Sex starved women 2

Hi. This is sameer once again with his story. This story is continuation of part one. The one who is reading this story I will suggest them to read part 1 first. As I told u my cousin is 36 years old and she is like sex goddess and having a figure of 36 30 36. So here is my story.

So one morning I went to my cousin house. She asked me to sit as she has some work she will finish and will come soon. As she was doing her work I was looking her. She was cooking some thing. After some time I went near her and pressed her boobs from back and whispered in her ear. “What u r doing”. She said preparing food for both of as.

(as no one was there expect us). I said u don’t need to cook food, as ur my food. Saying this I put off the gas and took her in my arms and went to bed room and made her lie on bed. Then I took my clothes and I was on my brief I went to her and gave a kiss on her lips and started to suck it for nearly 10 mins. Then I removed her nighty then her bra and started to suck it as I am sucking it for the first time. She said u r doing like u r seeing this for the first time. I said this is god gift when we see this we think that we r seeing for first time. By saying this I again started to suck her boob. One nipple in my hand and the other in my finger.

After some time I went to her belly region and I sucked it for some time. Then I went to her pussy removed her panty and started to suck it. After some time she came and I drank it and went to kiss her to give a taste of her juices. Then she came on top of me and started to suck my cock. After some time I was about to cum. I said it but she did not listened and started to suck it fast and I came in her mouth. She drank all with out leaving a single drop.

After I came in her mouth I turn around to lie on bed, As I turned around I was surprised to see Anita a friend of my cousin sister nisha. She was about 28 years old and was married. I got shocked to see her but nisha was not shocked. She directly went to Anita and kissed her on her lips giving a taste of my cum which I have came in her mouth. Their kiss lasted for 5 mins. After they broke their kiss nisha asked Anita how was the taste. Anita said wonderful, much tasty then her hubby. I was confused and asked nisha what is this all about. Then nisha came to me and said darling don’t worry Anita is my best friend and I tell her every thing, I also told her our encounter and how good ur. Her hubby wants only money and go out for 10 to 15 days once in month and he is unable to satisfy Anita. When I told her about our incident she asked me to share u with her and I said ok and I said to come today at this time. She came when I was sucking ur cock. She stood there with out knowing u as u was facing me.

I said so nisha u want me to satisfy ur friend Anita. Nisha said yes. I said ok. By saying I went near to Anita. Let me describe Anita first. She was 28 and her figure was 34 26 36. As I went near to Anita and kissed her on her lips I was getting slightly the taste of my cum which she tasted from nisha mouth. I kissed her for nearly 10 mins I sucked her juicy lips for nearly 10 mins. Then I removed blouse and skirt which she was wearing. Now she was on her red bra and red panty and in this stage she was looking beautiful. I made her lie on bed. Then started to kiss her whole body. Her forehead her cheeks chin her nose her neck then I un hooked her bra and started sucking her boobs and squeezing other. Then I went to her belly region and started to suck it. Nisha was seeing this act. I asked nisha to bring some ice cream. She was confused as well as Anita. Nisha went to bring ice cream from fridge and I started to suck her belly region. Nisha brought and gave me ice cream I took one spoon from it and put it on Anita belly button. As it was cold Anita shivered and I can feel it. Then I started to suck ice cream from her belly button she gave a moan. Then I went to her pussy removed her panty and gave a kiss on her thigh then I gave a kiss on her pussy she gave a loud moan. I sucked it for some time then I took a spoon of ice cream and poured it on Anita pusyy and started to suck it. After cleaning it I again poured ice cream then again I poured as I finished ice cream third time she came with a huge load on me and I drank it. Till that time my cock was erect and was like iron rod once again.

She looked at my cock and said so u r hard once again so now fuck me. I kept at pillow under her ass and took my cock to her pussy. I touched her pussy hole with my cock tip and would take it back. Anita said I beg u please don’t tease me please fuck me I am waiting since long time to get satisfied. So I pushed my cock in her pussy it wet some easily as it was well lubricated. Then slowly I started to fuck her with rhythm. She also move her ass some time to catch my rhythm and to take my cock deeper. While I was fucking her nisha became hot and she came and sat on the face of Anita and asked her to suck it. Anita started to suck nisha. All three were getting pleasure at a same time. After some time nisha came and I said to Anita I am going to cum. Where u want my cum. She said in my pussy and she said she also going to cum. And we both came together.

Then we took rest and again we started our round. For nearly 15 days we enjoyed till Anita hubby return. I fucked nishas and anithas every hole and cummed in each and every whole. Any female want to have my friend ship or want one night stand then can mail me.

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