Sex Chat With Asian Girl

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You: hi
You: Asl?
Stranger: hey
You: hello
You: Asl please?
Stranger: what’s Asl?
Stranger: I’m new here
You: age sex location?
Stranger: ohh
You: yeah
Stranger: 18 3 times a day in my van
Stranger: is that correct?
You: sex here means male or female?
Stranger: ohhh
Stranger: im f
You: cool
Stranger: you?
You: I am male
You: from where you are?
Stranger: age?
You: I am 20
You: from where you are?
Stranger: from your heart
You: that’s cool
You: hey honey tell me your location
You: from which country you are?
Stranger: Philippines
Stranger: you?
You: nice
You: I am from India
Stranger: nice
You: what’s your name?
Stranger: Mari
Stranger: you?
You: nice name
You: Raj
You: are you on facebook?
Stranger: no
Stranger: you?
You: yeah I am
You: I wanna see you
Stranger: what’s your link?
You: wait I am sending
Stranger: k
You: how can I see you Mari?
Stranger: idk
You: can you send me your picture?
Stranger: you’re kinda cute
You: really! Thanks
You: ?
Stranger: no
Stranger: I can’t I’m sorry
You: it’s ok
You: may I have your email id?
Stranger: no
You: ok
Stranger: im just here becauseI’m bored
You: do you have boyfriend?
You: okay
Stranger: nope
You: so what I can do for you so that you enjoy here
You: ?
Stranger: idk
You: ok
You: are you virgin?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: I mean no
Stranger: why are you asking?
You: generaly
Stranger: ok
You: with whome you did sex?
Stranger: with my past boyfriend
You: okay
You: do you like talking about sex?
Stranger: it’s ok
Stranger: y?
You: so that we can talk about that if you like
You: ?
Stranger: why do you want to talk about it?
Stranger: you’re not even my boyfriend?
You: but I can be your boyfriend
You: 🙂
Stranger: I don’t even know you?
Stranger: 🙂
You: next year in January I am coming to your country
Stranger: why?
You: we can know each other
You: just to visit there
Stranger: you’re going to the Phillipines?
You: yeah
Stranger: I dont like an Indian boyfriend
You: why so?
Stranger: sorry
You: its ok
Stranger: I just don’t like to
You: ok
You: ok we will not be in a relatioship
You: but we can ejnoy
You: 🙂
Stranger: yey!
Stranger: how?
You: when I will come there you can give me company
You: we will enjoy a lot
Stranger: sure
You: I will take you for dinner
Stranger: is that a date?
You: maybe but you take that as a dinner
Stranger: I don’t like to have dinner with you
You: if God want then may be that will be a date from your side too
Stranger: 😛
You: really :(?
Stranger: yes
You: then what anout staying together?
Stranger: what?
You: we can stay together for some day in Philippines
You: just me and you
You: we will have fun
Stranger: where?
You: in hotel or whereever you want.
Stranger: what are we gonna do there?
You: what ever you want dear?
Stranger: I dont go to someone i don’t know
Stranger: 😛
You: now you know me
You: now we can go
Stranger: no
You: ohhhh 🙁
Stranger: and i dont even know if what are we going to do
Stranger: there
You: we will do what ever you say
Stranger: no i want u to say now
Stranger: what are we going to do
You: lots of fun
You: at soft bed
You: just me and you
Stranger: are you saying we’re going to have sex?
You: with your consent
You: ?
Stranger: ewww
Stranger: you’re disgusting
Stranger: sorry for my words
You: it’s ok
You: I did not mind
You: I will not do anything forcefully
You: if you will say I will not even touch you
Stranger: I will only have sex to someone I love
You: then we can be in love
Stranger: I said I don’t like Indian guys
Stranger: remember?
You: yeah that’s sad
Stranger: but we can be friends
Stranger: 🙂
You: that’s really cool
You: 🙂
You: thanks a lot
Stranger: sure
You: but I can kiss you because friends can kiss
You: 🙂
Stranger: kiss where?
You: on your cheeks
You: on your hands
You: on your arms
Stranger: arms?
Stranger: hands?
Stranger: what are you gonna do to me?
Stranger: you are gonna lick me?
You: yeah lick you but very gently
You: smoothly and passionately
Stranger: I’m not your girlfriend!
Stranger: you’re so perverted!
You: ok I will not do that
You: happpy now?
Stranger: yes
You: but can I kiss you on your cheeks?
You: a simple kiss
Stranger: cheeks to cheeks
Stranger: not kiss
Stranger: were just friends remember?
You: okay cheeks to cheeks
You: but friends can do simple kiss
Stranger: ok you can kiss me wherever you want
You: really?
Stranger: yup
Stranger: why? you dont like?
You: means I can kiss you on your cheeks, your ears, your lips
You: yeah I like that I love to do that
You: I will kiss you on your arms and hand
Stranger: do you want in lips?
You: yeah sure on your lips
Stranger: why lips?
You: and where ever you want I will kisss you there
Stranger: only my boyfriend can kiss me there
Stranger: in my lips
You: because kiss on lips makes relation stronger and it’s the best thing
Stranger: your not my boyfriend remember?
You: imagine I am looking in your eyes and kissing you on your lips
You: yeah I know that
Stranger: why?
Stranger: only my boyfriend will do that to me
You: and just now you gave me permission to kiss you anywhere
You: please let me also do that
Stranger: I mean you can kiss me everywhere you want
You: I will kiss you on your lips only for a second
You: yeah so I want to kiss you on your lips
Stranger: y?
Stranger: I will let you kiss my tits but not my lips
You: if you say I can kiss you longer
You: awwwwww!
You: really honey I will love to kiss your tits
Stranger: I said anywhere you want so you can kiss my tits and other part of my body but not my lips
You: okay honey
You: so I can kiss your tits, you’re navel, your back, your neck, your armpit
Stranger: sure
Stranger: you can even lick it
You: oooh baby so nice of you
Stranger: and put your dick inside
You: if I suck your tits
Stranger: sure
You: ohhhh yessssss
You: suck your ass hole
Stranger: I want to have sex talk
You: yeah sure we can do that
Stranger: ok you start now
You: do you want me to make you cum?
Stranger: what do you mean?
You: means I can make you get orgasm through sex chat
Stranger: sure
Stranger: start
You: oooooooh
You: we are in a hotel room
You: you wearing a sexy night dress
Stranger: go on
You: I came closer to you
You: and hold you in my arms
You: and I hug you tightly
Stranger: go on
You: then I put my lips on your neck and kiss you there
Stranger: hmmmm
You: you moan aaaaahhhhhh
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: ahhhhh
Stranger: go on
You: then I push you on the bed
Stranger: go on
You: I undress you
You: now you are in bra and panty
You: I hold your tits over you bra
Stranger: lick it babe
You: and start rubbing them
You: then I remove your bra
You: and press your boobs hardly
You: I put my tongue on thrm
You: and start licking them
Stranger: go on
You: I am licking your sexy tits
Stranger: aahhhh
Stranger: go on
You: I suck them badly
You: then I put my dick in your hand
Stranger: go on
You: you start rubbing my dick
You: it gets hard
Stranger: yeahhh
Stranger: go on
You: I put my dick in between your tits
You: and start fucking your boobies
You: I am fucking them hard
You: my dick head touching your mouth
Stranger: go on
You: then I put my dick in your mouth
Stranger: yeahhh
Stranger: blowjob?
You: you start licking it
You: I am fucking your mouth
You: giving you strokes in your mouth
You: you suck my penis like hell
Stranger: hmmmmmmm
You: then I put off your panty
You: there are little hairs on your sexy pussy
You: I come in between your legs?
Stranger: lick my legs babe
You: and put my finger on your pussy
You: I start rubbing your pussy with my fibger
You: and kiss you on your thighs
You: I lick your thighs
You: I bite on your thighs
Stranger: go on
You: then I put my tongue on your pussy
You: I rub my tongue on it
You: I push my finger in your pussy
You: and kissing your clitorios
Stranger: ahhhhhh!
Stranger: ahhh!
You: I am fingering you very fast
You: ans start sucking your clitoris
Stranger: ahhh!
You: I bite gently on your pussy
You: I do smooch on your pussy lips
You: I suck them like hell
You: I push my tongue in your pussy
You: and start licking it
You: my tongue going in and out
Stranger: hmmmm
You: you start moaning
Stranger: ahhhhhh
You: then I open your legs baby
You: put my saliva on your pussy hole
You: push my dick in your mouth and get it wet
You: then I put my dick on your pussy
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: ahhh
Stranger: ahh
Stranger: ahh
Stranger: ahh
You: and push my dick inside your pussy
You: my 8 inches rod goes inside your pussy
You: you start screaming
You: I give a hard stroke and my whole dick is in your pussy
You: you scream like hell
You: then I put my lips on your lips and hold your boobs tightly
You: and start fucking you
You: I am pushing my dick with full power in your love hole
You: juice is comingout of your pussy
Stranger: ohhh yeeahhha
You: my dick going in and out
You: then I lay down
You: and you come over me
You: you sit on my dick
You: my whole dick gets inside your pussy!
You: you feel pain
Stranger: hmmmm
You: and then you start moving up and down
You: you screaming aaaaiiii aaaahhhh
You: aaaaaah aaaaaaahhhh!!!!
You: you start jumping on my dick and I am fucking you from bottom
You: you screaming fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me
Stranger: yes!
You: then I make you in doggy position
You: I put some wax on your ass hole
You: and put some slavia on my dick
You: and then from behind I put my dick in your ass hole
You: i gave a hard stroke but my dick slips
You: then again I give a hard stroke and my dick goes in your ass
You: you scream llike hell aaaaaiiiiiiiii
You: I hold your ass
You: and start fucking your ass
You: I am giving you strokes from behind
You: fucking you very wildly and badly
You: then I suddenly take out my dick and push it in your pussy again with full force
You: and fucking your pussy
You: you are making pressure on my dick by pushing your ass backwards
You: I start fucking you at full speed
You: you are about to cum
You: you scream fuckk me honey fuck me honey fuckk me honey fuck me fuck me
You: you say I am cuming
You: I fuck you very hard
You: my dick is going in and out at very fast pace
You: my balls are striking on your ass
You: and suddenly you stretch and you cum
You: juice start coming out of your pussy
You: you get orgasm
You: and with you I too cum inside your pussy
You: you feel very hot inside your pussy
You: you turn back and I hold you in my arms and we hug very tightly
You: we lay down like this for a long time
You: …..
You: …..
You: …..
You: ….
You: ….
You: ……
You: hey how was it?
Stranger: nice
You: thanks
Stranger:  I’m naked right now for you to know
You: really ohhh wish I could see you naked
Stranger:  you can
You: how?
Stranger: just go here
You: don’t worry honey in January I will come there and will do sex with you like this
You: can I see you now
Stranger: how?
You: by cam on yahoo
Stranger: you know what
Stranger: I gotta go
You: what dear?
You: okay
Stranger: ok
Stranger: bye babe
Stranger: I love you