Seven Cheers for Sara Pt. 03

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tagIncest/TabooSeven Cheers for Sara Pt. 03

In which Sara's dreams are realized, and she and Harold explore in new directions…
(Note: I recommend you read parts 1 and 2 of this story first, because there are numerous references to, or memories of, events that occurred in those parts. Enjoy!)
After dinner was over, the Funston family engaged in a game of Scrabble – it was fun for Sara to see How Harold entered into the spirit of the contest, with its constant good-humoured arguments over "that's not a word!" versus "oh yes it is!" Sara earned a round of applause when she tagged onto an open 'v', used up all her letters, and earned a triple-word score with 'lovefest'. There was a protest that it's not a word, but Sara quelled it by saying "yes it is! It's what Harold and I are going to have tonight!"
Came time (it couldn't come soon enough for Sara!) and the family dispersed to bed, Sara and Harold in their downstairs bedroom and adjoining bathroom. Undressing for their shower, Sara remarked that it wasn't as big as the family shower upstairs, to which Harold replied, "doesn't matter – it's big enough for the two of us, 'cos we stand real close to each other." When Sara was naked, Harold held her at arm's length and declared, "you know, Sara dearest, you really are extraordinarily beautiful! I thought so the first time I saw you, at the initiation party – you're slim build, friendly open face, entrancing smile, beautifully proportioned, lovely breasts, a fabulous ass, shapely legs, skin that makes me yearn to stroke it…I just feel so lucky to have you!" He enveloped her in a huge hug.
They stepped into the shower, and Sara replied, "how can I ever repay these lovely compliments that you pay me? I thought you were beautiful, manly, handsome, impressive before I even saw you! Just from the feel! And when I did see you, you just confirmed my first impressions. The wonderful thing is" she went on, "is that we have all night to revel in each other – no rush!! And I want to do whatever you want to do with me tonight, every night, every morning, every day!" Sara clasped her arms around him, held him tight, joyed in the feeling of his hard cock pressing up against her tummy, growing mad with desire.
Soaped up, rinsed off, with special attention to crotches, assholes, balls, cock, cunt, they stepped out and towelled each other dry. Sara sank to her knees and enveloped his rampant cock in her mouth, cupping his balls with one hand while with the other she stole around to his asshole, which she knew from experience was waiting, even yearning, for his attention. Slowly but insistently she inserted her index finger past his sphincter, and moving inwards she began massaging his prostate gland.
"Sara you know that always makes me tingle, sets me off…Aaagh!! Aaagh! Aaagh! Aaagh!!" Harold shouted as he surged four spurts of semen into Sara's mouth. She swallowed hungrily, and licked his cock off as it subsided.
"Sorry, Harold darling, but the sight of that wondrous hard cock always makes me go weak in the knees, makes me want to kneel before it and enjoy it." Sara finished her ministrations. "Shall we go to bed, and continue the evening? I want you to carry me in your strong arms, as I said!"
Harold needed no further encouragement, as he put his arm around Sara's back and swept her off her feet as he put his other arm behind her knees, carrying her easily and laying her gently on the end of their bed, her knees at the edge. Standing, he delightedly cast his eyes over her prone naked body. "I've been wanting to do this for days!" he cried, as he traced his fingers up the insides of her thighs, from her knees – as he did, her knees spread wide to reveal her cunt, lips already puffy with desire and glistening with her juices.
As he knelt down Sara lifted her knees to her shoulders, opening them as wide as she could. "And I've been waiting to do this. When you touch the insides of my thighs you make them want to spread soo wide to invite you in!"
Harold said nothing further, because his lips and tongue were already seeking, touching, licking, nibbling at Sara's asshole, her vagina, and upwards to her clitoris, which he encircled with his probing tongue, driving her wild. "Uunnhh!! Uunnhh!! Uunnhh!!" she groaned as she clamped her thighs around his head, pumping up and down to drive his tongue against her.
They cuddled under the covers, knowing that they had all night to savour each other. "You know," said Harold, "when you came to me, the Tuesday after the initiation party, and said you wanted to invite me on a date and to sleep over with you on the next Saturday after the game, you excited me so much I could hardly think of anything else all week! I dreamed about you every night, and daydreamed every day…and now it's finally happening! And it's better than I dreamed…"
Sara squeezed herself against him, and cupped his balls with her hand. "Yes, it's way better, 'cos were not just having good sex, we're making love!!" She gave him a fervent kiss, exploring his mouth with her questing tongue. "I thought a lot about that sleepover, planning…and this is what I'd planned to do and would still like to do. At the initiation you had to watch five other guys with me – anal, doggy, two missionary, and cowgirl, and I know that was hard for you 'cos you wanted me too. Like I wanted you. And now you have me, all to yourself!! So at the least, I want you to fuck me tonight all five of those ways – I want you to start with missionary, really really hard! Then the rest in any order you would like. And if there's other things you'd like to do, I'm game! But no slapping the cowgirl…"
"That's a tall order, but I'll do my best for you," replied Harold. "Might need a few rests in between to cuddle, talk, recover." He paused for a moment, while his cock hardened in Sara's hand. "First is missionary, really hard, coming up!!"
He flung the bedclothes off, and rolled Sara over onto her back – she responded by parting her legs and raising them high. "Come into me, lover, fuck my lights out!!" In spite of her entreaty Harold entered her gently, slowly but insistently pushing, withdrawing a little, pushing again, until his pubic hair was pressed against her clitoris. Then he began slowly to thrust and retreat, thrust and retreat, until he felt her body responding fully, eagerly, to his rhythms.
He suddenly cried "now! put your hands above your head," and he began ramming, ramming his cock deeply into her vagina, as hard as he could. He put one hand behind her head, on her neck, and with the other he clasped her right breast; these handholds seemed to give him leverage to increase the force of his pounding plunges into the depths of her cunt. Her legs flailed in the air as she felt herself being forced, forced, forced onto the mattress beneath her, and sensed his balls slapping against her ass with each forward stroke, each downward pressure.
Sara revelled in the steely hardness of his cock, as she could feel all of its ridges and veins excitingly stroking in her. She tightened her vaginal muscles in rhythm with his ramming strokes, inviting him further within her at the same time as she joyed in the feeling of his taut abs colliding with her tummy. "Oh, oh!" she shouted joyfully, "fuck me like you've never fucked before!! Ram that hard cock into me!! Fuck me! Fuck me!! Oh! Aarrgh!!"
But wonderful experiences cannot last for ever – Sara felt Harold stiffening as she heard him cry out "I'm coming!! Aaargh! Aaarrgh! Aaargh!" As floods of his semen surged into her Sara's own orgasm overtook her as she cried out and raised her knees higher to help him achieve deeper penetration. Harold rolled onto his side, taking Sara with her, and they lay coiled into each other, sweating and panting. Moments passed…
"Hard enough for you?" he enquired tentatively.
"That was everything my heart could have desired, you wonderful man!" Sara replied, putting her arms around him and holding him close. "What a start to our love life. And you know one thing I particularly liked? Even though I asked for really hard fucking, you started slow and gentle, made sure that I was comfortable before starting the hard fuck. You make me feel valued, and you make me trust you absolutely. Oh, my dearest, I can never love you enough, never fuck you enough!!"
Sara buried her face in his neck, kissing and nibbling. Harold held her close. He whispered, "I would never, could never hurt you! Good sex, good loving has to be fun for both of us." He sought out her mouth for a long, deep kiss, their tongues meeting and exploring. "Know what I'd like to do, working our way down your excellent menu of activities," he said with a grin, holding her tightly, "we spend a little time getting me really hard again, then we do doggy-style, then another little rest, and then we do cowgirl, no slapping! Then we sleep, and in the morning we complete the menu, with anal and missionary. Hard hard missionary. Sound like a plan??"
"Sounds like a wonderful plan!" cried Sara. "I'll get right to work on making you hard again, 'cos I can't wait to have you inside me again."
"Speaking of no slapping," Harold laughed, I was talking to Ted today on the phone – you know Ted, the last of the six guys at the party? He was telling me that Bob is having a hard time – there isn't a girl around who will date him! They all just say, "I don't want to be slapped," and turn him down. Guys aren't too sympathetic either – he says it's probably because you are so esteemed by everyone, 'cos you did what you did for me." He held her for a moment, quiet.
Then Sara responded, "Bob shouldn't have slapped me, but it was a silly impulse of the moment kind of thing – I don't for a minute think he was vicious or anything, just stupid, thoughtless. I'm sad that he's being treated like a pariah. What can I do? Maybe if I invite him out to lunch, or for a coffee, in a place where lots of team members congregate, that might help? If people see us together, being friendly?"
"Sara, you are really a wonderfully fine person!" exclaimed Harold. "Bob's down and needs help, just like I was down and out, and you're right in there saying 'what can I do?' I think yours is a wonderful idea, and I'd like to be there with you, if I may." He hugged Sara close.
But Sara had other ideas. Bob was tomorrow. Harold was now.
Her fondling attentions to Harold's cock had brought him again to the state of rock-hard readiness that she remembered and loved – she cried "I wanna be your li'l doggie" as she turned on her stomach and raised her naked buttocks. "Where do you want me? Where do you want my eager open cunt?" she asked.
"Around my cock!" replied Harold. "Scooch down towards the foot of the bed – I want to be standing up so I don't put weight on you. Here, I'll help position you." He grasped her hips and helped her move into position. "Now, spread your legs a little, and put your face down on the mattress."
"I feel so wonderfully available!" cried Sara as she positioned herself, and waited.
Again, Harold slowly, insistently entered her vaginal passage, making sure that the angle was comfortable for her. Then he kept his grip on her pelvis and steadied her has he plunged into her, faster faster, deeper, deeper. With each eager thrust his stomach met her ass cheeks with a smack, and his pendulous balls collided with her sensitive clitoris, sending her wild with excitement. "You're so tight, and hot!" whispered Harold urgently as he redoubled the force of his thrusts. "I can't get enough of you!!"
"Ooohh! Ooogh!! Ooogh! Ooogh!" groaned Sara excitedly as she met each of Harold's thrusts. "Can't give enough to you!"
Just then a mutual simultaneous climax overtook them both as they cried out with their satisfaction and ecstatic fulfillment.
Lying down again snuggled under the covers, Harold on his back with his right arm around Sara, whose damp cunt was snuggled into his thigh, they rested for awhile. He reminisced, "you know, I remember from high school, English class, two lines that stuck in my mind 'cos they set me thinking…it's from Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, somebody, I forget who, is describing Cleopatra and says 'Other women cloy | The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry | Where most she satisfies…' That line stuck in my mind because was then a horny teenager of seventeen, and I wondered if there could be such a "she", such a woman…I have my answer now because I have my arms around one!" He turned on his side to put both arms around Sara, and gave her a huge hug and a fervent kiss.
"You keep on saying the nicest things about me." Sara sighed, "I just hope I can keep on deserving such compliments."
"You just keep on being Sara," Harold replied, "that's more than enough for me! But to change the subject, shall we talk a little about Mary's offer to have us continue to live here?"
"Mmmm," replied Sara. "Seems to me the only other option would be to find a new place – I've been to your apartment, remember, and it's far too small. And it's in a building with thin walls – I heard the neighbour next door clattering in her kitchen while I was packing stuff for you. Means we'd have to be really quiet making love, and that would spoil the fun!"
The discussion continued, exploring aspects of Mary's offer of the basement. Harold was insistent about paying a fair share for rent – didn't want to sponge. They agreed that there'd have to be some renovations, to make some study spaces for each of them. Lots of other stuff to discuss with her parents around separateness, togetherness, furniture and other arrangements. "And," concluded Harold, "there'd be the matter of arranging the foursomes…"
"Right now I want a twosome!" declared Sara, laughing, as she turned Harold onto his back and climbed onto him. "I've been keeping tabs on your cock, and it's got rock hard again, just the way I love it. I'm all slippery from last time, so we can get right to it!!"
"No foreplay?" Harold pleaded. "Foreplay's fun! I don't want to lick your pussy just to make you damp, I want to lick you 'cos I like licking you…would you come up and sit on my face?"
Sara caught the note of fun in his tone, and replied "well, ok, but just for an hour or so." She moved forward, so her cunt was over Harold's face as she perched astride his shoulders, and leaned against the headboard of the bed for support. "Squeeze my ass when you need to come up for air!" She began to thrust and thrust her cunt, so it brushed over Harold's lips and let him engage his tongue with her asshole, her vagina, her clitoris.
For his part Harold went to work with a will, working his tongue between Sara's cunt lips, into her vagina, into her asshole, around her clitoris which he sucked into his mouth and swirled around with his eager tongue. He could sense that although Sara had enjoyed two strong orgasms already, another was on the way – she suddenly trembled, clamped her thighs around his head, and cried out "Aaagh! Aaagh! Aaagh!! Please Stop!! I'm so tender down there." But she did not stop pulsing against his mouth, giving the lie to her pleas.
Finally, she rested, moved back and lay down next to Harold. "You're just too exciting!! I didn't last nearly an hour – but it was lovely!"
"Want to have another little rest and cuddle?" Harold asked, "or shall we get right to it?"
"A few minutes would be nice – I am tender down there…" Sara replied, and moved to squeeze Harold with another huge hug.
"There's something serious I'd like to think about with you, anyway" said Harold. "When shall we get married? Sooner rather than later would be my option, and I'd like to talk a little about why. You see, my life has been punctuated by two disastrous accidents. A car crash deprived me of my parents and a normal childhood. And my football accident (nothing like as serious!) brought you and me together, wonderfully, but it also reminded me about how quickly and painfully disaster can strike. And the football accident could have been more serious – I could have been killed…"
"What's this got to do with marriage?" murmured Sara. "Seems to me this" (she stroked his cock, stimulating it to eager hardness) "is the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me, and us!"
"It is! But, well, I have to think about your future welfare," replied Harold. "How do we know I won't be struck by lightning, or hit by a bus, tomorrow, next week, whenever? I'm not planning on it for a minute!! I love you, and I love living with you, and I hope and trust we will have a long and happy life together. But I was left this large trust fund by my parents, which is now vested in me. I'd want to ensure that it would pass to you, that you would be provided for, and marriage is the best way to cement that. Puts the money beyond the reach of grasping relatives, such as my mother's parents. The trust is currently worth a little over two million dollars…"
Sara was dumbstruck by this news, and she struggled for something to say for a couple of minutes. Finally she stammered, "I, I, I don't know what to say…I'm overwhelmed! But you better stay out of the way of lightning!! Or buses!! I want you around forever!! But it's just like back at the initiation party – you wanted to protect me, care for me, and now you're doing it again, you wonderful man! How can I ever get used to your kindness, your care?" She burst into tears, and pressed herself to his side.
"We'd better talk to your parents about this…" Harold began.
Sara interrupted him, emphatically, "when I said yes to your proposal it was, and is, because I want to be married to you! I'll marry you tomorrow if you like, or the day after, or as soon as you want. No questions! But now what I want," she said, as she rolled over astride him, "is for you to fuck the lights out of this eager cowgirl!"
Sara knelt astride him, her cunt above his pelvis, as he gazed up at her. "You really are beautiful – it's lovely to fuck in this position because I can look at your breasts and your face, see the desire in your eyes." He positioned his cock at her opening, then pressed hands down on her thighs as he thrust up into her. "And I can watch my cock as it disappears into his true home!" His pubic hair nestled against her throbbing clitoris.
Harold's hands gripped Sara's ass cheeks, as he began to guide her up and down, up and down, while he watched her breasts bobbing to the rhythm of his thrusts into her. Sara massaged his cock with her powerful vaginal muscles, rhythmically encouraging him to surge deeper, deeper. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations thrilling through her. She felt his hands moving around her ass towards her crack, then felt two fingers massaging, probing, entering her asshole. This sent her over the edge. "Gaaaaaaaahhh!!" she cried, as her huge orgasm possessed her, at the same time as she sensed Harold's surges of sperm spraying up into her and heard his loud moans of fulfilment.
"Stay in me until you soften?" she asked, "like when we did reverse-cowgirl. And don't take your fingers out…"
"Did you like that?" asked Harold hopefully. "Just getting ready, thinking about first thing tomorrow. There's so many more enticing things to do with an ass than slapping it!" They rested awhile, as he slowly softened.
"You know?" she said as she rolled off Harold and snuggled by his side, "I'm leaking. I have three huge loads of semen up inside me and it's oozing out. How 'bout a quick shower before sleep?"
This was done in a trice, accompanied by tickles and nibbles. They dried off, and Harold swept her up in his arms again to carry Sara to their bed, to snuggle and sleep.
Dawn found them awakening, refreshed and eager to begin again. Morning trips to the bathroom were quickly accomplished, and Sara returned from hers carrying a tube of K/Y jelly. "Need that for the next one." She snuggled in, and whispered "you know, you mentioned slapping last night, and that inevitably recalled Bob…but it wasn't his slap that was so bad, it was the lack of permission, consent. Made it like a rape! Just so you know, there isn't anything that you can't do with me, do to me, as long as I know and agree…"

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