Sent overseas | straight story from Exiled

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Written by Exiled,
on 2023-07-01,
genre straight

I was sent overseas to work as punishment for my many indiscretions and my family was sick of me playing up as they called it. They sent me to a really backwater part of the family business, I would’ve to improve or be left there. Electricity was provided by a diesel generator (backup)and solar panels and wind turbine. There was no nightlife and bars or anything else to distract me. My only comfort was a house air conditioned and staffed with housekeeper and 2 maids all over fifty. Sex before marriage could get you killed; I was told as a warning from my father before I left. The business wasn’t high tech, and it could be called modern in 1878 when it was setup and nothing new added since. But where there a will there’s away, my way was a university was doing an archaeology investigation in the area and the family had allowed them to use electricity we produced. Thus, enabling me to meet some of the students (female) and as a result I got into trouble again. But it was quickly fixed by my father, luckily, she wasn’t a local and her getting pregnant was solved by me marrying her. That was 7 years and 4 children ago, my wife is great and regularly visit the rest of the family with our children. I on the other hand am still stuck here servicing my 10-year exile. I do go home for very short, controlled visits. But my wife and children can go and return as my wife wants. She is away at the moment.

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