School bus pt 2

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This story contains bestiality in a group sex setting.

You remember when William was driving a school bus and 2 teen girls teased him, winding up fucking them both.

Well the summer came and went and the new school year began with Tisha and Cindy now Juniors. The first day of school when the last student before Tisha’s stop departed, William pulled into the usual lane and walked back to where Tisha was sitting on the back wide bench seat.

“So Tisha, did you miss my cock over the summer?”

“You know I did!”

He was about to pull his pants down when a car pulled in behind the bus.

A large black woman of around 40 stepped out and approached the bus. William was sweating it as the woman stepped onto the bus and, standing near them said,

“So you’re the man who’s been fucking my little girl!”

“She didn’t resist ma’am!”

“I didn’t say she did. I was just verifying it. And if you want to continue to fuck her, you’ll have to satisfy me too. You think you can handle that?”

She was a large woman, with pendulous breasts and a big belly. Her legs looked like tree trunks and normally William wouldn’t even consider touching her but under the circumstances he didn’t have a choice. And what the hell, he thought, a pussy is a pussy.

“No problem, I would never turn down a good fuck!”

“Well, you’d better be good, I haven’t been fucked by a man since my husband died 2 years ago!”

William decided it would be a good idea to give her the full treatment. The last thing he needed was a statuatory rape charge.

“What can I call you ma’am?”


“I like that name, Shawniqua.”

He approached her and took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She was a great kisser, using her tongue to explore his mouth. He put a hand on her large breast, hefting it and feeling the weight of it. It hung down and rested on her belly and he explored the whole expanse of it, finding her nipple.

“Mmmmm, baby, you know what you’re doing!” She moaned into his mouth.

He pulled her top up and over her head, then he freed her breasts.

They looked like two big sacks hanging from her shoulders. To his surprise, he found them extremely arousing.

She hefted them and said,

“Do you like mama’s big milkers?”

“Oh yeah baby! I love em! I wanna stick my cock between them!”

“Oh, we’ll get to that, but first I wanna see that big black cock Tisha told me about!”

William was more than happy to oblige. He dropped his pants and his big cock swung between his legs.

“Oh baby! You weren’t exaggerating! What a nice big cock all hard and ready for mama!”

She pulled her pants and panties off and laid down on the bench seat. She put one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the seat.

“Come and get it, big boy!”

William knelt in front of her and leaned in to eat her cunt. He couldn’t see it until she grabbed her belly and lifted it. He could already smell her cunt. It had a strong musky smell that made him even harder. He dove in and started licking her cunt while Tisha leaned over the back of a seat to watch.

“Oh Tisha! He’s licking me so fucking good! Oh god, William! I need this! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Lick my cunt! Lick it!”

He licked her clit and then back to her cunt.

“Oh shit baby! Enough licking! Give me that big cock!”

He got up and laid on top of her, feeding his cock into her very wet and slippery cunt. It was the slipperiest and most clinging cunt he had ever fucked, he fell in love with this big black woman right then!

“Oh goddamn William! Ohhhhhhh god! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!”

“Yeah baby! I love your cunt! Oh yeah! I love fucking you!”

“Oh god, then keep fucking me forever! Fuck me hard and long honey!”

Tisha was getting very horny watching her mom getting fucked! She was rubbing her cunt and moaning.

“Oh Tisha! Get over my face honey! Let mama eat your cunt!”

She hurried over the seat and straddled her mom’s face. She lowered her cunt until she felt her mom’s tongue penetrate her.

“Oh mom! Yes! Stick it in me! Lick my fucking cunt!”

As she was licking her daughter’s cunt, William shoved a finger in Tisha’s cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! You guys are gonna make me cum so hard,” Tisha screamed!

“Yeah baby girl! Cum for mama! Squirt in my face!”

Tisha started squirming and moaning the juice squirted from her cunt into her mom’s mouth!

“Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck!”

William and Shawniqua both attacked her cunt as she orgasmed. She was going crazy as her mama sucked her clit and pinched her nipples and William finger fucked her with three fingers. She finally had to roll off her mom and collapsed in a seat.

William was still fucking Shawniqua with long, deep strokes! She was moaning and writhing beneath him as he fed her his big hard cock.

“Oh William! I’m fucking cumming! Aw shit! Oh! Oh, oh! Fuck! Ohhhhhhh!”

“Ahhhrghh! Cumming too! Oh yes baby! I’m cumming in your cunt!”

He jammed his cock as far as he could and his cum spewed into her cunt!

“Oh yes honey! I feel it! I feel your cock spurting! Ohhhhhhh cumming!”

When William pulled out, a gob of cum dribbled out and pooled on the seat.

They put themselves together and Shawniqua told William that if he wanted to he could return the bus then come to house for more fun.

An hour later he was at the ranch with two black women sucking and licking on his cock.

“Damn girls! I could seriously get used to this!”

They licked and sucked on him and finally he moaned,

“Oh yes! Here it comes!”

They both were licking when the thick white cum started flowing from his cock. They licked it up as it oozed from his cock and when he was done, they kissed and swapped the cum back and forth!

He had to get back to town that night but the next afternoon he was happy to see Cindy on the bus. Apparently Tisha hadn’t said anything because Cindy was surprised when they didn’t stop in the lane but went right to the ranch.

This time it was Cindy that got the treatment as William and Shawniqua licked and fingered her cunt while Tisha sucked on her nipples.

When Cindy orgasmed, Shawniqua sucked Williams’s cock while Cindy put two fingers in Shawniqua’s cunt.

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“More! More fingers! Put your whole fuckin hand in there!”

Cindy tucked her thumb in her palm and pushed her hand into Shawniqua halfway to her wrist!

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! Fist me Cindy! Ohhhhhhh fuck!”

Cindy curled her fingers into a fist and punched in and out of her cunt.

Shawniqua started pushing back on her hand, breathing in gasps and arching her hips to get as deep as she could on the hand!

William was stunned that she could get that far in her cunt but still feel tight to him.

“Damn woman! Do you fuck horses or something?”

“Honey, I fuck anything that has a cock. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Oh hell no! I think it’s fucking hot! Can we watch?”

“Sure, why not! And if you’d like, I have some dogs in the barn that the hands say fuck like a woman.”

“So do you also fuck the ranch hands?”

“No, I don’t fuck my employees! Not a good idea.”

“Let’s go out to the barn and I’ll let a horse fuck me. You all will love watching that huge horse cock fucking my pussy!”

Oh man! William thought, what the hell have I gotten myself into? At the same time, a part of him found the idea incredibly exciting. He never thought he would find a woman as perverted as he was, but Shawniqua might be even more perverted.

Shawniqua led them to the barn where she ordered all the workers out. She had the doors and windows closed and locked. Then she got a stallion and led him to a locked and private stall. She opened the door and they all entered the room. In the center was a padded bench that was just the right height for a woman to lay face down on it and fit under a horse.

“Okay, first we’re going to get the horse ready. Who wants to help?”

Cindy answered quickly,

“I do!”

“Okay Cindy, get on the other side of the horse and I’ll show you what to do.”

Cindy walked to the side of the horse and bent down to watch.

“We’re going to stroke his sheath until his cock comes out.”

She grabbed his sheath and started to rub up and down then pulled it back, exposing his cock.

“Oh my god! You mean that thing fits in your cunt!” Cindy gasped.

“Oh yes! And it feels so fucking good! Now you grab his cock and jerk on it.”

Cindy wrapped her hand around the huge member. She couldn’t get it all the way but started to stroke and the cock emerged from his body, dropping down at least a foot.

“Oh wow! It’s so hot and slick!”

“I know! Keep on stroking while I get in position.”

Shawniqua laid face down on the bench. She pulled her pants down and spread her legs.

“Now put his cock against my cunt and pushed it in!”

Cindy put his cock on her cunt. She pushed in and the horse cock entered Shawniqua’s cunt.

“Aiyeeeee! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh god! I love that cock! Oh my god!”

Cindy pushed the cock in and out. They couldn’t believe she could take that huge organ and still be tight enough for a man to fuck her.

The horse started to flex his hips, driving his dock in.

“You can let him go now, Cindy! Ohhhhhhh yes! It goes so deep!”

Two dogs came in the room, attracted by the scent.

“Pull your cock out William and let the bitch lick it! She loves to lick cock. And she’s got an incredibly tight pussy.”

He pulled his cock out and the dog came right over and started licking on it. The rough texture of her tongue made him groan in pleasure!

“Oh fuck! That feels amazing! Ohhhhhhh shit!”

After a minute Shawniqua told him,

“Now fuck her, you won’t believe how tight she is!”

He turned the dog around and lifting her tail, pushed his cock in.

“Holy shit! That’s so fucking tight!”

He held her by the hips and thrust into her.

Cindy and Tisha felt left out so they got the male dog and pulled his sheath back to expose his long red cock. He was a large Shepard and his cock was at least 8 inches long. As they stroked it, it protruded all the way. Cindy rolled him on his back and sucked his cock into her mouth while Tisha squatted over his head and let him lick her cunt.

“Oh god! His tongue! Oh god!”

The dog was oozing Precum into Cindy’s mouth and she swallowed but most of it leaked out and ran down her chin. She just had to have the big dog cock in her so she squatted over him and sank down on the cock! It was pointed at the end and it was amazing going in as it started small but then expanded to stretch her cunt almost to ripping!

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! He’s big! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!”

The dog was whimpering as she pushed his cock in and out. He was licking Tisha at the same time.

William was fucking the dog and looked around. He couldn’t believe the scene as he watched one woman being fucked by a horse, two getting licked by and fucked by a dog and him fucking a dog! It was too erotic and perverted for him to last very long.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yeah!” He grunted as he started to fill the dog pussy with his cum.

At about the same time, the horse reared his head back and started to fill Shawniqua with his cum. There was so much of it that it squirted out of her cunt. He pulled back and his cum spewed out onto her back and all over her legs!

Cindy pulled off the dogs cock and sucked it until it squirted cum in her mouth. It was too much to hold and she coughed, spraying cum on Tishak’s face.

Shawniqua stood shakily and laughed,

“Now wasn’t that the wildest thing you all have ever done?”

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