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Hello Guys, This is a real story of mine. I am Karan 34yrs and my mother in law is 56yrs. She got big boobs juicy lips and round butt. This happened before marriage, I was at her place and was playing games on my mobile. All a sudden I felt to go to pee. While going to the toilet, I heard the running water from the shower and the door was slightly open. I was hesitant to pass by but I take courage and pass by, all a sudden my eye hit the open door of the shower room. Oh My God, I saw big boobs with soap all around and they were bouncing up and down. My 3-inch cock starts to grow fast. I couldn’t resist, it hardens till 10.3 inches. I was so hard that now It will explode, the veins around my cock were poked out.

I kept watching oh god it’s my Mother In law. As she bent to wash her feet I could see her pussy lips which were thick and big. I wanted to take some shots from my mobile but didn’t have the courage to. I kept enjoying the beautiful view, all a sudden I saw her turning and I moved into the toilet next to the shower room. My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t pee as my cock was too hard. I started to play with my big thick cock thinking of her juicy nipples and big boobs. I kept masturbating thinking of her till I gave a big load of cum all over the wall towards the shower room next to me. I swipe all the cum and came outside. At the same time, she came out and gave me a naughty smile and her eyes were direct to my cock which was still erect. She bites her lips and said nothing. I went in my direction and she went into her room. I felt so good and I was not scared as she didn’t notice me watching her. Since that day I don’t miss a day thinking of her and play with my cock.

Even while fucking my fiancee, I think of my mother in law and fuck her as If I am fucking her mum. Sometimes while fucking my girl, Every shot I gave her, I moaned one for you and one for ur mum Renuka. I keep going like that.. At the last minute when I’m going to cum, I shout one for your mum Renuka. She doesn’t realise that I’m fucking her mum and my cum filled her pussy fully loaded.

One day I went to my fiancee’s place when she was not there. I called her but no one reply. I went in and heard the T.V is playing but cannot see anyone. I say maybe they are in the room. As I made a step into the room, I was shocked I saw my mother in law all naked in her bed and playing with her pussy and moaning my name… I was shocked.. I removed my mobile and starts filming her wet milky hairy pussy. She closed her eyes and rubbing her clitoris vigorously by calling my name. Instantly my cock became hard as a rock. My big Banana wants to come out and go direct in her hungry pussy. But I had to control myself. I went to close all the door and check whether there are any other members around. No one was found, I took out my big long thick cock and start to play with myself. I heard her, calling my name “ Karan, why don’t you fuck me like you fuck Divya, What the h…, she saw us fucking. She continued “ why don’t u fuck me till you cum and fill my pussy with your white milky sperm. I was shocked how come she knows all that… Oh god, I want to join her in her bed but I was too scared. As if she is praying I come right now. All a sudden she started to moan loudly and cummed at the same time. I got excited and my ding dong started to explode all the cum shot went all over her ironed cloth. My cum was all other her lingerie and her daughter in law bra and panties. I wiped my cum with her daughter in law bras which size is 48. As I wiped my cock I felt so good sensation without realising she might watching me. I clean myself quickly and went into the lounge. She came out of her room and saw me. She was red she asked me when I came, I said a long time ago. She said, “ Beta, you didn’t call me when you came”. I said, “ you were busy, I didn’t want to disturb”. She became red… and she said, “ you could ve join me and dear how could you missed this chance again”. I said “WHAT”. She said “ Yes, Last time I left the shower door open for you but as usual you keep playing with yourself alone, you could ve join me,” I said “ but how did you noticed me, “ she said from the mirror in the shower” I felt so ashamed… she came next to me and remove my cock from my pant and suck that last drop of cum which left… and stop all a sudden as we heard the gate open…..but I hold her head down and told her to continue as it’s her daughter in law, her daughter in law is so lazy that she does everything slowly, I start deep throating her and my cock starts to grow longer and big. She was sucking my cock tight and making noise. I got lost with those pleasures and I heard KARAAAN… Mummy what you both doing as I heard that.. I took my cock out from Renuka mouth at the same time, I exploded and all the shots went on Meinka’s jean. I don’t know what to do.. I stayed like a statue with my cock splitting my sperm on the ground. Meinka found some jelly liquid on her jean and with one finger she took that white liquid and taste it. “ That’s sperm and it’s tasty,” she said, and she holds my cock and licked all the sperm that still coming from my cock through its hole. And starts to suck my cock in front of her mother in law. I did not know what to do. I and my mother in law were looking at each other. After all, I was enjoying it as if she was hungry for a cock. She was sucking it as if she is hungry for a cock. She was playing with my balls and same time deep throat my cock like a pro. She said to me,” your cock is big and thick comparing to my husband, and I want it inside me.” My mother in law, Renuka said “ why? my son don’t fuck you well. Meinka said “ No Mummy, your son don’t have such big and long cock. He ejaculated within 10 to 15 strokes and go to sleep. He doesn’t even satisfy my needs. Look at you Son in Law, he is energetic and still hard after 2 ejaculations and he wants more… she took out her boobs out.

Mother in law: What are you doing Meinka? You are the honor of our family

Meinka: Mummy Please…. , after a long time I am enjoying.. please let me, I was always jealous of Divya as he has a real man in her life, not as your son.

I was enjoying Meinka boobs and my cock was still on as I can see two pairs of boobs in front of me. I started to play with Meinka boobs and Suck them both. She was enjoying it. All a sudden, My mind changed, I put my hand in her panty and started fingering her. She was moaning, ah….ah….ah…karan….oouuuuhh karan….her pussy was so wet that my finger was going very easily deep inside. My mother in law couldn’t resist she gave me her pussy to eat. My tongue was rolling all over her pussy lips and placed the tip of my tongue on her clitoris…

I was sucking her pussy like a hungry man, biting her pussy lips and licking them at the same time. Then I shifted to Meinka’s wet fair thick Pussy lips. I insert my tongue fully in just to suck all the juice inside. She moaned loudly by calling my name…. Karaaan take my juice.. My mother in law was shocked by her daughter in law. Before Meinka takes over my hard cock, she immediately engaged my hard rock cock in her pussy, fuck that pleasure.. Woow. I don’t know which boobs I will play. I want to play with all, suck all nipples. All a sudden Meinka pushed Renuka out from my dick and sit immediately on it. Wow.. that tight pussy as if I’m tearing her pussy to make my home there. Meinka was moaning like a bitch, I have to bite her lips and deep kissing her and my fingers pinching her nipple hard. She just whispers in my ear, cum inside me. I want you to be the father of my first child, dnt tell my mother in law about it. Hearing this, made me more active and my cock felt good. Renuka licking my balls while my big cock going in and out from Meinka’s Pussy. She took out my cock and sucking it and again putting it back in Meinka’s Pussy. Meinka just told me she is verifying if you cum inside me or not. Dnt cum in her mouth, cum in my pussy.

I Started to stimulate my ball by sucking Meinka Nipples and massaginge her boobs. All a sudden an explosion of Cum blasted in her pussy. Think white cum flooding my mother in law started to lick the excess amount. I was in heaven that time.

To be continue