Seducing a Matured Aunt

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Hello friends am John from trivandrum. Am an average looking boy, average built whitish average looking too. I am a fan of this site am i would like 2 share my experience here.This story happened 3 years ago when I was about to join college. That summer my parents decided to sent me to my dad’s village to spend for the holidays I had. When I reached my village it was late evening. I was supposed to stay with my dad’s friend Abu’s house. Just beside his house,his younger sister Nadira(NAME CHANGED) lived. I went to Abu uncle’s house, greeted everyone, enquired about everone’s well being. Went to my room got fresehn up and came back. Just then came Nadira aunty Abu uncle’s sister. She was in her late thirties. She is having whitish complexion, moderately built, average looking and must have size of 34- . I also greeted her, enquired about her. I asked about her husband, she silently walked out. Just then my aunt told she left her husband few months back. I felt sorry. After dinner I went to Nadira aunt’s house. I knocked the door. She got 2 children, both boys one was 12 years and other 8 years. They opened the door for me. I talked to them, asked about their studies and went to the kitchen. Aunt was cooking the food. I watched her back silently while entering the kitchen . Her hair was that long that it reached her ass. I just then noticed she is having a nice round small ass. She was wearing a saree. She turned around and asked, ” Johny did you had ur food”. I said “yes”. She took the plate and came to the children and gave them food. They were sitting in the chair. She was standing. I told her and said sorry. She said its ok.Am now used to it”. As it was a village, their was not enough voltage in the nights. So the lights were poor. So there was an emergency lamp lit on th table beside. Now she was bending to give the children food. As she was bending her pallu fallen of slightly and I saw her cleavage so whitish. I felt a chill inside me. I tried to look away and continued talking. After gaving food she started telling her story and she was leading her children to bed. her children cam in and jumped to the bed. She sat beside them with her hands on their head. She told me ” husband was in Gulf. He came only during 2 years. He never enquired about their children. He always sent money orders to is mother and sister only. Am just living because of my brother”.And she started crying. I said “stop crying dont worry things will be fine”. She said, “I never had a good life , never enjoyed always a burden” I sat beside her on right and I and started wiping her tears .I too felt sad to see her crying. I still don’t know what made me do that. I wiped off her tears.I adjusting and sat close to her. I put my left arm around her shoulder and tried to bring her close she still was crying. I took her saree and wiped her tears. Then I put it down. I tried to bring my right arm around the other way. But accidently I touched her boobs. I looked down and saw I put the saree down after wiping off her tears. Something inside didnt made me to take my hand back. I just put my hand a little aside and i felt her left breast. It was smooth. It was my first time touching a women. I started caressing her boob. She tried to take it off. i said “aunt dont worry without a man how can u satisfy yourself”. i never thought i would say that. before she said anything i started to kiss her on her lips. I kissed her hard then took her lips inside my mouth and started sucking.Now she was not trying to resist. I sucked her lips and then licked her mouth her ear and neck. Then I started caressing her boobs. I removed her saree. And wefell to the floor. I started unhooking her red blouse. she was hugging me hard. I unhook her blouse kissed her breast and licked her cleavage. She then removed her white bra. I saw two mango’s hanging down with a brown nipple in the shape of grapes. I started kissing her breast, then i licked her breast all except her nipples. I slowly circled her nipple with my tongue. She started moaning. I licked her nipple and started sucking it like a mad man. Then I kissed her belly and umbilicus. Started removing her undergarment. There was no panties. I saw her thick bush. I smiled. She covered her love triangle shyly. Then I started kissing her thighs and licked her. I removed her hand and kissed her. Meanwhile she started undressing me and started to kiss me. She said “you lot of hair on your chest manhood and i liked it”. She removed my underwear and took hold of my penis and started moving it.I started licking and kissing her pussy. She was moaning. I inserted my lips deep inside her and sucked her juice in. After few minute i felt her juice was heavily all over my face. I was wondering whether I should take risk of entering without condom. Just then she said she got condoms in bag which her husband brought back when he came from gulf. She said he was not interested in it. It was nice she kept it. I too thought am lucky. She put the condoms on my penis. And i started entering her slowly and started moving.I got rhythym and started moving a bit fatser. She was moaning loudly.I enetered hard and she was hugging me and thanking me. |When I was about to cumm i removed my penis, she quickly removed the condoms and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it, i didnt expected it.I cummed into her mouth and she had it inside her happily. She thanked me for giving her a wonderfull fuck and hugged me and went to sleep.