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Hi I’m Rony from goa I m village boy I m 22 doing my studies n working in our family business. My family consist of dad (50) mom (47) married sis (25) me n small sis (18). Which I m going 2 tell u is about my aunt Riya who is 34 but looks like 26 her hubby is abroad their have one kid of 1yr. Riya figure is 36 28 34. She is our neighbor, n we have good relation with her she looks sexy , she is fair, n most she is open minded, she stay next 2 our house. In goa most of the villages houses are open full day n only at night time housed is closed that is main door.

We used 2 play with her kid a lot, v also used 2 bring her kid at our place 2 play if she has any work 2 do. She use 2 wear mostly sarrees as she was Hindu and her blouses were transparent n always had low cut blouses she is also little fashionable. The incident happened was in month of May. As I had gone 2 bring her child I went inside n saw she was sitting in living room n feeding her kid I was surprised 2 see her boobs their were bigger. Then normally can b seen in blouse. I saw her feeding her kid n kept hiding till she finish her feeding without letting her known that I m watching her kid while she feeing him.

Then I moved out of her house n gone back after sometime 2 bring kid as if I don’t know anything. From that day I was getting hungry for her 2 suck her boobs n fuck this sexy lady. So I took the kid n came 2 home after playing my mom took the kid 2 their place. I started to masturbate everyday in her name n waiting for chance 2 fuck her and every night I use 2 think and fucker her b4 sleeping this carried for almost 15 days finally a day came in my luck 2 fuck her.

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One day early in the morning she came to our house n kept her child at our place as she had some work 2 do with chilies that is she wanted 2 make chili powders which may cause a problem 2 her child so she kept child at our place. I was playing with her kid n it was around 12 clocks her kid started crying n not keeping quite then my mom told me to take her home as he might b hungry as he was here from morning. I got little happy n I was thinking in my mind that will I get a chance 2 see her boobs again while feeding n I went there. I started calling aunty then she told she is in kitchen. I was surprise 2 see her state, she was only in blouse n petticoat n her red bra was visible n her boobs were trying 2 come out from low neck blouse. I went near her n told her ur kid is not keeping quite but my eyes were on her cleavages she told 2 hold me the child n she washed her hand n called me 2 her bedroom with kid I went there n was telling her 2 take kid she told wait Ronny can u do 1 four for me I said ok what she told me 2 open her blouse I was surprised 2 hear this from her mouth she told if she open n chill powder may create problem 2 her kid while feeding .

She said pls I don’t want 2 create problem 2 my kid I said ok as I was trying 2 open her blouse I was also touching her boobs purposely n feeling the softness of her boobs . As I was unhooking her blouse hooks one by one boobs were trying 2 come out then finally I felt her boobs so soft n I also unhooked her blouse complete n send her boobs in bra I was thinking in my mind 2 suck them b4 her kid. Then I was abt 2 leave she said where r u going who will open my bra she said I was deaf 2 hear this I said aunty how can I. Then she told pls Ronny do this remove my bra n put my nipple in my kids mouth as my hands may cause a problem. Then for the 1st time I touched her boobs n touched her nipples as I took the advantage n pressed her nipples n milk came out from her boobs. Then she told me 2 give nipples 2 her kid’s mouth n I did but my eyes were on other boob which was hanging. Then I turned by back 2 her 2 go home . She said Ronny where r u going that day u were looking this by hiding n what happened 2day when u r getting chance 2 see it near by. I was shock 2 hear this from her mouth. N I turned back n started looking at her boobs. N I asked don’t u feel bad , she said no then I sat near her n started looking her boobs she said 2 me that don’t tell anyone that u saw my boobs n what u did 2 me pls it will spoil my name. I said ok n touched her other boob n pressed her nipple as I did milk started 2 flow then she told pls Ronny suck it my kid cant empty my boobs she told me that everyday she has 2 press her 2 get relief from pain in boobs coz 2 much of milk in boobs I started 2 suck it like a animal that my dream was coming true I was happy 2 suck her milk as I was sucking her left boob n right by her kid her kid soon slept n she kept kid on bed n kept my right hand on her boob n told 2 press it as I was pressing her boob milk flown then I stopped n told her that I want 2 drink her all milk from both the boobs n don’t what 2 waste any single drop of her milk. Then I sucked her both the boobs dry. Then she said thanks for helping her and told me not 2 tell anyone what we did then I said ok. Then I said 2 her shall I have 2 arrange ur boobs in bra n in ur blouse. Shall I have 2 hook ur blouse then she said no but if I want I can. Then I did n was abt 2 go home then she u can come 2 me 2 drink my milk when ever I want. Then I said I want 2 kiss u on ur lips now she just smiled n I taken it as green signal 2 go n kissed her lips in her room in standing and then made her lied down n French kissed her 4 at least 15 minutes n cuddled her breast again over her blouse n taken her petticoat above her knees n started messaging her bare thigh in meantime she told ur mom will have some doubt y I did not came n she told me 2 leave. N told u can come anytime when u r free. I said I want 2 fuck u she said no. Only oral sex n no hardcore sex i’ll allow u 2 kiss me suck my boobs n 2 play with my parts then I said then I wont go home now I don’t want 2 leave u in such situation she told ok u can fuck me but not 2day but some other day then I left her n came 2 home.

At home my mom asked y u took so long 2 keep the child then I told she was busy with some work n she wanted help from me then mom said ok. Afterwards I went in bathroom n shake again in her name.

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After one week no one was at my place in afternoon so I went 2 her house she was sitting in living room n watching TV. I said hello n asked abt kid she told kid is sleeping

Then I went near her kissed her lips n she did not objected 2 it I kissed her there 4 at least 20 minutes while kissing I opened her blouse n was caressing her boobs then I told her lets go 2 ur bedroom she said y not here. I said if someone’s comes then .v went 2 her room I removed her sarrre n petticoat n blouse while going 2 her room. Then she was only in black bra n red panty. She was feeling shy 2 stand in semi naked position in front of a man rather then his hubby. She told me 2 remove my clothes I told u only remove my clothes n she removed my all clothes n I was standing naked in front of her my cock was standing . Then I made her 2 sit on her bed. And told 2 suck my cock she said no she never did this b4 then I told her everything is new for the 1st u’ll learn many thing from me I told her then she took it in her mouth she gave me nice blow job n I cummed in her mouth . She said this is the 1st time I sucked cock n drank semen she told that even her hubby cock she did not sucked nor tasted semen. Then I made her 2 lie on her bed that time she told pls don’t fuck me in my pussy coz ur cock is huge n i’ll b not able 2 take it coz my hubbys cock is only half of urs n urs is 2 big I said lets decide later if u want or no let me 1st taste ur body fully. Then v kissed in French style for at least 10 minutes then I started sucking her boobs I made both the boobs empty and started 2 kiss her belly n then I removed her panty n 4 the 1st time I saw a lady complete naked what I surprised 2 see is that she shaved her pussy I asked do u shave pussy everyday then she told me that she did it 2 me. Then I started licking her pussy n then I started fucking her pussy with my tongue she was moaning while I was doing this then I started finger fuck her while I was doing this my cock cam in position and became rock hard after licking her cunt complete dry I she was moaning n pleading with me 2 fuck her n to tear her pussy apart n was telling that she never enjoyed such sex with her hubby n also told me that she had not had sex for past 1 1/2/ yr as her hubby was abroad n told me 2 satisfy her by fucking then I gave my cock in her hand n told her itself 2 insert in her pussy I was above her 1st I did not entered only touched at pussy lips n removed 2 tease her then as I was going in she was crying in pain n was telling me 2 remove it from her pussy as it was hurting it as she is having sex after a long time n also with bigger size . After few stroke I entered full n kept like that for 3-4 minutes till she relaxed then I started my speed again 2 fuck her she was making all sorts of sound n telling me 2 fuck her everyday n b my part-time hubby 2 fuck her n 2 enjoy with her I fucked her at least 15-20 minutes n cummed in her pussy I asked what will happened now then she told me its ok she is in safety week now.

I said thanks 2 her for having such a wonderful sex with me then v remained there on bed lying naked after few minutes she started playing with my cock with her hands and when I was ready 2 get hard she started sucking my cock then I asked how do u like my cock then she said its wonderful and told me that she wont waste any chance 2 be with me n with my cock then she told me that she want me 2 fuck her again then I told her I want 2 fuck her in her ass she said no not there it will pain a lot then I said then I wont fuck you any more then she said ok pls don’t fuck me today there fuck me some other day in my ass coz I wont b able 2 take u in my ass as I was having pain in my pussy then I said ok then she came on top of me n inserted my cock in her pussy n started riding me then after 10-15 minutes v both came together then we both got dressed up n I went home. This fucking session continued 4 one week without any day missing then I told her that I want 2 fuck her then she told me ok then told me 2 come n fuck her then I went there n started kissing n removed her dress n made her naked but I stopped and told her that I fucked ur pussy at ur place now I want 2 fuck u at my place in u virgin ass she said ok then I left from there fucking in her pussy only. Then very next day I called her home her kid was sleeping she made her lie down on bed n started the game of sex 2 play in a minute I made her naked n started 2 suck her boobs n made them empty n went 2 kitchen n bought oil n applied on her ass n on my cock n started to insert it was not going then with one stroke it went some she started crying I waited for some time n again I trusted one more it went little more in side she was crying n with 5th stoke it was fully inside . Then I waited for some time till she cools down from crying as it was unbearable 2 her in virgin ass then after sometime I continued 2 stroke she also find it enjoying then she told me 2 fuck her faster n I started fucking her ass fast like a dog after 20-25 minutes I cummed in her ass n we laid down on a bed my cock keeping inside her ass.. I played with her boobs then I removed my cock n started 2 suck her boobs. Like this I fucked her fully in all position in every room of her house. She was giving me 2 suck her boobs everyday when ever possible once I fucked her in her bedroom while she was feeding her kid she used 2 enjoy with me when I use 2 fuck her. Sometimes it was not possible for me 2 fuck her everyday but once in a week v used 2 have sex.

One day while I was fucking Riya in the kitchen my mom caught me with her. N what happened with me n my mom , that is how I fucked my mom in our house in our car n in the rain on the lonely road n both mom n aunty Riya in our house n under waterfall n in the train in aunty house is in next part

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