Seduced by a student Part 1

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By Ox Laura Pinsley a.k.a. Ms. Pinsley is the favored teacher of most of the students at Rockfield Middle School. One student in perticular.

Ms. Pinsley is walking around the 8th grade class room giving feed back and corrections on the class work. The 13 and 14 year old boys and girls are working hard getting ready for S.O.L. testing that will happpen in a few weeks. As she passes by the desk of Michael she notices he is struggling. The math section as almost blank. She kneels down at the desk and Michael immediately notices her wonderfull full breasts. She sees him looking and thinks its cute but redirects her attention to helping him on the math.

After soom time he doesn’t improve much and says he is going to take a break and come back to it.

Why don’t you come in at lunch time and we can work on it while we eat? Michael smiled. Thanks Ms. Pinsley.

So around lunch time Michael went from his 2nd block class back to Ms. Pinsley’s class. She was waiting for him. She sat next to his desk in a chair and he started working on the math. He kept noticing her cute top and her wonderful breasts. He kept touching her hands “accidently” while she would point something out or have her hand near him on the desk.

Ms. Pinsley started to notice that he wasn’t really struggling with the math. She also noticed his light hand brushes and he kept staring at her boobs. Aww she thought. Michael has a little crush on me. As she kept trying to focus on the school work that he was now obviously faking difficulty she felt herself get a little wet. Was she getting turned on? It had been a while since she felt the attentions of a man but his was a 13 year old boy. As she looked him up and down however, he started looking more man than boy. He was 5’8″ maybe 5’9″. He was muscular and his arms looked strong. He suddenly touched her hand again but this time she didn’t move it immediately. She looked toward him and their eyes met. There was a strange awkward tension between them for what seemed like forever. The he leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips met with his and it was electric. She statted to kiss him back and then she felt his tongue.

She suddenly realized what she was doing and pulled away from the kiss.

I’m sorry Michael…that was incredibly inappropriate…

He was smiling at her. I liked it Mr. Pinsley. I want to do it more. That shouldn’t happend…it cant happen! Why did I do that?

Michael got up from the desk and walked over to her.

She watched him moving toward her and her thoughts were going a mile a minute.
( what is he doing…don’t do it Michael…I wont be able to stop….my cunt is so wet right now…if he kisses me again I will melt…I’ll fold…I’m folding…)
He grabs her by the waist and she melts into another kiss and this time she is the one that initiates the tongue. A sudden growth of passion sparks between them and she can’t stop herself.

Michael has had this crush on Ms. Pinsley for the whole school year. This was the firat step toward having her.

He reached up and grabbed a full palm of her breast. He can feel her knees getting weak. She sits backward onto the front teachers desk and Michael steps between her legs still kissing her wildly. She is panting and breathing heavy through the moments that their lips break apart. She grabs his hand and pauses for a moment.
Before she lets her mind reel about what is happening and before she can come to rational thought she plunges his hand between her legs. He can feel her wet panties as he rubs her pussy. He slides his hand under her skirt and pulls her panties directly off her legs. He takes a long deep breath with the panties to his nose and then he puts them in his pocket. She reaches for his pants and unsnaps the button and pulls down his zipper. His cock springs out of his pants. It is bigger than she expected. Nearly 5 inches. For a 13 year old thats nigger than some of the men she dates.

Have you ever…?

He lines up his cock and plunges it into her slippery wet canal. With a deep groan he looks into her eyes…I have now….
She reaches around and grabs his ass and starts pulling his hips toward her. Instinct takes over and he starts thrusting in and out hard as he can. Breathing heavily the both of them are in a moment of ecstasy and then he feels his cum building up. She sees his face beginning to contort and she knows whats comming. She thinks to herself there cant be a mess. She jumps off the desk and drops to the floor and envelopes the entirety of his shaft into her throat. He blasts a shot of cum into her throar and more squirts follow. She swallows each blast of seed and her throat and tongue milk every dribble of cum from his balls.

Oh my god Ms. Pinsley…he lets go of the back of her head and her lips release there grip on his head with a pop. She stands up and straightens her skirt as her sense begin to come back.

He pulls his pants back up and straightens his shirt.

The start straightening the desks and papers that got skattered that they didnt even notice until now. Suddenly students start walking into the class room. Lunch must be over.

Well Michael…I think I need to see you again tomorrow for some additional tutoring she says out loud. He smiles as he grabs his stuff and heads to his next block. Ill see you tomorrow ma’am!

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By Ox #Mature #Teen