Sex in train with hot sis

Hi this is Sonia this is my second story I am submitting on iss but dear its not a real story I have read it some book liked it very much so I am sharing with u all..

Hi my name is raja we used to live in ahmdabad with my mom sis and dad I was two yrs older to my sis when my sis came to teen age I begun to admire her body she had nice round curvy ass and loll legs( I knew as my sis always loved to wear mini skirts) and had not too big but nice small tities I used to admire her while she moved she was too frank with her friends I always doubted whether she was virgin or not she completed her 12std but could not secure good marks to get an mbbs admission in Bombay so we decided to get her admission in ahmdabad she got there and started staying there only I joined my dad business which is of some textile so me or dad used to travel to surat to meet her it was same usual business tour I had went to surat I went to meet my sis.

She cam she was wearing a tight t shirt and a very small skirt I got hot seeing her but could do nothing as she was my sis her white milky hairless thighs were inviting my cock but I was afraid we started talking about all things had some cold drinks she said she is missing mom very much as she had not seen her for 6months I said mom misses u too much she started crying saying I want meet mom now said sis be brave u can come indiwali vacation she said we have off for four days I can go home and come back as it takes only 9 hours to reach mumabi I want to meet mom any how I said but I don’t have reservation confirmed its only waiting list she said so what as u will go I will too plsss she was begging me so said ok we went to her hostel she introduced me to warden and said she was going home to meet her parents and will come back in 3days she said ok and she asked me train timing I said 2hours form now she said ok I will have bath and pack u wait here warden told us don’t u can take him to ur room as he is ur bro on one else she agreed and I went in her room as I entered I saw her panties n bra along with other clothes kept there for drying m y cock again rose she said u sit here I will go for bath as she locked door I quickly got up and saw the size of panties it was 36 and bra was 34c I my was itching I sat down and I felt something under the pillow I saw it was vibe… I always knew my sis was damn sexyyyyy but after seeing vibe I was too hot I quickly kept it where it was… She came out wearing again that micro mini skirt and some short top.. And took a bag put some clothing and we moved out we reached station my sis was walking before me I was seeing her ass move yaar I nearly came seeing how she was moving her round sexy ass…

Train came its overnight journey form ahmadbad to Bombay I saw that my reservation was not confirmed now I was in fix what to do if I was alone I had managed some how what to do with my sis I told her dear if want u can go back as reservation I snot confirmed I will try to get it in train by paying some thing to it but it not happened than we have to spend night either by waking or sleeping on floor she said whatever happen she will not go back I said ok we got in train and told her to stand here let me ask it she said ok but train was crowded I found it he said u have to give me 500rs but u can only get chair car seat which is meant for me or else u will have spend nigh standing I thought for some time and agreed he said ok we went a chair car cabin he gave us seat which was bit far form others(as all it seat is ) I said to my sis u sit I will stand she said no u sit she will stand I said u sit we will see latter it went about hour I was too tired standing every one else was sleeping in compartment as it was too dark I decided to sit on floor my sis called me and said u can sit dear I don’t mind standing I said never mind I am comfortable I think she was feeling guilty as if she was not with me I would be seating comfortable she said dear pls or else I will to sit on floor I said ok she said ok u sit we can share I said ok lets try but it was to small for both of us so she said u sit I will sit on ur lap…… My eyes blink as this was best chance to get feel of my sis assets I could not miss I agreed and she sat on my lap as she sat current flew in my blood feel her hot soft asss on my hard cocckkkkkkk .

My cock was hard I think even she also was feeling it on her ass as she was not comfortable but she didn’t tell me anything as the train moved she was feeling too sleepy and she rested on my chest and slept. M heart was moving faster that train I could not control I remain silent for some time after about an hour or so I saw her I thought she was in deep sleep slowly I kept my hand on her thighs.

I was getting really hot as there was no response form her she was wearing short skirt but that was not tight so I slowly started to move and my hands were touching her bare thighs they were really silky and hot and really soft too as I was moving my hands on them I was feeling like in heaven m y hands moving around her naked thighs and my cock was pushing itself in her ass I was slowly pressing them.. As I was for about few mins I gained more courage moved bit further I felt her pussyyy …… To my godddd I was bit moist I could feel wetness on her panties…. Ohh was she getting hot I was thinking slowly my other hand went on her boobs I just placed it there and started to press it lightly over her t-shirt slowly I put my hand under her t-shirt and started moving my hand on her naked belly to her boobssssss I felt her nipples as to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any bra… Her nipples were really erect slowly I felt that her breath was rising.. I was in seventh heaving on hand on her naked thighs and moving around on her pussy other on her naked boobbss….

Suddenly then I notice that it came in compartment and was asking every one tickets . I didn’t wanted to get caught in that situation so pulled m y hand out and waked up her and asked her to get up as it should not see us in this situation she got up and I went there and should him ticket. he went off she was alone seated on seat every body else was sleeping I felt urgently to peee as I was about to move my sis followed me I said what happened sit there nothing wrong in that she said she wanted to pee ohh I said ok she followed me both wash rooms were occupied we stood there for about 15mins nobody came out she was feeling restless even me toooo

One women came out form one washroom she headed for compartment I was about to enter she said bhaiya can I first I wanted it urgently I said okkkk but it was restless cant even stand she entered and said if u cant control u can come in too its too big for both of us I quickly got in it had two toilets one Indian style one wetter style. She went to Indian style I went for western style as I was about to get my dick out I heard her stream …… All thoughts came back on my mind I saw back I could see her naked milky hairless assss I went mad and could not control she got up to wear panties I quickly got hold her and pushed my cock in her ass she was shocked said what r u doing I didn’t reply her and started pressing her boobss and my cock was moving on her ass cheasss she again said stop that is wrong I turned her and started kissing her she started getting hot and fucked her I n that toilet after fucking she said she was awakened when I was playing with her and she loved every bit I did that why she allowed me to enter toilet.

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