiffening up again.

“I’m not done with you yet Angie, I still haven’t given you a proper shag. Give me back some love.”

I stood up, cock leveled at her face. She knew what I wanted, got hold of my hard rod, worked the skin back and started kissing and licking me. With caution at first, but got into it more, as I started fucking her lips.

“This is beyond imagination Charly, never thought I’d be doing this!”

“You had it a long time coming love, and you will be getting for a long time to come… you are sucking me so good, yes, get me ready for your pussy love…”

While she was sucking me off, I got her tshirt and bra off, with my top following. We were left naked in my garden, my wife passed out in the house, oblivious that I was filling up her cheeky daughter in law with meat and cum.

Angie got one hand on her clit and the other on my cock, trying to get herself off while sucking me. I loved how easy this was, the loneliness and sex starvation must have made a number on her, giving up and reservations about this with little to no effort. Thinking how I was getting to enjoy my step son’s wifey made my cock twitch with excitement!

I let the starved milf work both of us for a bit, before taking her by the hand, off the patio and on the well manicured lawn, even further from the house lights. Just in case the old crow came out looking. Also I just love fucking alfresco, the warm grass under my feet, the cool night breeze ticking my back. And Angie on her knees, sucking me off while working her clit to a climax. She shuddered and moaned as she came. Fuck me, I had missed being part of that!

I made her choke a bit by my cock deep down her throat. Angie fought back, looking at me with panic stricken eyes. Sure may had realised how much I enjoyed being forceful with cunts, but I didn’t let her ponder on it for long.

“Time to give you that proper shag you’ve been craving Angie, on your knees, get that big ass of yours up for daddy!”

She did as told, giggling like a schoolgirl. Laughing was cut short when I sunk inside her from behind, smashing her jiggly asscheeks like crazy. Her cunt was hot, surprisingly tight and wet. There was no concern from me about being careful anymore, I went straight into plowing her as hard as my old body allowed me, gripping and spanking Angie’s fat arse. She was holding up well, pushing back at me, crying out and swearing as we fucked like animals.

“Fuuck, oh god… it’s umff, fuck me you horny bastard, fuck me!”

And that’s what I did, giving poor Angie the fucking she craved. I surprised both of us with my stamina, the lust and the pills turbo charging me. The mixture of sounds and smells was intoxicating and I lost track of time, having no idea for how long I was pounding her before I got to cum inside her for a second time.

I sat on my ass, breathing heavily, looking at my prize lying prone on the lawn, tears and sweat on her face, legs parted. She was panting too, mattering in disbelief.

“Good god, I didn’t think you had this in you… Harriet must be a happy woman Charly.”

“She doesn’t put up love, and she’s nowhere as a tasty treat as you are. Your muff squeezed the life out of me…”

“Mmm, always a gentleman with words.” she laughed, kneeling beside me and getting some stuck grass blades off her. The bare titties of hers were still quite perky, probably from only having one kid sucking on them. I couldn’t resist reaching a hand to squeeze them. I swear I could feel the pill chemicals ramping up again as I felt the crunchy nipples between my fingers

“This stays between us. Just two friends helping each other blow some steam, eh?”

“You blew a lot more than just steam Charly, is that how you behave with all your friends?”

I shut her up with a deep kiss and she followed my lead, tongues snaking around each others mouths, hands feeling up our bodies. She felt much looser down there, after stretching her with my cock. Making out with a younger woman who could be my daughter, right after I fucked her twice made me feel more alive than anything else did in the last 20 years. The warmth of her body, the heft of her arse in my hands, her hands on my semi hard cock… I knew this wasn’t over, I’d make sure I’d turn this lonely woman into my very own cock socket, with dozens of ideas coming alive in my mind.

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By Bonobo #Cheating #Incest #Mature