Second Honeymoon – 4

Hi readers’ .this is the continuous part of second honeymoon 3 .I narrated in my last story till we reached the resort. Please find remaining. You cheater. Why didn’t u tell me?? She asked. Where he is. I enquired. I asked him to bring water .please come inside .I can’t fuck him any more .vishal please come. She requested me ok coming I said bhaskar took the key of his room & left.

I went to the room. Oh my god. Sunny was lying on bed on his back completely naked his erect tool was in his hand stroking it slowly & he was saying, “you bitch kept my dick waited for a week ,now it will tear your pussy baby, come enjoy my juice” .his facial expression spoke how he missed priya a lot. His dick was erect enough to reach a feet inside her tunnel. Priya sat on her knees on the bed within his reach. His two finger were working inside her cunt. She was top less as usual .she was rubbing her own boobs, squeezing nipples hard. Her erect nipples were being visible between her fingers. She turned red. Why don’t u understand honey? Please mmmm mmmmm leave me sunny I can’t do any more. I am fucked like anything. She was moaning & stroking his finger.

Hey friend you always come in wrong time, I thought I would do a feast with her flesh, please join your brother in law, please. He said to me.

No problem I will join bhaskar .you enjoy her love hole. Tonight she can take two dicks together in any of her hole. Such a rough fuck she has been getting since evening, I laughed. Yes I know, see her cunt it has become loose he started fingering her cunt hard. .so you people fucked her throughout the journey. Good. He said. We just misused her holes. I said. Yes sunny I can’t expect my hubby fucking me like that way. He tore my shirt even. Priya complained. Do you think there would be any difference if I were there? Sunny asked. priya paused for a while, looked at him & said , no darling you all are same. never waste any opportunity to fill my cunt. Sunny leave me now please. Sunny got up, sat in front of her on his knees .he raised her skirt to her waist slowly touching every mm of her hips. I could see his both hands were rubbing her ass chicks roughly. ‘no body can save you tonight from me, you whore, and I am going to cut your cunt’. His erect dick was just in front of her arse & tip of his dick was touching her bare pussy mount. His dick made her wet with his pre cum.

Please honey leave me now. Saying this she pushed her arse towards him. His straight hard dick found the way between her thighs. Though her ass was real big still I could see the tip of his dick between her milky white ass chicks. It touched her cunt lips & ass hole tightly .she pressed her thighs with each other & started rubbing her cunt on it. Priya hugged him in excitement .her naked boobs were pressed with his chest .he too shaved his body for the occasion. He pulled her ass chicks wide & started stroking in same position. It was making a nasty sound as their arse were clapping in every stroke. She hugged him tightly looking at his eyes. Her both boobs were jumping near his chest.

So you want me to leave you. He whispered looking at her eyes & smooching her lips…

She didn’t reply just pushed her arse again towards his crotch looking at his eyes seductively. Then said yes yeah yea aaaa…sunny .please don’t do it, please. She replied taking her lips close to his mouth. Ok ee y if you want that ,I won’t mind leaving you tonight but u know tomorrow all of our stuffs will fuck you one by one keeping your legs pointed to the ceiling at every corner of this hotel ,that’s the treat I want to give you here, tell me can u handle us all ? He became bit aggressive while saying this as he sucked her mouth three times while saying this, he bite her chin. Aaaaaaaaaaa. You bastard. Priya shouted & pushed him on the bed .he fall on his back. He remained in same position & whispered come let me eat your pussy. Priya again slapped on his thigh. Come on give it to me. He ordered again. She didn’t do that just jumped on his chest, lied on him & hugged him tightly.

No only you will fuck me. But leave me now, priya said & kissed his lips. She was so aroused that she even closed her eyes .no way. Saying this he then hold her chin & pour his tongue. They were sucking each other. It came to my mind that they were not going to finish it soon. Priya was just doing warm up saying all this. I said ok priya good night .I am leaving.

Wait, priya said & ran towards me holding her skirt on her hips. Sunny thought she was leaving .he hold her hips from her back & said hey, where are you going? Priya paused, went one step back, grinded her ass on his mouth & said I am going to give him good night kiss. Ok but don’t cheat me, saying this he bite her ass chicks .she moaned, and ooooo. Her huge boobs, thighs all were shinning in excitement. She stood in front of me. I gave a peck on her lips, pumped her boob gently .she darted my mouth. Vishal I will join you later… She whispered in my ear. She was in hurry to go back to him. I pulled her skirt out from her head leaving her hair spread on her face. Now she was complete naked. She stood straight in front of me keeping her slight thick skinny abs pulled inside .as a result her boobs were looking bigger you are looking a fucking bitch priya. Sunny I want you all fuck her like a rabbit this week. I shouted. Ok boss .I will obey your order. Ok good night. I was leaving the room taking her skirt in my hand .suddenly sunny shouted vishal leave her skirt here .I will wipe my dick with it if she does not get me dry with her tongue. Priya turned & said to him .you are truly a bastard. We laughed. Vishal give it to me .priya said & I gave that to her. She threw it from the window. Sunny I hope you stored all your semen for me then why to waste. I will take all inside me. She jumped on his dick. Again she was high. Priya is not a woman to say no to a dick if she likes it. She will suck & fuck it till it becomes hopeless for the time.

I locked the door & went out then thought to tease them or you can say interrupt them. I went again inside the same room in around two three minutes. By that time he was sitting at the edge of the bed ,priya lifted her big round shape fully fleshed leg on his shoulder .sunny wrapped his hands over her ass & with his all fingers spread her cunt lips wide, was sucking her clit. Priya had no work except moaning keeping her hands rested on his head. She was combing his hair. I entered again. they didn’t bother my presence, continued their hardcore action. Your bitch always feeds me other’s semen. He said to me& bite her cunt. Ouchhhhh. you deserve that. Just eat me. She cried & was fucking his mouth hard. He slide his one finger into her ass hole. She pressed her arse to his mouth to get best of his tongue. Then he took her clit with his teeth & started sucking. Priya pressed her cunt to his mouth as she want it to pour completely inside him. Aa aa mmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooo aah yes yes she was giving lengthy stroke & moaning. He took his mouth out. His face was drenched with her cum. He sucked it from his lips, chick with his tongue. He smiled looking at her while doing so as he liked her taste much. Priya too looked at him with her horny eyes. Her hair fall on her chicks. Her eyes became small & red. Greenish black spot on her skin surrounded her eyes. She too appreciated his suck. Sunny kissed her pussy lips hard for a while then again looked at her. She was just smiling looking at his eyes. He did it two three more times. Priya started groaning slowly & her skin was getting thick in excitement. Her lips too became thin. He hugged her tightly over her voluptuous ass. I went close to them & asked, will you mind if I join you people. No vishal not tonight please , he cried. Yes ,come vishal. Fuck my ass. She urged raising her hips for me.

She slapped her ass chick to arouse me. I hugged her from her back & cupped her boobs. Darling I have nothing left inside me. All you snatched in the car. I said, kissing her chick, neck. No, you have to fuck me. Ok help me to get it straight. My dick was already semi straight seeing them doing love making.. Sure, she said. I jumped on the bed on my back. Priya brought her leg down from his shoulder. She pushed him .he lied beside me. She then sat on his face in doggy style with her four hands & legs & said again, don’t stop sunny serve me. Sunny positioned his mouth between her thighs. She gave some long stroke to his mouth slowly. Sunny too moved his face to keep her cunt inside his mouth. You are good licker. She appreciated. She hold my hips ,unzipped my trouser ,and took my dick out in sec. She initially stroked with her hand. Even after several stroke it did not response as it should. Priya it won’t straight now. I laughed. It has to be. Saying this she ran her tongue over the tip of my cock. It responded immediately with it’s known test. Yes I did it. Priya shouted. Ok now suck me. I pushed her head again to my dick. She gave me a wicked look & started sucking. Sunny became little frustrated. Priya ,you have to pay for this ,I thought I would do it alone. He said. Priya laughed & she straighten her spine on his face. Now she sat on his mouth keeping her body completely vertical on him. She looked at him between her huge globes. I could see her whole pussy was inside his mouth. He kept his mouth wide open to eat her all. Priya smiled & .she loves to see her partner working hard under her between her thighs. She moved her hips to & fro. His mouth was fully wet with her juice. Sunny I am ready to pay anything for the sake of my hubby’s cock. She said naughtily to tease him. Sunny pushed his tongue inside her cunt. Then she threw her face back & moaned aaa aa oo mmm.

She was shaking her hips hard on his face. He had to struggle for breath. She did not stop, crashed her pelvis on his face. Sunny grabbed her both ass chicks with his strong grip & nailed her thick ass skin.. He was smashing her ass chicks. She was in heaven. She kept her elbows on the bed & was fucking his mouth hard. She started smashing her cunt then, mattress was very soft. She was looking wonderful in that action. It seemed she was only pushing her hips down & that mattress was pushing her up again. Her thighs were wide open . Sunny’s mouth never missed from her cunt as his face too started moving ups & down. alongwith her hips. the whole bed started sounding. She was moaning like animal. Yes yes aaa yes yes iiiiiii ooo o o o .sometimes she stopped & moved to & fro. That too were real lengthy stroke. Suddenly our phone rang. One gentleman from reception asked me to send sunny back. as he had some work & also said to minimize noises. It was disturbing others. Priya snatched the receiver from me & said in a very naughty tone. Hey who the hell is it? Yeah ,I know I am disturbing you people .try to understand me .I am riding one around eight inch dick. It stretched my cunt fullest. Another big one is fueling my asshole. I need one more dick badly for my mouth then only I could be silent. , please bring your dick soon. I promise I will lick it, suck it, bite it then I will fuck it hard till I make it empty . Next 2 hours your dick will be in my cave aa aa aahhh ah mm mmm sunny is too good. She was moaning over phone. We were helpless as priya was again in high. After some time sunny pushed her over his head to the front. He understood her needs. She lied on her stomach spreading her legs & hands wide. She was breathing heavy. Sunny fuck me yes fuck me . She was begging. Make me your slave. Do whatever you want to me, just pour your dick now. Her pinkish hips turned red because of his strong rub .her boobs were pressed on the bed. He sat in doggy style on top of her body. His erect pointed rod was hanging ,touching her ass .it was looking a feet long. He rubbed his tongue over her face making it wet with his saliva. He took his upper body down & pressed with her back & sucked her chick, chin, ear, shoulder .he was doing it very artistically as they were posing for three x video.

Don’t tease me any more, please give me your dick priya said lifting her hips to get his dick inside. You want me or I will leave you for your hubby, tell me he whispered. Sunny ,please I will die aah aaah please fuck me. She was crying. Vishal please tell him to fuck your wife. She lifted her hips ,took her one hand beneath her body, slide it between her thighs & extended it to grab his rod. It was so big then she was having trouble to hold it. She slowly guided it inside her cunt. He took it out again & strongly pressed his dick on his ass chick l I thought he would damage his dick in excitement. . I am going down, leaving you for vishal. Sunny I will come down & fuck you at the reception. Priya shouted again. She was not in sense at all. Ha ha we laughed seeing priya. she became his slave that time. He then took his dick with his one hand tried to put it inside her cunt. He was doing all in hurry. So missed target two times. He spread his legs over her huge thighs .he even started stroking from then, his dick going here & there. Finally priya raised her hips & he succeeded to fill her cunt with his rod. From the very first stroke he was in 100km per hour speed. his dick was in complete erection. A slight increase could rapture his tool ,such big it was. It entered priya’s slippery hole in second. Though it was perfect fit perfect inside her cunt & her cunt wall was stretched fully . She pressed her thighs to feel his dick much .he started fucking her like a dog. Fucking & fucking .priya was continuously moaning & saying all nasty thing to him, created the situation in the way so that she gets herself fucked like bitch. He was fucking like a bull .they were having problem in deep penetration in that position as her huge hips were obstructing. He one by one brought his legs between her legs. Now he was completely inside .the base of his dick was getting stuck her & making noise in each stroke. She too was lifting her hips to keep him deep inside for sometime in every thrust.

He wrapped her neck tightly with his one hand .with other hand he crushed her both boobs while sucking her neck & shoulder from the top. He was thrusting hard & hard. With every stroke their hips were moving around a feet ups & down. It seemed to me that he was pushing just abnormally inside her. She was being breathless & if he released his hand from her neck & shoulder she will be thrown a meter ahead. Such a force he was giving. Priya absorbed all his jerks keeping her eyes closed & moaned heavily. Aaa mm ah ah ah aaah yes yees aah aah ooo aah fuck me till I die yeah aah. Then he left her neck, slided his arms between her armpit & grabbed her head as she could be locked just under him.. His eight inch erect thick rod was coming out completely out with his every stroke. It was going in like a knife again. Priya was getting better & better that night. Probably she got the best of her life in just ten twelve hours. Her juice was dripping continuously. Their cum created a smell inside the room. She was moaning high & high. Oohh aaah sunny no body fucked me so oo hard till now, yes sunny I love it yes . She came twice under him .he too was moaning with his each stroke. He came after sometime darted her cunt with his thick semen. It came out & spread all over her ass, dripping from her thighs. His dick too was drenched with his white thick gum like semen she raised her head & turned to kiss him. He bite her lips hard salli you want your hubby’s dick.

I won’t leave you capable of getting any dick for a week. Tujhe toh sirf land chahiye le sali kitna legi.le le le le saying this he was stroking hard .you don’t know sunny how good your dick works inside me. Yeah yeah I need more sunny de tu kitna dega . De aur de dekh main kitna tujhe le sakti hoon . Do it .I can do anything for you. If you ask me to fuck your all friends .I will do. Just fuck me wild now, melt me with your hot rod .she replied. She was moaning & moaning. mm mm .she was crying I was speechless .listening all those prayer from my wife I became nervous. He took twenty minutes to fill her cunt with his thick, white cream. He slided his hand inside their arse, filled his hand with their cum mix & rubbed it on her face. Priya licked her chicks & chin to get wiped. He did the same again .this time he fed priya. His dick was still as hard as rock. He continued fucking her. Vishal leave her here for a month. Isko chodke truck bana denge. sali itni kaise chudwati hai?.sali tu sabko berahemi se chodti hai aaj teri phaar ta hoon.dekhte hain saali kitna raas hai.chooschoos ke piyenge. He was in heaven. Phhar do mujhe sunny aaah aah . Next half an our it was really a trouble for me to be on the bed ,they were so vigorous & careless .they licked their whole body, even he locked her mouth for 10minutes inside his mouth &pumped her. They came together. they fall on each other & was breathing like drowned in the water. They kissed for a while. Priya pushed him a side. then ride on me. She did in same speed with me snatching my last drop, left me panting. You can imagine the kind of fuck she is . Then she stopped. She went close to sunny, hold his arm with her both hand & said to him very satisfyingly, sunny trust me this one was the best in my life. Nobody fucked me so hard before. Isko thora sikhao yeah saari ladki ka chut phaar dega lekin mujhe is tarah nehi thokega. Sochta hai bibi mar jayegi ha ha ha. Again the phone rang ,the same guy asking us to remain quiet. This time I threw receiver to priya. Priya said, yes. Oh you have not come darling .I kept my thighs wide open in the air just to welcome you. Please come.

Fuck my cunt .sunny made it enough lubricated for you . You can smell it in my pussy I am dripping. You can bring some water .I will pour it over my body & cool down. He dropped the receiver. Priya laughed & said , hey sunny you wanted me to be fucked by these guys ha ha. Priya became mad. In just few minutes we heard a knock on the door .the door was unlocked. Priya shouted ,come in . Then we felt one gentle push on the door. Door was completely open. One good looking hunk of around 20 years was standing outside in a shorts & a banian. You are just on time. Priya looked at him top to bottom measuring his crotch. Priya immediately got up from the bed seductively walked to him .she was completely naked. He lost his control seeing us in that position & started shaking. Still some semen was stuck on her body, face. Priya took the jug from him. He shocked seeing priya. May be he could not believe his eyes. Priya hold his arm & said, I think you are virgin. He remained silent. He was much afraid. Don’t worry I will teach you. She grabbed his chicks & kissed him, as usual fed our semen to him. Abey tu bhaaag barna tera land phaar dega, sunny warned him. Don’t listen to him .he is jealous, you kneel down ,she ordered. Do it ,again she said. He obeyed her. She lifted her one leg over a chair nearby , grabbed his head with her both hand. Now her pussy is clear in front of his eyes. Some semen still was dripping from her pussy . She leaned forward slightly & asked took out your tongue. He did exactly same. Priya pushed her hips towards his face & rubbed her cunt over his tongue. Priya moaned. Oh my god. Lick me please .he then hold her inner thigh hesitatingly. Hold me wherever you like. He got little confidence.

Holding her thighs he started sucking her cunt. He was doing slowly looking at priya’s facial expression. Yeah, yes yes. you are doing right. Do it yeah aaa aaa .he increased pace. Priya started shaking her hips. She fucked his mouth well for some time. He licked her thighs, asshole ,chewed her cunt lips. Did wonderful job. There was no substandard. Priya was aroused fully. Her eyes became blunt. She was shaking keeping her hands in the air. He continued licking her with great patient took care of her every part. Priya pulled him to stand. He stood .then she started kissing his face wild, licked his neck, slowly unbutton his shirt. Me & sunny were just watching. Priya you did not want to fuck our staff. What happen now. Sunny you are a real bastard. You should have brought him along with you. Priya replied. He stood quietly .now priya started licking his chest, nipples, abs slowly ,twisting her tongue over his skin. He started moaning. Priya smiled looking at his eyes naughtily. Her big eyes continuously sending him a message how she was liking his test. Priya squeezed his dick over his pant. He moaned. Woaaa. He then took his hands down to push his short down .priya stopped him& said, I will do it for you. She hold his both hand pulled those to her naked huge, redden, well marked boobs .he grabbed with his both hand & started pressing softly. priya gave him another appreciating his action. Vishal I am going to take this guy home. I will love to ride this virgin dick day & night. She shouted. That guy didn’t stop his action. Priya pulled his head to her boobs. He immediately took one inside his mouth like orange .woao, great. She hugged his face. He licked her boobs one by one ,with his both hands, pumped hard & finally sucked those globes like baby . She was in heaven again. Then she pulled down his shorts & sat kneeling on the floor carpet. His dick was hard already. Priya hold it, measure it’s weight. Then she licked the base of his dick, rubbed her tongue in circular motion on his base. He became rock hard. Priya wiped his pre cum with her hand.

Then she licked the tip .he gave a stroke. It was in. She licked the skin well, pulled it to it’s base, she sucked all his pre cum. He was aroused well, started moaning & stroking .priya gather urgency. Immediately he took his dick inside her mouth & stated mouth fucking. Yeah yea aaah he moaned high & high. He couldn’t control anymore, he grabbed her head & started fucking her mouth faster .he completely pushed his dick inside her mouth. Aaah aaah he shivered ,had trouble to stand on his feet. He released his load deep inside her throat. I hope it hit her throat directly. She just sucked it. She hold it for few minutes inside her mouth. When she left it ,both his dick & her mouth was dry .one thing we had to appreciate his dick was as hard as it was before ejaculation. She was glad his size . She pushed him to dressing table. It was around three feet high as we get in the hotel room. He sat on it. Priya went close to him. Lifted her one leg outside of her arm. he slided that arm between her thigh & grabbed her ass chick. Priya grinded her hips twice in the air ,touching his dick with her pussy. He with other hand hold his dick & guided it into her love hole. It lost in second. Priya started stroking in same position. She wrapped her one hand over his shoulder other rested on his arm. Priya started fucking him.

They were doing it with great intimacy as they were enjoying every inch penetration. Her lips, boobs, chest were jumping near his mouth. He sucked whatever he wanted with his lips .he parted her cunt lip wide with his hand. They were kissing very frequently. Both of them were moaning but very slow. We could hear their breathing. They continued for 10 minutes. Then he lifted her other leg over the table, now she was fucking him sitting on his lap. Priya was doing same what she told over phone. They were rubbing their face with each others then locked their mouth inside each other. They were doing it too erotic. No hurry, no nasty talk only they were feeling each others skin & enjoying their intimacy. They did it for some more time. Then priya came down from the table. Locking each others hand. Priya then pulled him to a side, bent over the table .she kept her elbows over the table & spread the legs keeping her hips high in the air, then she turned her face & looked at him with inviting eyes & said, mmm fuck me ,give me your full length . He pulled her ass chicks apart & rubbed his dick on her ass , then took his big dick inside her cunt .her boobs were hanging over the table. she appreciated, yesss. After some stroke he bent & hold her one thigh & spread it more. He spread his hands to grab her boobs. This time he was little faster. Priya too pushed her hips back to meet his thrust. After some stroke priya turned back, knelt down & sucked his dick to lubricate it.

Again she turned back to same position. He fucked her hard this time . Priya started moaning high aaah aaah aaye oh oh oh oh throwing her head .her hair was hanging on her face. He inserted one finger inside her asshole. It gave her immense pleasure. She lost in ecstasy . They did it few more time. With their every position priya came. Then she straighten herself ,came towards the bed, ask sunny to give space. Sunny did so. Then she lied on her back & spread her legs in the air. He followed her to the bed. Now he pushed his dick inside her cunt while standing. priya hold her neck &pulled him. She raised her head to kiss him passionately.. He too grabbed her tightly & sucked her mouth completely. Priya was loosing control on herself as surrendering to him slowly. this time they were fastest. They both fucked each other & in five minutes he spread his cum inside her cunt. They moaned high & high. Finally he collapsed on her. She kissed him passionately. She lied hugging him for some time. That was too much for me for the day. I took my dress & said good bye to them. That guy too left with me.

I locked it & joined bhaskar. Next half an hour we were awake because of their animal like moaning . Aa aaa aaa sunny aaa ya ya m fuck me ouch aaaa ; mmmmmmm ya ya do it yes yes yes yes yes uuuu suck it ,aaaa eat me ya ya ya nnnnnnnnnn nnnn

Sometime we heard the sound of shower .may be he took her beneath the shower .it was sure sunny stored all his semen only to release inside her. After that we heard the sound of cracking bed, high moan, slap etc etc. They were so vigorous. It was 5am in the morning . I slept.

We slept till 1.00 pm .sunny called our room & asked to come for launch.

I got up took an hour to freshen up & went down to restaurant found priya sat on sunny’s lap. Sunny was giving the detail of the view from window. I said, hiii. Priya smiled back & came close to me hugged me & said. Hiii you sleep too much darling . She was in black jeans & a white top ,hanging by two strip from her shoulder .it was a thin material .her bra lines were visible too. Her breast was half naked. She kept her boobs little close to each other to get perfect outlook .I felt her boobs became two more inch larger because of last night’s action. It was looking huge & voluptuous trust me I never saw her boobs so big. Even I was shocked to see those .god knows what kind of treatment she got last night. We started having lunch. Sunny was there to take extra care of us. Priya was in high mood .she was praising every dish may be she tried to mean some different dish.

Food is tasty here .I also nodded my head as it was really good. I asked sunny how was your dinner last night. He was standing just beside her. She is tasty man . I sucked her cunt for almost half an hour. He replied while caressing her hair.we heard your moaning . I laughed. I enquired about bhaskar. By that time he had had the food & went nearby. Sunny I am going to myanmar for a month. You keep priya with you. I was checking their desire. No vishal he will have me everyday in breakfast, lunch & dinner. Priya said. Ok vishal, yu can leave her here. He was excited. Both of them had gone red to hear this. Priya became little shy & said. May be i will have to survive on his dick only. Me on your pussy . He finished .she is wonderful . Where from have you got this bitch. She is perfect fuck. Knows each & every erotic zone of my body . May be by mistake she became your wife. She has to be with me. One thing i have to appreciate that she is not going to leave you as long as she left your testicles dry. She is the woman who always makes the last stroke. Priya turned red. He came close her ,stood just beside her. She bit his dick over his pant. I like to have this .she smiled. Sunny your tool knows how to get me on. Priya said. Some drops of dal got stuck to his pant. She cleaned it with a napkin rubbing his dick hard.

It was 3.30 pm we finished launch. We went close to window to get the view of nature. It was wonderful. I was lost in the scene. Suddenly i heard a noise. Ouch .i looked at side found he was slapping on her round shape big ass over her jeans. That jeans was tight low cut & enough to expose her shapes properly. She does have trouble to put this jeans on. He bent to her ass & bite it. He was very much fond of her ass. You like it sunny? I asked. He did not answer my foolish question as almost every man die to dig into her ass. He was little confused what to do with her ass as he was biting ,slapping, chewing ,pinching trying to do everything there. I asked, sunny will you please get this fucking jeans off for me ? Priya turned to face him . Pushed him to a chair. Sat on his lap keeping her legs to his both sides . She unhook two three button of his shirt & licked his neck, chest. Suddenly one lady aged between 25-27 came inside the restaurant. She was in formal blue colored saree .kept her hair open ,hanging on her shoulder .she was not as fair as priya but her skin was glorious & she is beautiful. She would be few inch taller than priya. Of course in looks i could rate her same like priya. She was having a great body.

She smiled looking at me & said how are you doing sir, is everything all right? I did not reply ,just gazing her length & diameter. She is damn sexy. She kept her saree few inch below from her navel. Skin of her stomach is little fatty . Her blouse too was much revealing. It ends just at the bottom of her breast. Her navel was deep enough.she arranged her saree tight on her hips & thighs. It could be possible to measure her from it .her cleavage is also was open .she is having a mole on her right chest.overall she was looking amazing. This is sandhya ,our receptionist. Sunny introduced. Ohhh ya this is vishal. I replied. Frankly speaking i was lost in her body. It came to my nasty mind this could be another item to be used roughly. This is a lovely place .we are enjoying a lot. It’s a great refreshment. I replied eyeing her assets. Yes sunny was saying about you people. She said & looked at priya. This is priya . Sunny said. They shook hand. Madam hope you are enjoying a lot. Priya just smiled. Last night we could not sleep because of you people .ha ha sandhya cracked. Priya stood & slap on sunny’s back & said, ask him he is the culprit. Anyway i don’t think you are having more guest right now so why don’t you join us & have fun? I requested. I will try. She said looking at me & left. She is sexy , just bomb, arrange our meet sunny. I requested. Not today. You will get chance tomorrow only .your brother in law booked her, he said.

Again they started playing . I was standing leaning on window facing them as for me their action was more beautiful. He continued slapping, biting her hips. She was enjoying it fully. She was standing facing me near him. She pushed her hips on him. He was caring all her back then. I want you to get this bitch naked here. I said seeing her. Priya looked at me wickedly. Ok. He said & stood. No sunny, no don’t listen to him. She cried. I then went out to look for the receptionist & found her in the reception. I chatted with her for around half an hour.most of the time i just appreciated her boobs & butts. She gonna red listen to all . After few minutes priya came out of the resturant & went upstair. Sunny was still inside the restaurant. I went to restaurant again saw sunny & a guy was sitting facing each other. I asked what happened? Sunny replied, vishal see my friend .he is raju, yahanki bawarchi sala, went home, came this morning. We shook our hand. She is his wife. Sunny said. Oh you are that lucky man. I think you hardly get any chance to put on clothes when your wife is around. He said in single breath. What?i asked. Yes .he replied. Kahan se mila tumko yeah. Hum toh usko abhi nanga karne wale the lekin yeah bhaga diya. Vishal tu kuch bhi le le ekbar uski gnaar maarne de. Mere baap bhi aisa ladki kabhi nehi thoka hoga. Uski gnaaar dekha ? Saali ko ulta sulake, gnaar mein makkhan laagake chodenge he was behaving like street boy & became very impatience. I thought to blow him right there & break his teeth but but but he sounded crazy for her. Sunny laughed seeing at me as he did same last night to her what raju planned to do to her. . Sunny tried to get him cool.

That was the toughest job for him. Sunny said, raju don’t say all this about bhabhijee ,she is very nice woman . I know. Tu chup ho ja be. Ekbaar agar main apna lund kholke saamne raakh du oh apna kapra phaarke sidha ghoosa legi. He was much raw. Are you sure? I asked. Main aapni lund ki kasam deke bol sakta hoon jo koi bhi isko chodne ke liye kuch bhi karega. Aur akele main yeah jisko bhi mili woh iski boor mein pani bharke hi chora. Nehi yaar she is not like that i know my wife. I said laughingly. Impossible i can bet. He was confident .yeah itna chodwayegi, itna chodwagi ke lund phaar ke hi choregi. Ok let’s call her . Sunny tried to go .i stopped him as i knew he won’t allow priya to sit on raju’s dick. I asked receptionist to send her. She came in half an hour .she changed her dress. She was wearing a red boot cut trouser which was stuck to her skin & giving all details of her shape & one white see through white full sleeve shirt with red designer cut bra. Her cleavage could be seen well. You can justify her as top less in this. She wore high make up with red lipstick & glossy. I thought to fuck her then only. She was horny too as she got information that we were waiting for her. She dressed herself to get all the dick hard as early as possible. Hello she greeted. Hiii. Sunny greeted.her too she sat beside sunny as raju was beside me. We ordered for beer. Bhabhijee are you angry with me? He asked. Why? Priya too asked. I tore your jeans. No i shouldn’t have done like this too is tough to control seeing you in that dress.i thought it was too sexy for you so tried to take it off.

What a apologize. It’s ok. Priya said. But you are sexy. He said again. I heard this number of time. Priya smiled .you heard only or got reward immediately, i mean you must have got hard too. He added . Priya turned red. She looked at his eyes. He too seductively looked at her eyes. Priya licked her lips.perfect lipsformy dick. Vishal i was right. Your wife is going to ride my dick tonight. He whispered in my ears. I don’t think. I said. Bhabhijee your dressing style is good. Where from do you get your clothes. Is it readymade? No one tailor is there who knows my size well . Priya replied naughtily. Better than your hubby. He asked seeing her boobs. She noticed that & pushed her boob towards him. My hubby can’t make my clothes .priya said. He can only take off .he smiled. Priya smiled too. But bhabhijee one thing you tell me how does he makes your dress so perfectly fit. He asked again.

Can you just stand up. I will show you how tough is his job. He added again.

Ok. Priya said & stood .now she was exhibiting her semi naked body to us. See sunny all the stitch is just at perfect place. How perfectly it is stuck to her skin. Raju narrated all this. Priya sat again. I just bought the cloth piece & throw it to him. Impossible, you throw your body too. Other wise one can’t be so perfect. I shocked how he was saying all this. He was right as that tailor calls her only in the afternoon fucks her hard before getting her measurement when nobody is around & once i accompanied her to that shop found priya was with him in the trial room almost for an hour & came outside in only her high heel holding her dress over her brests that tailor never minds to squeeze her breast even in front of me. You know, he is master of my body & can make my dress even keeping his eyes closed. Priya was teasing him too. I think you must be aware of your tailor’s size too. He couldn’t control any more. Priya listened & laughed. Sunny was also aroused as priya was constantly rubbing his thigh with her.

Raju your tongue is too bad. Priya passed her opinion.

May be but it works excellent between thighs. He was much arrogant. Priya seductively looked at him. Now sunny started rubbing her slowly. Raju noticed that. Just to do a better show off priya wrapped her hand over sunny’s shoulder & said ,sunny take me to market ,i will buy some goods. Let’s go now. Sunny said . Let’s go in the evening . Priya said & hugged his arm. Sunny gave a squeeze on her boob with his elbow. Priya gave him a wicked look. Daba na hai toh acchi tarah pakar ke daba.he advised to sunny. Priya again asked ,what? She was pretending to unaware what they were talking about. Raju picked up one chicken piece & asked, vishal you are experienced ,tell me isko kaise khane main maja hai. Priya looked at him with her doubtful eyes. Kaise bhi kha bhar pura maja hai. I replied smilingly seeing her. Humen ulta karke khane mein jada maja aata hai. Sunny gave his opinion. Tu bhi khaya kya. Raju asked sunny. Kyun nahi khaye ga jab bhi dekha isko yeh khata hi rehta hai. Priya said very innocently. Bhabhijee i am not talking about chicken. Raju smiled. Let’s sit on couch. Bhabhijee may have problem sitting there. Raju said showing a couch at the corner. We agreed & went there. Priya sat on it & bounced twice to check it’s softness. It is soft.

Priya said. Is mein maja aayega kya bhabhijee? Raju was trying hard. Priya again bounced on it & said, yes. This time too our sitting arrangement was same. Raju, beside me & sunny, beside her. How long do you know sunny? Raju asked keenly. Since a month, may be less. Priya replied. Priya’s hand was still on sunny’s shoulder. Bhabhijee you know sunny is very popular in married ladies circle . Raju said . Why? Priya asked turning her face to sunny. How do i know? Ask him .raju said again. Sunny ,why do they like you? Priya asked naughtily. Bhabhijee ,aap bhi sune use pasand kari ho? Raju then asked showing a bad signal with his hand. Priya immediately spread her legs wide & lifted her hips .her trouser was tightly stuck to her pussy mount. Raju just imitate her. She looked at his crotch. Kya pasand aaya. He asked. I don’t want to discuss all this bullshit. Let’s go for walk. Priya told us. Raju said, ‘ok let’s go for boating . We do have one lake nearby . Boats are available there’. ‘that’s good. Let’s go. But i won’t paddle. She happily said. Wait ,i will put on a over coat’. She said & left for the room. You are looking gorgeous in it. Sunny shouted. No i need it. She ran to the lift . She put on one white long jacket kept her buttons open & also a sunglass which was of a white frame. She was looking damn nasty fuck in those. She applied some lipstick again. We reached to the lake. As usual because of weekday & far from the city we couldn’t found anyone apart from the guard & staff. We hired two peddle boats of two seats. Priya sat with me & raju was accompanied by frustrated sunny. They were not at all happy . It was big lake. We started moving.

They were following us like hungry wolf. They were spreading water on us. We were also doing so. We were enjoying a lot. But raju was constantly teasing her. Me too didn’t loose any chance to squeeze her boobs. She became the toy for us .they stuck their boat with ours & asked priya to change the boat. Priya was afraid & said, no i can’t do. I will hold you come on. He was insisting her. Finally i said priya to go & helped her to go to their boat. It was decided that sunny would come to my boat. He didn’t come then .he pulled priya on his lap .priya too fall on him. She pressed hard on his dick. But their boat got dis balanced. Finally sunny had to come. Now raju was in heaven getting priya beside him. He was trying to go far from us . We were also following them. We reached to opposite corner. That was too far from where we got in . We were joking with each other. Priya was laughing high. Sunny paddled our boat close to their boat & hold priya’s head. He kissed her. No sunny don’t do it. Priya pushed him as may be she was thinking of some other thing. Raju ,let’s go to that side we won’t stay with these bad boys. Priya said. They started boating to another direction. We followed them but from a distance. Raju looked at us. Sunny signaled him to press her boobs. He lifted his hand ,spread it over her shoulder & pulled her close to him. She too leaned on his chest with her back. With the other hand he hold her chin & tried to kiss her she refused. He tried again after some time.

Again she refused. He then crossed his hand & inserted his hand between her armpit. He started pressing her boob. She was ashamed first. Finally she had to surrender . He was pressing her hard & hard ,squeezing her nipples. Vishal, see what he is doing. We were not far from them .priya was still wearing her overcoat. Now raju started licking her back, navel, hips with his finger. Priya was just laughing high. She was enjoying. Sunny ask him to unbutton her shirt. I whispered. Priya was looking at some other thing & sunny signaled raju to unbutton her shirt. That time our boat was just infront of their boat. Raju unhook her two button in a fraction. He did so fast that priya couldn’t stop him. Her red bra was visible.we started boating towards opposite direction. They went straight to a corner where nobody could see them. It was to far too. They frequently looked back to check us. We were far then. He wrapped his one hand on her shoulder. She was still in her overcoat. We were frustrated & thought to chess them again as they were doing nothing. We saw very frequently priya was bending & we could not even see her head. After half an hour they came back to us. They were still laughing & were very happy. They came very close to our boat. Raju was laughing high.

He said ,vishal want to see something? I asked ,what ? No raju no priya was shy. She hide her face with her hand. Raju immediately unzipped his pant .he was in white underwear. Oh my god. His dick, underwear all were red with her lipstick. She sucked you. Sunny was surprised too. She sucked my cum like butter. Raju said with satisfyingly. He was too happy. No i didn’t do it. Priya was shying. Tera bibi mera lund dekhke bol rahi thi. Raju took it inside otherwise i will tear my own trouser. No he rubbed his finger over my lips & put lipstick there. Priya said. Is it? Saying this he started shaking his dick. It was semi erect then. Piya was watching it’s growth. She couldn’t control any more. She slowly extended her hand ,hold his dick with her two finger & started pushing it’s skin down. It became a bull’s dick with her touch. I was shocked too as his thin body doesn’t match his tall, thick & voluptuous dick. It was looking odd. But priya’s face said different. She immediately bent & licked the tip of it ,then sucked it for 20-30second. It was it’s full size. Vishal i think whenever you give a dick in her hand immediately she took it in her mouth. Raju said. Yes .i like to suck .she was much happy then.

She was sucking him hard. Raju hold her waist. She too gave him some room for his action. He unbuttoned her pant then unzipped. He slid his mid finger inside her panty & started licking her cunt. Priya started breathing heavily. She was continuously holding his dick & sucking occasionally bending on him. His dick was rock hard .she unbuttoned her shirt. Raju pulled her bra up to release her boobs. Her mounts started hanging. He grabbed one by one & squeezed . He hugged her & took her boobs in his mouth .he sucked her boobs ,licked it, chewed nipples .took almost her full size in his mouth. He sucked one by one for almost for 15minutes. Our dick was high seeing this new scene. We were fully erect then. Priya does have strong sensation in her boobs. She feels orgasm if someone pump & suck it well. She was moaning high. Aah aah mm mm .her facial expression was changed again in excitement & pleasure. She crushed her chest with his face. She was even pumping her free boob & guiding him what she wants. Her over coat was still on. He released her. She turned to me & smiled then arranged her hair& made a knot. Again she started sucking his dick. His pre cum was oozing fromhis dick. Priya sucked it drenched his dick with her saliva. He lifted her hips from the seat & pulled her pant .it stuck in her knees. She then slipped it out from her legs. Her panty too was hanging near her knee. He pour two finger inside her cunt & started finger fucking.

Till then another two three boat could be seen in that lake . He was fucking her hard with his aaa aaaa mmm kya bhabhijee chudwana hai. Raju asked. Priya said haan. Aabhi kaise tumko chode bolo bhabhijee aur aadmi aa gaya. He teased her. I don’t know .you have to fuck me here. She said. Seeing her impatience he started putting one more finger inside her & said yeh thik hai. No only one finger. Priya said. He inserted his mid finger fully & with other finger he was licking her clit. Priya was aroused .yes yes. He looked at her smilingly .he was shocked seeing her crazy. Priya too looked at him .still she was holding his dick & raju’s finger was inside her cunt. Raju took his finger out & sucked it dry. Bhabhijee aap bahut hi tasty ho. Raju said naughtily. Raju fuck me please .she again bent & tried best to keep his dick fully erect. Aapko istarah lake mein koi choda. He asked. Priya pointed her finger towards me. Now priya became restless. Slowly it was getting dark. We decided to go to same corner where priya tasted his dick first. That was bad decision as already two three boat occupied the space. Till then almost all the boat started floating . It was crowded then .finally raju suggested to come back to the corner where all the boats were parked. We could see people were walking or sitting on the park. But the light was not sufficient where we were there & some bamboo fence was there .so no body could see us. Priya still was holding his dick & stroking. His finger was too in her hole. We came near the fence. Priya opened her panty in a sec as she decided to ride on him. She put her panty in his shirt pocket & said keep it there otherwise it will get lost. He stunted seeing her intelligent. Aap bahut hi experienced ho bhabhijee. He said in naughty tone. Haan jee college main jab parta tha, bahut diwana mereko nalbon mein le jaake thoka tha. She said in very aggressive tone. He lied on that two chairs on his back .priya lifted her one leg & spread. We were watching them from close. They didn’t bother about us ,lost in each other .priya slid her one leg between the gap of two we know in these types of boat seats are joined only with two rods .now he was lied & priya ride on him. From the back it was tough to realize she is naked because of her long coat. It covered her back completely but raju can enjoy her complete naked flesh from the front. She hold his dick & slid it inside her pussy. Ouch. It is dry. Priya shouted.

She lifted her hips & bent fully & sucked his dick to make it wet. She put enough saliva on his dick. Again she inserted it. This time another problem arised . As he took out his dick between the zip hole of his pant they were having problem in deep penetration.his underwear is obstructing between them oh god. Priya shouted. Raju immediately unfasten his belt, unbuttoned his pant & pushed his pant towards his thigh . Now priya could penetrate completely. She moaned immediately.aaah .she gave himtwo stroke & they found they were being floated with current of the water & they were going towards the sides where people could see them. Shit. Priya shouted. Again they stopped .now they were confused what to do. Priya was still on him. Raju got a idea. He paddled their boat to the fence. He hold the fence with his one hand & with other hand he pulled her face & kissed her lips. Priya understood that everything was all right then. She too kissed her priya started fucking him. They looked at each others eyes. Priya increased her speed slowly. She hugged him tightly. His one hand was on her hips. We could neither see his dick nor her pussy. Only her hanging boobs could be seen from we were very close to them we saw her naked pinkish voluptuous thigh .she was looking sex god in that white light. It was really tough to control for us. Priya fucked her hard,rubbing her arse on his pelvis. She was grinding on him. He looked at his eyes & was just smiling. He was doing everything to give her ultimate satisfaction.

Kept his pelvis high for full penetration. She fucked her for around 10 minutes. Rabi started breathing hevily. He came inside her .as he was having orgasm & grinding under her. Priya too started feeling sentation much. She increased her speed far more. It seemed to him that his dick may come out so he lifted her overcoat on her waist & grabbed her ass. Then we saw her big round shape white ass jumping on his crotch. His arm was resting on her thigh. He too started stroking to get his dick inside when she was stroking out. After one or two minutes priya too started breathing heavy. She came intense. Then they stopped. Priya kissed his lips & said, thanks. He looked at her & smile. She then took out her panty from her pocket .raju too left one chair for her. She sat & dressed herself. They hugged each other till they were in the boat. When we came out. Raju’s off white trouser was drenched with her juice. He hide it with his long shirt. We got into the car .priya sat beside me. He kissed immediately after entering into the car. Raju was satisfied too. He was speaking in high volume. Bhabhijee aap mast maal ho. He said. Priya looked at me & smile. Mera kya pasand laga tumhe. She asked. Saali aag ho aap aap koi ekbar chod le oh sala lund pakarke jindegi bhar aapki sapna dekhega. He passed. Sunny tere bas ki nahi usko chodna. Tu andar kho jayega. He said to sunny. Raju don’t say this. He is my darling. He is one of few people who knows how to tear me. Priya opposed immediately. Aarey tu bhi chod liya.raju was shocked. He fucked me in disco first .then last night. Priya even narrated how he fucked her. How much does his dick fill her cunt. How she feels when she was riding him. Sunny licked her ear, chick from the back. She was moaning.

Bhabhijee aapko bandh kamre thokne sejada maja hai khula aasman ke niche thokna. Raju shouted. Raju tum mujhe bhabhijee bhi bolte ho aur mera chut bhi phaar te ho. I like that.priya said smilingly. Ha ha bhabhijee aap hum tino ko ek saath le sakti ho? Raju asked again. She looked back & nodded her head. The road was empty & completely dark. We were again in the jungle.that road even was not main road. There was least chance to get someone there. I stopped the car & switched off all the light. Priya asked what happened? Look at them. I said to priya. Priya switched on room light & saw back. Oh my god. Vishal i love you she hugged me & kissed my lip.she was happy to see them naked at back seat. We planned to fuck her together immediately after coming out of boat. I switch off room light & switch on head light. Sunny went out & came in front of our car .he was clearly visible .he hold his dick in his hand & was shaking showing it to priya. Priya took her head out from the window & shouted show me your ass. He turned & shake his ass. Then raju went out & stood beside him. He too did what sunny had done. I am in heaven. This is the best week in my life. Priya was thrilled. They hold their dicks & were asking priya to come out. You people are too may rupture me. Priya was teasing them. Bhabhijee aao ji natak nahi karo aapni lund phaat jayega aur aap chodti rehe jaogi . Raju shouted. Priya slowly went out of the car walked towards them. Now all three were clearly visible. Bhabhijee aapki gift. Raju said giving his dick to her hand. Priya hold it, squeezed &left. She then walked to sunny & did same .then she walked away with smiling eyes. Both followed her & stood in front of her. They kissed her one by one & darted her mouth. Priya wiped her lips with her tongue. They were looking like tigers & tigress arousing each other. Sunny took her overcoat out.

We spent a fantastic week there. We will remember it long. This is almost a month priya didn’t fuck anybody apart from me. Now she went to kolkata & i heard sunny too was there. I find her cell engaged in every morning & afternoon & her cell gets switch off in every evening. May be one more story is waiting.

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