Serviced by the Bartender

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Like most, if not all men, I had fantasized about having threesomes. It was probably my most common fantasy, actually. But I'd never actually had one in the flesh, and I'd gotten to the point where I just assumed I'd never have one.
My girlfriend Katrina, on the other hand, had engaged in plenty. She was bi, and had enjoyed threesomes of every variety: two girls one guy, two guys one girl, and three girls. I guess some guys would find it a turn-on, but the less I knew of Katrina's sexual past, the better.
She found it odd that I'd never had one. She'd tell me it was a shame my big cock had never been serviced by two ladies at the same time. Whenever we'd get drunk she would bring this up, and I'd try to change the subject. But it was never much use, and on a date night at Fallen Moon Brewery it had come up in conversation yet again.
"I'm telling you, they're way more common than you think," Katrina argued.
She was tipsy, and starting to get kind of loud.
"Keep it down a little, will ya?" I replied. "Not everyone in the bar wants to hear about your sex life. Besides, I really don't think they're common."
Deliberately speaking louder she said, "I'm sure everyone here wants to hear about my sex life!"
I turned bright red as I could see the bartender looking at us from the corner of her eye. She smiled faintly. "Okay, but that's not what I want," I said.
"No one cares what you want!" she screamed.
This was just Katrina's way when she was drunk. She was loud and obnoxious, and I didn't much care for it, but I was used to it. I knew one or two tricks for removing myself from the conversation, and I put one to use. "I'm gonna take a leak," I said, and headed off towards the bathroom.
As soon as Katrina came back into my line of sight she yelled, "Get over here!"
Standing next to her was the bartender, the same one who'd heard her pontificating about threesomes earlier. I figured Katrina was calling me over so I could order another drink, but when I got closer I noticed the two ladies were engaged in conversation.
"Good your back," Katrina said as I sat down. "Now I can ask…um…what's your name again?"
"Daniela," the bartender said.
"Now I can ask Daniela a question. Daniela, have you ever had a threesome?"
I interjected before she could respond. "I'm so sorry, you don't have to answer that."
Daniela laughed. "No it's fine, I'm quite open about my sexuality."
"Ha!" Katriana interrupted. "See, some people actually like talking about sex!"
Danilea laughed again. "Yeah, I really don't mind. It's just sex, right?"
Now to be honest, I was very, very excited to here Daniela talk about sex. We were regulars at the brewery and had been served by Daniela plenty of times, but our conversations had never evolved beyond telling her what we'd like to drink. But Katrina was feeling particularly talkative that night.
"Right?" Katrina half asked, and half shouted. "Like with threesomes. Mike here thinks it's weird that I've had so many. He thinks most people have never had a threesome."
Daniela was doing her best to remain diplomatic. "Hmm, I don't know if most people have had them or not."
"But have you had one?" Katrina asked.
"Well, I've had quite a few, but I'm bi, and I think it's more common in that community."
"Ha! Told you!" Katrina declared.
There was no point in arguing, even if her sample size was just her and the bartender. I shrugged. "Maybe they're more common than I thought. Who knows?"
It was a busy night, and Daniela had to leave us and attend to other customers. As she walked away, neither Katrina or I could take our eyes off her ass. It was an incredible ass, one of the best I'd ever seen, and like always, Daniela was doing nothing to hide it in her skin-tight leggings.
With long brown hair, a freckled face, and large breasts, Daniela was altogether a good-looking girl, but had a very peculiar body. Actually peculiar isn't the right word so much as memorable. I guess what made it memorable was her ass and tits were so disproportionately large for her tiny frame. I doubt she was more than an inch over five feet tall, and other than her huge tits and ass, she was very thin. In many ways her body was more reminiscent of a Brazilian woman than an American.
I'd always been attracted to her, and apparently so too had Katrina. "Doesn't she have the most amazing ass?" she asked me.
"Yeah, it's pretty nice."
"I bet she tastes lovely."
"Yeah, probably. She keeps good care of her hands."
Katrina shot me a strange look. "What are you talking about?"
"Women that take good care of their hands and feet also tend to take good care of their…you know."
"So mister takes a week to notice when I buy new furniture is all of a sudden noticing how well manicured our bartender's hands are, huh?"
I didn't have a retort, so I gulped my beer. I was starting to get pretty drunk, and feeling altogether good about the state of my life. Katrina was feeling pretty good too. "She's really hot, right?" she said, unable to get Daniela out of her thoughts.
"Yeah, definitely. She has an interesting body."
"I know, I love it! I'm a connoisseur of female bodies. I bet she'd be so fun to play with."
"No comment."
"You can be honest. That's the nice thing about dating a bi girl, I'm not going to get jealous."
"Okay, fine. I'm sure she's amazing in bed. You can just tell by her energy."
Katrina shot me a devious smile. "I think we should invite her over."
"Like for a drink?"
"Like for a threesome."
I hesitated for a second. "I'm not so sure about that. She probably has a boyfriend. Or girlfriend for that matter."
"It wouldn't hurt to ask."
I searched for other excuses. "I'm pretty drunk. Not sure I can really handle it tonight."
"Nonsense! You never have trouble performing."
"It's your call," I said sheepishly.
While the prospecting of sharing my bed with two ladies frightened me, I figured the odds of it actually happening were slim to none. For all her boisterousness when she was drunk, Katrina was still shy at her core, and I doubted she'd actually ask. Besides, even if she did, what were the odds Daniela would just agree to it on a whim.
We stuck around until last call, which was thankfully midnight at the brewery. By then everyone had left, except for us and a few other barflies. We carried on a casual conversation while Daniela cleaned up, and Katrina even offered to help, but was declined.
Katrina didn't ask about the threesome right away, but I could tell she was angling towards it. "So you're actually bi, right? I mean, I think every girl's a little bi, but have you actually dated other women?"
Daniela smiled. "I have. More often than men, actually. When I'm with a man, I miss the softness of a woman."
"So what about now? Are you dating a man or a woman."
She shrugged. "Neither. I'm not looking for that right now. I'm at a point where I really just enjoy not being attached."
It didn't totally surprise me to hear that. While Katrina and I were in our mid-thirties, Daniela looked like she was barely over the legal drinking age, and still in the more freewheeling stage of her life.
With her relationship status cleared up, I knew it would be only a matter of time before Katrina popped the question. "That certainly makes it easier to explore your sexuality." Katrina said. "Having threesomes and stuff like that."
Daniela laughed. "I guess you could say that."
"Have you had a threesome lately?"
I buried my head in my hand. "Come on Katrina, you shouldn't ask that."
Katrina chastised me. "You know, some people actually enjoy talking about sex,"
Daniela chimed in. "Really, I don't mind. That's the difference between working here than at a normal bar. At bars the men are assholes, and they're constantly flirting with you, but they're not pretentious. Working at this brewery I know that half the men here wish they could fuck me, but they're too afraid to say it. Instead they just pester me with obnoxious questions about a beer's IBU count, and shit no one should care about."
"So you don't ever fuck anyone you meet here?" Katrina asked.
"No, never have. And to answer your other question, it's been at least a year since I had a threesome. I was dating a guy that was super into them, but after we broke up, the opportunity just hasn't presented itself."
"It's been way too long since I've had one too! But I'm hoping to change that."
With those words Daniela shot me a sly smile, as if to acknowledge how lucky I was to have such a sexually open girlfriend. Seeing her smile, I couldn't help but imagine those lips bobbing up and down on my cock.
There was a brief pause of silence before Katrina asked, "Do you normally just go straight to bed when you're done working, or do you stay up? I imagine it must be difficult going straight from work to bed."
Danilea nodded. "I'm a total night person. I stay up for hours after getting home."
"So you're not too tired now?"
"Not especially."
Katrina smiled at me, then at Daniela. "In that case, we were wondering if you'd like to come back to our place. Maybe have a drink, see what else happens."
Danilea cast her eyes away. "I'm not sure, I probably shouldn't drink too much."
"Well, we don't have to drink. We could have fun in other ways."
Daniela caught the hint. "That okay with you?" she asked me.
I gulped. "Yeah, yeah. I like having company over."
"He likes that and blowjobs," Katrina blurted out. "And he has a really nice dick."
Daniela laughed. "Okay, why the hell not? You guys seem fun, and I could use a little excitement. It shouldn't take me long to close-out if you don't mind waiting a minute."
Daniela kicked the other bar patrons out without much of a struggle, and gave us a drink on the house. In return we helped wipe down the bar and clean up while she cashed out the register.
We must have had all kinds of nervous energy, because it only took about twenty minutes to close the place down, and another twenty to order an Uber and get back to our place.
By the time we got back, I was a nervous wreck, but the girls were completely at ease. They went straight for a bottle of tequila and took a shot or two while I whipped up some Moscow mules, per Katrina's request.
While I was busy slicing up limes, I noticed that the laughter emanating from the couch had come to a halt, only to be replaced by the sounds of kissing. I quickly finished making the drinks, and brought them out to the family room. Whether they were aware of my presence or not, the girls didn't let up.
I watched for a minute before clearing my throat. "Ahem! The drinks are ready."
Katrina laughed. "You silly goose! Can't you see we don't need anymore drinks? We're already hot and horny."
"I mean, you asked me to make them."
Katrina shrugged. "Well, now I need something else. Why don't you take some pictures of us? Is that okay with you Daniela?"
"Only if you share them with me," she said slyly.
Katrina smacked her ass hard. "God I love this girl!" she shouted.
The girls then started making out some more while I snapped a few shots on my phone in silence. But after a minute Katrina let up and said, "Come on photographer, aren't you going to tell us how to pose?"
"Uh, okay," I stammered nervously. "Katrina, why don't you put your hands on her ass while you kiss."
She did what she was told and more, putting her hands on the waist of Daniela's leggings, and peeling them down slightly. With her pants halfway down her ass, I could see that Daniela was wearing a naughty, purple g-string. Katrina noticed it too and said, "Damn girl, that's even skimpier than mine."
She then proceeded to take off her pants to reveal a skimpy red thong, one which she frequently wore on our date nights. "Why don't you take off Daniela's pants too?" I suggested.
"That's what I like to hear!" she said before getting in position behind Daniela.
Daniela bent over the couch and stuck her huge ass up in the air, with her impossibly tiny g-string sticking out. She wiggled it around a little, and Katrina gave it a good smack. "Ooh, I like that," she remarked. "Do it again."
Katrina obliged, spanking her a few more times. "You ready for your picture?" she asked me.
With Daniela's sweet, sweet ass focused in the middle of my screen, Katrina ever-so-slowly pulled her leggings down, revealing what was indeed the sexiest ass in the world. But as soon as I got a photo, she pulled them back up. "Ah, come on!" I yelled instinctually.
Katrina laughed and said, "You're such an ass-man," before pulling down Daniela's pants for good.
Daniela had to bend down to lift her leggings over her feet, and while she was in this position, I had to do everything in my power to resist the urge to mount her on the spot.
Katrina then bent over right next to her, and I took multiple shots of them making out in this vulnerable position. It was fucking incredible. Anything I asked of them, they did, including french kissing, feeling each other up, and eventually removing their tops and bras.
They sucked on each others' tits while I got some close-up. While I was right up next to Katrina, she put her hand on the bulge in my pants and said, "I think it's time for the photographer to get naked too."
Kneeling before me, she undid my zipper, and bit my thigh. Daniela was standing up beside me, rubbing my arm, and allowing her nipples to gently graze against me. "Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked.
Like clockwork, the moment Daniela asked this question my jeans came off, revealing a massive boner barely hidden in my briefs.
Daniela giggled. "I guess that answers my question."
Katrina took my hardness in her hands. She explored it thoroughly, running both hands up and down the length on the outside of my underwear, and even sucking the head through my underwear for a few seconds. "Goodness, you couldn't be any harder. Would you like to feel?" she asked Daniela.
"Is that okay?" she asked, and since neither of us knew exactly who she was talking to we both said it was simultaneously.
Still standing next to me, Daniela reached under my briefs, and took my shaft in her hand. With her other hand she caressed my neck, and drew in for her kiss. It's hard to say what felt better, her tongue exploring my mouth, or her hand pumping my fully-engorged dick. What felt like an eternity probably lasted for closer to ten seconds, but that was all the appetizer I needed. Never in my life had I been so ravenous with pleasure, and so desperate to get my dick inside a woman's warmness.
When she finally stopped stroking me, Daniela addressed Katrina. "You're right, he does have a really nice dick."
"I know, right? Aren't you glad you decided to share it with someone new?" she asked me.
"Fuck, this is amazing," was all I could muster.
Katrina then pulled my briefs down to my ankles, and stroked me a little bit herself, all the while Daniela kissed me and fondled my balls. "We should probably move to the bedroom." Katrina said.
I was a little dazed from the sheer ecstasy of the moment, so it took me a second to get moving. But that was fine, because it allowed me to stare at the ladies' fine asses as they walked down the hall. I mean, Katrina had a very cute butt. She was in great shape, and it was nice and plump for a girl her size. But Daniela's was simply out of this world, the kind of ass you just want to worship for days.
Katrina led Daniela to the bedroom, and then veered off into the bathroom to freshen up. When I got to the bedroom, Daniela was lying face down on the bed, and looked happy to see me come in with a giant boner. I slid down on the bed right next to her, and grabbed a handful of ass to let her know my intentions.
She giggled, turned towards me, and bit and kissed my neck. Her lips worked their way up my neck until they were planted on mine. Meanwhile her hand had found a resting place wrapped firmly around my cock, as she stroked me with tender desire. I was completely overcome with pleasure, and as her tongue swirled around my tongue, I got the insatiable urge to have her do that to my dick.
Overcome by this desire, I gave her a final kiss before crawling up on my knees and taking my dick in my hand. I scooted up until my crotch was next to her head, and pressed my mushroom tip against her lips. She gave it a little kiss, and then let her lips part, slowly sliding me in.
I gently slid my dick back and forth, while she worked it over with her tongue, sucking me sweetly and passionately. But while she was making out with my cock, I heard the bathroom door open. I had no idea what the parameters of this threesome were, and if my girlfriend would be upset to walk in on me with my dick in another girl's mouth, so I removed it, and rolled over on my back.
The entire thing was covered in Daniela's sweet saliva, and some precum was dripping out, but if Katrina noticed, she didn't say anything. Instead she took a place in bed next to me, leaving me in between both beautiful vixens. In a matter of seconds both girls managed to get their hands on my cock and balls, and fondled and jerked me while they made out with each other. Occasionally they'd also give me some kisses, but it was obvious that they were mainly focused on each other.
It was hard to tell whose hand it was exactly, but one of the girls kept cupping my compacted balls, and squeezing them as though they were juicing an orange. I could feel the cum rising in my dick as this happened. Eventually that same hand went further between my legs, and I could feel a finger very near my asshole, massing my nether regions. Katrina had never stimulated me in that way before, so I figured it must've been Daniela who was pleasuring me in such a dirty, naughty way.
I'm not sure if they exchanged a knowing glance or what, but without saying a thing both girls began working their way down my torso, giving me playful kisses and bites as they went. But the teasing didn't last for long, as neither of them could resist the urge to put their mouths on my dick.
While I kind of wanted Daniela to suck me first so I could experience something new, I certainly didn't mind that it was Katrina working my shaft. Of course it didn't hurt that Daniela was turning out to be a dirty little slut, and was licking my balls like she was enjoying a lollipop. She sucked them until her saliva was literally dripping off of them, and then gripped them tight, and held them up.
As she did this, she licked my scrotum, and brought her tongue dangerously close to my asshole. However, she didn't quite rim me, and eventually brought her tongue back to my dick, where her and Katrina licked and sucked it, all the while taking pauses to give each other deep, wet kisses.
As great as it felt to be serviced like that, it was watching Daniela's ass bob up and down that was turning me on more than anything. I guess I must've made the mistake of staring at it for too long because the next thing I knew I could feel my balls tensing up, and I had to cum. But thankfully both girls were two busy kissing my mushroom tip to actually have it in their mouths, and I was able to pull away about a half-second before I would've exploded all over the sheets.
To try to disguise the fact that I'd almost cum, I acted like I was pulling away so I could taste Daniela. I forcibly flipped her on to her back, pushed her g-string to the side, and proceeded to go down on her. Meanwhile, Katrina tried to suck my dick some more, but when I pushed her head away she got the not-so-subtle hint.
I only got to taste Daneila's sweet, tight pussy for about a minute before Katrina pushed me aside. "You're good," she said. "But women do it better."
She was right. Whereas I was making Daniela mona, Katrina was making her scream. No longer knowing what to do with myself, I curled up next to Daniela and sucked on her tits. Evidently she liked this combined with the prime cunnilingus she was getting because her hand went straight for my cock, and she jerked me off vigorously.

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