Screaming from behind my house

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Hello everyone, here I am again with a new story xd, jsjsjsjs good since these days are holidays and I have the freedom to rest and do a few things, today I took advantage of this night, since my parents left the national holidays for that reason I had time to unburden my desire that was at its maximum since the facu has had me very stressed and busy, tonight he decided to unburden me, so for that since he had the house alone he decides to do some crazy things as always uwu, well the case is that lately when I go out I start feeding 2 dogs that are often around here at home, just very affectionate, when I approach them my hand starts to lick it and I feel like at that moment my skin tingles with pleasure from my arms to my vagina, just as I noticed that no there was no one around why they go to the events there, I went out looking for them, and I found them resting and I called them quickly, they don’t have a name so I just called their attention and they followed me, I noticed how they came happy with me and I know p They would even more when I knew what they were going to eat 7w7, so I started caressing both of them and little by little masturbating them to make them feel insecure, and when I noticed that they smelled my crotch because of how wet it was, I started to take off my panties and my shirt , I didn’t want to do it inside my house because it wouldn’t be that they get used to it or take too much confidence and my parents get angry, so this time it would be their dog behind my house, so after taking off my panties and shirt I stayed in my panties and bra and notice how in their eyes they wanted to see more of me, so I decided to please them and give them an erotic show 7u7, while I took off my underwear I felt how their noses sniffed my legs and my vagina and my buttocks, I was so hot that my legs alone made me get in 4 like a bitch in heat wanting to be inseminated by a male, while one sank all his hips sticking his tongue deep into my vagina and feeling how his tongue licked every fold of my vagina and my private area the other was kissing me and he put his whole tongue in my mouth and licked my neck and my whole face, and I was in my head, “uuuuuuuf already metanmelaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please!!!”, So I began to give them signals by spanking myself my ass and they understood what I wanted the first time, the biggest one was the one who rode me first he had a tremendous cock that I feel that in the first thrust he made me cum and made me happy with his eyes up and sticking out his tongue like a bitch , he only gave me 3 or 4 thrusts before cumming and buttoning himself inside me, the youngest was desperate to fuck me too, he stood in front of me and tried to grab my face, and since I couldn’t give him my vagina to fuck me, he decided suck it and make it cum in my mouth to please my furry love while I was buttoned by my new furry owner, so I was full of pleasure for about 7 or 9 minutes, already when the one who was buttoning my vagina felt like everything his semen ran down my legs, I felt unfaithful since I hadn’t taken away Pachón’s desire but who ordered him not to be there for me when I want, so I’ll see if I’ll be the bitch of these new puppies or I’ll continue to be faithful to Pachón , well once I finished I gave them both a little kiss and said goodbye, I went into my house to take a bath and go to sleep because I felt that my legs would open again for them if I didn’t sleep, I hope to see you on Sunday to vent what I still feel missing, well that’s all my adventure for today, I hope to upload another one perhaps for this weekend or when I have time, thank you all for reading my stories and writing to me, I love you very much uwu kisses on the tail to all of you.

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