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Andrew and Corey were local college students working at a nearby retail store to help pay for their schooling. They were now in their second year of school, which meant their second winter at the store. As is the case in retail, there was a lot more work to be done during the winter months, even beyond the holidays, so the manager hired temporary employees every year. Andrew and Corey remembered from the year before that the temps constituted of a cross-section of misfits, so for their amusement they made a point of checking out each of the new recruits.
This year there was one who arrested the attention of both Andrew and Corey, and not for the reasons temp employees working for minimum wage would typically turn your heard. This one was a young college student as well who attended school out of town and was collecting some extra cash between semesters while at home for a little more than a month. This scenario wasn't unusual, as there were a few students who worked as temps last year, but what set this one apart was that she was a beautiful young girl.
Her name was Abby. She was in her first year of school at 18 years old. She had pale white skin, long, light brown hair and green eyes. She had a tight, petite 5'3" frame with the right amount of curves in her hips and chest. The first time each Andrew and Corey saw Abby smile, they were captivated. As they got to know her just a little bit from working with her on occasion, they soon realized there was more than just her looks that made her special; she was a sweet, friendly and innocent young thing.
Sweet and innocent though she came off, Andrew and Corey didn't see her as a little girl either. About a week into Abby's short employment with the store, both boys wanted desperately to fuck her. They soon learned that the other young guys working at the store felt the same way. Soon, they were taking bets as to who would bang Abby first.
Andrew and Corey played along with the guys but didn't figure it would amount to anything. A lot of the guys thought they had a real chance with Abby, but these friends, at least, knew Abby's seemingly flirtatious ways were just her being friendly and that, frankly, she was oblivious to the kind of attention she was garnering. Abby thought it was sweet how all the guys were nice to her and talked to her throughout her shifts. Having these relationships made the shift go by faster.
Andrew and Corey had another coworker friend who was in his senior year at their school. His name was Connor, and he took the bet very seriously. Connor spent more time with Abby than anyone and even openly flirted with her, on which Abby didn't seem to pick up. She saw the best in people and didn't consider adolescent boys to be creeps, like she probably should have. Connor assured Andrew and Corey that he would fuck Abby, be sure to tell them all about it and collect his winnings.
One night in late December, Connor and Abby were working together during a snowstorm. There were very few, if any, customers in the store, and not many other employees. No one was likely going anywhere until this snow stopped, so Abby took the initiative to organize the stock room. That place was a mess that everyone avoided, but Abby was a more sincere type of person than most.
When Connor ventured to the back of the store and notice Abby in the stock room, he saw his chance. The teen looked super cute in her tight white t-shirt and form-fitting blue jeans that exposed her ankles just above her sneakers. He slipped into the room and quietly closed and locked the door. Then he greeted Abby, who jumped and then laughed. "You scared me, Connor!" she said. "How long were you standing there?"
"I just got here," he said. "I saw you back here and thought I'd help you. I like working with you."
"Thanks!" Abby said. "I like working with you too." They worked alongside each other for about half an hour, chatting the whole time. It wasn't until then that Abby noticed the door was closed. Then she noticed the latch.
"Did you lock this?" she asked.
"To be honest," Connor said, walking over toward the door where Abby stood, "when I saw you in here, I wanted some time alone with you." Abby felt both endeared and threatened at the same time.
"No one's ever back here when the boss isn't around," Abby said. "Why would you need to lock it?"
"In case we wanted to have a little fun," Connor replied, a smile across his face as his cock got hard in his pants. He then put his arms around Abby, who gasped from surprise as she was pulled close to Connor. Connor, undeterred, kissed Abby's neck and ran his hands up and down her back, venturing down to her butt as his lips traced her cheek to her lips.
Abby's feelings were still conflicted. She was scared but also flattered and a little turned on. When she felt Connor's lips press against hers, her mind said to pull away, but her body leaned into it. She knew how she responded to Connor's advances would determine what happened between the two of them in that locked stock room. She knew she needed to be careful. And she still wasn't.
Abby didn't take much initiative, but she did nothing to stop Connor as he continued to kiss Abby and allowed his hands to take more liberties with the young brunette. He grabbed her ass first and then slid his hands up to her chest, squeezing her tits and then sliding his hand behind her back, pulling her close to him as they made out. Then he eyed the desk that he had been planning to use all along and pulled Abby over to it with him. Somewhat roughly, he turned Abby around so that her back was against his chest and then reached for the button of her jeans.
At this point, Abby was alarmed, knowing she was going down a path that she never intended. She was scared because she barely knew this guy and wasn't sure she wanted to have sex with him — she definitely didn't want to have sex in a dark stock room while on the clock. On the other hand, it was exciting and she just didn't know how to say no. While Connor undid Abby's pants and began to push them down, Abby knew she should tell him to stop. Instead, she obeyed Connor when he said, "Take off your shirt."
Abby clung to her white t-shirt, now off her body and in her hands on the desk as she bent over. Her jeans were around her ankles, and Connor was unlatching Abby's bra. After Connor pushed down Abby's panties, Abby was naked, except for her sneakers and the pants around her ankles, as she bent over that cold metal desk in that drafty stock room. With the pretty temp right where all the young guys had wished to have her, Connor pulled down his own pants, freeing his eight-inch cock, which was begging for a dip inside the young girl.
Connor put one hand on Abby's lower back while he held his cock with the other and pushed it against Abby's pussy. As nervous as Abby was, she was still a little turned on, and her moist pussy parted a little to accept Connor's penis. Connor grunted as he forced himself inside Abby's tight vagina an inch at a time. Once he had enough inside, he put both hands on Abby's hips and pushed forward until he was balls-deep inside the beautiful brunette.
"Oh gosh!" Connor cried out. "Fuck! Abby, you're so fucking tight! I knew you would be." Abby wanted to say something in response, but all she could do was moan as Connor began to pull back and proceed to fuck her. "Yeah! Take that cock, bitch!" Connor muttered deliriously as he ravaged Abby's tight twat with his long, hard dick. "You look so sexy taking that cock."
"Oh yeah," Abby finally managed to say. "Give it to me nice and hard, baby." So much for going through her first year of college without sex like she had planned. Abby wasn't a virgin, but she had decided abstinence would help her focus on her studies. At least this was during winter break.
Connor continued to assault Abby's cunt, holding tightly to her hips as he railed her hard and fast from behind. His hips slapped repeatedly against Abby's ass as he pumped deep into her with each thrust. Eventually, he slid his hands between the desk and Abby's chest, grasping her boobs as he now leaned forward, his chest against Abby's back as he continued to thrust in and out her sexy body.
Little was said for the duration of their intercourse. Connor kept Abby bent over the desk, wedged tightly between it and him as he leaned over it and ravaged her tight pussy to his heart's content. He breathed heavily into Abby's ear. The sweat that had formed on Abby's back mingled with that on Connor's chest. As Connor drew closer and closer to a climax, his breathing grew more and more ragged until he whispered into Abby's ear, "I want to cum on your boobs."
"Go for it," Abby uttered between moans as she felt those eight inches drive deep inside her again and again until, at last, Connor pulled out. Only then did Abby release the shirt that she had been holding in her hands the whole time. She rolled over onto her back and slid down, squatting as good as she could with her pants restricting her ankles as she put her breasts at a level ideal for Connor to cover them with his load.
Connor stood over the gorgeous brunette teen and beat off until he felt his cock explode. "Fuck! Oh Abby!" he cried out as he came. His jizz splattered all over her breasts, which Abby held together for him as his cum streaked across them. "All over your sexy tits," he muttered as he finished off his load, shaking the last drops onto her boobs.
Stepping back, Connor caught his breath as Abby slowly stood up and pulled up her underwear and pants. "Shit, Abby," Connor said. "That was great!"
"It was fun," Abby said, as she put her bra and shirt back on too. She meant it. It was hot and felt pretty good. She just couldn't help but feel violated.
"If you ever want to do it again, I'm down," Connor said before leaning in for a kiss and then opening the stock room door once they were both dressed. By then it was well past quitting time, and the weather had cleared up just enough for them to go their separate ways home.
Abby was off the next day, but Connor was back on, and this time with Andrew and Corey. As soon as Connor came in, he told the guys that he had news for them. During a 15-minute break, Connor told his friends all about how he had sex with Abby in the stock room the night before. Word got around quickly, and the guys in on the bet paid up.
When Abby did return to work after the weekend, she felt like she had more eyes on her. She immediately assumed that Connor had spread the word about her unwise choices the other night, and she felt humiliated. It wasn't long before she noticed the whispers when she was nearby as the rumors swirled that she was easy. It made going to work a lot harder for her for a few days until she had a shift with Connor again.
"Did you tell everyone we had sex?" Abby angrily whispered to Connor while they were working side-by-side on the floor later that week.
"I told some of my friends," he said. "Big deal. They're just jealous. They all want to fuck you too."
"But now everyone looks at me like I'm a slut, and I wasn't even sure I wanted to do that."
Connor didn't take that comment personally. Instead he told her, "So what? Own it. Be empowered. Who said it has to be a bad thing?"
Abby thought about what Connor said. She decided it didn't have to affect the way she carried herself at work, and if people wanted to judge her, so be it. She could either be ashamed or she could have fun, and the latter sounded better to her.
It wasn't long, though, before other guys thought about taking a run at Abby. After all, if Connor got through so quickly, maybe some of the others could get a chance before she went back to college. A couple other guys even asked Abby out on a date, but Abby turned them down because she wanted to regain control of her sexuality. She did a good job, too, until a little more than a week before she was supposed to go back to school when she was closing the store late one night with only Andrew and Corey, who, naturally, were eyeing her up the whole time, wondering if they had a shot at her, even if they had already lost the bet. It was about more than just a bet anyway — Abby was a fine young woman that anyone would be lucky to nail.
With just a couple more tasks left to do, Abby went to the break room to sit down for a second and check her phone. Andrew saw her back there and, much like Connor felt a couple weeks earlier, Andrew saw his chance. The only thing was he couldn't leave out his friend Corey who was in the store with him, so he texted Corey.
"Abby's alone in the break room. Make a move?"
When Corey got the texted, he texted back, "Double her?" and headed right back. They had talked before about sharing a girl. It never happened, and they hadn't talked about doing it to Abby, but they were open to it if tonight went the way Connor's night did a couple weeks ago.
"Hell yeah," Andrew texted back and then entered the break room.
"Thanks for your help tonight," Andrew said to Abby.
"Yeah, you too," Abby said with a smile but without looking up from her phone.
Andrew sat down next to Abby at the table. "You're super cute," he said to her.
Abby blushed. "I know everyone thinks they've got a shot with me, but it's not happening." Just then, Corey walked into the break room.
"How about two guys?" Corey said as he stepped up to the table. He took his shot and waited to see where it landed.
"Excuse me?" Abby said, as she didn't process Corey's comment.
"No one here is saying you're easy," Corey explained. "I'm sure you don't want to make that mistake again, as lucky a bastard as Connor is. But if you're interested in something different, my man and I could make that happen."
"Different how?" Abby said, finally looking up from her phone, still confused.
"Ever been with two guys at once?" Andrew chimed in. Both he and Corey were excited just from the fact that the conversation had taken this turn so easily.
"No," Abby said and trailed off as she finally processed what was happening. "You mean like a threesome?"
"Think you could handle both of us?" Corey responded. Abby was still. This time it wasn't fear. This time it was genuine interest and some arousal. She had never thought of having sex with two guys at once before, and now that she was thinking about it, it was hot. Andrew and Corey were fit, good-looking guys and a lot sweeter than Connor was.
Corey and Andrew could tell Abby was thinking, so they waited patiently for a moment to let her respond. She finally snapped out of her deep thought and said, "No, sorry, I can't do that." She stood up to go finish her work, but Corey was blocking the doorway.
"Hey," Corey said softly, "give it a little more thought."
"You didn't say no to Connor," Andrew muttered. He didn't think it was loud enough for Abby to hear, but she did hear, and it got her thinking again.
"What if," Corey said, "we just feel it out a little bit and see if it feels right." As the words came out of his mouth, he put an arm gently around Abby's waist.
"I don't know," Abby said before trailing off again.
"You don't have to know right now," Corey said, pulling the young girl close to him. "Let's see how you feel in a few minutes." Abby liked how warm Corey felt against her. She put a hand on his arm as Corey leaned in for a kiss. Abby didn't resist. Instead, she kissed him back.
Watching his friend make out with the hot girl got Andrew out of his seat and over by the door with the other two. He put both hands on Abby's hips, and, as soon as Abby felt him, she put her other hand on his and pulled him closer. She immediately loved the feeling of being enveloped between those two warm bodies and decided she wanted this threesome to happen.
"I want this," Abby said, pulling away from Corey's kiss, "but it has to be right here, right now before I change my mind." Abby couldn't believe she was demanding a hasty threesome in a dank break room at work, but there she was. Corey and Andrew had no objections. What followed was two guys taking turns making out with the sexy young brunette and assisting her with taking her clothes off. Her sweater, jeans and sneakers were soon in a heap on the floor as Corey and Andrew helped Abby up on the fairly sturdy break room table. Once seated on the table, Abby removed her bra and thong so that she was wearing nothing at all.
The sight of Abby naked made Andrew hold his breath and Corey's jaw drop. "Damn!" Corey managed.
"You have a perfect, sexy body," Andrew complimented.
"Awesome tits," Corey added.
Abby blushed and grinned in response. She tried not to think about how she couldn't imagine what kind of girl gets naked in the breakroom of her job as a minimum wage temporary employee. Instead, she focused on these attractive young men who were taking their clothes off now and preparing to show her how much they liked her. Soon, all three of them were naked, and Corey and Andrew stood on either side of Abby beside the table upon which they sat.
"Stroke my cock, sweetie," Andrew said. Abby smiled and obliged, taking Andrew's cock in one hand and Corey's in the other, sliding her hand up and down their shafts to make them rock hard. Andrew's was about six and a half inches, while Corey's, once it was full size, was a monster at nine inches and even thicker than Connor's.
"I think I made the right choice," Abby said with a smile. She was still a little nervous, but she had a better feeling about this tryst than she did with Connor's. She then leaned forward to suck on Corey's cock, taking as much of it in her mouth as she could.
"Fuck, Abby, that's so good," Corey moaned.
"Can't wait to find out for myself," Andrew said, his cock still gripped by Abby's hand. Abby pulled away from Corey and smiled at Andrew.
"Your turn," she said, leaning forward and sucking on Andrew's cock now as he moaned. Meanwhile, Abby beat off Corey's huge dick, which she was eager to feel inside her.
After getting a brief blowjob, Andrew pulled away from Abby and laid her out on the table. Lying on her back, Abby turned her head to her right where Andrew was still standing and allowed him to put his cock back in mouth. As Andrew fucked Abby's mouth, Corey lifted Abby's legs up, resting them on his shoulders and guiding his dick into her tight, wet pussy, one inch at a time.
"Shit!" Abby said, her voice muffled by Andrew's cock in her mouth.
"Oh yeah," Corey moaned as he pushed deeper and deeper into that sweet pussy until he was sheathed fully inside the 18-year-old. "That's great pussy. So tight, just like Connor said."
Corey began to thrust back and forth, pumping in and out of Abby's tight, little body while Andrew did the same to Abby's mouth. The three of them moaned as they all had sex in that poorly lit breakroom instead of finishing their jobs and going home. Corey ran his hands up Abby's legs, holding them away from his chest now and far apart from each other as he watched his dick slide in and out of Abby's tight hole. Meanwhile, Andrew leaned forward and squeezed Abby's boobs while she continued to suck on his cock. By now, every reservation had fled for the young girl as she delighted in the feeling of pleasuring two cocks at once.
The boys continued to pound Abby at either end until Abby came. As she climaxed, Abby pulled away from Andrew's cock and said to Corey, "Keep going, keep going. Oh yes, I'm cumming! Make me cum on your big cock!"
"Oh yes!" Corey shouted, considering joining Abby in orgasm too. He then decided it would be more fun to save it for later, so he pulled out of Abby just as she finished her climax.
"Shit!" Abby said as she began to catch her breath. However, the boys didn't give her a break. Corey pulled Abby off the table, turned her around and bent her forward.
"Suck your juices off my big cock," he said to her. As Abby obediently sucked Corey's cock, Andrew stepped up behind the young lady and slipped his dick into her used pussy. Abby moaned around Corey's cock as Andrew's balls slapped against her clit. Once he was all the way inside Abby, Andrew slapped her ass.

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