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I was a regular fan for last 2years. Unfortunately or luckily I had a sex wit an aunty who works on my company. From tat time onwards I m waiting for next chance but I don Hav guts to proceed wit aunty or anyone else. Lets begin d story here. I m sathish (name changed) age 25. I m just not good looking and all and dis happened 29 Jan 2011.
Upto my college life I don’t Hav any girl friend. Even now also I don Hav any girl friend. D reason is I feel shy to talk wit girls. Anyway I completed BE mech engg and joined in a manufacturing company as production supervior. In our college one north Indian girl was friend of my friends girl friend. At d third year she proposed me and I refused tat.
Reason is I don lik love and d girl character was not good. She already had sex relation wit my friend. I know dis through my friend so I din care of her proposal. But she followed me Upto final year and after tat also we get toghter wit all our important friends. In my company also lots girls were working and I feel very shy to enter d company daily.
Den it practiced and after 2months I started talk wit a lady who works in stores department. She was married and having 2children’s so I feel free to talk wit her. On d first day when I saw tat lady I tat also unmarried and her age may same as mine. Later I know her name anitha and 32years and was shocked. I could not believe tat. Anyway I made feel freefree to talk wit her.
Whatever problem I face in company I will share wit her. I used to cal her wit respect and never had any intention on her. Even I don know Wat is sex itself. In d mean time tat north indian girl was proposing me and now my friends also forcing me to love her. She said if I din accept her proposal she may directly come to my home to talk wit my parents. I was confused.
I opened dis matter and explained Wat was in my mind to anitha. She told tat she needs 2days time to think and rescue me from d issue. She had a could plan and told me tat I was already in love wit other girl to tat south Indian girl(jeni). D jeni believed and said ok for tat but she told need to meet both of us to give treat. I was dump and simply said uum and cit d cal.
Informed dis to anitha. She told me to take anyone of my friend(girl). I told I don Hav any girl friend and for tat she stared to laugh and kidding me tat really I’m a city guy whether I studied college r all duplicate certificate. I explained about myself to her. Den she asked was my idea to do now. I simply y u cannot act as my girl friend for tat.
She shouted me and told she married and wearing thaali. I told to hide it in d dress. U looks young so nothing problem and I don know any girls except u. She agreed for tat but wit one condition tat she won’t come for restaurants or cinemas. I told d condition to jeni also. She suggested to meet in one of my friend home who staying single there. Jeni room also near to dis.
On 29th Jan Sunday we went there by bike and reached spot by 2pm. Made anitha to hide d thaali well and knocked d door. My friend opened d door and invited us. We called jeni to inform but her number was not reachable. More den half an hour d contact number was in same condition. My friend suggested go to her room to bring her and he went.
Now me and anitha were alone and we din think anything. I was lied on bed and she was sitting in next room. I took d compact dvd player and it was already loaded wit dvd. I switched ON it. Xxx movie was running without volume. That was d first time I’m watching Xxx movies. I was interested on tat and my tool getting bulge and I feel different. It was making me happy.
I total forget tat I was wit anitha and enjoying d movie. I just shouted dai movie was super taut I m wit my friend. I felt some shadow was watching me long time and I turned to see. It was anitha watching me or d movie. Immediately I closed d player and keep silent watching down. She sat next to me and asked Wat I was doing. I replied nothing.
She asked whether d movie was good and replied and told dis was d first time im watching it. I felt sorry for tat. She din say anything. Suddenly she pushed me on d bed and started to kiss on my lips. Don know Wat to do I struggled to get release from her but I failed and started to enjoy it. At tat time my friend called me and I attended d phone.
He told jeni was out wit her friend will be back in hour told me to wait and asked to Hav snacks in fridge. When I cut d cal anitha started to open my pant zip and tool my cock out. Now I know mine was normal size only. When I saw there I was shocked to see my cock in erect stayed. She started to pull d skin and it paining and I shouted aaaa.
She told me to not shout and bear d pain later I may enjoy. She spit in her hand and rubbed my cock fully. Den she licked d tip of my cock wit tongue and asking how I was feeling. I m not in a state to talk and said aaaaaaaaaaa…… She started to suck my cock slowy slowly and increased d speed. In was in d new world and all her activities giving great pleasure.
Soon I felt some reaction in my tighs and cock. I loaded my sperm in her mouth. She ran to d next room and spit d sperm in wash basin cleaned and came back. She told tat sperm was wit blood or otherwise she could drink all d sperm. She loves to drink it always. Told me to suck her boobs so I can get erection again and she guided me. My god.
When she pulled her bra up Wat a sight tat was. Until tat incident I use to watch boobs little opened in movies. When I touch it feels so soft like keeping hands on a pure cotton pillow. First I took her left side boobs and started to lick it. She started to moan lik haaa aaaaa aaaa..Yes suck suck suck it fully… Uoooh.. U learnt soon… Do it u r right…
I took her another boobs and started to suck tat…. She was holding my head to suck her even not leaving me to breathe. But I enjoyed it. Later she pulled me up and locked my lip wit her. We both behaving lik husband and wife. I forget tat I m having sex wit a married women tat also 9years elder than me. She told me to put cock in her hole she used vulgar language in Tamil.
I don know Wat is kuuthi and asking Wat she told. She told to put my cock in down of her body. I understood and searching d area where to put it. She took my cock and guided it to her love hole….. Oh guys Wat a feeling tat was… I was fully charged and my legs shivered. She instructed me to fuck in too and fro motion and I understood d technique and fucking her.
Now I know tat the position was missionary. She was moaning ahhh. U fuck me fuck me hard I was interested on u from d being and now I got chance to Hav fuck fuck fuck me… I was fast and told again I m feeling d same reaction and told her. She told to keep fucking her. I loaded my sperm inside her hole. We got up and wore our dresses.
She thanked me for giving wonderful moment since she not having sex wit her husband. I too thanked her for teaching d sex to me. After some time again I got cal from my friend and still jeni not reached they will come to room by 6pm. Told us to wait. Hearing dis we r happy and we started our second session. I last for some long time and enjoyed.
She teached me some more position lik missionary, doddy, 69 and some more position which I don know to tel. I don know d structure and all. But now I know her structure was 32 29 32. This was d first sex experience of my life. We din had sex after dis. After two months she went near kerala border due to her husband transfer. Still we have contact In phone.
Sorry for giving big intro of mine and small about sex experience. I don know how to narrate each and every single matter happened. If I had my second chance I will narrate fully. Oh god pls give me a second chance. Thank u for reading my story. Pls excuse me if I did mistake anywhere.