sex with a much older woman

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By Tim fucking my friend off many years twenty tears older and a granny who turns out to be the best fuck off my life

Sex with a much older plump woman(my landlady)

This happened to me a few years ago, I found myself with no wear to live after a failed relationship. I left my girlfriend for another woman then she decided she didn’t want me to live with her so by chance an old friend for many years said I could have her spare room, she had babysitter my step kids and became a good friend during my original relationship. She would come to dinner at the weekend with her friend and we all got on well, she always had a soft spot for me and would sit next to me at every chance. I say older woman she was 65 at start and I was 39 she was short red hair but now going very grey so dyed and plump not fat but chunky and appeared to have large tits and a big drooping square bum, I knew her as Mags. Her boyfriend left her two years before I found myself with no roof and she still came for dinner infect it was one of her friends(younger) that I moved in with briefly. I was sleeping on my workmates couch and we used to go to the café in the morning before opening my shop and mags would be in there most days too. When she found out I had no place to live she offered and I jumped at the chance.
I moved in and all was good we would sometimes share a meal ,she did my washing and generally like my mum but she always made cheeky rude comments . after about 6 weeks I decided to go for a bath one night and didn’t shut the bathroom door, I had done this several times before and if mags went past she would say everything ok.i would be sitting down low in bathe so my cock was well out off view and didn’t bother me or her but I always got the impression she did it on purpose walking past. Then night she waited as normal for me to get in the bath then made out she needed the loo and walked past then after a min would flush and walk back down the hallway past the bathroom, this time she said ok in there need any help, I thought quick and said you can wash my back if you want she didn’t hesitate and walked in by the bath now my cock was on view but didn’t bother me it was just Mags. She didn’t seem to mind either but she did have a look then took the cloth and sopped it up and began to wash my back then my arms, I leant back to rinse off and she said do you want me to wash your legs so I lifted one out the water then the other and she washed them up to my thighs her hand almost touching my balls. Then she said what about your willy so I said ok then and she gave a little giggle I raise my bum up so my cock lifted out the water, it was limp and she made no comment but began to wash my balls then my cock washing it completely even pulling my skin back to wash the head. She didn’t say a word just washed it then I sat back down. She dried her hands and said are you getting out now so I just stood up and got out she took a towel and began to dry my back then my chest and then my cock and balls still soft as I thought she is just being nice, she stopped and said there all clean and dry and I said yes thank you it was nice to be pampered she smiled and said well we both like each other don’t we and are both adults I said yes but wondered where this was going but not to worry she just left the room and returned downstairs. I went to my room and put some shorts on a my robe then went down too. We sat and had a cup of tea and watched a bit of tv and nothing was said, Mags went to bed before me aa normal and I followed after to my room but I could stop thinking about what she did and so I decided that I was going to play the game and let her bath me again and even start making comments to her that could be taken two ways just to find out if she was wanting me to give her cock.a few nights later she had a bath this was not normal for at night she normally bathed during the day when I was not there. I did need the loo so decided to try her tactic and walked past to find the door ajar so I walked past and said ok and she said yes,she was laying down so not even her tits showed. I had a pee then on way past I plucked up the guts and said do you want me to wash your back mags she says yes please that would be nice so I opened the door fully to find her sitting up and her tits on view. I now found she didn’t have big tits really but her boobs were oval shape with little nipples but to my surprise no wrinkles but sort of wide shape which is why with her bra on looked bigger, she was also plump that gave that impression too. I did like them I had never seen a naked redhead before and I liked what I saw, she leant forward and a washed her back using my hands and soap then she sat back so he tits flattened out and moved to the sides of her plump body but still quit firm but her nipples were tiny like a child. She said well wash my boobies then so I did no more but soap up and began to wash het tits,soft and lovely it was so good then she raised up to revile her pussy,not many hairs but long and like little wires and still red she had a mole on her mound that was a large triangle of flesh with a closed slit again like a girls’ washed her pussy for ages even letting my fingers slip into her slit but not inside her cunty she gave a few giggles and didn’t say stop so I washed more then I said there all clean and she said yes you did a good job especially on my pussy now I was embarrassed and said sorry but she said don’t be it was nice I’ve wanted you to wash me for weeks then she stood up and I got to see it all. For a 65 year old woman she was sexy apart from the hairs on her pussy they were just not nice. I took a towel and dried her bum then her legs and finally her tits.she said do you like them and I said yes nice tits but she said not tits there boobs so I said sorry again then I started to rub her pussy dry. This she liked and said make sure its nice and dry so I crouched down and kissed her mound and said yes all dry she giggled and said is it now then she said are you having a bath so I said yes please so she pulled the plug and wrapped the towel round herself covering her tits and just about her bum and pussy.she ran a new bath and said come on get undressed I’ve seen it all before so I stripped off but my cock was semi hard but I just got in and she washed my back then my legs and my chest, she then said now the best bit and I knew now she wanted this to go further so lifted up and her hands began to lather up my got bigger then hard but she just washed it then my balls after she finished she said well I see you like that and I said yes you have the magic touch. I got out my cock still sticking up and she took it in her hand and said I’ve wanted to see this for years and it doesn’t disappoint then she dried me off. What now I thought do I kiss her or fuck her but she said come to my room later if you want so I said yes I want. I went to my room and waited an hour then went into her room she said I didn’t think you were coming so I said no I was a bit scared too, she said why don’t you like me so I said yes I do but why now. She said I’ve wanted you for ages and we are both adults so what we do is our business, I got into bed with her she had a double. I found she had a nighty on down to her plump thighs with just a little white knicker showing, god it looked so sexy big white knickers under her nighty. I put my hand round her and kissed her on the lips it was also nice and not what I expected she kissed back and I now began to rub one boob kissing her again and again with tongue now so I slid my hand down to her knickers and rubbed her mound then under her nighty to the waistband and slipped my fingers into her knickers, soft cotton knickers felt so good her pussy was hairy with wire like pubes but I soon had my fingers in her slit that was wet, her clity felt tiny too but her cunty was tight and I pushed my finger inside she gave a gasp and said o my not had that done for a long time. I rubbed her slit and clit then back into her cunty.she was now moaning and very wet so I decided it was knickers off time so I pulled them down and made a comment about her being a naughty girl, her knickers were off but I wanted to suck her tits so I now lifted up her nighty and rubbed her tits.her nipples were so small I couldn’t find then in the dark but eventually found one and began to suck. Her little teat got hard and I nibbled it and sucked it, she liked this very much but I wanted to fuck her so I took her hand and pushed it under my shorts to my rampant cock.she squeezed it and said yes its lovey and hard for mags .I pulled my shorts down and off then got on top, with a bit off fumbling I found my target and slid inside, my god she was so tight but wet. She felt so good and I began to fuck her slow to start sucking her tits.she started to gasp and moan so I got faster and she began to lift up too, I wish it was lighter I wanted to see my cock in her pussy but not to be so I fucked her faster till she gave a buck and a groan of o yes fuck yes then her pussy gripped me and gushed out her pussy juice, she was groaning every stroke now and I wanted to come to so thrust in deep and held it there as my cock spued it cum inside her it felt so good. After a bit my cock was softer and I slid out and kissed her and said wow that was fantastic and she said thakyou I said do you want your knickers and she said yes please so I passed them and she slid them up and on then gave me a kiss and says was that really ok and I said yes it was very good so she said mmm your willy is nice and big then she said I’ve only got schoolgirl titties haven’t I so I said there nice I like them. I laid with her for about half an hour then went to my room she never got up to clean up just stayed in bed. I slept in my room and in the morning got up and went down mags was washing up still in her nighty, I put my hands round her waist and said morning sexy bum and gave it a squeeze she gave a wiggle so I lifted her nighty and found a nude bum no knickers. I rubbed her bum then her pussy she didn’t say a word so I took my cock out and began to rub it over her bum.she said is that my favourite willy so I said yes. Now she bent over so I could see her pussy too ,I could see her clity now and it was small but the hairs were not nice even prickly, I rubbed my now hard cock up and down her slit then inside. God it was tight at this angle but so good, I fucked her fast over the sink with her groaning and grunting until I shot my load into her, she said well what a breakfast my cock popped out and I put it away and she turned round and kissed me then said tea I said yes. Again, she didn’t rush off to clean up, she made tea and we sat down me on the couch and her in her chair with her legs open so I could see her slit now oozing my cum.we sat and I asked if she wanted a tissue but she said no she liked my cumcum inside her and was going to keep it in as long as possible, I said cumcum and she said yes I’ve always called it that and wanted yours since I used to baby sit. I was shocked that she had been planning to get my cock for years and said why didn’t you say ,she said I didn’t think you would want me.we had our tea and I went up too dress via the bathroom to wash my stick cock.she was the start of an amazing time in my life, mobile phones were sill basic but could text and I would send her texts during the day about her tits and pussy.she always replied the same I even used to ask her if she wanted to be naughty later. This went on for many weeks and we had great sex now even downstairs sometimes with light on so I got too see her pussy,her clity was small too but she loved it licked the only thing was the pubic hair so sparse and wire like not nice but it was tight and plump and felt so good. I decided to text her one day and ask if she would shave her pussy as I had always wanted to see a plump soft bald pussy,I knew this might finish our relation and even my place to stay but I had to try. I sent the text and within seconds got a reply saying yes she would do that for me, I text back saying I couldn’t wait too see as it would be so sexy then no more was said. A few days past and I was in bed one night and got a text saying come in and see me I got a surprise for you, I got up quick and into her room where she was in bed. I said what’s the surprise and she said you wanted me to shave my pussy didn’t you, my heart pounded and I said yes so she said well now I got schoolgirl boobies and a schoolgirl pussy.she she said well you did want me to be your naughty schoolgirl didn’t you so I said yes please she said that’s what I thought as you were talking the other night about my school days and p e skirts and knickers so I new you wanted a schoolgirl to play with. She then pulled back the covers to reveal her wearing a white blouse with a wrap round netball skirt, I said wow you look so naughty and she then lifted the skirt and said what about these then. She was in a pair of navy blue cotton gym knickers, my heart was racing now I always wanted a woman in a school outfit and loved like most men it seems navy blue school knickers, she looked so sexy her pussy mound in the knickers was fantastic I just wanted to fuck her now. I sat on the bed and kissed her for a bit then lifted her skirt and said my god I love them and she said yes I got them from the school shop in the largest size, I rubbed her mound it felt so good in her knickers I could hardly breath with excitement never before had I had such a naughty partner. I rubbed her mound and undid the buttons on her blouse and opened it up to find her tits again she said my schoolgirl boobies and tiny nips,I sucked each one in turn while still rubbing her pussy through her soft cotton knickers. Her pussy was wet I could feel the cotton getting damp so decided it was time to pull them down so I moved myself down to her knickers my word what a sight at close range her plump body filed them perfectly she was so sexy, I kissed her mound it felt so good in soft navy cotton then licked her knickers again so good. I put my hand on the waist band and began to pull them down but she didn’t lift up so her bum kept them trapped against the bed, she was doing it on purpose to tease me and giggled I pulled just the front down now stretching the fabric down and got a glimpse of the top of her mound it was smooth and I wanted to see it all but she was still teasing me.i said you’re a naughty girl and I’m going to pull your knickers down and spank your bum.she giggled again and pulled her knickers down to her fat thighs. Her pussy was smooth no hair at all just smooth white flesh in a plump triangle my cock was now so hard it hurt looking at her pussy and knickers was the best sight ever, she said go on smack my bum and rolled over. Her big square bum stuck up ready so I gently smacked both cheeks a few times and told her that she was such a naughty schoolgirl I was going to have to punish her she said yes please with your Willy. She got off the bed and her skirt dropped down then she undid the side zip and it fell to the floor then stood Infront and said you had better take my knickers off then, I slid them down then kissed her bald pussy,I thought I was going to cum I was so excited but I kissed and then opened her slit and licked her little clity her blouse still open with her little tits out she really was a schoolgirl. I pulled her back on to the bed and began licking and kissing her pussy she was squirming around moaning and saying yes yes don’t stop please that’s so good I’m your naughty girl and I want you to show me how much you like me.she was now soaking wet but I just licked and kissed running my tongue round her clity and now with her legs bent and lifted giving me such a view. I wanted to fuck now so dropped her thighs down and sat up till my cock was touching her slit, she was gaging for it now taking my cock in one hand and placing it at her wet hole, I pushed it in then more it was wet warm and tight as I looked down between her thighs I could see her slit tight around my shaft. I began to stroke in and out but it was so good I was going to cum so pushed my shaft deep and shot my cum into her, wave after wave of hot goo jetted into her now girly pussy she felt so good. She knew I had cum and dropped her legs down and gently rubbed my head I said sorry that was quick but she said well you did like your new schoolgirl didn’t you. I kissed her and said she was amazing and felt just like a schoolgirl still and she said well what we do is our time and between us I don’t mind being your naughty girl its nice to be told I feel so good still. We laid together all night and the following night we talked about going shopping for more girly stuff she said we can get some girls knickers too I’m sure I will still fit into ones for 13 year old girls and a school dress so I said ok what about frilly knickers with stockings too and she said if that’s what you want and you buy them I don’t mind. This was the start of 6 years of unbridled rampant sex she dressed up all the time for me and we even found out she could fit into 9to 12 year knicks .

I may write more abut this time as it was the best 5 years of my life and we did many things.

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By Tim #Mature