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I am at present 30, 5′ 7, and u can say somewhat good looking, from Lucknow. It was happened last year. I had a separate room at home which at had the entrance from outside also and telephone was also in my room. There lived two sisters in our neighbour and they are virgin at the age of thirty plus and teach in a school.
We had good relations with them and they occasionally came our home to listen the phone from their brother. The younger was very much attractive 34-29-34 fair color and jolly in nature. It was the night of December and I was reading  by book ,at about eleven in the night in my room and was also laying with my six inches lund, (At that time I had not a single experience with any women or girl, just some kissing experience with my cousin,). At about eleven the phone bell ring and it was the brother of iram baji, he asked me to call iram baji and he will ring after ten minutes. I hid my story book under my pillow and called iram baji, she was half sleep and half awaked and was looking so sexy oh God, in black qameez and shalwar which was of some soft cloth and from which her breasts were looking gorgeous. She came and sit near me on the bed and I entered into the quilt because it was so cold outside, She asked from me what u were doing at this time and I said I was studying.
She was impressed very much from me, After waiting for some time the telephone rang and she started talking with her brother and I was feeling to pee so I go to the bathroom, and when I entered into the room, I shocked oh.. God Chitrali ( sex magazine ) was in her hands and she was looking at it, I stood there and she noticed me and look at me, and said so u are studying this, great . I was very much ashamed and silent then she ordered me to come near her , I sit on the bed besides her, she asked now I tell your mother or not, I requested her please don’t tell anyone I will not read them in future, she said o.k I will not but u should promised, which I did, and she go to her home and take the Chitrali with her., After some days she had to come again to listen the phone in the late night and after listening she asked from me hey man u r on your promise or not. I said I am, 
she came near me and slap me on my back and said naughty, from where u got that material I said from a book shop, she said oh.. I see, she sat near me and asked u had any girl friend, I said no, so u are like me she said, I smiled at her and she placed her hands on my shoulders and look into my eyes, came near to me and placed her hot lips on mine dry and thirsty lips, oh, God.. Ahhhh what a sensation that was I still remember that feeling..
She placed her lips on mine and encircled her arms around my neck and she was kissing me passionately, I cant understand at first but then I also place my hands on her back and take her in my arms, how hot was her body and what a smell she had, that was my first experience to smell a women to taste a women, it was really great, she was kissing me and inserting pressure to lay on the bed and I was lying under and she was above me kissing my lips and even sucking my lips inserting her tongue into me oh.. she kissed me all over my face and my neck and entered her hand into my shirt and started playing with my chest’s hairs and nipples while kissing me, and mine hands were also in her qameez rubbing her back which was so smooth and warm, we kissed each other for about fifteen minutes without saying any word and then she said janoon u r so cute I love u and started to open the buttons of my shirt, she opened all the buttons and take off my shirt then she started sucking my nipples which were too small, then she opened the string of my shalwar which electrifies me, oh…
Her hands were on my shalwar and she was opening the knot of the string of my shalwar, ahhhh and my lund was standing in full groom, she opened the string and started to take off my shalwar, and placed her hand on small hairs near my erect lund, I asked why not u take of your dress she said I take off your dress, u can take off my dress, I kissed her on her eyes and sit beside her and started to lift upward her qameez, and there was her love button so smooth so round looking great, she was so cute I kissed her love button and entered my tongue in to her, which made her so hot that she cried ohhhhhhh janoon….
And placed her hands in my hairs , I slowly and slowly moved upwards kissing her stomach and lifting her qameez, and then there was her boobs, real boobs, what a boobs she had with pink nipples circling almost all the boobs, oh . that was my first sight of real boobs and so nice boobs, amazing I started kissing them sucking them one by one tonguing them and in between the boobs tonguing there then I take off her entire qameez and started sucking and tonguing her neck and boobs and arms and reached under her arms, no hair at ll under her arms and what a smell she had under her arms, I was mad with the scent of her armpits and kissing and sucking and even biting her there and then I was again moving down ward from the sides of her stomach on her ribs with my lips and tongue reaches near her shalwar and to my amazement there were no any string there in her shalwar there were elastic in her shalwar oh….
I slowly lifted her shalwar and started to lower it down. she had really planned for this night coz she was shaven there completely shaven there I take off her shalwar and there was cunt of a women in front of me oh.. ahhhh…ahhhhhwhooooooooowaooooooooo what a scene I started to kiss her there and on her thighs and between her thighs and at the same time inhaling the scent of her cunt what a smell, I really became crazy with the smell then she parted her thighs and with one hand open her cunt lips, they were real red inside oh… and with other hand she pressured on my head to place my lips on that red lips which were full with her juices and her juices can be clearly seen white drops of pearl were glistening between her cunt lips and I placed my lips on that hot and juicy lips of her cunt, ohhhhhhhhhwwooooooooooooooahmmmmmmmmmmmmm what a taste she had I started to enter my tongue in her and making too and fro motion in her cunt with my hot and wet tongue, she placed her mouth between my legs and started to kiss my lund ohhhhh man….
What a pleasure to eat the cunt and to be sucked at the same time.. she was sucking me and I was eating her she the rolled me and came on me and I was under her I was entering her with my tongue and she was also moving her hips to take more and more of my tongue into her and sucking me and there she blasted and griped around my face her legs tightened oh and I came to in her mouth, oh.. I feel for some time that I cant even breath. .. she was inserting so much pressure on my mouth with her cunt that I had to struggle for the breath, and then she relaxed a little and fell on me, we lay there for some time and then she came over me and placed her lips on mine, there were smell of my cum coming from her mouth and she can taste her juices from my mouth, we lay there kissed each other for some time and then sleep for a while and then there was another experience of my life to fuck her, That’s also very much hot and hot session and I cant complete it at present so leave me to go.