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Hello to all the hotties in town, I am glad to be back after a long time. This story is about how the Bangalore rains helped me to get laid by a hot sex-deprived married woman. I used to go for Football practices in one of the grounds in South Bangalore. The field that we used to practice on was surrounded by a joggers track, where many people used to jog or run. Since our practice was during the evenings, I used to get distracted a lot by watching all the hot women jog and workout. It’s not my mistake. I just couldn’t get my eyes off those women wearing those tight short, yoga pants in their sports bra, watching their yummy boobies. All their big booties would be bouncing and jiggling. It was fun. One day when I was done with my practice, I was on my way out. But then I noticed this hot milf on the race track. She was in pain. In seemed that she kinda twisted her ankle while jogging. So I quickly went to help. I sat down and I removed a release spray from my bag. I applied a crepe bandage around her ankle. I helped her to get up and I escorted her to her car. While escorting to her car, we had a quick chat. We exchanged our names and we had a casual conversation. Her name was Tanvi, she was newly married, she was 32 years old. I helped her get into her car and she seemed to be a little better. She thanked me and said bye.

However, I used to still go for my practice. But I hadn’t seen Tanvi for two weeks. Finally, after a few weeks, I went for my practice and it was very dull. It seemed as if it was going to pour a lot. I was just on my way heading out and it started to pour. I quickly opened my umbrella. As I was walking I heard somebody call out my name. I turned behind and to my surprise it was Tanvi. She was taking shelter under a tree. She didn’t have an umbrella. So I quickly went towards her. She thanked me again. By now she was all fit and ready for some action. I took her under my umbrella and we went towards a her car. We still got drenched though due to the heavy rain. I dropped her in the car. But as I was leaving she said, “Why don’t you come over to my place and get fresh? You’re already drenched, you won’t even get transport in this rain.” I began to think and I said yes because it seemed as if a storm was about to come. I sat in her car and we were on our way to her house. She lived 15 minutes away. We began to chat she told me that her husband was working abroad and that she lives all alone most of the time. Suddenly my eyes went towards her milky titties. Those were some big melons. She caught me staring but I quickly pretended as if I wasn’t staring. We finally reached her house. She asked me to remove my Jersey. But I couldn’t because my pants were wet and I got a boner by looking at her boobs.

But I still removed my Jersey and gave it to her. Instantly she noticed my boner and she gave smirk. I was embarrassed. But I went inside the bathroom and had a shower even she did the same. I came out got changed. I was sitting in the hall. Tanvi comes out wearing tight butt shorts and a loose top. She offers me some snacks. She offered me some alcohol but I refused as i dont drink. Then she had one pegby herself alone. We began to chat casually. She told me how lonely she felt and that she had barely any friends. I felt bad and hugged her. She too put her head on my shoulder and held my hand. By now I understood that she was all thirsty and hungry for some dick. So I carried her and made sit on my lap and I grabbed her big bubble butt and kissed her. She went nuts she started kissing me wildly while she grinding on my dick. I removed her top and she wasn’t wearing a bra. I began to suck and bite her nipples. She was moaning a little bit. I quickly turned her over and we did a 69 position. Damn! Her panty was all drenched again. I began eat her pussy while she sucked the hell out of my dick. She began to ride my dick in a cowgirl position. I was spanking her ass, I made it red. There was moans all over the room. I put her panty in her mouth too. She enjoyed every bit of it. We switched to doggy I began to increase my pace while spanked her from behind. We fucked a lot finally I came on her titties. We then had some passionate oral sex which was fun too. It was late by now around 11:30. And she didn’t want me to leave. So I spent the night with her. We had a quick session and we bounced off to sleep naked. I was hugging her tight in the cold horny monsoon. I woke up the next morning early because I had to leave. I left a note saying, “Thank you for everything and thanks for your panty will catch up soon.” Yes, I took her panty along (borrowed it). We did meet a few times.