Sex With Mother By Blackmailing Her

Hello sex lovers and this is my first story in n8story and I will share my most wonderful moments in life with my mother. My name is Karan and her name is Preeti, 35 years and a sexy lady with a nice figure of 36 C 30 38. She is a housewife and she was really gifted with an inviting and voluptuous body in addition her assets were pink lips, black wide open eyes, black long soft and silky hair a round large deep cut navel.
A milky white physique which are able to drive any perfect man crazy sexually and this is the story of three years back when I young then and my mom was 32. Now let’s come to the story. Generally my dad remains out of station because of his work. My father goes to work at about 8 and we goes at 9’o clock in the morning. So one day we went to school but I forgot my project in home. 
That’s why I had to return back home when I came home and I rang the bell but no sound comes out and then I realize that light was not there and when I knocked the door no one opens. So I open the door with the help of duplicate key which I always used to keep it with me and when I opened the door no one was there in first room. So I went inside and when I reached the last room.
I was shocked to see Naveen Bhaiya who lives in our building smooch my mom. She was enjoying too and they two were in deep kiss then I took out my mobile and recorded their video. Then he opened my mom’s saree. She was now in petticoat and blouse. She opened bhaiya’s cloth and began to suck his penis. He had a very long penis. My mom is a very good sucker and after that he opened my mom’s blouse and ohhh.
She was wearing black bra then he opened her bra. Wow! What a scene it was and her boobs were like two melons. Her nipple was standing and he was sucking her boobs they did this for 15 minutes then he finally opened her remaining clothes and started fucking her. I was masturbating seeing them and they enjoyed sex for 4 hour up to 1’o clock then he carried my mom to bathroom after 1 hour they came back. 
They two were naked and my mom’s body was looking amazing her body was shinning and she was looking wonderful then they wore their dress and again smooched for 10 min. He was leaving so I rushed out of the house. I recorded the whole video. I return home at 3 when I usually came back from school. My sister came back at 7 after doing her coaching classes. 
She directly went to her coaching classes after school and that day I masturbated 4 times. I did not say to mom about what I saw in the morning. Three days passed. I always used to masturbate seeing that wonderful porn movie. That day I decided to ask her about that. So I did not go to school that day saying that my head is paining as soon as my father and sister went out of the house.
I called my mother and asked her to sit then I saw her whole video. She asked me what this is. I told her about how I saw them having sex then she began to cry and started begging me not to tell my father. I asked her why she was doing that and then she told me the whole story. One day when we went to school he came and gives me sweets saying that my marriage is fixed. So my mom ate sweets and fall down. 
He mixed something in it that she fainted and then he carried her to the bedroom and fucked her. He clicks many photos in such a manner that if anyone will see he will never believe me that and I was in deep sleep after that he pours water into my mom’s face and when she wake up she slapped her doing all these things and then he blackmailed her to have sex with him whenever he want or otherwise he will show the photos to my dad. 
My mom has no choice and she accepted his offer from that day they are in sexual relationship and my mom now to loved being fucked by him. So she requested me to not tell your father about all this. Suddenly a thought struck my mind and I told her that I will not tell all this things to my father but you have to do all the things with me that you are doing with Naveen Bhaiya. 
She shocked when she heard those words from her son. She slapped me and said that I will never do sex with you. I said that ok I will mail this video to dad after 10-15 minutes and she also accepted my offer and then she hugged me and said that I am all yours my son. You can do whatever you like with me and then and I kiss her on lips. ohhhh I felt that I am in heaven and what a feel that was. I smooch her for 10 minutes. 
Suddenly she pushed me back and I asked her what happened. She asked me that do you have condoms. I said no then she said me that before going further go and bring condoms till that I will finish my household works. So I went and brought 10 condoms. I rang the bell and she opened the door. Wow she was looking like a sex god. She pulls me inside and started kissing me oooohhhh her lips were so soft. 
I closed the door and began to smooch her as well as massaging her boobs. I kissed on her neck and thrown her pallu on the floor and began kissing on all her body. She was moaning. I opened her saari. Now she was in petticoat and blouse. I kissed her neck and then she opened my clothes and kissed whole my body. I opened her blouse and ohhh her boobs were so soft. I massage her boobs and then I carried her to the bed. 
I opened her bra and suck her boobs like a hungry baby. She was moaning and that makes me more excitement. I suck her boobs for 15 minutes then I opened her petticoat and wow she was wearing a black panty. She was looking really hot and my penis become like an iron rod. I could not control my penis so I opened her panty and started fucking her and after half an hour fuck she drank sperms and sucks my penis like a hungry dog. 
She was chewing. It was paining a lot but I was enjoying my first sex with my mom after that I again smooch her and kiss her whole body then I fuck her in different position for 2 hour and then we took shower together and I applied oil in her whole body and then she did the same. We enjoy taking shower for almost one hour and after that I carried her to the bed. 
She said that she is felling hungry so let me cook food then we shall continue later that day we remain the whole day naked. She cooked food naked and after that she did her household work. I was to helping in her household work so that we could have sex and then I carried her from the kitchen to sofa and we enjoyed hugging and kissing for almost half an hour and then she told me that she wanted to see blue films.
So we went to the bedroom and we saw three boyfriends naked and then again we had sex up to 6’o clock because at 7 my sister will return. She was no more my mom she became my wife from that day we are in sexual relationship. Naveen Bhaiya also used to fuck my mom almost 2 days in a week and I too fucked my mom and my dad also. My mom loved being fucked by me most and we used to fuck almost every day.