Sex During Periods? Points To Remember

Sex is a habit for many couples. The pleasure of making love makes them addicted to this activity. However, a woman faces several health problems such as periods or infections that might affect their sex life for a week or so. Well, there are few men who do not mind having sex when his partner is having periods. However, the woman should keep few points in mind if she is having sex during menstruation.

Points to remember:

Precaution: Who says you can’t get pregnant while menstruating? A couple should always take necessary precautions before making love. This should be more strictly applied when his partner is menstruating. Simply because, during menstruation, having sex without condom can make her pregnant and also transfer infections. STD (sexually transmitted diseases) can spread even when you are menstruating. So, value the importance of safe and hygienic sexual practices. If you are having sex during menstruation, make sure your partner has taken necessary precautions.

Cleanliness: Few men do not mind making love when their woman is menstruating. However, cleanliness is something personal. For men, seeing blood is something scary. If you want to make love during your periods, make sure you are clean. Take a shower and change your sanitary napkin before heading towards the bed. This doesn’t affect the mood and also keeps you two comfortable.

Menstrual cramps: If you want to have sex during your periods, be very careful. Menstrual cramps are common during the first 2 days of your menstruation. Having sex during this time can be painful for the woman. This is because the reproductive system is weak and the breakage of hemoglobin leads to menstrual cramps. Slowly try to penetrate if you are making love during your 1-2 day of your period. If it is painful, avoid having sex completely. Relax and wait for 2-4 days!

Avoid orgasm: If you are making love during your periods, it is best to avoid orgasm. Stimulating the spot directly affects the reproductive system. You might enjoy the pleasure in the beginning but when you cum, you will only spread blood stains on the bed sheet that can be embarrassing. Also, the cramps can increase if you try to reach orgasm.

These are few points for a woman to remember if they are planning to have sex during their periods. Ideally, at this time, the woman should avoid sex as the reproductive system is weak. Get well and then you are back to the pavilion! Many women complain that they do not lubricate while having sex immediately after periods. If this is the case, use gels or tubes to make your woman lubricate.