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This is Sameer again with my new series of sex starved women. After we have came from marriage while coming to our place Nisha told me a plan to take revenge on her husband. She told me that she have planned to take revenge on her hubby. She asked me to tell my mom tomorrow that u will be living in my house for a month. I asked why. She said don’t ask any thing do as I tell you. I said ok I will ask.

After reaching home next day I asked my mom that I am going to live with Nisha for a month or for more then that. After some discussion my mom agreed. I called Nisha and said my mom agreed. Nisha asked me t come to her house at 8.30 pm with my clothes as I will be living wit her. The whole day I was thinking what nishas plan was. So finally it was 8.00pm so I packed my bag and went to her house. She opened the door and hugged me and kissed on my lips and I squeezed her ass. Then she took me to her bedroom and shown me a place and asked me to hide. I asked why. She said don’t ask question. Do as I say. And u will come out only me when I say. I said ok. After some time the bell rang and she asked me to hide. After about 20 mins she came inside the bedroom with her hubby and sat on bed. The bed was clearly visible to me.

She made her hubby naked. Then blindfolded him. Then she asks her hubby to sit. Then she went to other room and returned after some time with a bag. She was only on bra and panty. She brought a bag and removed the things one by one from the bag. There were hand chuff, ankle cuff ropes, A cock with strap etc. She took hand cuff and made her hubby lie then tied his hands, then his ankles then tied him to the bed with the help of ropes. Then took his cock in hand and started to stroke. And his cock was erect it was nearly 3 inches. She said u have to pay for this, for this small cock. Saying this she took a cock ring and inserted it around his cock. Then she asked him to open his mouth. He opened she sat on his mouth and started to piss and he drank. After some time she took cock and asked him to open his mouth and inserted in his mouth and then she sat on it and started fucking his mouth.

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After some time her juice started to flow and it went in her hubs mouth. Then she got up and removed the cock from his mouth. He was about to say something she inserted a ball in his mouth. Took a cock and tied around her and made her in doggie style. Took some lotion and inserted it in her hubby ass hole to make ready to fuck. Then after some time she inserted in her ass hole and started to fuck him. She was riding him like a mad. Then she asked me to come and asked me to remove my clothes. After I removed my clothes she asked me to insert my erect cock in her hubby mouth and show him what a male cock is like. Then I took out the ball from his mouth and inserted my cock in his mouth and started to suck his mouth some times kissing with his wife Nisha.

Nisha was fucking his ass and I was fucking his mouth. After fucking for 30 mins I came in his mouth. He drank my cum as Nisha told him to drink or he will be punished. I removed my cock from his mouth. He said I want to cum, but the ring was not allowing him. Nisha said no way. Then she fucked for more then a hour at the same time slapping his ass. His ass was turned reed and her fingers are visible.

My cock became hard. She removed cock from his ass hole and removed strap and came to me and took my cock in her mouth giving me a nice blow job and at the same time showing to her hubby the size of my cock and comparing to his. Then after some time she laid in front of her hubby mouth and asked me to fuck her. I went in between her legs and entered in her love hole and started to fuck her. While fucking she ordered her hubby to suck her pussy at the same time. And he started to suck her pussy. As he was sucking her pussy he was partially sucking my cock also and it made me hornier and I fucked Nisha like a wild animal. After nearly 20 mins I came in her pussy then removed my cock from her pussy as said by Nisha and inserted my cock in her hubbys mouth.

He cleaned my cock. Then Nisha asked her hubby to suck his wives freshly fucked cunt. He started to suck her cunt with her juices flowing with my semen. After he had cleaned she removed ring from his cock and gave two jerk and he came. We left the room and we went to the other room and we fucked till morning. Next day also we have fucked her hubby she her ass and me his mouth. Nisha never allowed me to fuck his ass. She said ur cock is only for my ass not this slave’s ass. And we fucked him for a whole month.

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