Sex With A Widow Mature Lady Whom I Met In An Func

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Sex With A Widow Mature Lady Whom I Met In An Function
Hi friends am a great fan of the sex stories, after a lot of courage this is my first sex story which was encountered with and am still enjoying with that sweet lady.
Let me quick jump into the story. Well am Raj (name changed) and am 31 years old married with good body, 6’1 height with 75 kg weight well built.
The story begins like this, I had been to a function with my parents there I met a lady she must be around 45 but I must say she does not like she is her 40’s she looked like she is 30yrs old, I was drinking juice then that lady dropped in giving a hi and told are you from the guy’s side and I said yes. Later I came to know that she is the bride’s mother and I was like awesome. I was very close to the girl’s f****y and they had a very good opinion about me and my f****y. I usually don’t talk to anyone that much, I was a silent guy but after this function my whole life changed and we both still have sex whenever we have time. After the function I had to drop everyone at their house luckily at last my lady was waiting since the car had some problem so I told that I will drop her for which she agreed as everyone knew me. I kept her luggage and she sat in the front as she enjoys the car drive…started driving and we spoke to each other and I told my name is Raj a, 31 yrs. Married and she told her name is Savi (name changed) and all about her f****y I came to know that he husband had passed long back that is 15 years ago, she told she does not go anywhere out she is alone in her life now as her daughter is also married know for which I told don’t worry aunt we are f****y and let know if you need any help for which she smiled happily. She had kept her hand over the gear liver without knowing I hold her hand and started to drive; she gave a nice naughty smile.
She became very close that in drive since I was her f****y friend and since everyone had good opinion on me; she became very close, dropped her and went back home.
Next day went to office and came back home then my dad told that Savi aunty had come home and invited to their house as there was a function for 2 days but my parents were going out of station and asked me to stay there. My wife was also out of station. I smile and gladly accepted. I went to their home next day that is Saturday. She was very happy seeing me and the function was very good and had to stay at their house for 2 days at night she was sl**ping the next room where I was, I was not getting sl**p so came out of room at 12:30 and suddenly saw her sitting. I told aunt what are you thinking now. She told she is feeling lonely so I told talk to me. She asks to come to her room to talk as she was feeling lonely as someone might see in the hall. We sat and spoke for about 1 hour she was telling her life history and I felt sl**py and slept in her arms suddenly got up and told sorry aunt, she told its OK. She slowly hugged me and I was like aunt what are you doing. She told Raj you are a very nice guy everyone tells, I was like yes aunt and hugged her tightly and started kissing her without asking her. I smooch her for 10 min, for which she told you are a great kisser, then locked the door and we both were naked within seconds and I started kissing her lips and sucked her boobs like anything. She was going mad and told Raj suck it completely all the milk is for you this whole life come on suck it drink it. I was completely raised and sucked hold my cock which was 7 inch she was like its bigger than my husband which she saw before 15 years.
She sucked my cock like an ice-cream, OMG! God I must say I was in heaven; she told please put your cock in my pussy please. I held my cock and pushed it but I was tight since it was long time for her I slowly pushed it. She was like oh Raj come on come you’re my man my life saver I pushed it with complete f***e and it went in, my 7 inch cock went in and in she screamed but I kissed her lips deeply tears in her eye but happy accepted she was like fuck me Raj fuck me please I was dying for 15 years you made my life with your love. I started pumping her like anything as if it was my first night. She was enjoying to the core and then she sat on me and was pumping, trust me no one can tell she is 45yrs. I fucked her for 20 min then released my cum into her. She was kissing my face with tears. Both of them on bed slept for half an hour and then she started to suck my cock again it got hard like a rod and she sucked it like a lollipop. I fucked her in missionary position for 30 min continuously. There was a spark in her face from then. Then I told am sorry but she told no am happy after 15 years I got my sex days back please fuck me whenever your free and she told that it should not affect both of our lives and maintain secrecy. From that day we both maintained it very secretly and used to have sex whenever we are free and has not affected my married life or her life
We respect each other’s feelings and help out each other….
Any widows, ladies or housewives who are not satisfied in sex please reach out to me I will surely satisfy you and give pleasure and yes it will be maintained secretly it will not affect any out personal lives.

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