Sea Tramp Summer Pt. 05

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Sea Tramp Summer
Part 5
(Author's note:this is a work of fiction.Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental.All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age.)
For the second morning in a row Dan was awakened by the glorious sensations of Lucy's wet mouth clamped onto his cock, her tongue rubbing along the underside as she sucked it into her mouth. He lifted his head to look and watched as she swallowed his entire cock, urging him to full hardness. Lucy looked up and saw him looking at her and smiled around his cock at him, then turned her attention back to getting him hard.
It didn't take long, and when he was completely hard she slipped her mouth from his cock and then climbed into the bunk with him, pulling the sheet away to slide her nude body into the bed with him, lying on top of him with her legs open, one knee on either side of his hips. He could feel the mounds of her big, firm breasts pressing against his chest, the nipples already hard. He was guessing she was already wet as well, something that she proved him correct on when she sat up, straddling his hips and pressing her pussy down onto the underside of his hard cock.
He opened his mouth to say something but she shushed him with a finger to his lips, and when she looked into his eyes he could see the desire burning there. She put her hands on his chest for support as she rubbed her pussy up and down the underside of his hard shaft, her outer lips parting to envelope the sides of his cock as she spread her wetness over it. A few moments later when his shaft was shiny and slick with her juices, she did something that Dan had never experienced before, something that both surprised and amazed him at the same time.
Without using her hands, Lucy took his cock inside her pussy. She moved her hips forward until the head of his cock was pressing against her opening, then she dipped her hips down and back, effectively grabbing the head of his cock and slipping down onto it. She sighed as she sat back, sitting down on his cock, feeling the exquisite sensations of his hard shaft penetrating her for the first time that day, stretching her out as he filled her up. She took his entire length in one smooth, easy movement, pushing her ass down hard onto his hips and then grinding slowly on his cock inside her.
Dan groaned softly as she moved on him, reveling in the sensations of her tight, warm, wet pussy wrapped around his shaft. Her eyes were hooded and her mouth slightly open as she began to slowly ride him, moving up and down on his cock in slow, easy motions, gripping and clutching at it with her inner muscles along the way. Dan reached up and took her big, heavy breasts in his hands, squeezing them firmly but gently. She moaned as he tugged on each nipple, pulling them away from her breasts just enough to excite her without hurting her. She looked down at him as she rode him, her eyes locking on to his, her mouth slightly open as she continued to move on him.
There was something different this time, and Dan felt it right away. There was plenty of erotic excitement and arousal as usual, but this time it was different. This was more than the two of them having sex just to satisfy their carnal desires; this was completely different, and Dan knew it. He felt it right away and couldn't help but wonder if Lucy also felt it.
The tempo of her movements on him slowly increased, not reaching a frantic speed as usual but fast enough to build both of them quickly towards release. They were both breathing faster now, Lucy bracing herself with her hands on his chest as he gripped her breasts in his hands, squeezing them firmly as she slid her pussy up and down on his cock, moving just her hips while keeping her upper body still. He could feel her pussy flooding around his shaft and knew that she was close to cumming, which was a good thing because he was quickly approaching orgasm himself.
Lucy looked down into Dan's eyes as she moved her hips on his shaft, doing her best to make him explode. She wanted — no, she needed — him to cum inside her. She needed to feel his release, feel him pumping and throbbing inside her, telling her that she had satisfied him, something that she needed to feel this morning. This morning wasn't about her or keeping her word; this morning was about him.
It was about them.
She moaned again as Dan continued to grip and squeeze her breasts, squeezing his cock with her inner muscles as hard as she could in return. That seemed to do the trick, because a few moments later Dan let out a groan through clenched teeth as his cock exploded inside her. She could feel his cock pumping and throbbing inside her as it shot his cum deep inside her, and she pushed her hips down onto it as hard as she could. She came almost immediately, throwing her head back with her eyes squeezed shut as her own orgasm went crashing through her body. She sat up straight, pulling her breasts out of Dan's hands, as she ground her hips down onto his throbbing cock, riding both his and her own orgasms out.
When it was over they were both left gasping for breath, Dan laying with his hands at his sides and Lucy sitting upright, Dan's cock still inside her, her hands resting on his stomach. She looked down at him as she tried to catch her breath, and Dan could still see that look in her eyes. They said nothing for several moments, but they were speaking volumes to each other with the look in their eyes. Lucy finally spoke first.
"Good morning," she said softly, giving him a smile.
"Good morning, Lucia," he replied, returning her smile. He was sorely tempted to say something else, but he didn't. The time wasn't right.
"So how's that for a wake up call?" she asked, trying to lighten the mood a bit. She was tempted to say something else but thought better of it. The right moment would come along, but this wasn't it.
"You could wake me up like that every day of the week for the rest of my life, and I wouldn't complain once!" he said, his smile broadening a bit.
'You don't know how much I'd love to do just that!' she thought to herself, returning his smile.
"Now that you're awake, we'd better get going," she said, bending over and kissing him softly. "As much as I'd love to stay here and do this with you all day, we have places to go and things to see!"
"Yes, we do," he agreed as Lucy climbed off of him and out of the bunk. He turned his head to watch her walk away, then looked up at the bulkhead above him.
'My God, how I love her!' he thought to himself. He stayed there for a moment longer, then got out of the bunk to start the rest of the day.
He had no idea that at that exact moment Lucy was having the same thoughts about him.
* * * * * *
The morning passed pleasantly and uneventfully in much the same way that most of their days on the open seas did, with Lucy sunbathing on the cabin roof and Dan at the wheel, his attention divided between steering the boat and admiring Lucy's nude body. He had plotted a lengthy, rounded course to Acklin's island to give them as much time together as he could, something that he knew Lucy would appreciate as much as he did. He tried not to think about their time together growing shorter with every passing day, but it was a struggle not to. He wanted to admire her as much as he could, drink in the sight of her, because the day was coming when he wouldn't be able to do that again. And he was pretty sure she felt the same way about him; the look in her eyes each time she looked at him and the slight sadness in her smile told him so.
They stopped for lunch as they usually did, Dan making sure that they weren't in a shipping lane before taking in the sails and letting the boat drift. After lunch they both went back up onto the fantail, Dan sitting on the bench with a Red Stripe in one hand. He expected Lucy to climb back up on the cabin roof to resume her sunbathing since, with the exception of her first mate's hat, she was still naked from the morning, but she didn't do that. Instead she walked over and stood in front of him, putting her hands on her hips as she looked down past her big breasts at him, a big smile on her face. Dan shaded his eyes from the sun by holding his hand up as he looked up at her.
"Yes, m'dear?" he asked.
"I think you need a blowjob!" she said, grinning down at him.
"Oh, you do, do you?" he said, grinning back.
"Yes, I most certainly do!" she said, dropping to her knees and reaching for the tie strings of his swim trunks. "And I think you need it right now!" she said, quickly untying his trunks and pulling them down past his hips. He lifted his hips up so she could finish taking his trunks off of him, then watched as she moved in close between his open thighs. She opened her mouth and lowered it down to his cock, sticking out her tongue and picking up his soft cock with it to guide it into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of his soft cock and began sucking on it, pulling it into her mouth and urging him to hardness with her mouth and tongue.
Lucy loved feeling his cock get hard in her mouth, and she moaned as she felt his shaft quickly hardening. It was getting longer and thicker with each passing moment, and it wasn't long before his cock was rock-hard and throbbing in her mouth. She began sucking on him in earnest, sliding her mouth up and down on his shaft in long, deep strokes, taking him all the way into her mouth and down her throat several times.
Dan watched her head bobbing up and down as she worked his cock over, her hands resting on top of his thighs. She looked up at him briefly, smiling around his cock in her mouth, before looking back down at what she was doing once again. Dan reached out and slid his right hand along the side of her head until his hand was on the back of her head, then he entwined his fingers in her hair and pulled her head down into his lap, driving his cock deep into her mouth.
"MMPPHH!!" Lucy cried out around his cock, her eyes flying open and her hands slapping down in reflex on the tops of his thighs. He held her head there for a moment, then using his grip on her hair as leverage he moved her head up and down his shaft quickly, face-fucking her firmly but gently.
"GLMPH! MMPH! MMPH! GLMPH!" she cried around his cock as her head was forced up and down on his shaft. After four or five strokes Dan held her head down again, only this time not forcing his cock quite as far down her throat as before, holding her head there with her breathing hard through her nose. Then he pulled her head back and off of his cock, and she took in a big, whooping breath as he maintained his grip on her hair, her head turned slightly to one side as she gasped for breath. Her lips were wet and slick with her saliva, a thin strand running from her bottom lip to the head of his cock as her mouth hung open. She gasped for breath several times before speaking, looking up at him and grinning with an open mouth as she did.
"Holy shit, that's hot!" she cried, a big grin on her face. "Do it again, do it again! Shove that meat down my throat!" she exclaimed, grabbing his cock and pointing it at her face. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock again as Dan shoved her head back down, grabbing her head with his other hand as well as he began face-fucking her again. He was being very careful not to be too violent with her lest he hurt her; he also didn't know just how much she could take, so he was being firm and face-fucking her fast, but not too fast.
Lucy cried out around his cock again as he pushed and pulled her head up and down on his cock, and when he pulled her down into his lap to bury his cock deep in her mouth and held her there, she slapped her hands on top of his thighs again and arched her back, crying out around the cock in her mouth and deep down her throat.
"MMMPH! MMMMPH!! MMMMMMMPHH!" she cried out, pushing against the top of Dan's thighs. He held her there for several moments, then pulled her head up again. A thick stream of saliva ran from her bottom lip to his cock, and she gasped for breath again as her mouth was freed from his cock.
"Oh my God, that's great! I love it, I love it! I love being face-fucked!" she gasped, grinning up at him, her eyes watery. "Do it again, please! Do it again, face-fuck me some more, please!" she begged, and Dan obliged her by shoving her face back down onto his cock again. He repeated what he had just done, and this time when he let her up for air he released her hair from his hand. It took her several moments before she had caught her breath enough to speak, and when she did what she said took him by surprise.
"I want you to cum on my face, Cap'n Dan!" she said, looking up at him, her watery eyes bright and shining. She grabbed his shaft, wet and slippery with her saliva, and pumped it as she continued. "Let me suck your cock for you and make you cum, and when you cum I want you to cum on my face! Please, Cap'n Dan, please cum on my face!"
"If that's what you want, okay," he said, and Lucy nodded quickly.
"That's what I want!" she replied. Then she ducked her head down and swallowed his cock, clamping her lips around it and sucking on it as hard as she could. She was really worked up, sliding her mouth up and down on his cock almost as fast as he was face-fucking her, intent on making him cum as quickly as possible. She wrapped her hand around his shaft at the base, pumping it in time with her mouth as it slid up and down on him.
She didn't have long to wait. Her skills brought Dan to the brink of orgasm quickly, and he felt the familiar sensation in his balls.
"I'm gonna cum!" he gasped to warn her. Lucy pulled her mouth from his cock and held it above her face, pumping his cock with her hand frantically.
"Cum on my face! Cum on my face, Cap'n Dan! Please, please, please, cum on my face!" she begged, her voice low and husky, her mouth hanging open as she pumped his cock with her hand.
He came a moment later, his cock spewing out stream after stream of hot, thick cum into the air to land on her face. She cried out with glee as the first rope of cum landed on her face, running from her hairline all the way down her face to her chin.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried, moving her head back and forth so his cum would cover it. She let all of his cum land on her face except for the last little bit, as she clamped her mouth down onto the head of his cock and caught the last two streams in her mouth. Dan saw her body shudder as she sucked the last of his cum out of him, and she squeezed her eyes closed and groaned. It was then that Dan noticed her other hand was between her legs, and that she had rubbed herself to orgasm while he was cumming all over her face.
"Well, I'll be damned!" he said softly as he watched Lucy ride out her orgasm. This one was fairly short, only lasting for a few moments, and when it was over she looked up at him and smiled, releasing his cock from her mouth and showing him the cum on her tongue.
Then she did something that made his balls twitch again and that he would remember for the rest of his life, as it was one of the hottest, most erotic things he'd ever seen. Looking him straight in the eye, Lucy scooped his cum from her face and onto her fingers, then stuck out her tongue and ran her fingers over it, transferring the cum from her fingers to her tongue. She did this until nearly all of his cum was gone from her face, then she closed her mouth and slowly swallowed. When she swallowed his cum the look on her face was pure ecstasy, and she was smiling from ear to ear.
"Mmmmm, that tastes so good!" she said, opening her eyes and looking at him.
"I take it you liked that, then?" he said, teasing her as she sat back on her haunches, looking up at him.
"I loved it!" was her enthusiastic reply. "I love being face-fucked, especially if it's done right! And boy, you sure know how to do it right!" she said, smiling broadly at him.
"I wasn't too rough, was I? I didn't hurt you or anything?" he asked, and she shook her head as she replied.
"It was perfect, Cap'n Dan, absolutely perfect!" she said, reaching out and rubbing him on his knee to reassure him.
"Good, I'm glad to hear that!" he said, nodding.
"So how did you know I love to be face-fucked?" she asked, curious.
"The same way I knew you liked being man-handled," he replied. "The women I've met before who liked one always liked the other, so I figured you were the same way. I'm glad to see I was right!"
"So am I! Did you like giving me a facial?" she asked, giving him a slightly wicked smile.
"Yeah, that was kinda hot!" he replied, making her laugh at his use of her term.
"I thought it was hot as hell, almost as hot as you face-fucking me!" she replied.
"And that thing you did afterwards…" he started, stopping in mid-sentence.
"You mean when I scooped your cum off my face and onto my tongue, and then swallowed it?" she said, and Dan nodded. "Yeah, I thought you'd like that!" she said, proud of herself.
"Why couldn't I have found you when I was 25 years old?" he asked, leaning back against the railing.
"When you were 25 years old, I wasn't even a glimmer in my daddy's eye," she said, leaning forward to rest her chin on his knee. "But I'm here now, so let's make the best of the time we have left, okay?"
"Okay," he replied, smiling at her. "Right now, though, I need a beer!" he said as he started to get up, but Lucy stopped him with a hand on his knee.
"You stay there, I'll get it for you!" she said, getting up from in front of him. "It's the least I can do after what you just did for me!"
"You mean after what I did to you, don't you?" he asked as she turned and walked away. She stopped and looked at him over her shoulder, smiling as she spoke.
"Both!" she said, then continued on to the cabin with Dan watching her shapely ass as she went.
* * * * * *
Their lunchtime dalliance kept them from making port at Acklin's Island that day as Dan had planned, so they spent the night on the open ocean with the running lights on and the sea anchor out as they had done before. After dinner they were in their usual places on the bow, drinking Red Stripe, talking, and just enjoying being together.
"I still can't get over you face-fucking me today!" she said, giggling. "That was so hot, I can't wait for you to do it again!"
"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Lucia," Dan said, smiling. "I must admit I rather enjoyed it myself," he admitted.
"I love being used by you like that!" she said, leaning over the arm of her chair towards him. "It's just so…so fuckin' hot! It makes me wanna throw you down, climb on top of you and fuck the living shit out of you!" she said, grinning at him.
"We'll save that for tomorrow!" he said, making her laugh. "Right now I'm tired, and I'm taking my tired old ass to bed!" he said, standing up from the deck chair and then turning to fold it up.
"You're not old!" she said, standing and folding her chair up as well.
"If you say so, m'dear!" he replied, smiling. They stowed the chairs in the wheelhouse and then went below deck, with Dan checking on the sea anchor first. Once below deck they closed the door, said their good-nights, and then went to their cabins. Dan had stripped out of his trunks and hung his hat up on its usual hook and was lying on his back in his bunk, looking up at the bulkhead above him with his hands behind his head, his body covered by a sheet from the waist down.
He was contemplating the day's events and the days ahead when there was a soft knock at the cabin door. Before he could say anything, the door opened and Lucy stepped in. Dan could see by the moonlight coming in through the windows above the bed that she was nude, but that wasn't anything unusual for her — not these days, anyway. She stood just inside the door with her hands clasped in front of her and looked at him for a moment without saying a word, her eyes asking the unspoken question.

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