School Tease part 2 | Sex Stories Post

But knowing how mad you would be at me for such a tease, i can’t help but kiss you again. My cock is still pressed against your leg, you feel it pulse as i look you into your eyes. One of my hands squeezes your ass and my fingers gently scratch across your panties. I kiss you again, firmly on the lips and passionately. I spread your legs apart and my hand slides from your ass to your outer thigh where i hold your leg firmly as i position my body between your legs. My cock is now pressing through my pants and between your legs in the middle of your wet panties. I slowly and firmly press my cock against your body as we continue to kiss. My hand holds your leg tight around me, making sure you’re as close as you can be to the hard bulge in my pants .My other hand pulls your hair back as we kiss. I finally let my lips detach from yours and i slide them down your soft skin towards your neck. I kiss up to your ear and breath passionately in your ear “how bad do you want my cock” but before you can answer, i press my finger up against your lips, and stop you from answering. I gently nibble your ear again and kiss back towards your chest. My body continues with a very slow rhythm to simulate the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of your wet cunt. My hand slides from your leg to your hip, and i help pull you against me even harder now, the rate is the same, but each thrust becomes harder, more intense. My tongue has mades its way back to your nipples, which desperately need attention. 

Starting between your breasts, I ever so gently use my teeth to scratch your silky smooth skin, and i work my way to your right nipple, at which point my tongue circles around it, getting closer and closer with each circle. My hand on your waist slides down to your ass and slaps it underneath your skirt, and again i grab as much of the tight ass as i can fit in my hand, and squeeze hard. At the same time, my tongue has reached your nipple and i take it in my mouth, fitting as much of your luscious breast as i can. My cock is throbbing again, even though it’s just a bugle in my pants, every throb and every thrust are in time, so the bulge presses hard up against the desperate wet spot. I slowly lick to your other nipple while my hand slides around your ass and to your inner thigh this time, getting ever closer to the edge of those panties. My fingers crawl across your skin, giving you goosebumps. I stop licking your nipple and kiss your tummy with goosebumps on it. I move away from between your legs, so my cock is no longer pressed up against you, but my head has more room to travel. As i kiss your stomach, both of my hands go to your inner thigh. My thumb press hard again, making circles as they get closer, massaging your inner thigh. I kiss down your stomach even further, finally reaching the edge of your panties; the last thing between my tongue and your clit. I tease you again, by removing my tongue from the edge of your panties, and my hands from your legs. I stand up and look you in the eyes while i slowly unzip my pants. My huge hard cock springs out from its prison and I move it towards you as you move your lips to it, and help you take it in your mouth. You can’t fit all 8 inches in at once, but you lick the giant head and try to place your hands on it.


 Before your hands can fully stroke it, I remove them, and pull my hard, now wet cock, out of your mouth. I kiss you quickly and move back to your stomach, and place my hands right where they were before. My cock is now dripping with precum, and as hard as ever. I let it press up against your leg while my fingers reach the edge of your panties between your legs. I move your hands behind you so you aren’t tempted to squeeze the throbbing member. I take my right hand and run my index finger over your soaking panties, right up your pussy and over your clit. You moan on my way back down, as i gently flick your clitoris, circling it and rubbing it softly. My index finger pushes harder as i slide back down your pussy, and it slips inside of you, despite your panties, but i quickly pull it out and lick your delicious juices off my finger. I place it back on your the wet slit and start rubbing it up and down with rhythm, slowly caressing your clit with each pass. While my finger is pleasuring you, my tongue slips under the edge of your panties and licks your soft warm moist skin. I start at the middle and work my way to your hip, where my other hand comes and grabs your ass again, but quickly returns to a nipple needing attention. My tongue works its way lower and lower until i can’t go further because of the impeding panties. With my teeth, i pull them down and inch or so and start kissing and sucking on the moist skin above your pussy. My finger starts a faster pace, rubbing your clit with slightly more force, and stopping every now and then to slide inside of you, panties and all. As my tongue once again reaches the limits of your panties, my cock slides across your inner leg, and it spreads precum all over it. I thrust it into your leg, and move one hand from your nipple to take your hand, allowing you to finally hold the massive cock in your hand. You can barely wrap your fingers around it, while it’s just a little under 8 inches, it is thick and fat. 



Your hand slides up and down the shaft trying to wrap your fingers around it. It throbs while you hold it. I run my fingers against your clit again, faster this time. As you continue to rub it my teeth pull your panties down even further, revealing all of your entirely soaked pussy. My tongue inches closer and closer to your swollen clit. I kiss above your pussy and lick juices from around it. My tongue finally reaches the swollen clit and very slowly, gently, licks over it. My finger is still running up and down your pussy from outside the panties, while my tongue is licking your from underneath them. You try to start rubbing my cock harder, so i take it away from you. I  slap my dick across your inner thigh playfully as you try to get it back. I pull both my hands and tongue away to put your hands behind your head and hold them there. Your panties snap back agains your skin as i move my tongue away.  I look you in the eyes again and kiss you while my hard cock manages to run up your inner thigh and the throbbing head runs across your wet panties. I smirk at you as i gently thrust my cock against your wet spot. I kiss you again passionately on the mouth and then my hands slide down your sexy body, flicking both nipples as they slide down your hips to the panties. I roll you on your side to smack your ass hard my hand clenches some of your cute butt, and your panties. I finally pull the soaking panties down, they stick to your wet pussy as i pull them off and to your knees. My tongue skips the long teasing path it would normally take and goes directly to your clit. My mouth wraps around your wet pussy as i begin to lick up and down your beautiful wet slit. You gasp as i flick your clit faster with my tongue. My cock throbs and more juices land on your inner thigh as i hear you gasp. I slap your ass again as my tongue continues to roll over your wet pussy. My finger slides from your ass to your wet hole, and i slide my middle finger all the way inside you with a solid thrust, in rhythm with that my tongue rubbed your clit again.

You gasp again from my finger sliding all the way inside you. I slowly pull it out and my tongue stays in rhythm with my finger, by barely sliding down your pussy. After it’s mostly out, i thrust all the way inside you again, and my tongue quickly slides up your pussy. I suck gently on your clit at the same time. My cock is constantly throbbing against your leg, i press myself against you so you can feel how rock hard it is. As my finger is thrust inside you again my tongue begins playing with your pussy a little faster, so i pull it out a little quicker with more force, and then again thrust it all the way inside you. I push so hard with my middle finger your body slides from the force. I pull it back out almost as quick now only to shove it back inside you. This time on the way out i curve my finger inside you towards your tummy, reaching your gspot. As my finger comes out, my tongue leaves your clit and runs up towards your tummy. I build up a better rhythm with my finger, now thrusting in and out, in and out. My tongue slides across your tummy as my free hand grabs yours and places it back on my throbbing cock. I let you stroke it while i continue sliding my middle finger even faster, in and out of your wetness. I break the rhythm and pull it out slowly. I run my index finger over your wet pussy and then slide both my index and middle finger inside of you. Slowly at first, but after they are both fully coated in your juices, i slam them deep inside of you, again forcing your body to slide. I fuck you with the two fingers for a few seconds as my tongue reaches your nipple again. Your hand continues to slide up and down my hard member while my tongue circles your hard nipples. My fingers sliding in and out of you, my thumb reaches for your clit. It rubs it while my other two fingers slide even faster in and out of you. I take a free hand and move your fingers off my cock. I spread your legs apart and reposition myself while still fingering you. I grab my hard cock and run it against your inner thigh again, wiping off more precum on your leg. I slowly pull my fingers out and run them up your pussy and across your clit; my tongue stops sucking your nipple. 

I move my mouth to your ear and whisper “get ready”. I place your hand back around my cock and I begin moving it towards your dripping slit. The large head of my dick reaches the top of your pussy. I hold my hand over your hand on my cock and run it across your clit. I then run it down your wet pussy and collect some sweet juices on it. You motion it back towards your clit and it flicks your clit a few times before i slide it back down towards the dripping hole. I take my hand off yours and run it up your pussy for the juices. I pull your hand off to cover the shaft of my cock in your wetness. I place both my hands on your hips, and your hand back on the shaft. The head is now throbbing on your wet pussy. I look you in the eyes and with one motion, i thrust my huge throbbing cock inside you. My hands pull you onto my huge cock. You’re so tight and my cock is so big it takes a lot of force to fit inside you, but luckily you’re dripping wet. You moan loudly and close your eyes as almost all 8 inches slides inside you. After it slides in you open your eyes again and i’m still gazing into your eyes. I slowly slide the massive tool out of you. You can feel the large head of my cock as it traces its way out of your tight pussy. One of my hands leaves your waist to attend to your clitoris. My finger runs across it as my cock slides out. I run my finger across it slowly, in rhythm with my cock, which is now sliding back inside you, but slower this time. My hand on your waist holds you down again as i push it deep inside you. My finger rubs your clit a little faster, and my cock changes direction and begins sliding out. 


My finger begins rubbing your clit faster than ever, and my cock is now sliding in and out, but still with only 5 inches, leaving almost 3 inches more cock to fuck you with. I look you in the eyes as it slides in and out faster and faster, my hand holding down your perfect hips. You mouth “harder” to me and i take note, instantly thrusting all 8 inches of my fat throbbing cock inside you. my body slaps against yours, your legs still on my shoulders, my body flush with yours. I slide my hands up and down your hips, firmly pressing against you to keep you from sliding with the force of my cock. I breathe heavy as i begin to slide in and out faster and faster. The whole length of my long hard cock slides in and out of your tight dripping pussy and fills you up. you can feel your tight pussy wrapping around my cock, stretching to accommodate the huge girth. As i thrust again, my pelvis smacks against you and i keep my cock deep inside you, waiting, you can momentarily feel my cock throb inside you. As i thrust in for the last time we both lock eyes as we simultaneously orgasm. You can feel my hot cum filling you up and I can feel your pussy clenching tight against my cock. For the few moments we are cumming, we stare into eachothers eyes and only accept the wonderful orgasm.