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Today I would like to share one of my sex experience from Malaysia when I had a visit at my client base. I was been deputed there for a period of 1 year and I had often got chance to hook up with the Asian girls over there.

I have went out for clubbing one night at a pub, and it was a nice feeling to enjoy pub. Actually there was a party hosted by my client and all his employees have joined the party. From senior to junior all level people were there. I took a beer and enjoying the party. The lights and the music was awesome and all were enjoying much. I saw few of my office female colleagues were dancing and were high after sometime of tequila shots. Their boobs and ass were bouncing high and they were rocking the floor. One of the female was my manager. After sometime of dance she came near the bar corner and sat next to me. She ordered for a shot and saw me. Then we had few minutes talk and I could sense she was full high at that moment. She told me to enjoy and I smiled. She was wearing a knee length skirt and it was deep neck.

Her cleavage was visible and she was wearing a tight bra. I knew that she was Indian and was staying with her husband. I thought to seduce her but she was my manager. She drank her peg and ordered for next. I told her mam! You look high and she looked at me and smiled and told so what if I am high as tonight is party so just enjoy. I kept silent. Then she tried to stood up and get back to dance floor but as she stood she fall and I gave my hand to control her balance. She stood up and as she took her next step she again could not control her balance and again fell. I went near her and gave my hand and made her stand. She stood up holding my hand but due to her high heels she was unable to walk due to high alcohol.

Then she asked me to take washroom as she want to piss and I slowly take her to washroom. It was a common washroom for both the gender and I told her to go inside the toilet and do her piss. She was so drunk that she told me to make her seat on the commode so that she can piss. She lifted her dress a bit and pull her panty down. I was able to see her shaved pussy. She sat down and released her piss. Then I tried to make her stand but she resisted. She closed the door by her leg and told me lock it. I told mam, let me go out then u can but she told me I am your manager so listen me here also. I was confused and told ok. There was no one in the toilet. All were in the party.

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Then next she asked me aster sometime how was I looking? I told her nice. She smiled at me and told I have saw u many times staring at me. I was dumb struck because she have notice me for staring her. I told sorry mam. She laughed and hold my cock over my jeans and told how big it is. I was shocked and tried to get out but she told in a tipsy voice stand silently else it won’t be good. I was in dilemma that moment. She hold me closer and pull my zip down and tried to pull my cock out from my inner wear. It was semi hard and she looked at me once holding my cock and then kissed my cock head. Next she took my cock in her mouth and started to give me blowjob slowly and increased the speed. My cock was getting hard and she was giving her best. After 5 minutes my juices came out with a jerk and she took it in her mouth and spit a bit. She further hold my cock and massaged me and told come, I would like to have you now. I told mam we are in party and then she smiled and repeated come. She stood up with me support and I put my cock in and pulled my zip. Then I followed her to her car and she told me to drive her car. I asked her where to drop you mam and she told your house. I told her that company has given me hotel room and she smiled and told I know that’s why I told you your room. I drove my car to my hotel room and got inside with her.

She hugged me and then pushed me on bed. Then she removed her skirt down and was in bra as se let her panty in the pun washroom. She asked me how was her boobs. I was again dumbstruck and she opened her bra hook and made aside. Then she came up and removed my jeans and undies and sucked my cock till it get hard. As it got hard she sat on my cock in cow boy position and started to bounce then switched to doggy position and again pumped her Jussy wet pussy and after sometime I cummed in her pussy and we both fell on bed . We woke up at morning and had sex again on bed and then in shower and had shower together and then she left for her home. Neither she told anything nor I asked anything that why was she so much despo. Then we meet each other in office on Monday and she was behaving normal. She just told me that keep secret as she was married and shy.

This was my first sexual incidence at Malaysia and later I had with multiple females.

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