Secrets Untold Ch. 05

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***Author's Note: Well it has been years and I have finally come around to this story. I am not sure if it will be continued but if so this ends on a positive note. Positive feedback is always appreciated. I will try to check all PMs if anyone has anything extra to share or prefers private reviews/comments! Thank You and Enjoy!***
It had been hours and Rachel still hadn't returned. Drinking the last of my third glass of whiskey, I looked up at the clock on the mantel, 2:12am.
After Rachel left Grams fled the study with whispered apologies. I hadn't seen her since as she stayed locked in her room. What have I done?
I visualized every possible outcome to how things would go when Rachel came home. Will she leave me and take the kids? Will she yell at me and call me sick for taking advantage of Grams? Would she come home at all?
Every possible outcome drove me to another glass of whiskey and before I knew it I fell asleep on the couch.
The slamming of a car door jolted me awake. Heading for the front door I saw Crystal with her arm around Rachel's waist. As soon as she saw me she breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God! I love your wife but boy can she drink."
"Oh, pleassse," Rachel slurred "it was j-just a few *hiccup* drinks." Lifting herself from the passenger seat she pulled away from Crystal.
Making her way to the stairs she reached to grab the railing but tripped. Reaching around her, I quickly scooped her into my arms before she could fall. Rachel immediately tried to get down.
"Put me down!" She started to hit my chest.
Climbing the porch steps I set her on her feet. Looking into Rachel's eyes I held her arms to her sides.
"Rachel, please… I just-"
"Just don't!" Rachel moved out of my arms and into the house.
Crystal let out a low whistle behind me, "Well, that went well."
"Turning back to Crystal I walked her back to her car. "Thanks for getting her home safe Crystal."
She shook her head and let out a chuckle. "Hey, what are friends for?" Jumping in her car she lowered the window. "Your grandfather was important to both of you and I know this is hard. If having a girl's night drinking helps, I'm always here."
Looking back toward the house and back to Crystal I sighed. "She didn't happen to talk to you about why she was upset, did she?"
Crystal shook her head and sighed, "You know Rachel, she's an onion. You got to peal one layer at a time."
Biting her lip Crystal looked back at the house and took a breath. "Listen, whatever it is, I'm here for you guys. She's worried about your Grams but she's also worried about you, you know. The most she said tonight was that she felt like you weren't coming to her for help. Just talk to her! You two have always known each other inside and out, No can tell when something isn't being talked about better than you two."
"I know-"
"No, you don't!" Crystal sighed. "She's upset as hell and I couldn't get her to talk Michael!"
I sighed and shook my head, "Your right. I'll talk to her Crystal, I promise."
"Good, now get some sleep. You like as much shit as she did earlier." Crystal chuckled.
Walking back to the porch I waved Crystal off and stepped inside. Locking everything up I looked again at the mantel clock, 4:47am. Well I guess I should try to get some sleep.
Walking up the stairs I picked up Rachel's discarded shoes as I went. Stepping into my old bedroom I saw the bathroom light on and could hear the shower.
Rachel threw her clothes on the bed so I moved them to the hamper. Walking up to the bathroom door I rested my head against it.
Listening closely I could hear sniffling. Trying the knob I thanked the stars she didn't lock it. As I stepped inside, Rachel was sitting on the floor of the shower. Quickly and quietly undressing I opened the shower door slowly.
Looking up from the drain Rachel's eyes met mine. They were red and full f so much emotion that I couldn't help but pick her up in my arms.
Expecting her to hit me again or at least push me away, I was surprised when she wrapped her arms around my neck and allowed me to wrap my arms around her waist pulling her close. I placed light kisses all over her face slowly, "I'm so sorry lil sis. I never meant to hurt you, I-"
Reaching up Rachel gently set her fingertips on my lips, "Shhh, I know…"
Looking into her eyes I brushed my fingers through her wet hair. Slowly our lips came together in a gentle kiss that built quickly into a desperate need. Pulling back I ran my hands down the sides of her neck and kissed her forehead.
As we stood there holding each other the water began to cool. Turning off the water I led Rachel out of the shower. Taking a towel of the rack I slowly dried Rachel's body. Working my way down I kneeled in front of her and kissed every spot as it became dry.
Running her through my hair Rachel pulled me up to kiss her sweetly. No words were spoken as we dressed and climbed into bed.
Pulling her close to rest against my side I kissed her head lightly. Lifting her head she kissed me sweetly.
"Tomorrow we will talk, ok?"
Nodding my head I held her close and we both fell asleep.
As the sun begun to peek through the windows I felt Rachel fingers caressing my chest and abs. Opening my eyes slowly as I ran my fingers through her hair she looked up at me.
Looking into each other's eyes we sighed together. Running her hand to my cheek I could see the wheels turning in her head. Pulling her hand to my lips I kissed her palm gently.
Closing her eyes slowly she barely whispered, "How long?"
"Since the funeral…" Rachel opened her eyes as I reached into the nightstand drawer. Pulling the picture out, I handed it to her. "There was more to the story."
Rachel sat up holding the picture and flipped it over reading the writing. "What- How is this-"
"Grams is Beth and Grandpa was William from the story. After the funeral I found this and asked Grams. She told me the truth and-"
"And then you two started fooling around?!"
"No! Well, yes… It's hard to explain…" I sighed.
Rachel pulled away as I tried to pull her closer to me. "Well then explain!"
"Rachel, I-"Suddenly a knock came at the door. Both of us froze and the knock came again.
Looking to Rachel I slowly moved to open the door. Grams stood in her robe with her arms crossed. Standing there in my pajama bottoms I simply stared at her as she stood waiting. "Michael, move."
Seeing Grams meant business I stepped aside and let her in. As she came in she went to Rachel and handed her a journal. Before Rachel could say a word Grams held up her hand to stop her. "Read it. I understand that you're hurt and have questions but Michael doesn't have all the answers."
Taking a deep breath Grams turned to me and began to leave but spoke to Rachel softly, "You are very lucky." She looked into Rachel's eyes. "If you hate me or want to leave I understand but know that I love you both and this was my fault not Michael's."
Stepping toward Grams I went to speak but again she put her hand up. "No, Michael… The children are eating breakfast and watching TV. I'm going out for a bit. There are a few things I need to take care of for the house and bills. When I get back we can talk if that's what you wish, ALL of us."
As Grams walked out of my bedroom Rachel sat on the edge of the bed holding the book. Opening the front cover she gasped, "Oh my god."
"What is it?" Moving to sit beside her I looked over her shoulder.
"It's Grams journal." Flipping through the pages I noticed the dates ranged over the years.
"Look at the dates." Pointing to a few as we flipped several pages at a time. "She's been writing in this over all these years."
Rachel flipped to the end and noticed the last entry was just a couple of days ago. "She must have been keeping it updated over the years. Why would she give this to me?" Looking into my eyes I could see tears begin to form.
Shaking my head I sighed, "I don't know but… I'm going to check on the kids. You should read through it, she gave it to you." Kissing her forehead I stood up to get dressed.
"Michael," Rachel spoke softly. "I-"
"Read it first Rachel. We will all talk when Grams gets back, ok?"
Nodding her head she set back and opened the book from the beginning. After getting dressed I went downstairs to find the kids watching cartoons.
"Morning Dad." Mikey said.
"Hey bud, how'd you sleep?" Sitting down near Rebecca looking down at her drawing that she was coloring.
"Pretty good. Grams made us pancakes!" He said excitedly.
"Great. Would you two like to head out to the lake?"
"Yeah!" Yelled Rebecca and Mikey.
Chuckling I shook my head and followed them to the porch. After tying Mikey's loose laces we were off.
The kids ran around playing tag, skipping stones and playing with the tadpoles swimming between their toes. As the afternoon settled in I began to wonder how Rachel was. Looking back to the house I saw Grams pull up.
As soon as Rebecca saw her she was off like a bullet. Grams stepped out of the car dressed in her usual jeans and a long sleeve V-neck purple shirt. Grams laughed as Rebecca wrapped around one of her legs for a hug.
Lifting Mikey on my shoulder we walked over. I leaned him down to give her a kiss on the cheek and as he jumped off to give her a big hug I couldn't help but notice how it pushed her shirt down just enough to see a peek of her sheer tan colored bra.
Passing by Grams gave my hand a gentle squeeze before asking me to get the bags from her car for her. Opening the trunk I grabbing the groceries and followed them into the house. Moving into the kitchen I placed the groceries on the table and noticed Rachel already making lunch in a big pot on the stove. She dressed simply in a pair of black jeans and a fitted V-neck short sleeved shirt.
Resting my hands on her shoulders she let out a shuddered breath. I slowly ran hands down her arms and turned her to face me. Looking up from my chest I could see the light tears in her reddened eyes. "I'm so sorry…" I whispered as I kissed her tears away.
Placing her hands behind my neck she pulled me down for a gentle kiss. "It's ok… It will all be alright."
As we eased apart Mikey and Rebecca came running into the kitchen. Quickly pulling them to the table they helped me put way the groceries as Grams came into the room.
Rachel turned and looked at her. Grams smiled sadly and began to walk away but Rachel quickly grabbed her hand. Pulling her toward the stove she handed Grams the spoon and cleared her throat.
"It's missing something… what do you think?"
Grams smiled softly and tasted the stew. Moving to her spice rack she grabbed the dried oregano and dashed some into it. "Now try?" Holding the spoon up to Rachel, she tasted it again.
Smiling softly Rachel nodded, "Perfect, thank you."
As the day passed a blanket of comfort eased over the tension after that. The children played games with us after lunch and we all eventually settled in for a movie together.
Sitting on the couch with Rachel I began to trace patterns on her shoulder as she rested against me. Both the kids were lying in front of the TV while Grams made dinner. One movie ended leading into another as the kids began playing cards and Grams came to join us on the couch.
As Rachel was on one end already with me in the middle she slid in beside me and lifted her feet onto the couch against my thigh. "The roast is just finishing up in the oven."
While we all relaxed Rachel began to rub circles over my thighs. Unfortunately a minor war broke out over the card game which my wife broke up by sitting on the floor with Rebecca in her lap helping them play.
Soon enough Grams got up as the kitchen timer buzzed. Rachel quickly ushered the kids to wash their hands as I cleaned up the mess of cards.
Walking into the kitchen I saw grams bent over pulling the roast from the oven. Wearing those jeans I could see the material stretched over her ass tightly.
Shaking my head I began to set the table. Hearing me Grams turned around and smile shyly. Laying the roast in the center of the table I got a peak down her shirt to see her cleavage. Stepping away as I placed the last of the dishes our eyes met as we looked at each over the table.
The sound of footsteps broke our eye contact as I saw Rachel already standing leaning against the wall. Looking between us she walked over to give me a slow gentle kiss as she ran her hand over my chest.
"Eww mommy!" Mikey whined as he came into the kitchen for dinner.
Chuckling Grams moved back to the stove to get another dish Rachel walked over taking it from her. "Sit, I'll take care of this." She said smiling softly.
Grams smiled in return and took her seat as we finished placing out the food for dinner.
Cleaning the kitchen after dinner I couldn't stop thinking about what was to come. Rachel had been back to her normal self but Grams was still very quiet.
Grams and Rachel were done getting the kids ready for bed and sitting in the living room talking. Grams thought it would be better for Rachel and her to talk alone first.
As the last of the dishes were put away I poured myself a generous whiskey and made my way to the living room after taking a healthy sip. Stepping over to the couch I could see several pictures lying on the coffee table.
Looking over to Rachel she was holding Grams hands and whispering quietly. Grams shook her head and stood up to quickly walk pass me. I put out my hands on her shoulders only for her to look into my eyes with tears spilling down her face. "What's going on?" I asked.
Though my voice was gentle my stance was strong. Grams shook her head, "Nothing."
"Grams, please…" Rachel began but was cut off by me immediately.
"Enough…" I spoke firmly. "We aren't running away from this."
Lifting Grams chin to look into her eyes asked again more firmly, "What's going on?"
Grams shuddered in my arms as Rachel walked up to us. Raising her eyes to me she placed her hands on Grams shoulders from behind while looking into my eyes. "I read the journal… It is everything about when they were younger, raising us, our lives but…"
"But what?" I asked looking from Rachel to Grams who was still slowly relaxing as my hands ran up and down her arms.
Rachel sighed, "Grams it's okay. I'm not mad really, and I understand."
Grams sighed and began to speak, "I know you do, baby. I just…" Turning her head she looked in Rachel's eyes and took a deep breath. "I don't think I should… "
Knowing this would be hard on them to discuss with me I took a breath. "If you need more time to talk I can go upstairs, I just-"
"No!" Rachel said quickly. "The only way this is going to work is if we are honest and open." Slowly moving out from behind Grams and to my side Rachel brought me down for a kiss.
As the kiss grew more intense I let out a low moan and bit Rachel's lower lip sucking it into my mouth. Pulling me toward the couch Rachel turned me to sit back.
Standing in front of the couch she reached her hand out to Grams who took it shakily. "Beth's book told me a lot baby." Pulling Grams in front she slowly ran her hands up and down her arms as they stood in front of me. Teasingly my wife's hand ran over the front of Grams shirt and slowly pulled the buttons undone.
As the final button came undone Rachel grazed her fingernails along her exposed stomach lightly. Grams gasped and leaned her head back. "Mmm call me that again…"
As Rachel raked her nails up over Grams' hard nipples over her sheer bra she spoke softly in her ear, "Mmm Beth…" She moaned softly.
Grams slowly ran her hands up my thighs over my khakis. Looking up to meet my eyes I could see the conflict and lust dueling to see which would ultimately win. Breaking our gaze she whined and began to back away. Rachel quickly sat kneeling behind her taking her hands and holding them against my thighs as Grams tried to pull away
Grams gasped as she felt Rachel press against her back holding her against my legs as she still kneeled in front of me. "It's ok Beth." She said softly as she kissed below her ear.
Meeting my eyes Rachel began to pull the shirt of Grams body. The burning hunger in her eyes matched Grams that was slowly breaking through and I began to see and understand what she was doing.
When Rachel and I first got married after having Mikey she began to crave the submission she could give me. We argued once because when she became pregnant with Rebecca we wouldn't play rough and after that I would see the hunger in her burn every day for it.
The moment the doctor cleared her she called me home. I walked through the door of our bedroom to find her tied up and all of our toys out. I moaned remembering that fire and looking at Grams now that's what was there.
"Michael," Rachel moaned quietly. "Beth wants to play. She's just nervous." Lightly kissing Grams neck she moved their hands together over my growing bulge. "Did you know that William used to play with Beth a lot like we do?"
Grams blushed but sighed contently as I moved my hand into her hair massaging her head lightly. I eased my other hand over Rachel's arm. "Is that true?" I spoke deeply.
"Yes." Grams moaned as I continued to rub her scalp gently pulling her hair. "When I saw you with Rachel that day in the kitchen, it felt like I was watching William take me all over again and…"
When she didn't continue I worked my hand into her hair deeply and pulled her hair harder to look up at me again.
"Mmmm… It's been so ling since I have had that… I just… Oooohh…" Grams moaned as I ran my other hand from Rachel's arm to pinch her nipple and pull it slowly. "Pleeeassssee…"
Releasing her nipple I lifted her head by her hair and kissed her passionately. Once I finished I used my free hand to pull Rachel into a deep kiss. As we kissed I guided Grams and Rachel up onto my lap by their hair. Moaning as they each straddled one thigh.
Pulling her head back Rachel took a deep breath. "I don't want you to stop." She spoke softly looking into my eyes and the Grams. "I want you to have what you need with us. I want to share this with you," turning and kissing me softly "she hasn't had someone to take care of her, Michael."
Running my hands up both their thighs as they ground their pussies harder into my thighs I looked up to Grans. "How long?"
Biting her lip Grams sighed and looked up at me. "Three years… After William got sick, he couldn't…" A tear escaped her eye and I kissed her gently. Relaxing into the kiss she sighed and pulled me closer.
Reaching my hand from their thighs to their waist as I held them I moaned as Rachel began to kiss down my neck.
Pulling away from Grams kiss as I felt Rachel reaching into my pants. Turning her attention to Grams she kissed her softly before pulling her down on her knees in front of me once again. As Rachel looked up into my eyes she asked sweetly, "Baby, can we taste you together please?"
Moaning I nodded. "Yes, but you have to be good girls and share." Rachel moaned as she set about licking my head sucking it deep before pulling up to smile at Grams.
"Your turn." She said while holding the base of my cock for Grams.
Looking up into my eyes Grams lowered her head and did exactly what Rachel did. Moaning I ran my hands into both of their hairs as they continued to suck, lick and tease me together.
"Mmm… that's enough teasing." As Rachel took me in her mouth again I pulled her head down to the base of my cock. Grams gasped and moaned as she saw Rachel get worked up and began playing with her pussy.
Quickly removing my hand from her hair I brought it down for a hard smack to Rachel's ass. Groaning around my cock she let go to speak up for a moment, "I'm sorry sir. I won't do it again." Moaning she went back down again deep throating my cock while keeping her hands busy on my thighs and balls to keep from touching her pussy.

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