Sex on the Sea

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It was Saturday afternoon. I was sunbaking on my balcony, enjoying the sun on my naked body when I received a text from Bev.
"Hi honey, you look gorgeous lying out there all alone."
"Come and join me." I replied.
"Frank, his friend Mal and I are heading out on the boat for some fun. We would love for you to join us."
"Would love to. When are you leaving?" I replied.
"In a couple of hours. I'll text you when we are ready and meet you down at the gate of the marina."
"Sounds great, I'll start getting ready." I replied.
"Do you want me to bring anything?" I asked.
"No honey, we have everything. Frank said to tell you, he has brought us a little surprise for the trip."
"Mmm. I can't wait to see. See you soon." I replied.
I headed inside and had a shower before getting dressed. I put on a black silk g-string and matching bra, and thought about how warm it was, and decided to wear a short summer dress over the top. All of a sudden, I received a text message. I went out to the lounge and sat down checking my phone.
"Be ready in an hour. Hope you like what I'm wearing." The message read.
Next minute, a picture came through of Bev wearing only a skimpy pair of panties. Her large arse and large breasts got my heart racing, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I sat back in the couch and pulled my dress up before sliding my panties down. I closed my eyes as I softly rubbed my pussy sliding a finger deep inside. I got up and quickly headed to the bedroom. I pulled out my little egg vibrator before heading back to the couch. I sat down and spread my legs ready, as I turn the vibrator on. I softly pressed it against my pussy as I slid two fingers inside. I started to think about Frank's cock fucking me while my tongue was buried in Bev's wet pussy. All of a sudden, I felt my legs start to tremble. I threw my head back pressing the vibrator firmly against my pussy as I came. As my body started to relax, I lay on the couch catching my breath. I wanted to keep playing, but knew I was going to be leaving soon.
After a few minutes, I got up and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I slid my panties back on and straightened my dress before heading back to the lounge.
An hour had past and it was time to leave. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, locking it behind me. I caught the lift down to the lobby and headed out the door towards the marina. As I walked down, I noticed Bev waiting at the gate.
"Hi honey, hope you're ready for a fun afternoon." Bev said, as she gave me a hug.
"Sure am." I replied.
"So, what's Frank's surprise?" I asked, as we both walked."
"I have no idea; he won't tell me." She replied.
"We are here." Bev said, as we arrived at a large boat docked at the end of the marina.
"Hi Toni. Come aboard ladies." Frank said, as he looked on from the boat.
"Do you own this boat?" I asked.
"Sure do honey." Bev replied, as we walked on board.
The boat was the biggest in the marina and was the largest boat I had ever been on. We walked around the side and made our way up the stairs to the top deck. Bev led the way, and as we walked up the stairs, I had a clear view up her short dress. Her panties barely covered her beautiful arse, and I couldn't stop staring.
"Welcome aboard Toni." Frank said, as we got to the top of the stairs.
"Hi Frank." I replied.
"This is Mal, a good friend of mine."
"Hi Mal."
"Alright ladies, let's head off." Frank said, as he started the boat.
"Come and I'll take you for a tour." Bev said, taking my hand.
We walked downstairs and went inside. The boat had its own kitchen, a dining area, and a large and small bedroom.
"Wow, this is amazing Bev. I could live on this forever." I said with a laugh.
"You'll just have to come out more often with us, won't you." She replied with a smile.
We decided to head up to the top deck and join Frank and Mal. As I walked up the stairs, again I had a clear view up Bev's dress. As we neared the top of the stairs, Bev stopped and slightly bent forward before looking back at me staring at her panties. After a few seconds, I continued to follow her up the stairs.
"Do you like the boat." Frank said, looking over at me.
"I love it." I replied.
After about an hour of chatting and relaxing, Frank slowed the boat down bringing it to a stop.
"Everything ok honey." Bev said, looking over at Frank.
"Yeah all good. Thought we might anchor here for a while." He said, shutting the boat down.
"Why don't we head to the deck below everyone. Have some lunch." Bev said, as she stood up.
We all headed down below to the kitchen area where Bev and I prepared the food.
"So ladies, are we going to do some sunbaking today." Frank said, in a keen voice.
"I didn't even think to bring my bikini." I replied, looking at Bev.
"Neither did I. Might just need to go naked." Bev said with a smile.
After lunch, Bev and I cleaned up, while Frank and Mal went out on the deck. Once finished, Bev moved behind me placing her hands on my hips.
"Ready to enjoy the sun," Bev said, as she undid the zip on my dress.
I turned around facing Bev as she slid my dress over my shoulders, dropping it to the floor. She moved close, kissing me on the lips as her hands unclipped my bra. Bev stood back removing her dress and bra before moving close and continuing to kiss me on the lips. After a minute, she took my hand and led me out on the deck. We found a comfortable spot and laid in the sun, allowing Frank and Mal a good view of our almost naked bodies.
After about an hour or so, the sun was starting to go down and we decided to all head inside the boat. As Bev and I got up, I noticed Mal's eyes glued to Bev's large breasts. I know Frank notices Mal looking, and by the bulge their pants, I knew both guys had enjoyed the view of Bev and I all afternoon.
"So Frank, what's this surprise you mentioned?" Bev said, as we walked inside.
"I put a little surprise in the top draw beside the bed for you ladies to share." Frank replied, with a cheeky smile.
Bev and I headed to the bedroom, while the guys waited in the lounge. We both sat on the bed as Bev opened the top draw, pulling out a long double ended dildo.
"I guess Frank had the afternoon planned." Bev said, looking at me with a smile.
"I suppose we better not disappoint him." I replied, looking at Bev as I slowly pushed her back on the bed.
I ran my tongue over her nipples as I slid my hand inside her panties, feeling her wet pussy. As my fingers slid inside her, she let out a soft moan. After a minute, I knelt up and removed Bev's panties before laying at the other end of the bed. I held one end of the dildo rubbing it against my wet pussy before sliding it deep inside.
"I told you it would be a great afternoon Mal." Frank said, as he and Mal stood in the doorway.
As the guys watched on, Bev slid the other end of the dildo inside her pussy. Our legs locked together and the feeling of Bev's wet pussy rubbing against mine felt so good.
I looked over at Frank and Mal who had removed their clothes and were standing naked stroking their hard cocks. I slid the dildo out of my pussy and knelt up, before positioning Bev on her hands and knees. I moved behind her running my tongue over her arse as I slid the dildo back inside her pussy.
"Oh fuck honey, that feels so good." Bev said, as she started to moan.
I grabbed the other end of the dildo and started teasing her arse, before pressing it firmly.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh god." She screamed with pleasure, as the dildo slid inside her arse.
Now with both holes filled, I lay beside her, guiding her legs over my face. We lay in a sixty-nine position as my tongue explored the lips of her pussy. All of a sudden, she spread my legs and I felt her tongue licking my wet pussy.
"Fuck ladies, ready for our cocks" Frank said, as he moved behind Bev.
Still holding his cock, I lifted my head running my tongue over his balls. I reached my hands around spreading Bev apart as Frank pressed his cock against her pussy.
"Oh fuck honey, oh god, oh god, yeah, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Bev screamed,
As Bev came, Frank pulled his cock out before removing the dildo. He slid his cock in her arse, and I watched his cock slide in and out of her as licked her cum from her dripping pussy. All of a sudden, Mal knelt between my legs, sliding his cock inside me. His cock felt so good as he fucked me nice and hard.
After a few minutes, Frank pulled his cock out as Bev hopped off me. Mal pulled his cock out of my pussy and I could tell by the way he was eyeing Bev, he was ready for his turn to fuck her. Mal lay on his back as Bev moved over, straddling his cock. As she rode him, Frank knelt in front of me and grabbed my hair, guiding his cock in my mouth.
"Oh fuck yeah, suck it." Frank said, as he watched Bev getting fucked.
Frank thrust his cock deep in my mouth as I started fingering my pussy. After a minute he let my hair go and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He moved behind Bev and slid his hard cock in her arse.
"Oh god fuck me, that feels so good." Bev moaned.
As I watched on, I grabbed the dildo and laid down sliding it in my wet pussy before working the other end in my arse nice and slow. As Bev enjoyed being sandwiched between Frank and Mal, I enjoyed watching her with both holes being filled. Suddenly, I was ready to cum. I lifted my legs fucking myself harder and deeper as I felt my body start to tremble.
"Yeah, oh fuck." I screamed.
"Oh, baby make that pussy cum." Mal said, as he watched me.
All of a sudden, Bev quickly hopped up removing both cocks from inside her. She pulled the dildo out of my pussy and buried her tongue between my legs, tasting my cum.
"Let's fill that pussy of yours Toni." Frank said, as he laid on the bed.
I mounted Frank, guiding his cock inside my pussy. Without hesitation, Mal quickly hopped up and moved behind, pressing his cock against my pussy. I felt my pussy being stretched as his cock joined Frank's inside me. As both guys fucked me, Bev grabbed the toy and pulled a chair close. She sat back spreading her legs resting her feet on the bed. Her swollen pussy looked nice and wet, ready to be toyed. She slid one end of the dildo deep in her arse before sliding the other end into her pussy.
"Oh god, fuck her pussy." Bev said, watching me sandwiched between Frank and Mal. "Make her cum."
Both Frank and Mal started fucking me harder and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. I looked over at Bev with the toy deep in her arse and pussy as I felt a rush of pleasure run through my body.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh god fuck me, harder, I'm cumming." I screamed, "Oh god yeah."
The feeling was amazing as both cocks continued to fuck me hard, I collapsed on Frank. I looked over at Bev as she started to moan over and over, throwing her head back in the chair. All of a sudden, her body jolted as she came pushing the dildo hard inside her. Mal slid his cock out of my pussy and quickly hopped off the bed, standing next to Bev.
"Oh fuck yeah." He moaned, as his cock exploded all over Bev's large breasts.
I hopped off Frank and started stroking and sucking his hard cock. All of a sudden, he grabbed my hair pulling my mouth off his cock as he started stroking.
"Oh yeah, I'm cumming." Frank moaned, as he held my head still.
His cock exploded shooting cum all over my face and mouth, and as he let my hair go, I sucked his cock nice and clean taking the last of his cum in my mouth.
"Oh, baby that felt good." Frank said, as he relaxed.
Bev and I got up and headed into the small bathroom to wash ourselves clean.
"So, has it been a fun trip so far." Bev said, with a smile.
"Sure has. Hope we are not going home yet."
"I don't think the day is over yet honey." Bev replied.
When we finished in the bathroom, still naked, we headed out to the kitchen and poured ourselves a drink before joining the guys on the deck.
"So, were you happy with your surprise ladies." Frank said, looking at us both.
"Sure did honey. Thank you" Bev replied, with a smile.
We all sat out on the deck chatting and enjoying the night. The view of the city lights from the boat looked amazing and the water was nice and calm.
After a few hours, it started to get a little chilli sitting naked out on the deck. We all decided to head inside where it was much warmer. Bev and I fixed something to eat, and while we all ate, we continued chatting. It didn't take long for Bev and I to finish the bottle of wine. Mal offer to help Bev clean up while Frank and I headed to the lounge. I sat on the couch while Frank went to a cabinet beside the TV. He put a DVD in the player before grabbing the remote and joining me.
"I've got a nice movie for us all to watch." Frank said, with a grin on his face.
"I know your type of nice movies honey." Bev said, as her and Mal looked on from the kitchen.
Frank hit play on the remote as Bev and Mal headed from the kitchen and sat on the other couch together. The movie started with two women naked on a bed fingering each other's pussy. While they played, a guy joined them on the bed stroking his cock. Both women's attention quickly turned to the guy as they took turns sucking his cock. As I looked over at Bev and Mal, I noticed Bev's hand slowly rubbing Mal's cock as he started to get hard. I looked at Frank's cock, already hard and erect as he watched the movie. I slowly moved my head down to Frank's cock, taking him in my mouth sucking him nice and slow. I lift a foot up on the couch and with my legs spread apart, I could feel my pussy getting wet.
"Oh yeah honey, that feels good." Frank said, as he grabbed my breast.
All of a sudden, Bev hoped off the couch and made her way over to Frank and I. She slowly kissed my thigh before licking my wet pussy. I let out a moan as I continue to suck Frank's cock. Mal moved off the couch and positioned himself behind Bev, sliding his cock inside her pussy. With every thrust driving Bev's tongue harder against me. All of a sudden, I felt my body start to tense.
"Oh fuck, yeah, yeah, I'm cumming." I moaned, as I stroked Frank's cock.
As I started to relax, Bev hopped up and mounted Frank's cock, riding him hard. I sat up on the couch fingering my pussy as Mal stood up stroking his cock in front of me. I moved forward taking him in my mouth, tasting Bev's juices as I sucked the head of his cock.
After a few minutes, I stood up and sat Mal on the couch. I turned around with my back to him mounting his cock, sliding it into my arse.
"Fuck Toni, your arse feels good." Mal said, as I started to moan.
After a few minutes, Bev hopped off Frank and knelt between my legs licking my pussy as Mal's cock filled my arse. Frank hopped up off the couch and headed to the bedroom returning with the dildo. Bev moved from my pussy taking Frank's cock in her mouth, sucking him before taking the dildo and lying on the floor. Frank moved between my legs, ready to slide his cock inside me. He lifted my legs as he pressed his hard cock against my arse. I let out a loud moan as he slid inside me. With both cocks stretching me, fucking me hard, I looked over at Bev with both ends of the toy in her pussy. All of a sudden, I was ready to cum. I felt my body tense as I started rubbing my pussy.
"Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming." I screamed, as my body shook over and over. "Oh god."
As I started to relax, Mal held me tighter, squeezing my breasts. He's started fucking me faster and harder, and I could feel his cock was ready to explode.
"Are ready for my cum honey." Mal said.
"Oh yeah, cum in my arse." I replied, as he started to moan.
"Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming." He said, as his cock exploded.
I let out a loud moan as his cock pulsates in my arse. It felt so good and I wished the feeling wouldn't stop. As Mal started to relax, Frank slid his cock out and helped me up. I looked down at Bev and joined her on the floor. With both ends of the dildo in her pussy, she got up and mounted me in a sixty-nine position, exploring my pussy with her tongue. Frank moved behind her, sliding one end of the dildo out of her pussy before sliding it in her arse. Bev let out a loud moan before continuing to explore my wet pussy. He moved closer and slowly pressed his hard cock against her arse.
"Oh fuck honey, take it slow." She said, as she raised her head.
I watch Frank's cock buried deep in her arse as Bev moaned with pleasure. I raised my head and licked his balls as his cock slid in and out of her. All of a sudden Bev started to moan.
"Oh my god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Bev screamed.
As she came, Frank pulled his cock out and removed the toy from her arse and pussy. He quickly stroked his cock ready to cum.
"Oh fuck." He moaned, as he shot his cum all over Bev's arse and pussy.
I opened my mouth catching his cum dripping from Bev. Frank hopped up and sat on the couch catching his breath. I ran my tongue in Bev's pussy, tasting the mix of her and Frank's cum. Bev hopped up and laid between my legs licking my pussy. I knew it wasn't going to be long before I was going to cum. Frank got back up and knelt down, sliding his cock in my mouth. As I cleaned the cum from his cock, I felt my body tense, and as I started to moan Frank got back up on the couching to watching me cum. I grabbed Bev and pressed her tongue hard against my pussy as I felt my body start to shake.
"Oh god yes, yes" I screamed, as I came all over Bev's lips.
As I laid helpless, Bev crawled up on top of me kissing me on the lips. As we lay in each other's arms, Frank and Mal got up and got dressed. After a few minutes, Bev and I headed to the bathroom for a shower. After helping each other wash the cum from our bodies, we hopped out of the shower and got dressed, before joining Frank and Mal on the deck.
"Have we had fun ladies." Frank said, as he prepared the boat to head back.
"Honey, I always have a good time." I replied.
Once we arrived back at the marina. I thanked Frank, Bev and Mal for a great afternoon before saying goodbye and heading up to my apartment.

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