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Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.
I had a sheltered youth sexually. My small breasts could be a part of why I did more boyish things until I was older.
Finally, putting highschool behind me, I got work as a clerk at the local Department store, and soon I was going to house parties with my other girlfriends, where they would disappear into a bedroom every time, sometimes twice, with two different boys.
I was cool though, the weed and booze was keeping me that way, until Greg caught my eye. He was more mature, and he kept single, seldom going back to the same girl, but bedding just about every one of my friends. Sure, I flirted with him, but he never took my hand to lead me to a bedroom.
Mark was fun, he danced with me, and I flirted with him, and sure enough, he took me back to the bedrooms.
My first time was fast.
I undressed and so did Mark. He took my hand and pulled me to the bed, almost dragging me into the middle.
He romantically spit in his hand and pushed two fingers into my vagina. It happened so fast, that I hardly felt it. He got his knees between my thighs and used one hand to direct his stiff cock towards my pussy.
He stopped at the lips, and brushed it up and down, two or three times. With foreplay over, he thrust it in. The hymen didn't rip, it stretched, as it does on many virgins.
He went to full depth on his first stroke, getting my full interest, but ten strokes later he emptied himself with 4 thrusts and 4 deep moans.
I was just starting to push back, feeling the first strings of desire, where only my fingers had satisfied me before.
We made out for a few minutes more, but his dick slipped out and his goo ran down my thigh.
He never touched my breasts or nipples, but he was a good kisser for the entire 5 minutes that he lasted.
Mark took off a few hours later, giving me a wave from the door, but no offer of a ride, or a thanks for the great 5 minutes!
Weeks went by and I fucked him a few more times, but they were never satisfying for me. I wondered if it was always like that.
One night my girlfriends and I went out to a real nightclub, and I saw Mark with another girl that I had never seen, when they walked by, hand in hand, Mark made like he didn't know me.
I forgot about him for a while, as Mark didn't show up at any of the houses we partied at, I was again being ignored, until my worst nightmare happened.
I fell asleep at a party, and woke up while they were undressing me!
I started to struggle, but there were three of them, and I could not resist, while they forced a sock into my mouth, and tied it in place using its mate.
Two of them held me as the third pressed his dick into my vagina.
They were in no hurry, as they rammed into me, one after the other, they changed places.
One round turned into another, as I took it all. They had pulled my t-shirt off, but didn't really bother with my boyish chest.
Henry took a third turn, but the other two were spent.
They just left me, in a pool of their cum. I had cried myself dry, while they fucked me, so I had no more tears for after.
I didn't even untie the gag for an hour.
Finally I got off the bed, dressed and went home for a long shower.
I stayed away from house parties for a while, but clubs were expensive for a flat chested girl, so I eventually went back with a girlfriend, and started to enjoy the smoke and the booze again.
Those three guys that took me, left the area soon after the event. They followed the surge of people heading West for job opportunities.
Greg finally showed some interest in me, and I didn't hesitate to flirt shamelessly.
We were out on the back porch, with 4 joints going around 6 people, when I caught him checking me out, and as the ring broke up, he took my hand!
I certainly didn't resist, as he led me to the bedrooms.
I learned how to give good head on his beautiful cock. I admitted that I had never sucked a cock before, and Greg was happy to show me his favorite things.
Soon I was taking him a couple inches down the throat, and rapping my tongue from one side to the other. He told me how a stud in my tongue would make me even better.
In his arms I had magnificent sex! He loved to watch me have orgasms, and he would pleasure me with his tongue, and watch me wiggle and strain in the throes of an orgasm.
The next weekend I had a large stud, and I talked thick, like my tongue was swollen!
Greg took a new girl into his bed. She was older, and had large melons. I thought she looked like an old cow.
I drank pretty hard that night.
The next week he took me early, commenting on my stud, and we tried it out right away.
He nearly shot his wad while I was still licking the outside! He shoved it in and as far down as he could get it. I fought back tears as I pushed to get even more of him inside of me.
I pulled him back as he came, and used my hands to pump him dry, as I sucked softly and swallowed.
As soon as he was completely relieved he went to the window and pulled out a joint. We were forbidden to do this anywhere inside, but Greg was the boss, so I enjoyed a puff.
When the last of it was embers, Greg was ready for another hummer, and I wanted to show off my skills and enjoy my $49.99 investment.
He didn't seem interested in pleasing me though, as he could easily have pulled my hips around to pleasure my pussy. Instead, he put his hands behind his head, to relax while I emptied his balls.
He did fuck me later that night and I had a very satisfying orgasm.
Two months later, I was happy to be Greg's Good Time Girl. He let me suck him off every Friday night, and he often made love to me on Saturday.
The next time he took me, he pillow talked about bringing in another girl.
It wasn't that I wanted to experiment, but I wanted to be with him, so I would try anything!
He introduced me to lesbian sex, simply by bringing in one of his other girlfriends. Cassie had big tits, and she forced them in my mouth at every opportunity. Greg liked to do me doggy style, while watching me eat out Cassie. She would push hard into my face, while playing with her own tits.
Months went by, with the weekends being the highlight of my week.
Then my three antagonists returned, and wanted to step back into their old life.
Greg insisted that I let bygones be bygones, so I reluctantly accepted their presence, but I would never trust them. They looked at me, like I was a potato chip. One they tried already and wanted to have more.
One day Greg wanted me to watch while he fucked Cindy, but Cindy didn't want me, and kept telling Greg to make me leave. Instead, he impaled her anus from behind, and ordered me to eat her 'till she came.
It was so exciting. She bucked and whined, but I think she really wanted it.
The next day he wanted to tie me up, and have another guy fuck me, while he watched.
Mark had returned to our party circle, so Greg got Mark to do the dirty deed.
Greg put a ball gag in my mouth and tied me spread eagle on the bed, then he called in Mark to give him a show.
When Mark exploded inside me, about 3 minutes later, no one was impressed.
Greg just told him to send in someone else, and when he saw me tense up, he suggested that Henry might be anxious for another shot at me!
I was flailing, trying to get out of the restraints or get Greg to change where this was heading, but they just watched me thrash.
When Henry popped into the room, his smile almost made me sick.
His two comrades peered over his shoulder.
Henry dropped his pants like they were on fire, and 10 seconds later he was piercing my pussy like he had done over a year ago. He lasted about 5 minutes, but he gave me a kiss, and promised he would be back, when I had more time.
Greg was pissed off. He wanted to see me cum! So Rick was next, and he was ready. He plunged into my snatch and started pumping away.
Again, I was not about to have an orgasm from this ass wipe, so I shed a few tears, and he blew his load.
While the third prick worked me over Greg stepped out. I thought he was leaving me to these fuckers, but he came back just as I was filled a third time with the jizz of Satan's helpers.
Greg had a pink egg vibrator and a jar of lube. With a swipe of his finger he had my anus lubed, and he pushed the vibrator up my butt!
Stepping aside, he motioned Henry over, while he pulled up the app on his phone.
The vibrations in my ass just felt strange all by itself, but the pounding that Henry was giving me, changed it's dynamic entirely.
With the added bulk of a stiff dick, the vibrations went right to my clit, and I started to cum almost right away. It seemed like the more I tried to resist it, the more it invaded my every thought, until I quivered in a small orgasm.
This was the ultimate humiliation!
The other two repeated their exploitation of my body, and we all had orgasms, mine filled with humiliation and self loathing, and theirs, filled with conquest and self fulfillment.
While Henry watched, he told Greg that they had spent 6 months in prison out west, and they learned another neat trick, if he wanted to see it. Greg was game.
Henry removed the pink toy, and without cleaning it, he shoved it deep into my drenched pussy.
They shifted the restraints to pull my legs higher, and he lubed up the head of his cock on the wet slit, then plunged it into my virgin ass!
My girlfriends and everyone else at the party, crowded in the room to watch my ass get splashed.
With Henry's cock pushing up against the hard working vibrator, It was only a matter of time, before I started to buck in another orgasm. There were hoots all around as they all witnessed my shame.
Phones were taking it all in too.
The splash went on for another hour, as anyone who wanted me had a turn at one hole or the other.
Eventually all of the guys left, and my girl friends untied me.
That was the end of my early education. It's been all women since then.
Men are suck Dicks!

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