Sex with my brother : part – 2

Hi readers,
If you are completely nude on bed as your younger brother is sitting near your legs, you can feel shy but Ritu a slut gal have even put palm on her glory hole and Nilesh is too hot as he hold my wrist to put it away. So sleeping on bed with thighs apart, I can see him rubbing my vagina as it’s night 11:10 pm while dad and mom are in their room my brother Nilesh now put his face in between my thighs as he starts kissing my soft vagina and felt like sensation on it as my hand starts rubbing his hairs gently ” uh oh no, Nilesh lick it dear “, so he took a pillow and put it under my buttocks and I can feel his nose on my vagina’s hole, so sexy as well as hot he is and he is smelling my froggy vagina as his fingers widened the hole and there his tongue starts licking my clitoris, so Ritu is screaming ” uh oh you are so hot, aah please suck my erected clitoris ” but his tongue is licking it fast, so it’s a wild act as he have hold my waist and now he is pushing his tongue deep in my vagina, Ritu is in fire as my both legs are apart while feeling itching in my vagina ” oh you dog aah it’s nice um please suck my labia ” but he is still fucking my vagina fast and lastly he hold my both labias in between his fingers as he took it in between his lips, oh god! Chewing my fleshy labia like a chewing gum as I starts putting my buttocks up in air ” uh no please leave it ” but it was unexpected that my vagina ejaculates cum as he sucked it and than licked it to taste it’s cum. Ritu is nude as my whole body is feeling the sensation and I walked towards washroom as after getting refreshed, back on bed but made my brother sleep, so his 4-5 inches long and 2 inches thick penis is not upto my expectation but it gives different tastes in my mouth and hole. Ritu hold his penis as removed it’s skin and bend my upper portion as face is on his penis, so put my lips on cock as kissed it’s glans to shaft as well as base, so opened my whole mouth and swallows it comfortably and as my hand is on his waist, I starts moving my face up and down as giving him a nice blowjob, so he is shouting ” uh oh sexy be fast um you bitch never thought of fucking you but got it ” and as his penis starts erecting while getting harder I took it out, so put my long tongue on wet penis and starts licking it but keeping my tongue especially on glans hole is making him wild and Nilesh than wake up as he hold my long hairs and I swallows his penis again but now to make it cum, so as I am sucking it hard his other hand is squeezing my breast and he is ” uh you whore um suck suck fast but leave it soon
( I took out his penis ) oh want to fuck your elder sister
( He pushed me on bed ) sister, no not at all you are my sex slave baby ” and I smiled as he pushed his cock in my vagina, so his whole penis vanishes as sitting in between my thighs he starts fucking me as his hand is on my waist and his cock is hitting my vaginal walls, so getting aroused I just looked at him ” be on my top dear and see my buttocks bouncing ” and he is a happy guy as he leaned on me, so Ritu hold him in her arms as I felt his chest rubbing on my soft boobs and now I starts bouncing my buttocks to enhance our fuck pleasure. Nilesh is still a teenager as he is going hard and his short length cock is giving my cunt a hard fuck, so while holding my brother’s smooth body I am bouncing my buttocks fast as he is kissing my lips to face and as both are voiceless with intercourse session on peak, I can’t expect him to stay inside my vagina for 9-10 minutes as my dad’s cock is a long duration tool and now I put my waist still, so Nilesh is giving my vagina a forced and Powered fuck but as Ritu have become a slut gal getting penis with dad, Rajan and Naman, brother is my fourth love on bed as I am enjoying my sexual affairs with all of them and after 3-4 minutes of deep penetration as my cunt is too hot and dry, I starts bouncing my buttocks back but his penis have last laugh soon and he screams ” uh oh ah baby it’s cumming ” so my vagina became sticky as both are still lying on bed…..

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