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Hello I am new person to this site. After reading these stories, I came conclusion that I too want to narrate my story. I was 20 years, my mum was 40 years and father 45 years, my father working at Mumbai where as we are staying at Hyderabad. My father once in three months or six months visit my house and on that night my mother and father used to take drinks both sit together and put quarrels finally my dad leave Mumbai before even though he got time to stay. My mum was neglected sexually. She was young and looks like sexy queen. I like my mum sexually and desire to fuck.

Before getting sleepy went to dreams with my mum sexually. One day my mum called me and asked me to get cigarette packet good brand. I surprise to here why she was getting these cigarettes and to who purpose. I asked my mum the same. She said raju uncle used to watch the factory which was besides our house where he was working as watchman through out night, if we give cigarette packet and ask him to watch our house also he will take that responsibility .I said ohh. She said to me go and ask raju uncle to come to our house in night. Without thinking anything I went to raju uncle and inform him my mum calling. He said he will come. From evening onwards my mum seems to be happy and she had taken head bath, went to beauty parlal, got flowers and wear good appearing sari. I thought what will be the matter. It was 10pm and I went to sleep. All of a sudden I got wakeup since some voice was coming. I approach the room where my mum was taking. Before entering into room, I saw raju uncle came and he sat on chair. He was on lungi. He was 40 years old and village type person with good health. Some buttons are opened to his shirt and his body was strong and full of hair. He got big mustaches in white in color. My mum came from kitchen and got some sweet which was brought in evening for his purpose. He simply ate it and completed drinking of water.

My mother gets the cigarette from packet and came to him and kept it in his mouth and with matchbox catches fire to it with her hands. He had taken a mouthful smoke and closed his eyes. My mum says everyday on seeing your Lund, I got uncontrolled. I think you know pretty well that I am looking your full size cock while you were pouring urine through window near kitchen. He said ohh it was correct. My mum says you know that I was family lady and was it good to tempt like this. He said I was village man and not known all these things and I too know that you too from village and not educated so much. He said since 10 years he was alone without his wife. I got very much affection towards you ratna. Ratna was my mum name. My mum says I too got love towards you raja and I was your cock slave. Ohh what a size it was. On imagining that your dick was inside my cunt, I will be in another world. Since so many days I tried to controlled myself and to day I could not. for that reason I sent a word with raghu (I).I cannot tolerate no more and she came near raju and sat on his front side portion touching with his cock. raju simply removed his lungi to certain extent. Inside there was no underwear and hence visible clearly. It was like a big snake and uncut one. Soon after I saw I opened my mouth without knowingly. My mum came down to his cock and kissed it, and sat in front of him and get that snake inside her mouth and started sucking. His rod started erecting and stood like pillar. She felt very much happy and sucked forcefully. He made cum full of her mouth and she had taken inside tasting it. Even then some cum came upon her checks. Raju kissed her lips and tasted his cum him himself. Then my mum came and sat separately and said raju from here onwards you were main and I was yours. I leave my husband and will be with you only. Raju said don’t do like that. Your husband now sending monthly salary and it will be enough to live happily. My salary may not be sufficient and said he had drinking habit and his salary will not sufficient for that only.

She says ok I will follow your decision only. Raju stood and said I will come back within seconds. Mum says what the matter was. He said in his room, liquor bottle as there and he want to take drink now. She said there was drink here only and went inside and got one full bottle. Raju asked mum do you know that I take drink. Mum said it was my dad got it. She got two glass and pours the liquor in two glasses and she got one glass to his mouth lips and by kissing his lips she poured it in his mouth and she drank. Raja got up and asked where bath room was. She had directed and accordingly I came and saw me there. I requested him with my eyes not to reveal. He simply enters into bath room and started to release urine. I entered into bath room and catch his cock and kept it near mouth and mouthful urine taken inside and kissed his cock. he came outside and at that movement my mum was nude and shown her pussy bottom to raju and asked to fuck her. He too went speedily and sat before her and shoots her cunt with his cock and pressed it forcefully and his dick was disappeared. He had given strong stocks for which mum exited and said raja here in after her pussy will be his own and he can fuck her anytime and I will be like your wife. Both laughed happily.