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This is the continuation story so the person who was reading for the first time I will suggested them to read first two stories. As I told u nisha is 36 with a nice figure by seeing her every men will like to fuck her. Ok let me start my story

One day Nisha called me to her house. So I went to her house. The door was closed but not locked. I went in and locked the door as I knew she would be alone. I went to kitchen she was not there so I went to her bedroom. Their I got my sex goddess lying on bed with nighty. I went and kissed on her forehead and asked why u called me. She said there is a surprise for u. I asked her what is that surprise. She said her cousin was getting married (from her mom side). The marriage will be arranged in Mumbai. My hubbu said he cannot come so I asked him how to go. He said take some one with u. I said about u. He said ok take him. After hearing this I said for how long we have to go. She said for one week. I made her nighty up to her stomach and pointing to her pussy I said to nisha so ur hubby want me to fuck this for one whole week. She said not this only u can also get some more. If ur luck it with u. I aid my luck is with me other wise I would have not got u. By saying this I started to suck her pussy and she started moaning. After some time she came. Then I went and kissed her madly. Then I made her in doggy style and entered my pussy and started fucking her. With out removing my cock from her pussy I made her to ride me. Then I again changed the position and she was below me and I was fucking her. After some time I removed my cock from her pussy and took my cock to her mouth and she started to suck it and I came in her mouth and she drank all. Then she hugged me and said to me we have to leave tomorrow so go and take permission of ur mother. I said u don’t worry about it I will come with u. On what time we have to leave. She said tomorrow at 5.00 pm. So is it bus I asked. Yes she replied. Then I left he house. Went to my home and took permission.

Next day at 5.00pm we went to bus stand. Her hubby had come to bus stand. We sat on our bus and she kissed her hubby and said bye. Then bus started to go. So we had dinner. After dinner the bus light got switch off and Nisha came close to my ears and said my hubby wanted us to travel by train but I said we will go on bus. You know y. Because on bus we can seat closer to each other and can have little fore play. Saying this she started to massage my cock from my pant. Then she removed my zipper and took my cock out and started to move it fro and back. As it was dark no one was seeing and mostly all people were sleeping. My cock reached to it full size. She took her mouth close to my cock and kissed it. Then she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Suddenly I found one hand on my shoulder and I turned. A couple next to our was seeing us. He came to my ears and said slowly can we exchange our place. I looked at him and I saw a sexy lady beside him. I said to nisha about this. She said no. I convinced her after some time. Then I went and sat on his place and he came to my place. I said hello to the lady and said I am sameer. She responded and said she is sunita. Then I said u r very beautiful she said thanks. She then pointed towards my cock and said what this is. I looked there and I was shocked as nisha have took my cock out of my pant I have not zipped it and it was hanging. I said same thing which a man have to fuck women. She said but it is big. She said can I touch it. With out hearing me she took my cock in her hand. Then she took her mouth to my cock and started to suck it. I looked to nisha and the guy was pressing her boobs. I also started to press her boobs. After some time I said I am going to cum. She started to suck hard and with in no time I came in her mouth and she drank all with out leaving a single drop. Then I said I want to piss immediately I don’t understand where to pisss. Sunita replied there is one corner where u can piss. I said where please tell me fast. Sunita said but u has to promise me u will meet me and will fuck me. I said sure but tell me the place where I can piss. She said piss in my mouth. I said what r u sure. She said yes. By saying this she brought her mouth to my cock and kept my cock above her mouth and started to piss slowly and sunita started to drink it. After I was finished I said thanks. She said u have to pay for this and asked my contact number. I gave her. She said she will call me. And sameer ur cock is better then my hubbys cock and I think it will fulfill my desire. Then I sat besides her chatting. After some time her hubby came and I went to my seat.

I asked nisha so how was he. Nisha said not use full. She asked what about her. I said very use full. Nisha asked is she better then me. I said equal to u. Then I said to nisha u know she sucked my cock and then drank my cum and also drank my piss as I want to piss badly and I was having no place for this. She said her hubby also ate my pussy and drank my cum. I said I have given her my contact number as she wants me to fuck her. What about u. Nisha said he have given me but I don’t want him as he have small cock and he is only can drink my piss and he cannot satisfy me with fucking. Then we slept. Next morning we were in Mumbai. We went to place were there was marriage.

At afternoon a call came from a un known number. I picked it


From other end a voice came sunita here.

I: Hi sunita how r u

Sunita: Fine.

I: So

Sunita: R u free now?

I: Yes y?

Sunita: Can u come to my home.

I: Yah sure

Then Sunita gave me address I said I will reach with in 15 mins.

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I reached at given address and rang the bell. Sunita opened the door. She was looking beautiful. She was wearing a red top and a black skirt. Her figure was 34 26 36. I came to know later and she was 26 years old and she has been married since 2 years.

I was seeing at her eyes. Sunita said what u r seeing. I said u r looking sexy. She laughed and said thanks and called me in. I asked her about her hubby. She said he has some work so he is not here and he will return at night at nearly 10.00pm.

Then she came to me and said that night u have leaved me un satisfied now I want to get satisfied my hubby is a useless person he earn good but not good in sex. His cock is also small compared to u. Please satisfy me please.

Saying this she kissed me on my lips and I started to respond. And our mouth was locked for nearly 10mins. Until that time we have explored ours mouth. She said lets go to my bedroom and she went and I followed her. Then I again kissed her and removed her top and then I removed her skirt. She was on her bra and panty and I can feel her smooth skin. Then I kissed her neck then her boobs above her bra then to her stomach then to her belly button then started to kiss her thigh then I kissed on her pussy above her panty and she gave a load moaned. Then I came to her boobs and removed her bra and started to suck her boobs. Then I stopped and asked her where is fridge. She was confused said it is in kitchen and showed me the way to kitchen. I left her and went to kitchen. After some time I came with ice cube and with ice cream. I kept them near a table and started to fondle her boobs then I kept some ice cream on her nipples and started to suck them. She was moaning and tells me to suck harder. Then I went to her pussy and removed her panty and there was her pussy it seems she have shaved today it self as it was clean shaven. I looked at it and started to suck it. Then I took a ice cube and kept in her pussy she moaned. Then put some ice cream and started to suck it. She started to moan and crossed her thigh around my neck and kept her hand on my head and pushed towards her pussy and I sucked it hard and after some time she came. I drank and went and kissed her on her lips giving her own taste.

Then sunita said please fuck me. I said u have to pay to my cock to make him agree to fuck u by taking it in ur mouth. She said I have sucked it yesterday now fuck me. I said I would have fuck u yesterday but u have not told me to fuck u. She got up undressed me and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Then she took some ice cream and kept in on my cock and started to suck it. After some time I said I am going to cum she stopped and said this time I want ur cum in my pussy. Then I made her lie and then sucked it and then took my cock and started to enter it slowly. She was moaning and she was tight I slowly started to go in her pussy after it went fully I kissed her on her lips as she was shouting in pain and started to suck her tongue. Then slowly started to go in and out then lived her and sucked her boobs she was saying fuck me harder then I took her in my arms and stood and fucked her. Then after some time I fucked her in doggie style. Then she said I want to ride I said as u wish saying this I lied on bed and she came over me and started to sit on my cock. Slowly my cock got disappeared and she started to jump and I also gave thrust and fondled her boobs. After some time she started to ride fast and she came and collapsed on me. But I was not finished. I came top on her and started to fuck her. After some time she said she is going to come once again and she came and soon after her I came in her pussy and I lied on her. Slowly my cock got small and came out of her pussy.

We took rest for some time. Then sunita said I love u sameer u have satisfied me. My hubby has not done this to me. I came three time before u came. Saying this she took my cock in her hand and said I love this very much and started sucking this and said I will be ur sex slave use me as u want. Then I became hard once again and said be ready for next round. Saying this I made her to be on all four and started to fuck her pussy while I was fucking pussy I inserted and ice cube in her ass hole and poured some ice cream. Then removed my cock and started to suck it. Then I said I am going to fuck ur ass. She said no plsss as it will pain. I said I will do slowly if it pain I will remove pls. She said ok. Then I took some oil and poured it on her ass hole and some on my cock then started to go in her asss hole slowly. She started to cry in pain and said remove that now it is paining. I stopped for some time and fondled her boobs then again went in little. Slowly I went in side her ass hole. Then slowly started to go in and out. Then I took my pace, I hold her hip and started to fuck her like animal and she was moaning and telling me fuck me harder. After some time I came in her ass hole. And lied beside her.

She said so u has got some thing which my hubby cock has no got yet.

Then we lied and she prepared some food and we ate. While she was washing I went to her and started to fuck her pussy. She said let me finish this work. I said lets do this last round. Then I took her in bedroom and fucked her in standing position. Then after some time I sat on bed and she sucked my cock. After some time I came in her mouth and she drank all. She said today u have filled my all three holes with ur cum and u r the man to do this to me. As my hubby only fills my pussy before I got climax

Then I kissed her and said it is 9.30 pm and ur hubby would come. Gave her kiss and went. She said I want u again one time. I said as u has my number call me.

Then I went to Nisha and told her how I fucked her. Till now bye. It is continuous I will mail next part soon. Any one can contact me on my id [email protected] [email protected]