Seducing house owner daughter

Hi! I am a 22 single male from Chennai. I am working in an software company. I am regular reader of ISS. I like to tell my story which happened when I am doing my 12th std. Actually my first sexual affair was with my house owner daughter. She was doing 11th std at that time. She is was very bubbly at that time. She is also well structured. Her name was Priya. I am very jovial persons so all the persons will talk to me nicely.

At first I don’t have any sexual intention with priya. We use to talk nicely we share our jokes and fun. I use to go her house any time because she has one brother who was very close to me. We use to play together. One I went to her house it was Friday no one was in their house. She was on leave on that day due to exam. Her brother went to school and her mother went to temple. No one was in their house.

I went to her house. All the lights in bed room was switched off. I thought no one was in the house so I was try to move out at that priya called me. After that I saw that she was lying in bed. I went to near I asked where is your brother she said he went to school. I said ok I am leaving. She asked then what for u came to house. I said “Summa bore adikuthu athan un annan koda pesitu polam nu” (It was boring so I like to have chat with your brother). She asked me why u wont talk with me (ye en koda pesa matingla). I said sure I will talk to u. She was lying in the bed. I put one chair near to her and sit on that. We discussed about our studies and school teachers etc. I always tease her like “gundu” she will also tease me. So I use to pinch her. On that day also I pinched on her thigh. She is laughing. I asked her “enna valikaliya” (its not paining) she said “no”. Again I pinched on her stomach hardly again she was laughing. So I went to bed and sat on her stomach again I pinched on her face. She shouted softly ah.

Suddenly she hugged me and rolled on the bed. I don’t know what she was doing. What I have to do. She was kissing me hardly in my face. My penis gets hard at time. I am also kissing on her face. My hand was caressing her boobs and another hand was on her pussy. She was moaning “ah ennamo pannude” and she was also laughing. She said I liked it. Believe me next moment my hand was moving all over her mid riff. Before both of us would have lost in act. I said hold on lets dump our work for the day n move. Gave her a long and a very passionate kiss. I took her tops off and started moving over her bosom. For a while I was just fondling n caressing her boob’s n then pushed her on bed. I kissed all over her navel n then tried moving my hand inside her bra on which she stopped me.

She said “I don’t know whether this is right. I have never done this. I understood she was very much willing to go ahead but wanted to put the burden of moral baggage some where else. I said look priya both of us are right now just 2 physical entities trying to derive pleasure from each others body and nothing more than that.”

Then I brought strawberry juice from fridge for both of us n while drinking in between she came ahead and gave me a smooch.

I left the juice n this time opened her blouse. N opened her black bra. Man want a lovely pair of well shaped firm boobs she was having. I took her hard nipples in my mouth and continuously licked kissed n bite it for over a long while. She started moaning by then.

I removed her lower and black panty. N here came out sparsely haired choot. It had been a very long time I was feasting. I first kept on licking here and there then dug my mouth in the mound.

Oh my my…. Want a beautiful sensation it was. I kept on licking and by the time her cunt became very wet I removed my clothes and now both of us were purely naked. She asked me I m having a condom. I said no then she said then lets not fuck as I m in fertile timing I said I have gr8 restraint I wont cum inside.

Then be4 she cud resisted any further I forcibly parted her legs and tried penetrating. After a while she also 4got all precautions. I started pumping her hard. For a woman of her age she was having great figure body, smooth skin and a tight choot. I fucked her in missionary position.

Gave her some tissue to wipe it out n then after a while she gave a long smooch and started dressing.

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