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By Honeypee944 Previously you have seen how my mother forced herself to get fucked by Servant Nigel. And then after that Honey started get fucked by Nigel daily for last 20 days along with me Gilbert her own son in both day and night. Nigel’s uncle was my teacher for making my mom fucked by me and that was the beginning of incest with my mom and here I am the sex apprentice under Nigel along with practical fucking of my mom Honey making me a complete mother fucker..
Also at second night at tent house Nigel fucked Honey hard at first . Because after our sex that night, I slept but heared the conversation between Nigel and mom.
Honey- What are you talking about Nigel? How you know about me .
Nigel- Why did you speak like this?
Honey- And what else? You fucked me so hard made me happy in my cunt. Also trained my son to be a true sexpert motherfucker
Nigel- Honey this is because of your husband because it is your husband who made me crazy and then I fucked you.
Honey- Yes dear, my husband is frigid and so he has deputed your uncle servant at home to fuck me and for two months your uncle has gone to his native land and for that my husband has made this arrangement, and to tell the truth so many people are crazy about my voluptuous sexy body. Now you too have become crazy about this.
Nigel- What should I do now Honey, I have nothing in my hand.
Honey- What does it mean that there is nothing in my hand? You are forgetting that you have everything.
Nigel. I did not understand much.
Honey- You have that humongous weapon cock of 10 inch with 3 inch dia with which you can sex satisfy anyone from 12 to 60 yrs. cunt pointing her finger towards Nigel’s cock.
Nigel – Yes Honey, you have told the truth. I have found almost all the ladies in this small village and they come to my tent for getting fucked and give me money also irrespective of rich, poor, educated, uneducated, 16 yrs. or 60 yrs. I have fucked all of them
Honey- What else do you want?
Nigel- Your pussy is different from all other pussies else.
Honey- What is my son Gilbert thing about me, I don’t understand?
Nigel- What I mean to say is that your pussy is also beautiful and it is fun to fuck. Your son also enjoys fucking you.
Honey- Oh this is it. I am glad to hear this
Nigel- Yes Madam. Well I would like to ask you one more thing.
Honey- Tell me what to ask.
Nigel- Honey, will you have sex with me daily till you are here?
Honey became quiet after hearing his words and then said, ‘It’s okay but why are you worry for this silly matter?’ .
Nigel- Next year you will come and I will not stay here.I will go to my place at Nigeria
Honey, think a little – it’s okay. No matter how many days I am here, you can fuck me. Nigel became very happy after hearing this and hugged Honey again. And just then, after that night, there was a lot of fucking between the two. Both of them took the fun of sex at night. Nigel always plays the game of ‘fucking’ and obviously only in my presence and I also took the active part in fucking my mom. But I couldn’t say much to this servant because Nigel had told me that if you got the knowledge of sex, you would also be able to fuck someone and can be a successful cock in life
That’s why I kept my mouth shut in this circle. And no one was even allowed to enter the tent house. And both of them made me drink sex enhancer pills along with them and then whore fucking of my mom .
Then one night suddenly my eyes opened and I saw that both of them were lying naked and and fucking, I too have gone mad and I thought of looking at them without any reason and kept looking. Both of them were kissing each other by putting their lips on each other’s lips and Nigel was holding her boobs in his hands and fondling her breasts which made Honey go crazy. And by sensing the heat of both of them, I heard that mom was feeling a sex heat but she could not do anything so she became silent.
Now everything was going on like this and I was also having fun. Now Nigel placed his mouth on Honey’s pussy and started licking her pussy with his mouth. Honey was having a lot of fun doing all this and she was still using it for a later life from me but now she was not able to stop herself and her labia was pressing against the mouth of Nigel.
And Nigel kept on doing this and also by pinching Honey’s nipple with her finger which made Honey start saying aahhh aahhh. And then after doing this for quite some time, Honey started lifting her ass and started moving which made Honey to realize that her cunt was flowing with sex water.
Then Nigel put fingers in her cunt and started fucking her vigorously and then Honey screamed and released her sex jsm Nigel lapped all the juice from her cunt and drank in one gulp.
Now Honey got very sexcited doing all this but now it was time to take my dick. Today mom took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously. Then, after that, Honey started inserting my penis in her labia without even saying anything as she rode on my cock as a cowgirl. she started screaming But still she tried to take the dick totally inside her cunt and fucking herself by a steady cowgirl on my dick and all these are under supervision of servant Nigel. After I released my sex jism Honey came down from my cock
Now Nigel also started thrusting his penis strongly by taking two legs of Honey on her shoulder causing cum filled labia mouth opened and then he said – Honey, your pussy is very tight. even after fucking, it regains its elasticity.
Honey became silent after hearing this, as if someone else is talking, I too became tense after hearing this. Now after hearing this, Honey got upset because Honey knew that today is the only night for her to have sex because we have to leave for home in the morning.
Honey told Nigel dear fuck me for last time tonight and he gets happy hearing this and he inserts his dick into her pussy with such a force that Honey starts screaming. So now he teases Honey’s boobs and starts biting them by putting them in his mouth as Honey laughs a little and puts his hand on her head. But when she moves her hand, she bites Honey’s nipple again and Honey again places her hand on her head and she understands that she cannot move her hand from the head. So now she has become crazy about Nigel doing this and started making screaming sound ahhhh aahhh.
And as he started fingering her hair, Nigel also inserted his penis slowly and slowly into her cunt, which started causing pain. But it is not known that half of the penis is still out. Then like this, after sucking the boobs, he puts the lips in his mouth and starts licking them. Due to which both of them start going crazy and then after that Honey raises her ass and starts taking the dick and tells Nigel to fuck more.At last both of them come in unison releasing their sex jism.
Before leaving we gave our addresse to Nigel for his new appointment as our house servant and until both servants uncle and nephew are unavailable, I am the pussy fucker servant of my mom.

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By Honeypee944 #Blackmail #Cheating #Incest #Threesome