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Hello everyone! I know I said that part 5 of 'Magic, Love, Family' will be next and before the new year too, but… there were some unexpected delays. Meanwhile, I just got this one stuck in my head and had to write it. Don't worry, I will get to that series as soon as I can.
About this one, it's in first-person pov so be prepared for monologues! (There are no dialogues)

So… I've been thinking… It's nothing groundbreaking or anything and I'm sure many people might have thought about it before me… also it wasn't a flash of inspiration or something that had been brewing for quite a while… It's just something that came to me while I was browsing through a tube site… yeah, that's porn in other words. Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people who's just on porn sites all the time but… I guess it's just a normal amount of time for a normal guy of 28 years.
Anyway… it's nothing to do with the amount of time I spend on porn. Well, kind of… the thing is actually I've been getting kind of bored with all the same kind of porn. I think most people would have noticed it already… there's just too much incest porn lately.
There I said it. There's just too much incest porn!
Hah! Feels good to say it! I mean it's not that there is not any other kind of porn out there. Gangbang and anal too have been getting a lot of material. But you get it, it's nowhere near the amount of incest porn.
I think there are several causes for that. I don't want to get into it too much so just listing them out would be enough I guess. Okay, so first of all there's less stigma and increased availability. There's just no denying it. Stigma about a lot of fetishes have gotten quashed lately and for good reason too. However, I don't think there was a need for this particular one to be so in the forefront of every damn site in the history of porn, in ever. Well, I'm not bashing people for their choices, I mean everyone has a right to watch whatever kind of porn they want to watch.
Who am I to question it? Right?
I get it that people are looking for newer things and the more the taboo a thing is the more its appeal is. Granted, it shouldn't be something nasty, and incest is one of the tabooest thing there is. But I don't think people get it. Maybe the people that are watching it have never had a sibling before, or maybe they weren't well-loved or something. Now, I'm not questioning their parentage or anything like that. To each his own. It's just the porn!
I keep going back to it. The problem is that I can't scroll through a single screen without seeing a recommendation for incest porn. It's just not possible nowadays.
I don't get it. I really don't get why it's so attractive to people. Growing up- I have an elder sister- growing up I couldn't stand the sight of her and not in a million years could I think of her as a sexual being. And don't even get me started on my parents. Yuck!
So it's really hard for me to picture something incestual and it's just eating my brain for the past few weeks. So much so that I think I need some help.
What do I need help for? No, it's not about my porn habits, I'm not an addict so why should I need help for it. No it's about something else, not entirely unrelated but…
Okay, so let me start from the beginning.
My name is David Parker. 28 Years old, single. You know, I love my name, like really love it. It has the simplicity of a David and the style of Parker. I mean, when I was a kid I used to think I was somehow related to Peter Parker, the Spiderman. I don't know how it came to my mind, or why, however, I was quite sure that if I could just get bitten by a special spider I would have those powers as well. What a stupid thing to believe in…
Well, whatever… I was a kid, what else can one expect from a kid? In a way, I blame my parents for that. It's their job to keep their kids away from delusional habits; they just left me and my sister, my elder sister of two years, to our own devices. Even now, they don't take much interest in my life or my sister's for that matter. They aren't like hippies or whatever… but free-spirited would be the kindest words to describe them, I think.
It's not like I resent them for it, far from it. I had the best of times when I was little. Spending time with my sister was always a lot of fun and when I grew up a bit, it was very nice to be independent in my thinking and activities from such a young age. And my sister is very accommodating so yeah… I don't hold a grudge against my parents. I won't be sending them a thank you letter anytime soon though…
The grudge I do hold is with the porn makers, I mean really, what the fuck?! Is there so much lack of stories that they keep doing the same thing over and over? It makes me so uncomfortable when a video is recommended to me and it has incestual themes… it's really not funny anymore. It just throws you off your whole game.
I don't really know what others do, how they jack off, granted I haven't asked my friends or colleagues about it… It really isn't good conversational material… But for me, I like to surf the site while moving my hand at the same time. It's hard to find a good video and then there's no guarantee it would be good for the whole length of it. So it works best if I just fast forward to the best scenes and move on.
And therein lies my problem. I like it when it's free flowing, yeah, like I don't have to search a whole lot for the next best thing after I'm finished with what I was watching earlier. So when a weird or strange, out of the blue thing gets recommended to me, it just makes my cock wilt.
I mean what is with these producers? And not just incest porn, gangbang is way on the rise… it so fucked up… I don't want to stare at a man's asshole while stroking my cock, no way no sir… Now, reverse gangbang that's some beautiful shit… mmm… I'm getting off track though. All I'm saying is this, the sheer amount of incest or "stepfamily" porn is actually affecting people in real life.
Did you read about the 35-year-old Russian model or Instagram celebrity or something getting married to her 21-year-old stepson, and they are about to have a baby!
What in the actual fuck! I mean couldn't she find someone else? In the whole damn world, she just has to marry her stepson whom she had known since he was 7-year-old! What the fuck, dude! They say love is blind… but this much? Really? What is up with this nonsense, and I'm sure they are not the first or the last ones.
I mean sure, we all like to fantasize about banging some mature chicks, your teachers, your friend's moms, your aunts, but surely not your mother, right?
I mean that's just sick, right?
To fantasize about your own mother, to think about banging her, to think about marrying her… yuck! I can proudly say I have never done that; I have never ever fantasized about my mom. Never! And my mom is a hottie for sure, objectively speaking of course…
So you get it? It just makes me sick to the core to think that someone could do that. And I'm not talking about the psychos, the real sick ones… they are a whole different story… I'm just talking about normal human beings.
It just puts me off so much that a man or a woman, for all I care, could be hot for their mother or father or brother or sister, really it makes me sick!
Having said all of this, I have a confession to make. And it really kills me to say it. I can't even begin to describe how much it hurts me… I may have a little bit, a teensy bit, a teeny tiny bit, crush on my sister…
Again, I'm not sure if it's true or not. I mean it mostly is just in my head, it may all be just a lie… I mean how could this happen to me, really?
And I completely blame all the incest porn for this…
There it is, I said it. The reason why… the reason why I've asked for help, the reason why I've been up at nights, the reason my appetite's gone… It's not entirely bad. It's not like I'm pining for her or something, but it's bad…
Where do I start though? How did it come to this? How has this happened to me? I have never been into this kind of stuff; I have had girlfriends my whole life; I don't suffer from any social anxiety or anything; I'm comfortable around women; I perform good sexually, orally,choice and everything else… so why!?
Let me try to point out the time, the exact moment when I first had that thought, and maybe that would help to find a way out of this dreadful situation.
My sister, Sheryl, recently moved into my neighborhood. I say recent but it's been more than half a year at this point. So as I was saying, I'm tight with my sister. We are not like those siblings who only call each other on holidays and secretly compete and despise each other. And definitely not like those who screen each other's calls. No, our relationship is good, always has been. And moving near me was my idea. I kinda regret it a bit now. Looking back, maybe I should've kept my trap shut.
Then again she seemed so lonely and down after her breakup… It was a bad one. Steve, that asshole, broke her heart. And it was so out of the blue when he left her for her best friend. So really, I had no choice but to take matters into my own hand. And I actually enjoy Sheryl's company, so why not? That's what I had thought… so naïve…
It was quite good to reconnect with her like when we were kids, you know… it still is… regardless of my "problem". She was always accommodating of my whims, so when I pushed her to get a dog, she agreed with a shake of her head. I think she knows that I didn't want to do the work and just enjoy having a dog… she didn't say a word though…
She's always been like that… sweet and understanding. That doesn't mean that she doesn't look good or that she isn't hot. No no no… she is definitely a stunner, a head-turner for sure. Let me describe her and then it will give a clear idea as to how hot she is, that I'm not kidding… She is tall at around 5ft 10in and has a lean athletic build. Her hair is dark brown in color and comes up to her waist, with the tip of her hair dyed in a shade of red. Her tits are a good handful, not that I've ever measured them. And her ass is to die for. She keeps them, her hair, tied up most of the time but lets them loose sometimes which suits her oval face. She looks so hot in a long ponytail though…
So as I was saying she is a stunning beauty. I didn't really appreciate this fact when I was younger but it really lifts up your mood to look at her calm beauty. Most of the evenings we go for a walk along with the dog. This started right after she moved here, maybe a week after that. I don't quite remember whose idea it was or how we came to follow it so religiously but anyway…
It is good and I liked-like to go on walks with her. After a day of sitting around at work, it's nice to get some physical activity you know… I'm in finance and she's in publishing so we both kind of welcomed it. And it also gave us a chance to talk about our days and stuff, quite refreshing. After that most of the days, we would have dinner together, either at her place or mine…
This carried on until- until Casey barged in on our sweet time together. Casey was my girlfriend, now she's an ex. I think it all started going to shit right around that time. I mean, there was just so much suppressed resentment there. Not because she did anything wrong per se. It's just… I didn't like how she inserted herself in our time. And after that, there was just nothing to compare between the two. The more time passed the more the differences became clear to me. It felt like my girlfriend was not up to par… like she was somehow a lot less than my sister.
It wasn't all Casey's fault. She tried, you know… she tried. She was a little firecracker for sure and I definitely miss those sweet tits of her… As I was saying, it wasn't all her fault. I'm also to blame and so is Sheryl. She's just so perfect, Sheryl is, that it's hard to compare anyone else to her. I don't know what that asshole was smoking!
Before we move on I have to make a thing clear. It was the first time I was having such thoughts, maybe we haven't been that close for such a long time or maybe it was the fact that we were spending a whole lot of time together, alone. Whatever it was, it slowly led to me being convinced that Sheryl was like an ideal girlfriend. Still, I wasn't anywhere close to having a crush on her or fantasizing about her. No that was far from my mind. It was just an observation that Sheryl was so perfect for someone like me.
Now moving on to the day, the event which actually changed all this. The Hindenburg of sorts. One thing of note is that we had keys to each other's place, Sheryl and I. So yeah it was like any other day of the week. My relationship with Casey was on its last dying embers. I had no real interest in carrying on with her. I mean what was the point? Once a thought settles in your mind it's hard to take it out, right? Once I felt that Casey was a far cry from being my ideal girlfriend, then there wasn't anything else to do other than end it. She wasn't like Sheryl, my sister whom I admired so much, and not just in looks. There was just no comparison in their personalities. Well whatever, there's no use beating a dead horse. My point is, though Casey was not up to the required standard she was a beast in bed. I mean she was… just so… man o' man.
That's why it was so hard to do it, to break it off with her. I mean for all this talk there's just something about the way she approached things on the bed that I was helpless but to carry on going out with her. You don't just walk away from that!
So yeah, that day I was all set to end it with her. When I came home from work I called Sheryl and told her that I won't be joining her for the walk. I waited patiently for Casey to arrive, armed with tissue papers and all. When Casey finally came in, maybe she sensed it or something, but she just looked different. Her energy was so… sexual and all that I couldn't say a thing. And next thing I know, our clothes were off and we were in bed.
It was all so confusing but at the same time, it felt so good… so good. Maybe breakup sex is like that, maybe it's meant to be like that. The one last hurrah! Casey was on fire, she was doing moves that she had never done before and also so demanding. Usually, she was a giver, but not on that day, no sir. And I was also happy to comply.
She was on top for a moment and the next thing you know we were lying sideways and going at it like a pair of sex-crazed animals. But through all this we weren't saying much, I mean there wasn't anything to talk about and we both are quite opposite of noisy during sex. As you can guess there wasn't much sound other than the usual humping and thumping.
So there we were going at it like the world was about to end with no connection to reality other than the flesh and breath of the other. She was beneath me and I was thumping her hard and full. We were so into each other, so into the pleasure that we didn't hear the front door. And as it happened the door to the room was also unlocked.
Sheryl, my lovely sister, barged in on us to that exact scene when my cock was out of Casey's cunt and about to reenter her. We were all just stuck at that moment; with no sound and no movement. It was as if all our brains stopped functioning.
Just then before Sheryl could retreat and excuse herself, a scene played through my mind. A cliché and overused, cheap scene. I imagined Sheryl being a porn sister, an incest junkie, and being quite taken with my masculine member, my jutting cock, she couldn't help herself and joined us in a threesome. I don't know why I had that thought but I blame incest porn for that. The reality was quite contrasting though. My sister screamed her sorrys and ran off, we- Casey and I- didn't continue after that, the breakup sex was also ruined. Sheryl called and apologized profusely but the damage was done at that point. I couldn't take out that scene from my mind and couldn't help but imagine what if…
After that the next day I broke it off with Casey and it was back to just me and my sister on our walks. Everything's back to the way it was previously, everything's fine on the surface, however with each passing day my anguish grows. My crush on my sister, my lust for her seems to be multiplying and exploding. This is my story and I request help. I can't exactly tell her since I'm afraid and I can't exactly confess it to my friends too.
I need help! I need help to make things go back to the way they were. Before all the sister fantasies, before all the incest porn. I just want it to stop. Please help me! Help me take my mind off my sister! Help me!

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