Sex in movie theatre

Hi ! I am a 22 single male from Chennai. I am working in an software company. I am regular reader of ISS. I like to tell my story which happened when I am doing my college.

I am from Chennai and this incident took place when I am 20. In the evening after I had finished my college, I was feeling bored so I thought of going for a movie for the 6 p.m. Show. The theatre was good, but quite isolated. There were very few patrons and more males then females. I went and sat in one of the last rows. Nobody was sitting there. Just before the show started, two females came and sat just in the same row leaving two seats next to me. As I was a stranger, I did not want to have any problem so I did not pay any attention to them. When the movie started I gave a side way glance towards them. One was wearing chudidar and the other one was wearing a Skirt and Top. But what I saw made my cock stand up. They were playing with each other’s boobs by putting their hands under each other’s tops. I could not concentrate on the movie and sat such that I could watch them. Suddenly one of them saw me watching them. I could feel that she told her friend that I was watching, as suddenly the other one also started staring towards me. But they did not stop their act, and the one in chudidar put her hand on the leg of the one who was wearing Skirt and slid it upwards. She also motioned me to come next to them. This gave me courage and I went and sat next to them.

I was sitting next to the one wearing skirt. I asked them their names. The one wearing chudidar told me her name was Padma and the one wearing Skirt told me she was Radhika. Padma was fondling Radhika’s breasts and she invited me also to do the same. I put my hand under her top and slid it under her bra and started fondling her breasts one after another. They were firm and hard. As we were sitting in the last row, and the theatre was quite empty, we were not afraid of being watched. I further slid down on the seat such that my face was under the top of the seat. I then bent towards her and raised her top and bra such that her boobs were now exposed. I put my face in her bosom and started sucking her breasts. Padma said she wanted to go to the toilet and when she returned, instead of sitting in her place she came and sat next to me. Now Padma was sitting on one side and Radhika on the other. Padma told me to fondle her also. So I shifted position and started fondling Padma’s breasts. Her breasts were also hard and firm. I raised her chudidar tops and exposed her breasts to my view. As it was dark, I could not see very clearly but I was enjoying very much. I took Padma’s hand and put it on my crotch. My hardness could be seen even in the dark theatre. Padma undid my zip and slid out my cock from my undies. She started fondling it and playing with it.

In the meantime Radhika just my hand and put it on her thigh. I slid my hand up towards her clit. I slid my hand inside her panties and felt her pussy. Wow, it was clean-shaven and very wet. I slid my finger up her pussy and started finger fucking her. She also started giving thrusts as in real fucking. So I was fondling boobs of one babe and finger fucking the other.

Padma then bent down towards me and first gave a kiss on my cock. She then started sucking the tip of my cock. Radhika also took hold of my cock and pushed it in Padma’s mouth. As Interval was nearing we arranged ourselves and sat quiet. I was thinking if they would allow me for sex after the movie. How enjoyable it would be to have two females together.

After the Interval when the movie started again Padma took my hand and put it on her thigh and told me to finger fuck her. I undid her salwar and found that she was not wearing any panties. I later found out that with the excuse of going to the toilet she had gone and removed her panties. She was also clean shaven. This gave me easy assess to her pussy and I started finger fucking her. I removed my finger and sucked the juices, which had flowed out of her pussy. The next time I also gave Radhika to taste the juices of Padma. I told Padma that I was about to cum, and she said that she would like to drink it all. I told her that Radhika will not like it and she said that she could drink it the next time.

Very shortly my cock was hard again and this time Radhika slid down and started giving me a blowjob. How I liked it. I came again and this time Radhika swallowed it all. Thus the movie ended which I do not know what the story was about. After the movie Padma and Radhika just left the theatre without saying a word. I could not ask them any thing and outside I was afraid that they would make a scene and create a problem for me. So I went quietly to my hotel room and went to sleep thinking in detail about the theatre incident, which had just occurred.

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