Seeking Mom’s Help

tagIncest/TabooSeeking Mom's Help

Its mid afternoon in early spring on a Saturday and right now it's just my Mom and I at home. I am horny as hell and looking for something different than a normal solo session. I don't have a girlfriend but I do have a few options. I walk into the living room, my Mom is sitting on the couch reading her ebook.
She looks like your average suburban Mom, mid 40s, brown shoulder length hair, a nice pair of boobs and maybe a few extra pounds. Overall as far as Mom's go, she is pretty fit. All my friends gawk at her though. I think she likes teasing them with some of her outfits. She looks damn fine in the yoga pants she is wearing right now, my cock throbs at the sight. Lucky for me she is very progressive about sex and masturbation.
I walk up to her on the couch and I pull down the front of my basketball shorts down to expose my boxer briefs. My cock pushing against the material, making a very visible tent, a large wet spot visible where I was leaking precum. She looked up from her reader.
"Well… someone wants to be a naughty boy," she says with a grin and raised eyebrows.
"Yes Mommy," I whisper.
"I will meet you in your room in 15 minutes. Mommy will help you take care of your problem then," she says. She stands up and smacks my ass "bad boy," she says with a grin.
I go up to my room and take my shorts off and climb on the bed. I slowly rubbed my aching cock through my boxers, more precum leaking out. A few minutes later Mom opened the door, steps in and closes it behind her. A devilish grin on her face as she then locks the door. She is holding a pair of pink cotton Victoria Secrets panties.
"Mommy just took these panties off… do you want them? They are a little still damp. She holds the crotch of the panties up to her nose. "They smell quite good, just the way you like them don't you baby?" she says. She extends her arm out with the panties to me and pulls them back quickly.
"I raised you better than that, what do you say?"
"Please" I say.
"Please what?" she asks.
"Please, may I have your dirty panties?" I plead.
"And what would you do with Mommy's dirty panties, if I give them to you?" she asks.
"Use them," I say.
"Really now, that doesn't quite cover it, does it? I think you want rub them on your cock. Shoot your naughty boy cum all over them. Cover Mommy's pretty panties with your naughty boy cum. Isn't that more accurate account of what you would do?" she says with raised eye brows.
"Yessss…" I moan. She really knows how to push my buttons.
"I want shoot my hot cum all over Mommy's sexy panties," I say.
"That's better," she says. "You probably want Mommy to watch do it too, don't you?"
"Please…" I say.
She walks over and hands me her panties. My boxers are off in a second and precum is now rapidly dripping from my aching cock. I put the gusset of her panties up to my nose and inhale deeply… her scent is intoxicating, my cock throbs as I take in her scent. I start to stroke my cock and close my eyes, enjoying the sensations.
"Hmmm… I thought you might like two pairs of panties. One to smell and the other to wrap around your cock. I have these" she pulls out another pair of black panties." She holds the crotch of the panties up to her nose, "and they smell fantastic. They are your sisters, she took them off this morning after her jog."
She hands me the second pair of panties and I hold the very soiled crotch up to my nose and fireworks go off. Mom's panties smell good without question, but these smell like heaven itself. I keep my sister panties up to my nose and wrap my cock in Mom's panties. And I start stroking my cock like there's no tomorrow. I'm lost in the experience of it when she speaks and brings me out of the daze.
"So which pair are you going to sniff and which pair are you going to cum in?" she asks.
"I want to cum in your panties" I croak.
They are very soft, aren't they baby? Do they feel good on your cock? I nod my head
"Mommy's panties always gets your cum don't they honey? I smile and nod "It's probably better that way, because if your sister finds out that you came in her panties, you're on your own."
Do you think your sister's panties smell a bit special?" I simply nod my head because I can't really form words right now. "Well… I have a little surprise for you. I put your sisters used panties on, while you were waiting. I rubbed my clit through the panties until I came in them. So… you're really smelling us both right now, both your sister's pussy and my pussy at the same time," she tells me.
I am so dumbfounded and forget what I was even doing, hand and panties wrapped around my cock, laying there motionless and speechless. Again she breaks me out of my haze.
"Go ahead naughty boy, that cock isn't going cream my panties on its own."
"How about a little peek at Mommy's pussy while you stroke?" she coos. She lifts up her skirt and shows me her completely shaved pussy. "Someday baby… someday," she says as she bites her lip.
I am now jerking my cock furiously. I start building up to what can only be a huge orgasm. I am both stroking my cock and fucking my hand at the same time. Thrusting my hips into my hand. I pull the panties off my face and look at Mom. I see lust in her eyes, no doubt about it. She winks and nods her head. I take the panties off my cock and lay them on my stomach, getting them ready to take my load.
"Ok naughty boy, Mommy has to get dinner started soon, so you need to finish. Put your nose back in those panties and take in our scents. Let our pussy smells help you cum" she says seductively.
I do as she tells me, taking their deep wonderful scents.
"Good boy. Now, Mommy needs you to shoot your naughty boy spunk all over her pink panties. Will you be a good boy and cum for Mommy?"
"Yes!" I stammer.
"Good! Then shoot all that pent up load onto Mommy's panties! Go ahead you naughty boy! Shoot your cum onto Mommy's pretty panties! Mommy really wants to see you you cum on her panties!
Do it baby! Do it right now!" she commands.
My orgasm wracks my body and my cock feels so hard it might burst with every spurt. Huge streams of cum shoot from my cock all over her panties and my chest. Some of it making to my shoulders. I feel lighted headed, but so much better.
"Good… boy…" she says she bites her bottom lip.
"You really needed that didn't you?"
"Mhmm," I manage to get out, exhausted from the experience.
"Good, here is a towel. Make sure the towel and our panties go directly into the washer when you're done. I will let you get cleaned up, naughty boy,"

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